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Obama Speech in Newport News, Virginia, October 4, 2008 (Video)

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Bruce Springsteen PROVES he is truly,"The Boss" in Philadelphia for Obama (Pictures)

Bruce in Philly


My husband sent me the link of the story and I found some pictures, unbelievable. There are tens of thousands out to see Bruce for this Obama Voter Registration Rally.

Bruce Springsteen called the Bush presidency "a disaster" and said many Americans have "justifiably lost faith" in the American dream.

The legendary rocker interrupted a seven-song acoustic set at a voter-registration rally in Philadelphia on Saturday to praise Democrat Barack Obama and bemoan the crises facing the next president.

"After the disaster of the last eight years, we need somebody to lead us in an American reclamation project," the New Jersey rocker said.

Springsteen said that America remains a house of dreams for some, but that too many people have given up on the promise of fairness and equality.

"I've spent 35 years writing about America and its people and the meaning of the American promise , a promise handed down right here in this city," said Springsteen, whose songs often depict down-on-their-luck, working-class dreamers. "Our everyday citizens ... have justifiably lost faith in its meaning."

Man, I wish I was there in Philly. Springsteen is one of my all time favorites and I KNOW he was telling it, like it 'tis on the dismal regime called BUSH.
Springsteen cited the Iraq war, the recent economic turmoil and Hurricane Katrina as examples of the Bush administration's failures. He bookended the set with his rock classic "Promised Land" and Woody Guthrie's folk anthem, "This Land is My Land."

Nurse Donna Waters, 46, of Camden, N.J., appreciated the Katrina reference. She wore a black baseball cap adorned with the New Orleans fleur de lis, as she does each day, to remember "what our government did to our people."

Waters is African American, but believes the Katrina response was motivated more by class than race.

"It seems like those that have, get. And those that don't have are going to be forgotten," said Waters, an Obama supporter.

AMEN on that one. Katrina was not prejudice, girlfriend came in wrecked havoc on everyone and LEFT. The Bush Administration did not give a mickey-fickey about anyone who was devastated by that hurricane, but made sure their "contracting friends" benefited in BILLIONS of taxpayers money. You feel me?

This free concert is about voter registration. The deadline for half of the country is MONDAY. Yes, your registration needs to be turned in by the end of day on MONDAY. Not registered? Go to your nearest Obama Campaign Office, go to the website and click on states at the top, choose your state and find your nearest office. Don't see a campaign office? Click here and print out a voter registration form and turn it into your county registrar office by your deadline date.

Everyone must understand, to win the electoral college we must win the state FIRST. The state is won by the one who has the MOST VOTES. Every single vote count. After Florida and Ohio, this should never, ever be underestimated by voters AGAIN.
Pennsylvania's voter registration deadline is Monday. With Pennsylvania considered a battleground state, Saturday was the perfect time to rally voters.

Bruce's set was played on a small stage one Parkway between 20th and 22nd Streets and drew an estimated 50,000 fans.

Former Philadelphia Mayor, Gov. Ed Rendell addressed the crowd before Springsteen took the stage. Rendell gave a rollicking speech urging the crowd to vote for Barack Obama.

A Voter Registration Form, This is What it is all About




More Philly Pics here. h/t Canuckoo

Obama Campaign Blog


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Obama New Ad, "One Word" (Video)

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David Letterman on Sarah Palin (Video)

and if you missed Dave destroy McCain, here it is:

the next night

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Friday, October 3, 2008

New Obama Ad, "Prescription" (Video)

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Palin, "How long have I been at this? Like five weeks?" (Video)

Lord Help Us All

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Obama Morning Break. Foreclosure Alley. New Ad "Can't Explain"

Joe at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Vice Presidential Debate


Foreclosure Alley

This is what is going on in America. And why McCain don't get it.

h/t Andrew Sullivan


Biden, Palin Avoid Major Gaffes in Economy, Foreign Policy Debate

Vice presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden appeared to bring their A-games to their first and only debate, nimbly tangling on a broad range of issues from the economic crisis to the war in Iraq without making any of the gaffes some feared -- and others hoped -- they might make.

Meeting at Washington University in St. Louis Thursday night, the candidates concisely presented their positions, each playing to their strengths as public speakers, rather than their weaknesses.

For Sen. Biden, D-Del., that meant concise lawyerly arguments and references to his working-class roots.

For Alaska Gov. Palin, that meant relying on folksy colloquialisms and appealing to her base of "soccer moms" and conservatives.

Palin had the most to prove, analysts said. Recovering from a tough week in which she was pilloried by the national media and members of her own party for being unprepared in a recent series of interviews, Palin spoke with the confidence she brought to her earlier gubernatorial debates. continue


"Maverick He Is Not"


Palin Gets McCain Stance on Homeowner Protections Wrong
ABC News' Teddy Davis Reports:

Sarah Palin got her facts wrong in Thursday's debate with Joe Biden when discussing where John McCain stands on new protections for homeowners facing foreclosures.

