Wednesday, December 22, 2010

President Obama signs the bill to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (Video)

Today was a good day.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trotting out former President Bill Clinton

First, I don't remember a former President taking the podium answering questions for the current President, while the current President is in a fight for a bill to be passed.

Yes, we call former Presidents to swing bats (due to popularity) during campaign swings, but to have a former President answer questions (which I say he did mighty well) to the White House Press Corps while the current President is in a current fight he is having?

I am sorry, that I have not witnessed.

Look, Bill Clinton is loved and hated within the Democratic Party. We understand his strengths and weaknesses. I am sure that some of the legislation (which Obama is now dealing with due to bills passed during the Clinton tenure) that Bill Clinton passed, he wish could take it back. Like, NAFTA, which has had a direct affect of jobs for the middle class in this country. Sure, he would probably want to take that back.

The reality is this. It was a nice picture, mini presser but Bill Clinton is not the President of the United States, Barack Obama is.

My husband said this, "...why is Bill Clinton answering questions to the current tax crisis/debate and Barack Obama is not? I think this makes Obama look weak. And this is 2010 and not 1994."

I thought about that and my husband was right. This is not 1994. Why? First off, the cable networks and cable chatter was not off the chain as it is now. The internet was not instant news as it is now, which many Americans, NOW get their information. And the big key my husband stated, "...the recession Clinton was in is different than what is going on now."

Clinton was retrieved because of the Internet boom that happened under his watch. But that bubble was busted once George W. Bush assumed office. The unemployment numbers that we see now are real, not a vapor. The people out of work are/have been for a while now, well over 6 months. And the truth, there are not enough hard jobs to hire folk in this country. That is the dilemma that Barack Obama faces. There will be no fake economy to save him, like it did with Clinton in the internet boom. What is happening out here is real.

So now, we see the Clinton/Obama show. It is nice, memory lane and all, but that is all it is.

All I can write is this. Barack Obama must be in real trouble to trot out Bill Clinton at this time. No disrespect to the former President, but one has to wonder why at this time and will it work. Will the Democratic base remember how Bill Clinton lost big time in 1994 and had to deal with the Republicans? Will the Democrats line up with Barack Obama and let all this pass? But, will the Independents come home as Barack go to the right? Those are the questions which we will see answered in the months to come.

Personally, I don't think Bill Clinton will make a difference. He was then and Barack Obama is now. That is the difference.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

President Obama trots out former President Bill Clinton to make case for tax cut deal with the Republicans (Video)


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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Did tax cuts for the rich create jobs in this country?

This is a fair and direct question.

The reason I am asking it is because the negotiated tax plan from the White House with the Republicans touts it will create jobs.

My thing is this, "The millionaires and billionaires have had this tax cut for 10 years, where are the jobs?"

This is a valid question because does anyone believe that continuing this tax cut will create jobs in this country?

We are knocking on the door of 10% unemployment in this country and I don't see any relief of these numbers, anytime soon. In fact, we need to create over 200K jobs a MONTH to catch up with inflation and the unemployment rate to off set it and we are talking about 200K a month for close to 2 years.

Look, the reality is this; all of this is a set up to marginalize President Obama further, along with the Democrats. If you don't believe it, watch the ratcheting up for the next year from the GOP. Watch about the continued lack of leadership, weakness from this president meme. And the GOP has been stating this about him WAYYYY before Democrats got frustrated and started saying this publicly.

This dog and pony show will continue, it will not slow down or stop. Every time President Obama wants something, he will be forced to cave to the Republican agenda. Pushing these rich folk tax cuts is just kicking the can down the road and empowering, proving the point to the Republicans. The Republicans believe they can defeat Obama in 2012, control the congress again, and make these tax cuts permanent. The Republicans don't believe this economy will turn around anytime soon, the fact of the matter is that we don't have enough jobs to employ folk in this country.

The next act from the Republicans will be the call to PAY FOR THIS SHIT. And guess what they will trot out? Social Security and Medicare cuts. The GOP will continue to whine that these programs will bankrupt this country and must be overhauled. Along with this disastrous meme, will be the reminder to President Obama that he is for "Pay Go". Remember, words do matter and he did say he supported it. This will put President Obama in another box. And you think folks are angry at rich folk tax cuts, watch your Grandmother go off when she witness President Obama state, "..cuts in payment to social security must be done to save this country."

It will be a sham.

