Saturday, March 20, 2010

President Obama's Weekly Address, March 20, 2010 (Video)

Time for Action on Financial Reform for the Economy

As a key committee in the Senate takes up reforming the ways of Wall Street, the President lays down a marker: “I urge those in the Senate who support these reforms to remain strong, to resist the pressure from those who would preserve the status quo, to stand up for their constituents and our country. And I promise to use every tool at my disposal to see these reforms enacted: to ensure that the bill I sign into law reflects not the special interests of Wall Street, but the best interests of the American people.”

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obamas State Dinner for Mexico slated for May 19, 2010

Believe me, there will be no reality tv folks waltzing into this dinner. First one, post Desiree Rogers.

President Barack Obama will hold a state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon on May 19.

It will be the second such affair for the Obama administration. The Obamas' first state dinner, held in November for India's prime minister, was marred by at least three people who attended despite not having received formal invitations.

First lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to visit her Mexican counterpart, Margarita Zavala, next month.

The president has met twice with Calderon in Mexico.


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When Tweety is on, he is on (Video)

This representative from Americans for Prosperity could not even answer the questions. And shows how the GOP on health care is just a joke. They never wanted it, they had a chance to make changes, and they kept the status quo. End of story.

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President Obama's full interview on Fox News with Brett Baier 3/17/10 (Video)

This interviewer was totally disrespectful. He continued to interrupt Obama on the questions, not letting him answer the questions. When has anyone done this to a sitting President? Certainly, not to former President Bush that I can remember. Then the other side of this is that President Obama has continued to run after these voters, the GOP, Republicans and got nothing from it. And when you continue to do this the perception is that of being weak, whether the argument is fair or not. Again, I would not want any interviewer to interrupt any sitting Head of State, no matter what aisle you sit on. And President Obama, enough of this. Fox News, Tea Party, GOP, Republicans in DC will ALWAYS vote against anything with your name attached to it. I would think you have figured this out by now.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Assurant Health Care don't give a MICKEY-FICKEY (Video)

From Countdown with Keith Olbermann, sitting in Lawrence O'Donnell

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President Obama's NCAA bracket picks, 2010 (Video)

Obama's NCAA Picks

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) will vote "YES" for Health Insurance Reform (Video)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kill the Bill with President Obama's name next to a coffin? (Video)

The Tea Baggers can be angry all they want, in the end the bill will be past. And for the record, totally uncool and scary to even picture President Obama in a coffin. This is a turn off to the American Public, whether you voted for Barack Obama or not.

From Countdown with Keith Olbermann, with Lawrence O'Donnell sitting in:

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The big confusion on passing the health care bill by 'Deem and Pass' (Video)

Deem and Pass explanation

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Desiree Rogers had to get the boot.

Many have said that Ms. Rogers should not have been relieved of her duties, but the fact is that she never should have been hired for this position.

When you upstage the First Lady of the United States, pose constantly for various high class magazines, seen viewing the runways during New York Fashion Week, then do not perform your job for the Obamas first State Dinner, what else can be expected?

Remember, the Secret Service fell on the sword and took one for the White House in regards to the debacle of the State Dinner and the uninvited guests that just walked on in. The reality is that Social Secretaries do not put themselves on a guest list for a major event, they WORK THE EVENT at the door. That is why Desiree Rogers was quietly told to resign as it should be.

Long before the State Dinner party crashers and the tension with her White House colleagues and the strain in her relationship with the first lady, Desirée Rogers began to understand she was in trouble when David Axelrod summoned her to his office last spring to scold her.

Ms. Rogers had appeared in another glossy magazine, posing in a White House garden in a borrowed $3,495 silk pleated dress and $110,000 diamond earrings. But if the image was jarring in a time of recession, Mr. Axelrod was as bothered by the words and her discussion of “the Obama brand” and her role in promoting it, according to people informed about the conversation.

“The president is a person, not a product,” he was said to tell her. “We shouldn’t be referring to him as a brand.” read more here...

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President Obama in Ohio for the final health care push (Video)



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