The Alaska governor incorrectly made it sound like McCain supports giving bankruptcy judges the power to rewrite mortgage payment terms on first homes.

He doesn't.

The McCain campaign confirms to ABC News that Palin misstated McCain's position.

"No, that is what is called the cramdowns, which is so objectionable that Obama didn't even want it jammed into the stabilization bill," said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers when asked if McCain supports giving bankruptcy judges the power to re-adjust the interest rate and principal to help people stay in their homes.

Palin's mistake came when the debate's moderator asked her if Biden was right in thinking that she and McCain oppose giving bankruptcy judges this new power. continue



David Plouffe called Palin an effective speaker tonight, but argued that she was selling “a failed product” and again ignored middle-class concerns.

“I was given some grief for saying earlier that she was a strong debater -- she is a strong debater,” he said. “There were some platitudes, but I don't think there was much there there, in terms of what specifically are you going to do.”

Talking to reporters in the spin room, the Obama campaign manager said that debate watchers saw clear differences between the candidates, especially on foreign policy. He called her answer to the question about nuclear weapons “somewhat incomprehensible,” while Biden gave “a very direct answer on those and all the foreign policy questions.” And on the important domestic policy questions, he said Palin did not offer “any compelling case for change.”

“At the end of the day the middle class are going to decide this election,” he said. “We've said all along she's a very talented politician. She proved that again tonight. But she's selling a failed product.”


Vice Presidential Debate (Full Video)



Unemployment Rate hits 11%

Instant Polls find Biden Wins

Happy Anniversary, Barack & Michelle Obama

McCain's Now Playing Defense; Obama Bracing For Counterattacks

Make-Believe Maverick

Facts go adrift on taxes, energy in VP debate

New Yorker Magazine Endorsement

VP Debate: Biden on McCain: “Maverick, he is not”

Obama Evening Wrap Up


New Ad, "Can't Explain"

Airing on National Cable Channels


Campaign Appearances


Barack: Abington, Pennsylvania


Barack: Newport News, Virginia


Barack: Ashville, North Carolina

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Vice Presidential Debate, Biden and Palin, October 2, 2008 (Full Video)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surging her way back to Juneau!!! or Wasilla!!! or Anchorage!!!


Sarah Palin is strung tighter than a tick.

She has to be, a lot is on the line.

She has become a caricature of the highest magnitude.

Tonight Palin had to make people believe, feel that she is competent and sorry folks, she did not.

She answered the questions with her scripted answers, but you could clearly see on some foriegn policy questions that she did not understand what she was saying.

Say it ain't so Joe?

Lord have mercy. What we don't need is another dim light bulb in the White House.

Sarah Palin is likeable, many do like her, but qualified for the role she is not. Did you get all that gibberish she was talking about, when not answering a question?

The next president and vice president need to be READY to tackle the huge issues this country faces. Palin clearly is outside of her league.

As my sister said, and this is one who did not watch the Katie interviews and just heard about Tina Fey. She said, "She seems nice, but sounds like a fucking nut."

Folks, for sweet Sarah, "There's no place like Nome."

And let us make sure she goes back there in November.

p.s. Thanks Joe, for "bitch slappin' Cheney". The constitution does not deserve to be spat upon any longer.

Maverick he is not

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Obama Evening Wrap Up. Onward and Upward.

Barack in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Onward and Upward

McCain Campaign announced it is pulling out of Michigan. This means that the fight will be in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He must hold Ohio and must snatch Pennsylvania. But I will go further and agree with the Politico article.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) now must win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Minnesota in order to get enough electoral votes to win the presidency, his campaign says.

Those were considered swing states in 2000 and 2004, but George W. Bush lost them both times.

“Our ability to pick off one of those three states is where our fortunes are largely held,” a McCain official said. “These are states where Barack Obama is on the defense.

McCain must win one of those states. Personally and based on demographics, Pennsylvania will be close and McCain could win this state. Minnesota and Wisconsin, I don't see McCain winning. Minnesota has always been an independent minded state, always have leaned democratic. Wisconsin is a meat and potatoes state, always have cared about the economy. Again, if McCain snatches one of these states, I see Pennsylvania. It still is a tall order for the McCain Campaign.

Lastly, the push is for voter registration. Half the country voter registration ends on Monday, October 6, 2008. It is imparative to get as many registered to vote as possible. All the information and registration forms you need is here. Please pass the link along.


Must see video by Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO. Full transcript and video here.


Can't stand to barely shake Obama's hand

It was Senator Barack Obama who crossed the aisle.

As the senators gathered to vote on the $700 billion financial rescue package on Wednesday evening, Mr. Obama walked over to the Republican side of the chamber to extend a greeting to Senator John McCain.

He got a chilly response.