Why a sham? Because the Republican Party is the party of spend, spend, and spend. They spent us into the ground under George W. Bush, but spent the money on what they felt is best for themselves and their rich buddies. That is how it went down. When the Democrats came in power, we get shamed on the deficit and it must be under control, programs must be cut. This bullshit is the biggest sham of all because we are spending fake money now to pass this tax cut and if the deficit was so damn important, WE WOULD NOT BE TALKING ABOUT THIS. Personally, I don't know if this tax cut deal will pass or not. But I do know that President Obama will become a mockery if it does.

Finally, from TomP's diary a comment from lisastar:

caller on Ed's show yesterday (7+ / 0-)

an international flight attendant reporting on what she overhears from US CEOs on her flights. It's all about opening new factories overseas and buying second homes in the 3rd world country of choice to make it easier to commute.

Another caller in the import business said: Trickle down economics works great to create jobs - JOBS OVERSEAS. The wealthy are investing alright, just not in America.

Screw the president's bill.

That is the real point here (and I heard the same caller on Ed's radio show). Until any President have the fortitude to revamp trade agreements to China, India, Brazil, etc. This argument will continue to go in circles. This country is feeling the affects of a poor NAFTA agreement and bad trade agreements resulting in CEO's of this country opening up their manufacturing plants abroad to the tune of 1.00 an hour for personnel with no benefits. This country can not compete with that and to be brutally honest, it won't change. President Obama can say whatever he wants, but the real banker that we owe is China and those floodgates of their bad gear, food is not going to stop coming into this country anytime soon.

That is the dilemma about jobs in this country and why we will be sitting on high unemployment for a very long time. Tax cuts to the rich are not going to create any jobs and if you believe that, then a cup of reality is much needed.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment destroys Barack Obama's argument for the Bush Tax Cuts (Video)

Barack Obama, we believed in "Change You Believe In", now if you want to keep your job, you are the one who needs to change.

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President Obama's Press Conference on extending the Bush Tax Cuts (Video)

Well, many are angry at the President for doing this, another broken campaign promise. Oh, and how are we going to pay for this one, since the initial one was never paid for. Next cut, WATCH, Social Security.


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King of Flip-Flops: Barack Obama

First, there was this and that secret deal the White House tried to deny with BIG PHaRMA:

Then, Senator Obama who was campaigning for President of the United States insisted that he does not support any mandates, but caved to the insurance companies that every American must purchase health care insurance. Meaning, giving the insurance companies up to or over 30 million new customers. Some change you can believe in!!

Though in 2008 then-Senator Barack Obama campaigned against requiring adults to buy insurance,[13] in July 2009 President Obama reportedly "changed his mind" and announced that he was "now in favor of some sort of individual mandate as long as there's a hardship exemption."[14] Supporting an individual mandate, Obama said, "I've been persuaded that there are enough young, uninsured people who are cheap to cover, but are opting out. To make sure that those folks are part of the overall pool is the best way to make sure that all of our premiums go down."[15] However, the Congressional Budget Office found that the effect of broadening insurance coverage "would probably be relatively small and would not directly produce net savings in national or federal spending on health care."[16]

Now the main premise of his campaign was repealing the Bush Tax Cuts. In fact, President Obama explained repeatedly that these tax cuts were never paid for and is part of the problem of the deficit. Informing the public that this money will be used for other programs and to help reduce the deficit. Well, the biggest flip/flop of all extending these rich folk tax cuts, along with reducing the estate tax for some of the most richest estates in this country. My question is always this, "there are more poor folk, middle class folk than rich folk..." That is a fact.

Now, the problem with the Obama White House is that they are incompetent when it comes to playing hardball and defending their policies. We saw this through the health care fiasco, financial regulation debate and now these tax cuts. President Obama's first duty should have been working on this economy, which includes getting ready to fight for the repealing of the Bush Tax Cuts and having ready his own tax cut plan. Unemployment Extension should never have been out there for the Republicans to hijack to get what they want. An up and down vote should have come out of congress for JUST EXTENDING UNEMPLOYMENT, a recorded vote for the public to view. The public would have been on the side of continuing the extension, with no games being played. Pressure could mount on incoming House members from the most hard hit states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio to vote to keep the UI extensions going. This is not hard, but the dysfunctional Democrats in D.C. continues to let it be dysfunctional.

Now, Barack Obama can continue to be thin skinned and have selective memory on much of what he said, but the American Public remembers. The public is not stupid, does anyone think Barack Obama will fight to repeal the Bush Tax Cuts in 2012? After we just saw this flip-flop show from him? He has just allowed the can to be kicked further down the road and the longer it is kicked the more reality that these tax cuts will become permanent.

