Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Late Morning Break....Obama Chillin' on Vaca...More Clinton Memos

obama leaving a movie theatre in honolulu


Some politics, then some fun

Sen. Barack Obama condemned yesterday Russia's escalating warfare against Georgia, a former fellow Soviet state.

At the Kailua beachfront home where he was vacationing, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president called on Russia to stop its bombing and withdraw its ground forces.

Obama traveled with his wife, Michelle, to Honolulu to spend more time with his grandmother, watch the film "The Dark Knight" at Ward 16 Theatres and have dinner. continue


Casting Obama as Un-American

Just the thought that Hillary Clinton could paint Obama as un-american should make many pause. Really it should.

Mark Penn is a Republican hack. He is. Call him for what he is, and that has not changed.

Through all of this even when Hillary cut him loose, the Clintons never really did. They trusted this guy, even through the article and memos, they did. That even makes it more hard, for me, to be enduring to Hillary Clinton.

Sure, she is doing what she is supposed to do, but stories don't get leaked, whispered to the media unless someone want it out there. It just don't work like that. Through the campaign, the Clintons had heavy ties over there at CNN, remember that debacle of a debate in Las Vegas? Then the chips were called in to George Stephanopoulos of ABC for the butchery of the Philadelphia debate. For anyone to actually use the talking points that George S. did from Sean Hannity, that hack, you must look at everyone on the playing field.

All of this has made it less endearing for many Obama supporters to the Clintons and after the primary, I just gave up on them. I know in my heart they don't want Obama to win in November. Sure, they will tow the line, but they don't want a win, they want to COME BACK in 2012. Yes, they do.

So, it is up to us to make sure 2012 never comes again for the Clintons. Yes, unity, smile, etc. Yes, let Bill Clinton speak and try to make it up to the African-American community with his speech. Yes, blah, blah, blah.

But in the end, I want to win and that means the presidency for Obama, more seats in congress and to put the Clintons out to pasture, for good.


Remember, I said it was over after Wisconsin? It was mathematically. Well, the Clinton Campaign knew this on March 5th, even after winning Ohio and Texas (popular vote, not delegate count). It is all here:
"We cannot secure enough delegates to win; we cannot overtake him; the math simply doesn’t work … it is imperative that we provide … a clear and tenable answer to the single most important question we face."

Also, they KNEW they would lose against Obama on Super Tuesday:
On the eve of Super Tuesday, the Clinton campaign privately projected an overall defeat in the 22 primaries and caucuses to follow. It turned out that Ickes was pessimistic about his candidate's performance—projecting that Clinton would fall 51 delegates short of Obama on that day. (Obama won the day by 10 delegates.) Nor was Ickes wholly unrealistic about the bleak week that would follow Super Tuesday (LA, WA, NE, VI, Dems. Abroad, ME, VA, MD, DC), though he didn’t recognize how bad the results would actually be. The campaign projected a 64-delegate loss to Obama; Obama actually secured a 110-delegate advantage from the above primaries and caucuses.

And we had to go all the way to South Dakota and Montana because the Clinton Campaign could not come to grips they lost?

Oh, finally, thanks Hillary for giving the GOP the playbook to run against Obama. That is surely, great democratic teamwork.

Read, the well written article, here and the memos, also called PROOF, here.

And oh, NO Edwards affair admission would not have helped Clinton win Iowa. I guess Howard Wolfson forgot something called "exit and entrance" polling from Iowa that showed DIFFERENT.


Another Negative Web Ad from McCain

Jake Tapper's take on this ad


Watch out for this, for the fall.....

I picked up on a tidbit by slinkerwink over at Strategy '08.
About 10 minutes in, package on the Atlantic magazine’s report about Mark Penn’s memos supposedly recommending that Clinton emphasize Obama’s unusual youth and background. Did not include a response from Penn. Mentioned that an independent conservative group is recording video in Indonesia for potential future use.

slink's question is this, "What is a conservative, independent group doing in Indonesia recording video?"

Good question. Remember that Obama went to school in Indonesia. All the madrassa talk was debunked, because the school was NOT a madrassa. But of course, Fox News still tried to push that story, which ended up being another internet viral email negative attack.

slinkerwink believes the following:
Here’s what I’m betting the conservative group is filming in Indonesia–the school where Senator Obama attended (while leaving out the other Catholic school he went to), and with images of children dressed in Muslim garb, y’know, for the fear factor. Then a few images of chanting men in a Muslim mosque near the school, and then explicitly questioning whether Obama is American enough to lead America. That’s what this film likely would be about, and I think it’s going to be a part of the GOP Convention. Didn’t the 2004 GOP Convention feature the film by the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth as well?

The only thing I have to say is this, "The Fall is going to be major NEGATIVE, Obama Campaign, be ready and I mean within hours to respond."



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