While it took Mr. Obama several seconds to make his way over to see his rival, Mr. McCain barely pivoted his body as he took Mr. Obama’s hand for a handshake that lasted just a moment. The eye contact was just as brief. continue

HELLO!!!!!! Is this not the same nasty attitude, condescending attitude that is partially responsible for McCain's tank in the polls? This same horrible attitude that McCain let the world see last Friday? Keep it up. That is a real winning attitude.


Joe in St. Louis, Missouri enroute to Washington University


After prison, felons regain right to vote in Ohio
For years, Wayne C. Bell didn't vote.

After serving three years for aggravated robbery in his 20s, Bell didn't even inquire about reclaiming his voting rights. He assumed that as a felon, he couldn't cast a vote.

It wasn't true, he now knows. In Ohio, ex-offenders are allowed to vote once they've served their time.

But it sure is hard to erase the myth that so many Ohioans seem to believe, said the 50-year-old Clevelander, who calls himself a "soap boxer" when it comes to encouraging people to register, vote and hold politicians accountable. "It's widespread that felons think they can't vote," he said.

As Monday's deadline for Ohio voters to register draws near, workers who are signing up last-minute voters are learning what Bell already knows - it can be tough convincing felons that they truly are able to participate in the November election. continue



Palin draws skepticism even in conservative South

Obama Channel on Dish Network

Obama Launches iPhone App, Makes Everyone A Campaign Worker

Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley, Cuts a radio ad targeting Southern Virginia for Obama

Pro-Life Group Preparing Big Ad Assault Charging Obama Allowed Babies To Die

Conservatives Seek To Shift Blame For Crisis Onto Minority Housing Law

Obama Evening Wrap Up


Campaign Appearances


Barack: Abington, Pennsylvania


Barack: Newport News, Virginia


Barack: Ashville, North Carolina

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McCain is pulling out of Michigan.

I wrote a diary a few weeks back, when the "lipstick on the pig" frenzy by the McCain Campaign was going on. Though the diary was about absurdity of vacuum issues and not real issues in the campaign, I talked about money.

Right now we are seeing the power of the Obama Campaign, by not taking federal public financing money the campaign is allowed to spend wherever and do basically whatever. Not so, for the McCain Campaign.

I stated to watch the movement, not Barack's but McCain. Pulling out of Michigan is huge. Yes, Obama pulled out of Alaska, Georgia but those were tepid battleground states. Michigan is ALWAYS a true battleground state. It is also a very large state to cover, organization wise and money wise. If you go to or, to your right, you will see why McCain is pulling out of Michigan. The numbers are not there and the economy and mortgage meltdown of Michigan is real. How dire is Michigan? Read about a woman purchasing a home in Saginaw, Michigan from eBay for $1.75. Yes, you read it correctly.

This is about almost 30 days left for the election. This is about 2 presidential debates left and hopes that McCain can turn it around to the public, policy wise. This is about McCain now having to defend North Carolina, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Ohio all the states Bush won. This is about money, organization, manpower and having only 84 Million to spend it on.

Is this good? Yes, but we have a little over 30 days left and anything can happen. Right now the McCain Campaign are working feverishly to get Palin off the front page of being a laughing stock and hoping the economy will demise. The McCain Campaign can get Palin off the front pages after tonight by limiting her to only "friendly based conservative media", but the economy is going nowhere. Their challenge is to inject new dynamics in this race to move folks off the economy; this is where their character strategy will come to bear. Expect it; they are bleeding heavy right now.

Lastly, the next state I expect to move from McCain is Pennsylvania. Obama has just about closed the deal in New Mexico and Iowa is in Obama's column. McCain has never had any real infrastructure in Iowa, but he does need to worry about the West, which is slowly moving to Obama.

No doubt the economy is key to many voters. It is tough out here. Many are losing jobs, wages are not going up if you have a job, housing market is a mess and folks are just worried about the future in this country.

I wrote a while back that John McCain may have just ended his campaign by stating, "The fundamentals of the economy are strong." I still believe he just may have done that.

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Wal-Mart & John McCain vs Women Workers (Video)

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VP Debate Time!!!

Debate, Debate, Debate.....but this debate could be a snooze or a hotmess.

The cable desk clerks are chirping away at the "Biden 'Gaffe Machine'" and Sarah 'Does Not Know Anything' Palin.

Personally, I think both of these candidates will keep it short and simple. I also think Gwen Ifill will have to engage them to more specifics.

For Biden, give the specifics then shut up.

For Palin, give the specifics, if you know the specifics and shut up.

The burden is on Palin, than Biden. Palin has become a caricature on the realm of Dan Qualye. Not good. Saturday Night Live have been BRUTAL to her, thanks to Tina Fey. Not good. The public has turned on her and come to a conclusion she is not ready for VP or potential President, not good.

She has to regain her stature, make the public believe that she is not only relevant but competent to deal with these vast issues. My take, I just don't think she can.