Lastly, I don't care if the President is angry at members in his own party, he has another issue to deal with. TRUST. You need all those people that brought you to the dance to become re-energized in 2012, right now many are losing trust in anything that you say. When you lose trust it is very hard to get it back. Remember that President Obama, while you are getting upset at the word, "public option".

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Monday, December 6, 2010

President Obama announces deal cut with Republicans to extend Bush Tax Cuts (Video)

A bad move, POTUS.

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The Caver in Chief

Sigh, just writing that makes me feel bad, but I deal with reality not fantasy and this is how I see things from the White House along with how I feel.

Extending the current Bush Tax Cuts (the name alone should make many cringe) is one of the most horrible decisions Barack Obama will do.

We have sat and saw this White House repeatedly negotiate many things away before a fight, along with witnessing this White House repeatedly run after the Republicans for votes they never got.

Well, we are witnessing the White House again wave their retrieval flag for the most basic promise of the Obama Campaign, repealing the Bush Tax Cuts.

There are plenty of diaries, blogging, newspaper articles with much discussion about a deal to extend the tax cuts 2-3 years in lieu of keeping the current unemployment extensions in tact.

The reality is that no deal should be cut or should have ever been thought of. With the unemployment rate inching to 9.8% in November, extending the current extensions is a non-brainer. But this White House is gutless and don't know how to fight.

Calling the Republicans scrooges to block any unemployment extension, along with creating a Tier 5 is a good fight to have, why? The people of this country understand this and get it because many know family members, friends in this very dire straight. The people of this country also understand that no tax cuts should be extended for the richest millionaires and billionaires in this country. In fact, if we are negotiating to keep the current unemployment extensions, why not demand a tier 5? Especially with the unemployment number ticking UPWARD not DOWNWARD.

I mean are we going to get ANYTHING OUT OF THIS DEAL? Does this White House know or understand the art of negotiating? Everyone must ask this because the way things are going my outlook on the White House is a bunch of dumb asses who are totally clueless.

Lastly, I agree with the former Reagan Budget Director, David Stockman who was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, this past Friday. He very directly stated that extending the tax cuts to the richest individuals in this country so they can continue to shop at Tiffany's is damaging. He was not in agreement in 2001 for these tax cuts and is not in agreement now. Stating that Barack Obama should find a veto pen is correct. The argument is and was winnable to extend unemployment benefits, create a tier 5 with the unemployment rate expanding, and allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. But, yet again, we have a White House which is always behind the 8 ball, not knowing how to frame a message and fight, and are a bunch of spineless politicians.

Many of us worked very hard for Barack Obama, but never imagined the continual caves. Sure, some will say they expected it but the majority did not. Fighting for basic democratic principles and moral obligations should not be difficult, but this White House makes it more difficult as the days pass on. And getting tough with Democrats is congress is laughable when you can't even get tough or call out the hypocritical Republicans.

So, in the end of this deal is no deal. We are not getting anything new on the table, but empowering the Republicans that they can punk this White House whenever they want to. And from the looks of it, the Republicans will continue to have it their way.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Unemployment's ugly number rose to 9.8%, bad news all around

Well, if the Obama Administration did not know that JOBS, JOBS, JOBS is what this country wanted and put them in charge to head, they know now.

This economy is not getting better and no amount of spin will help. Oh, U.S. just added 39K jobs last month and that is pathetic.

And extending unemployment is a non-brainer, including adding another tier. If congress, on both sides of the aisle, fail to do this, there will be hell to pay down the road.

Employers added fewer jobs than forecast in November and the unemployment rate unexpectedly increased, underscoring the Federal Reserve’s decision to pump more money into the economy to spur growth.

Payrolls increased 39,000, less than the most pessimistic projection of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, after a revised 172,000 increase the prior month, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The jobless rate rose to 9.8 percent, the highest since April, while hours worked and earnings stagnated.

Read more here
Bloomberg News

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Folks going off at unemployment offices

I knew this would happen and it is starting to.

Many who have been looking for work, unable to find work, now see themselves penniless and possibly on the streets due to the dick play in congress over folks lives.

As for the rich, must be nice to not worry about "those people" when you can shop, travel, count your money and assets without a fear or worry.

This is the most selfish country around and leadership in this country is "meh". At this point, what is the difference if you are a Democrat or Republican, the outcome is all for the lobbyists, corporations and rich. Everyone else or the other 98%, fuck 'em. And that is called getting screwed by this government.

From Louisville, Kentucky, video clip inside link:

Unemployment benefits for more than 100,000 people in both Kentucky and Indiana could run out in a matter of days if Congress doesn't act.

Many people are filing for benefits, others are looking for jobs, but with the threat of benefits running out, tempers are flaring.

