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Late Morning Break...Still Hawai'i and Early Voting for Ohio

obama and michelle entering the kahala hotel & resort for tuesday's fundraiser

Obama Hawaii Pictures, August 12, 2008


Early Voting: One Stop Registering and Voting in Ohio

Well, ain't this grand.

I read this and saw a diary on Daily Kos by dansac from Strategy '08.

The proposal is this, there will be an open window for early voting between September 30-October 6, 2008. This will allow Obama to campaign HARD on college campuses in Ohio, get the students registered and to vote all on the same day.

Of the more than 470,000 students enrolled in Ohio's public colleges and universities in 2006, the most recent figures available, nine out of 10 were Ohio residents, the state Board of Regents said. To register to vote in Ohio, a person must be a resident of the state for at least 30 days immediately before an election.

This is a slam dunk, really it is. But of course, the Republicans are whining and they are the ones who created this loop hole.
The voting window, so far, is only being implemented in some counties — typically, urban areas or those with college campuses — leading Republicans to cry foul.

"The prospect of someone coming in with no ID and registering and voting is contrary to every sort of protection that legislators and lawmakers have built into this system for decades," said Kevin DeWine, a Republican lawmaker who is poised to take over the state party after the election. "The processes and the law and the systems in our 88 counties are not equipped to handle same-day registration."

People in Ohio can register without identification, but they have to show some sort of ID to vote.

State lawmakers accidentally made the window before the 2006 elections. Obama's campaign is eager to take advantage of it this year.

Remember the 2006 elections? When the Republican regime in Ohio was kicked out? Well, they created this loophole, so they only have themselves to blame. The Democratic regime is only implementing it.

Maybe, probably, surely expect lawsuits for this but I don't think it will be successful. Many states now have early voting. I have been early voting in Illinois for some time now. So, adopting this for this election is nothing but excitement, especially for new and young voters.


Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is a Dishonorable, Disgrace


Obama Raises $1.3 Million in Hawaii
Old friends and big donors greeted Senator Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, at a fund-raiser here Tuesday night where the campaign took in $1.3 million — more than Mr. Obama has raised in the islands during his entire presidential campaign.

According to a pool report, a number of Mr. Obama’s friends and former high school classmates were among the 500 people who paid at least $2,300 for a ticket to the event that was held at the Kahala Hotel and Resort, a beach-front property here.

“I’ve got friends here who have just been lifelong friends, people who have seen me through thick and thin, in tough times and in good times,” said Mr. Obama, who grew up in Hawaii and is on a week-long vacation here that ends Friday. continue

GOP attacking Obama for going on an "elitist" vacation

The Republican Party is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous and it started with the stupidity of Cokie Roberts, ABC insinuating that Hawai'i is an "exotic foreign country". For, ferks sake, Hawai'i is the 50th state of the union. So the concern trolls, called the Republican Party is sniffing at anything to use against Obama while he is in Hawai'i. But here are the FACTS:
First, Obama didn't choose Hawaii for its beautiful beaches. He spent much of his childhood there--including high school--and is returning mainly to visit his housebound 85-year-old grandmother, whom he hasn't seen since December 2006. As far as I can tell, there's nothing "highfalutin" about flying home for vacation. Unless family is only for elitists.

Second, even if Obama didn't have roots in Hawaii, the place isn't exactly an "elite" destination. Each year, the islands attract about 7.5 million visitors--most of them middle-class Americans. As the Washington Monthly's Kevin Drum notes, Hawaii "ranks right in between Disneyland and the Grand Canyon on the elitism meter, and probably a couple of notches below a visit to Yosemite." In other words, it's no Nantucket.

Third, the most "elite" aspect of Obama's Hawaiian upbringing--his time at the upscale Punahou School, which costs $17,000 a year--wasn't all that elite: the son of single mother, he attended on scholarship. (The same can't be said for John McCain, who spent his formative years at the exclusive St. Stephen’s School and Episcopal High in Alexandria, Va.)

Finally, Obama is staying in a rental property for the next week--which will probably prove less expensive than investing, like McCain, in a 6.6-acre, $1.1 million weekend getaway ranch in Sedona, Ariz. Or any of his six other houses.

So, if the Republicans really want to talk about elitism, we can talk about Cindy McCain's 750K a month AMEX bill, their 6 or 8 homes they own in some of the most prestigious and expensive areas in this country, the wealth in excess of over 100M of the McCains, etc. See we can go on and on. But play this card? All of it will be thrown back in your faces. Guaranteed.


Campaign Trouble Spots


Two Bullets the Democrats Dodged: Hillary Clinton and John Edwards

As the Clinton Memos roll out and confirms what many thought and gave an insight to what type of management Clinton has, which was not much, makes many Democrats sigh in relief. All I can say is this; if Obama does not win in 2008 it will be hard for Clinton to be the nominee in 2012. Not with all we know, now.

And John Edwards a man who does not even know how to spell the truth, now all the speculation about that baby, when did Elizabeth know, etc. Edwards is a coward. He and only he could have ended this tawdry story on Friday. How? By telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But he did not. He kept this story open by stating he is not the father of this child, will take a DNA test. Of course, the mistress is not taking a DNA test. Why? She is being paid to keep quiet.

Look, Edwards is still lying to his wife. He is the father of this baby but is too cowardly to admit it. This mistress was in a 3M Santa Barbara, CA home, no job, no means of wealth and since Edwards ABC interviews the mistress and baby has been "private jetted" away to an undisclosed location.

Democrats, we dodged a bullet on both of these candidates. No person is perfect, but after what we know NOW, we should be glad that Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee.



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