When you have a candidate that can't answer a simple question like, "What do you read to get your perspective in the world?" You mean to tell me she can't even give her local newspaper a shoutout? Can't say Time, Newsweek or USA Today? Pathetic.

Palin may know Alaska, but she got to not only KNOW but understand the vast issues it entails to become the Vice President of the United States. She is just not there.

So, the debate is at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Gwen Ifill is the moderator. Though we may learn some things, in the end nothing will change.

This race is STILL between Obama and McCain. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A must see video from AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka (Video)

h/t platypus


You see brothers and sisters, there's not a single good reason for any worker -- especially any union member -- to vote against Barack Obama.

There's only one really bad reason to vote against him: because he's not white.

And I want to talk about that because I saw that for myself during the Pennsylvania primary.

I went back home to vote in Nemacolin and I ran into a woman I'd known for years. She was active in Democratic politics when I was still in grade school.

We got to talking and I asked if she'd made up her mind who she was supporting and she said: 'Oh absolutely, I'm voting for Hillary, there's no way I'd ever vote for Obama.'

Well, why's that? 'Because he's a Muslim.'

I told her, 'That's not true -- he's as much a Christian as you and me, so what if he's muslim.'

Then she shook her head and said, 'He won't wear an American flag pin.'

I don't have one on and neither do you.

But, 'C'mon, he wears one plenty of times. He just says it takes more than wearing a flag pin to be patriotic.'

'Well, I just don't trust him.'

Why is that?

Her voice dropped just a bit: 'Because he's black.'

I said, 'Look around. Nemacolin's a dying town. There're no jobs here. Kids are moving away because there's no future here. And here's a man, Barack Obama, who's going to fight for people like us and you won't vote for him because of the color of his skin.'

Brothers and sisters, we can't tap dance around the fact that there are a lot of folks out there just like that woman.

A lot of them are good union people; they just can't get past this idea that there's something wrong with voting for a black man. Well, those of us who know better can't afford to look the other way.

I'm not one for quoting dead philosophers, but back in the 1700s, Edmund Burke said: 'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.' Well, there's no evil that's inflicted more pain and more suffering than racism -- and it's something we in the labor movement have a special responsibility to challenge.

It's our special responsibility because we know, better than anyone else, how racism is used to divide working people.

We've seen how companies set worker against worker -- how they throw whites a few extra crumbs off the table ndsh and how we all end up losing.

But we've seen something else, too. We've seen that when we cross that color line and stand together no one can keep us down.

That's why the CIO was created. That's why industrial unions were the first to stand up against lynching and segregation. People need to know that it was the Steel Workers Organizing Committee -- this union -- that was founded on the principal of organizing all workers without regard to race. That's why the labor movement -- imperfect as we are -- is the most integrated institution in American life.

I don't think we should be out there pointing fingers in peoples' faces and calling them racist; instead we need to educate them that if they care about holding on to their jobs, their health care, their pensions, and their homes -- if they care about creating good jobs with clean energy, child care, pay equity for women workers -- there's only going to be one candidate on the ballot this fall who's on their side... only one candidate who's going to stand up for their families... only one candidate who's earned their votes... and his name is Barack Obama!

And come November we are going to elect him president.

And after he's elected we are going to hit the ground running so that, years from now, we're going to be able to tell our grandchildren that 2008 was the year this country finally turned its back on men like George Bush and Dick Cheney and John McCain

We're going to be able to say that 2008 was the year we started ending the war in Iraq so we could use that money to create new jobs building wind generators, solar collectors, clean coal technology and retrofitting millions of buildings all across this country

We're going to be able to look back and say that 2008 was the year the tide began to turn against the Rush Limbaughs, the Bill O'Reillys, the Ann Coulters and the right wing hate machine.

Full video, here, under USW Video Library, Richard Trumka

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This is what Sarah Palin is about. (Video)

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Palin, Biden on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, October 1, 2008 (Video)

Roe v Wade

Church and State

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Obama Evening Wrap Up. Remember, Keep On Your Toes.

Barack in LaCrosse, Wisconsin


Keep on your toes

The polls are rolling OUT. Just look to your right under the flagship of and click on the links, even go to the site!! The polls are on a roll for Barack. It is all good.

But, I am a testy pessimist at times and this is one of them.

I am not a poll god, oops, goddess, so I refer my brain to be taken over by Nate at and read his analysis, also to the right. One of the best pollsters out here in the business. His model has beat many established pollsters this past primary and he deserves all the cred he is getting, but I refer to his analysis.

Anyhow, for me polls are pesky little numbers. They go up and they go down. I just want the number, but my brother and cyber friends always want to know what drives the numbers, it is called the internals. Again, I am a testy pessimist right now.

I will tell you why. Remember, New Hampshire? When the poll numbers were all over the place? Barack was supposed to win, but we know who actually did. Well, I am not anywhere to the point that Barack won't win this, but I believe the numbers are much tighter than what these public polls are dictating.