In the time that a WLKY reporter was at the Louisville Office of Employment and Training, at least two people were escorted out.

Behavior coming from the White House at a time when unemployment is still close to 10% in this country is bizarre, in the meantime President Obama calls for a pay freeze to federal workers with the exception of the military. Does this man understand what is going on out here, as in NO JOBS???? Does he get it that many are about to be cut with no safety net, at all???? Everyday it just gets worse instead of better in regards to the crap coming out of this White House. I guess they did not receive the memo from the midterm elections because their behavior has not changed, while the public is out here drowning.

Congress is dragging its foot while their citizens are drowning out here, Indiana has added armed guards at all its Unemployment sites. Yes, it is getting bad out here.
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is beefing up its security ahead of the holidays, when officials expect a seasonal surge in unemployment claims and extra stress for long-term jobless who might miss benefits because of Congress.

If Congress doesn't reauthorize extended unemployment insurance, which expires at the end of November, the National Employment Law Project estimates that two million people will prematurely miss checks by the end of December.

"There's obviously increasing stress, especially among the long-term unemployed, and also the upcoming expiration of these federal extensions will add additional stress," department spokesman Marc Lotter told HuffPost.

Lotter said the agency is putting armed guards at each of the 36 WorkOne Centers that process unemployment benefits across the state. Lotter said that each center has already had security for the past two years; the agency is consolidating to one private contractor that will now handle security at each of the centers. It's part of a broader effort to prepare for the holidays, during which Lotter said Indiana sees more unemployment claims and also an effort to standardize services across the state.

It is a pity and a damn shame that we have Democrats in congress, which is still in charge that are doing very little to push for unemployment extension. Forget the Republicans, shit they said they will do nothing to aid President Obama the day after he was elected and they have been true to their word, stayed their course.

I am talking about Democrats. Who are we? What do we stand for? Because this shit show I am seeing out of Washington, D.C. is not what I voted for, period. I don't even recognize the Democratic Party anymore. These sold out thugs are no better than the Republicans, who we know are THUGS. This is the frustration out here.

We, as a party are walking in dangerous territory here. As long as the public views NO DIFFERENCE between the Democrats or Republicans, why should they vote for either? When that happens, well, we already saw what happens. It is called the midterm election. It is called, "What the FUCK!!! I am not showing up to vote for none of you!!"

And who got sent home packing?

Lastly, Kentucky and Indiana decided to keep Republicans in charge. But this is an opportune moment for the Democrats to stand with the common man and continue to REMIND them who is standing with them.

But if you don't know how to craft a message and sit on it, the public will continue to think you don't stand for anything.

From Rachel Maddow:

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barack Obama has a lot of work to do

2012 is WIDE OPEN for the Republicans.

Unlike 2008 when the sitting VP did not run, which made it wide open for both parties.

2012 is sizing up all the wannabee presidents on the Republican side.

While we watch that side show, we need to work on our own show.

It starts with Barack Obama re-energizing his base, period.

kos put on the front page, "Obama can side with Big Business, or the voters".

kos is right about what he wrote in reference to the Chamber of Commerce. Does anyone in their right mind actually believe that the Chamber of Commerce or those Banksters and Gangsters on Wall Street will give Barack Obama the time of day? It was their corporate money that was heavily invested in the 2010 mid-terms that helped to elevate the Republicans win. All the robber barons want is for the next two years to be destructive, convoluted as the first two years.

Yes, the first two years was convoluted and full of mixed messages that the public never understood. The GOP was not challenged on lies and given the bully pulpit to spread all the lies they wanted to, while our side sat back like crickets.

I don't want to hear all that President Obama and the Democrats did because in actuality for many Americans it was minimum, not enough and many did not know about it.

I am looking at 2012 and if Barack Obama continues to coddle up to the same folk that basically gave him an "F and U" then he is going to have a hard 2012.

President Barack Obama emerges from a bruising midterm election with uncertain prospects for the next one in 2012, according to a new McClatchy Newspapers-Marist poll.

Nearly half of his own base - 45 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents - want someone to challenge him for the Democratic nomination, according to the poll.

And, assuming he wins re-nomination, barely more than 1 in 3 voters, or 36 percent, said they'll definitely vote for him, while nearly half, 48 percent, said they'll definitely vote against him.

"There's some serious electoral jeopardy and his position is very tenuous," said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., which conducted the national post-election poll.

There are some angry folk in the Democratic Party. Many who wanted this administration to concentrate on the economy and jobs, when in the end it was the economy and jobs with the perception that the White House did not do anything that led many to just say forget it when it came to going to the polls.

