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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, August 3-9, 2008

Obama in Kailua, Hawaii after playing golf


Obama in Lansing, Michigan


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In Loose Style, McCain Leads a Camp Divided

Michelle in Norfolk, Virginia


McCain, Lobbyists, DHL and Ohio

Many, including moi have been critical of the Obama Campaign’s tepid response when it comes to the McCain television ads.

Press releases only go so far, we are a country that believes in winners and losers. Period.

But I have stepped back and decided to put on my “wait and see hat”. John McCain must attempt, read again folks, attempt to define Barack Obama as an “empty suit politician”, thus all the “Celebrity” ads that have come out. The question is this, “Have these ads worked?” Yes and No. Yes for keeping McCain close in the polls and No for overtaking Obama in the polls.

Now we are seeing strategy unfold. The first shot across the bow is the fine, but stern needle that the Obama Campaign has woven connecting the dots of McCain’s campaign manager and McCain as critical allies of DHL’s merger in the loss of thousands of jobs in Ohio.

The shot was a radio ad that the Obama Campaign released in Ohio on Friday. The ad is blistering, on point and makes one pause. More importantly, this ad has McCain’s Campaign shaking in its shoes and it should. Listen to the ad, here. The McCain Campaign is in a tizzy and they should be. John McCain has 30 years of a muddled record and message. All of this is about to be exposed by the Obama Campaign.

Many don’t get this, me included, until I listened to the ad on Friday. I still have to remind myself that many Americans are not paying attention to this election. I know, I have 2 nieces packing up for college and my brother and sister are not paying attention. Many of us that follow every noun and verb of these candidates are in a minority, not the majority. The Obama Campaign is doing the right thing. They are responding when necessary but on the down low. Why show your hand when no one is there to respect it?

The DHL travesty is the beginning. John McCain doesn’t want Ohioans thinking about this, but they are. Jobs, many jobs are at stake. Many lost and many more will be lost due to this merger. While McCain is busy with Brittney and Paris, he need to scour through his horrific record because that onion is about to be peeled.

Michelle Obama on Good Morning America

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Barack and Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) in Portage, Indiana


Barack and the Buck
The underreported economic news of the week is that Barack Obama favors a stronger dollar. Even better, he thinks a stronger greenback would help to reduce oil prices.

That at least is what the Democratic Presidential candidate told a town hall forum in Parma, Ohio, on Tuesday. "If we had a strengthening of the dollar, that would help" reduce fuel costs, he said, according to a Reuters dispatch ignored by most of the media.

This ought to be a bigger story. In linking the dollar to oil prices, Mr. Obama is pointedly at odds with the Bush Administration and Federal Reserve, both of which blame high commodity prices on supply and demand, despite falling demand due to slower global growth. Fed officials -- in particular, Vice Chairman Donald Kohn -- have expressly rejected any strong link between the dollar's collapse and the oil price surge since last August.

This conveniently absolves the Fed and Bush Treasury of responsibility for the consequences of what has been their destructive and all but explicit dollar devaluation strategy. If the Illinois Senator rejects greenback debasement, that's the best news to date about Obamanomics. continue

Fact Check: More Tax Deception


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Obama Family in Essence Magazine


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icebergslim’s last word: abc and the atrocious cokie roberts

I have never been an ABC fan. In fact growing up, all my favorite shows were on CBS or NBC.

So, today I decided to listen to the George Stephanopoulos show on ABC this morning, but only the round table. Everything went well, talked about the War in Georgia, the John Edwards mess, and then Barack Obama and his vacation.

What came out of the elder Roberts mouth made me and my husband pause. Roberts actually had the gall to criticize Obama for going to Hawaii. Roberts stated that he should not have gone on an “exotic” vacation and should have gone to Myrtle Beach. Can we all say (rolleyes) here?

Cokie obviously has been sitting on her rump in Washington, D.C. too long and don’t know or understand the Obama family. Since she does not, let me take her down the memory lane. Barack Obama was born in the STATE OF HAWAII. Yes, Roberts, Hawaii is the 50th state of the union. Next, both of Barack Obama’s parents are dead. His only living parent that he looks to is his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham who raised him with her late husband and lives in Hawaii. Mrs. Dunham is suffering from debilitating osteoporosis and she is immoveable.

For Cokie Roberts to come out so uppity and slight towards the Obama vacation is unbelievable. More importantly her non-compassion about the vacation reeked of pure cynicism. The fact is that Obama has not seen his grandmother in over 18 months and she is in advanced age, late 80s. This is another cold and callous reminder of these so-called “news journalists” who speak off the top of their heads without thinking.

Lastly, I am sure Roberts have been to Hawaii, she can afford it. A tip to you, I am sure the residents of Hawaii looked at your statements with full displeasure. Your non-carishness is just a reminder why many don’t watch ABC to this day.

Just save your point of irrelevant view Roberts, you are too old and have been around too long to come off sounding like a shriveled, misinformed lunatic. And yes, that is what you sounded like today.




look at the lovely obama family. finally, barack at home with his grandma and sister. relaxing and getting ready for the final haul. because that is what post convention is, the final haul. oh, i got a text message by the campaign informing all of us that obama will text message his vp choice to us, between now and the convention. lastly, many are vacationing and getting their kids ready for school, as the final two months and some change are upon us, remember to focus on obama and not the drama....aloha.....


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