I am glad that early voting has started because we need to bank these votes NOW, not later, but NOW. Why? The McCain Campaign is bleeding and bleeding badly. The tricks and gimmicks of McCain have not gone over well to the public and Sarah Palin "Unleashed" has not been what the McCain Campaign expected. She is dangerously close to becoming a caricature, which means tomorrow night's debate is very important for her. Palin must convince the public that she deserves to be on the stage and is competent enough to become the Vice President of the United States, if elected.

When you are bleeding, you go with what you know. That is character assassination, which is going straight up racial, that is bringing back Reverend Wright. Folks, he is coming back, whether we like it or not. I am hoping he does not have the impact, as he did in March. I am hoping the public will move past this. But, nothing is guaranteed, which is why banking the votes early in these battleground states is imperative at this point. And McCain has to do this, the economy is not his thing, people are "meh" on the wars now, folks are worried about their money, jobs and future. McCain does not have any answers but he knows how to muddy up the waters and that is what will happen, I believe, sooner than later. Use race to divide the numbers and hope they swing your way, which is McCain's answer.

Of course we don't like this, but just remember to keep on your toes.

Chuck Todd and Charlie Cook on the Poll numbers and bringing back Reverend Wright


John McCain the Angry Interview, Editorial Board of Des Moines Register

First off, why is McCain in Iowa? Barack has a double digit lead over McCain in Iowa, so why in the hell is he in Iowa? Personally, he is wasting time.

But the interview is fascinating. McCain is an old timer. His way or the highway. That attitude comes off crystal clear in this interview.

Watch it here.


Ad, "Spending Spree"


Nervous GOP urges McCain to attack

John McCain’s fade in recent polls, combined with a barrage of negative news coverage during the financial crisis, has leading Republican activists around the country worrying about his prospects and urging his campaign to become much more aggressive against Barack Obama in the remaining month before Election Day.

A flurry of new polls shows Barack Obama gaining in several battleground states – most notably Florida, Pennsylvania and swing states throughout the West. Officials worry early voting, which is under way in important states such as Ohio, is likely to favor Obama in this toxic political climate.

Several state GOP chairmen in interviews urged the McCain campaign to be more aggressive in hitting Obama’s vulnerabilities, such as his past relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other problematic associations from Chicago.

But as September turns to October—Wednesday marks 34 days to the Nov. 4 election—it is clear McCain himself is to blame for the most urgent problems. His snap decision to throw himself into the bailout debate has proven disastrous, since his efforts looked late and half-hearted, and many in the GOP ignored his pleas in Monday’s House vote.

And his selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, initially a political boon, has become a distraction inside and out of the campaign, with top staff now sidelined trying to avoid a debate disaster on Thursday night, officials close to the campaign say. continue

CNN on the battleground states and their polling numbers


Barack in Washington, DC to cast vote for the "Bailout Bill"



New Obama plan: Hit hard on radio

Jay-Z free concert in Miami for Voter Registration

Polls Show Obama Lead Growing

In the mail, and on the phones, in Missouri

Guest Post: Michelle Obama on Making Our Voices Heard

Obama Morning Break, Here

Reminder, Vice Presidential Debate tomorrow 9 PM EST, on all the major and cable channels


Campaign Appearances
go to the campaign website front page, for more information


Thursday, October 2nd


East Lansing, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan

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New Obama Ad, "Spending Spree"

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Obama Morning Break. It is about GOTV.

Barack arrives to LaCrosse, Wisconsin


It is about GOTV (Get Out The Vote)

There are a set of poll numbers out from Quinnipiac for Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The numbers are a resounding rout against McCain. In fact, Obama is over 50% in all three states. This is wonderful, but proceed with caution.

We have 34 days until November 4th, but more importantly Ohio is early voting already, Florida starts early voting October 20-November 1st. Pennsylvania does not have early voting, only requesting absentee ballot.

At this point in the game it is time to hunker down. That means go the the ground. It is time to get these last minute people NOT registered to vote or need to change their voting location to do so NOW. It means sending around the information for folks to register to vote NOW.

The deadline for voter registration starts on October 4th. Half of the country the deadline is October 6th. If you know someone who needs to register, let's help them along. They can download the form from their state and mail it in.


Next, we need to move from behind our computers and start volunteering to GOTV. For any early states and on November 4th.

This election is won by votes. By the most votes per state, that will then be a win in the electoral college for Obama.

This is far from over and no one should become complacent because of poll numbers.


Barack in Reno, Nevada


The Senate Takes Charge of the "Bailout Mess"

After the failure of the House of Representatives to pass the government’s $700 bailout package earlier this week, the Senate will consider a new version of the bill today. The Times’s Carl Hulse and Robert Pear note that the latest version includes several key changes:

Top lawmakers said the Senate proposal, worked out after a day of behind the scenes maneuvering, would include tax breaks for businesses and alternative energy and higher government insurance for bank deposits.

And, if passed in the Senate today, there are indications that the re-tooled plan might meet a better outcome among House members who sent the original proposal back to the drawing board with their 228-205 vote against it on Monday:

House Republican leaders, who said they had been advised about the Senate plan, said the new elements would appeal to their rank-and-file, which voted strongly against the legislation Monday. A spokesman for Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the Republican leader, said that “Mr. Boehner was consulted and gave the green light.” continue


Vice Presidential Debate History



U.S. general wants help in Afghanistan now

The economy changes the campaign

Bruce, Billy and Barack

Obama: Middle Class Needs Wall Street Rescue

Does Anyone Think John McCain Will Get 15% Of The Black Vote In Ohio?

Palin Is Destroying McCain

PAC funds anti-Obama TV ad in California

TIMELINE: Mich. Vote Caging Scheme Exemplifies Mounting Dirty Tricks Operations

Obama Evening Wrap Up

The Polls


Campaign Appearances
go to the campaign website front page, for more information



La Crosse, Wisconsin

President Clinton

Orlando, Florida; Fort Pierce, Florida


Kansas City, Missouri; Boulder, Colorado

Thursday, October 2nd


East Lansing, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama Speech at the University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada (Video)

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My favorite pollster, Nate Silver of, on Countdown with Keith (Video)

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More Sarah Palin with Katie Couric of CBS News, September 30, 2008 (Video)

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Obama Evening Wrap Up. Midnight Deadline to Contribute.

Barack in Reno, Nevada


Midnight Deadline to Donate to the Obama Campaign for the Month of September

If you donate 30.00 or more you can get that wonderful Obama/Biden t-shirt, guaranteed to be delivered to you by, October 17th. Click here.

Again, yard sign guaranteed to be delivered by October 17th.

Or, donation of 55.00 and you can get an election day pack!! This includes the T-Shirt, lawn sign and car magnet. Your gear will arrive no later than October 17th. Information, here.

Or, tip my Obama Jar!!! If you like my diligent work for Obama, show my jar some love!!


Early Voting Has Started in Ohio

Locations for where Ohioans need to go per county is here.

Obama Campaign lookup tool is here.

Again, you can register to vote and vote at the same time September 30-October 6, 2008. Deadline for registering to vote is October 6th. Let's work hard to turn Ohio, BLUE!!!!!


Bruce Springsteen, "The Boss" playing in Philly, Saturday for free

The Obama campaign has just announced that Bruce Springsteen will play a free, acoustic, set on the Parkway Saturday afternoon. The stated purpose is to assist voter registration and volunteer efforts, and, indeed, to get "preferred" tickets you have to go to an Obama campaign office and sign up to volunteer. General admission is available via the web.

And did we say an acoustic set? So no E Street Band. Bummer.

For extra credit, tell us who will provide McCain with his musical theme?

Here's excerpts from the Obama release:

"...Bruce Springsteen an acoustic set at a rally on the Ben Franklin Parkway...

Free concert for Pennsylvanians will be huge opportunity to register voters and sign up volunteers; preferred tickets must be picked up at campaign offices. (click on link for full article)


McCain's VP decision is 'fundamentally irresponsible'


Large Crowds Greet Start Of Early Voting
Large crowds lined the sidewalk outside the Hamilton County Board of Elections offices in downtown Cincinnati Tuesday at they prepared to cast their early ballots.

Tuesday marked the first time in a presidential election year that Ohio opened early voting.

Several dozen early voters actually camped out in tents on the sidewalk overnight, braving the cold and rainy weather, so they could be among the first to get ballots Tuesday morning.

The early campers came prepared, even bringing a camp stove and making bacon and eggs before the Election Board offices opened at 7:45 a.m. Many of them were part of "Get Out the Vote" efforts by the Cincinnati NAACP, Urban League and Tri-State union locals.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party even held an impromptu rally in front of the Election Board entrance to encourage voters to cast ballots for Congress and various judgeship races.

The first voter in line to complete a ballot was NAACP Chapter President Chris Smitherman. He says the three groups intend on running charter buses through neighborhoods Tuesday and into October to get people downtown to both register to vote and cast their ballots. continue



Palin says she's the 'new energy'

New Obama Ad, 'Same Path'

Dem registration gap in Pa. widens to 1.1M

Obama leading in the new Public Policy Poll in Florida

Union Drops New Mailer In Battlegrounds Hammering McCain On Health Care

Early Voting: Another Reason Why It Matters

Bailout ushers in the era of Obama


Campaign Appearances
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La Crosse, Wisconsin

President Clinton

Orlando, Florida; Fort Pierce, Florida


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New Public Policy Poll (PPP) has Obama 49, McCain 46 in Florida


Yes it is true.

Benefiting from increased voter concern over the economy and the declining popularity of Sarah Palin, Barack Obama has taken a 49-46 lead over John McCain in Florida. A PPP survey conducted three weeks ago, right after the Republican convention, showed McCain leading by five points in the state.

Palin is driving people to the Obama ticket, especially independents.
Another factor driving movement in Obama’s direction in Florida is Sarah Palin’s rapidly declining standing with voters in the state. Right after the convention 45% said they were more likely to vote for McCain because of her spot on the ticket, compared to 34% who
said they were less likely to do so. Now the number saying Palin makes them more likely to support McCain has gone down to 40%, while the percentage of those saying they are less likely to do so has ticked up to 41%.

This also indicates that Thursday debate is far more important to the McCain Campaign vs. the Obama Campaign. The vetting of Palin, all the lies of the McCain/Palin ticket and finally, Palin's disastrous interviews, especially Couric's have many Americans looking at her hard and concluding that she is not ready. She is now in the negative land of likability.

Another reasons are the gimmicks and tricks of the McCain Campaign. The American Public don't like it and find it ridiculous.
“The events of the past few weeks are pushing independents into Barack Obama’s camp,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Where McCain and Obama were tied with those voters three weeks ago, Obama now has an eight point advantage. John McCain badly needs the campaign to ‘switch topics’ if he’s going to reverse the
strong movement in Obama’s direction.”

Also important to Obama’s movement in Florida is a much improved performance with white voters in the state. Where he had a 27 point deficit with them in early September, it is now down to just 11 points.

But, the economy is the NUMBER ONE concern for the movement.

Is Florida in Obama's corner? No, not by all means, but this is what happens when you are not honest with the public and have a dim light bulb as your running partner.

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New Obama Ad, "Same Path" (Video)

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McCain, Palin on CBS with Katie Couric, September 29, 2008 (Video)

This was one of the weirdest interviews I have ever witnessed. McCain would not allow Palin to answer the tough question, blames "gotcha" question from a voter to Palin, but more importantly the attempt to clean up her DISASTER from last week. Grandpa looking over his granddaughter, that is what that interview was about.

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The Road to Change (Video)

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fareed Zakaria, CNN, "...She Clearly Does Not Understand...." (Video)

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State, federal courts uphold early voting in Ohio

Early voting advocates are targeting college students, the homeless, the poor and minorities — voters who have traditionally had a hard time getting to the polls.

Obama's campaign planned to organize carpools from college campuses around the state to local polling places. And the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless hoped to transport 2,000 homeless individuals from shelters to polling places in the Cleveland area.

"This is a win for Jennifer Brunner's partisan efforts to aide the Democrat turnout strategy," Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett said in a statement. "Naturally we're disappointed in these rulings." He didn't address a possible appeal.

Some charged the Ohio Republican Party was trying to suppress the vote.

"There are some forces in the Republican Party that seem bound and determined to suppress the vote by any means necessary," said Dan Tokaji, an Ohio State University elections law expert.

"The Republicans' cynical 11th-hour ploy to disenfranchise Ohio voters has been soundly rejected in federal court," Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said.

This means early voting in Ohio is from September 30-October 6, 2008.

This means, OHIO VOTING IS ON!!!!

Now, first let's get down to these colleges and universities. Let's focus on where our lovely students can go register and vote.

Type in your name, address and click submit. The address of where you need to go will appear. Students, perform your god sent duty and VOTE by October 6, 2008.

Start right HERE.

In fact, anyone can vote early and if you are not registered, you can register and vote on the same day.

More information at the

This is the law in Ohio for Students to Vote:
May a college student register and vote from his or her school address in Ohio?

Yes, a student may vote using his or her Ohio school residence address. However, the student may not also vote an absentee ballot where he or she last lived (e.g. with one or more parent or guardian). When a college student votes from his or her school address, the school residence is considered to be the place to which the student's habitation is fixed and to which, whenever the student is absent, the student intends to return, and is considered by the student to be his or her permanent residence at the time of voting.


Deadline for registering to vote is Monday, October 6, 2008.

On-Line voter registration form, here. Mail form to your county election board, addresses and phone numbers here.

Request a voter registration form to be sent to you, here.

Absentee ballot form, here. Instructions on requesting an absentee ballot in Ohio, here.

Voter registration information for Ohio, here.

Contact Information:

Ohio Secretary of State



For other state information to vote, it is all here.


If you are near Ohio and got some time, volunteer and GOTV this week. Let's bank those votes EARLY for Barack.

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Obama Evening Wrap Up. Bailout Blunder. Early Voting in Ohio.

Barack in Westminster, Colorado


Bailout Blunder

The dow went minus 700 points today. OUCH.

But the average American don't care, nor do they understand.

The biggest blunder of Bush and yes, McCain is lack of explaining what this bailout, rescue, free money bill is all about. Thus, not explaining to the average joe and joesetta ends up what we saw today.

This bill needs to pass. Do I like it? No, but it does need to pass.

The world is watching us. The United States of America is a global leader in the financial markets. Many other countries are tied with the USA, as we are with them. But that is not what the average joe and joesetta understand.

This bill should have been explained like this: Are you getting a new car this year or next? Good luck, you won't get a loan. Your child needs a college tuition loan? Well, sorry can't cut the check. Want to extend your credit card limit? No.Can.Do. Oohhh, I love that new bedroom set, let's get it. Umm, sorry cash only. OMG!!! My 401K is tanking!!!! Too bad, you called your congress critter to vote against this bill.

That is the reality of this. Instead of making this about the future of the average joe or joesetta, Bush Administration allowed the framing of the media to be "Wall Street Bailout." When you pit Wall Street against Main Street, and Wall Street need money from Main Street, you aren't going to get it when the average joe believes it is bailing out a bunch or rich folks.

Lastly, the leadership of the congress. My take, they get an "F" today. House Minority Leader Boehner did not deliver the votes, Speaker Pelosi did not know if she had the votes, Bush is more of a lamer duck than ever, Secretary Paulson is not articulate enough, Bernake was not good at selling the urgency and McCain takes credit for the achievement of the bailout.

"What Senator McCain was able to do was to help bring all of the parties to the table, including the House Republicans, whose votes were needed to pass this"

--McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt, Meet the Press yesterday.

More than two-thirds of the House Republicans, as you likely know, voted against the bill, which went down, 205-228.


Compare And Contrast: Obama Calls For Calm; McCain Attacks And Blames Obama
Now that the bailout has failed in the House, it's worth contrasting the immediate responses from the campaigns.

In Colorado today, Obama called for calm and predicted ultimate success. Here's what he said (before MSNBC cut away)...

"It's important for the American public and the markets to stay calm, because things are never smooth in Congress, and to understand that it will get better...We are going to make sure that an emergency package is put together, because it is required for us to stabilize the markets...

"So I'm confident that we are going to get there, but it's going to be a little rocky. It's sort of like flying into Denver -- you know you're going to land, it's not always fun going over those mountains." continue

This is why a measured, temperament is needed in the WHITE HOUSE.





The Obamas and The Bidens in Detroit, Michigan, September 28, 2008 (Pictures)

Fareed Zakaria of CNN call for Sarah Palin to step down

John McCain Refuses To Take Resonsibility For His Failed Leadership

The Folks Back Home


Campaign Appearances (check out Barack's website for times and rsvp)


Tomorrow: Reno, Nevada

Wednesday: La Cross, Wisconsin

Thursday: Grand Rapids, Michigan

President Clinton

Wednesday: Orlando, Florida & Fort Pierce, Florida


State, federal courts uphold early voting in Ohio

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Don't Blame Speaker Pelosi, Blame the Republicans, Chris Matthews of MSNBC (Video)

h/t Strategy '08

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New Obama Ad, "Figured"

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Bail Out Bill, "DEAD"

Again, I have wrote that those House Republicans would not support this 700 Billion Bailout Bill.

Next, we are less than 40 days to an election. If this bill was during an "off" election year, this bill would have gone through.

Next, George W. Bush is the lamest duck evah in presidential history. He did not have the "OOMPFFF" to rally the Republicans and support this bill. The House Republicans just sent Bush an "F" and an "U".

Next, the Bush White House must take the credit for not explaining what this bill entailed to the public. Showing lack of URGENCY for this bill, showed the public it is not grave. They also, allowed the media to frame this bill, "Wall Street Bailout Bill", and most Americans equate Wall Street to "Rich Folks."

Don't expect this bill back until AFTER the election. Sure, they will work on it AGAIN, but who is running for office and trying to keep their seat?

Lastly, this was a POLITICAL vote, as in, "I am saving my ass on election day", vote.


Blaming Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ludicrous. The jobs of House Minority Leader Boenher and Pelosi is to DELIVER THE VOTES. Blaming her for a speech she gave is a cop out. Boenher did not have the votes. The House Republicans DON'T WANT TO VOTE ON THIS BILL and they showed it by voting against it. Pelosi delivered more than half her caucus and Boenher could only muster up a third.


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Meet the Press, September 28, 2008, (Video)

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New Obama Ad, "Parachute" (Video)

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Obama, Biden Speeches, Detroit, Michigan, September 28, 2008 (Video)

Joe Biden

Barack Obama

Obama, Biden Detroit, Michigan Pictures

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama Speech , Fredericksburg, Virginia, September 27, 2008 (Video)

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SNL (Saturday Night Live), Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, AGAIN...September 27, 2008 (Video)

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The Obamas and The Bidens in Detroit, Michigan, September 28, 2008 (Pictures)


FYI. These photos are large, as in the top and bottom. I scaled down to 300 width, you can copy these photos and expand up to 500, 600 in width. Any questions on how to do this, email me.


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