That is what happened.

And we can sit around here and argue with each other or look at this in the reality it is.

2 million individuals are about to be thrown off unemployment in December, right around the holidays. An extension is needed, while we are still the majority in power, seems like very little is being done.
Paul Gilbert lost his job managing a restaurant in Phoenix in May and said he's had a terrible time finding a new one.

"I have put out at least 25 resumes a week and have only had two interviews," Gilbert told HuffPost. "I want to work. I love to work. I'll do anything, someone please give me a job."

Now he's worried he'll lose the $240 a week he's been receiving in unemployment insurance. Despite a historically bad job market, two million people could be cut off from their unemployment benefits during the holidays if Congress fails to reauthorize federally-funded jobless aid that expires at the end of the month. Gilbert said the Arizona Department of Economic Security told him he's in the cutoff boat.

"It's going to be a long December for a lot of people," Gilbert said.

What kind of fucked up party are we in? I don't get this. Are these millionaire Democrats in congress (yes, many are that) so far removed that they don't get what is happening out here? Don't you see? This is why the voters don't see a difference between the Democrats or Republicans. Especially, since we continuously have Democrats acting and voting like Republicans.

In the meantime, The Robber Barons had corporate RECORD PROFITS, while the rest of America (mostly middle class) is struggling harder than ever. This coming from gangsters and banksters who have funneled massive amounts of money to Republicans, have smeared President Obama (who has been generous to these greedy fucks to the hilt), and continue to whine about not enough tax breaks, etc. When is this going to stop?

This is what the public is upset about. And it can not continue. Not if we want to win in 2012. Many here forget that we were losing over 700K jobs a month when Barack Obama assumed the presidency. What the public wanted and demanded was to fix this economy and create jobs. This did not and has not happened. When the average Joe and Josetta are sitting at their kitchen table or on their computer in Quick Books balancing their checkbook, they do not want to continue to hear about how you stopped the bleeding in the economy because their bleeding has not stopped. These are the same folks who are taking continuous hits on their wages, hours cut, and many lost jobs, barely existing on unemployment, losing their homes. Along with these challenges, they have children who must be taken care of, many who want to go to college and frankly can not because it is too expensive. And let's not talk about how the poverty rate has grown in record number. The only focus the Obama Administration needs to work on is the one with the public and what they want, not big business who has made massive amounts of money off of our backs. President Obama can not continue to coddle big business and do nothing for the ordinary man. If he continues this, he will be a one term president.
Obama's political weakness helps explain why so many Republicans are thinking of running for their party's nomination against him. That race is wide open, the McClatchy-Marist poll showed, with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney the early leader, but several others are competitive.

With politics about to pivot toward the presidential campaign, the poll underscored that Obama's standing will be a major factor.

He enters the second half of his term with his approval rating holding steady at 45 percent, 48 percent disapproving and 7 percent undecided.

"The good news for Obama was that, after the midterm, there wasn't any greater desertion," Miringoff said. "That's the best news. The bad news for him, people are still very tenuous about him."

His political problems start with his own base.

Months ago, I laughed at any Republican running against Barack Obama, but I am not laughing now. Why? The Republicans kicked our ass in the communication game, the message game and the framing game. They did not do SHIT to deserve taking the House of Representatives back, but look what happened. If we continue to concede everything to them, not stand up for what our principles are, we are going down. And if Barack Obama does not start standing up and speaking in frank, lay man words so the voters GET IT, he is going to have some real issues in 2012.

Remember, of the polling out here from the populous, they don't like either party. That means that they see no difference between the two parties, which means why should they vote. And these are the voters we need to come back to us, not the shilling at each other on Daily Kos, but that voter we touched in 2008. We need them badly in 2012 because right now, they are just not into us.

Finally, the continuous argument of not criticizing this administration is weak. Millions did not show up for us on November 3rd for a reason and it surely was not because they read some diary on Daily Kos that made them stay home. They stayed home because we have not done anything for them that they can see tangible here and now in their lives. The bottom line is this; there are way more poor folk, middle class folk, than rich folk. Continue to not do anything for your own people out here and they will continue to sit on that couch and not vote for you.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

President Obama on 60 Minutes AFTER the 2010 Mid-Term Elections

For me, lack of leadership and like that press conference, well, you decide....

Part One

Part Two

60 Minutes Overtime (70 minutes of interview not shown on 60 Minutes)


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell all about making Obama a one termer

I was not shocked nor surprised after Tuesday.

Barack Obama and the Democrats have a lot to do. They were handed a mandate and squandered it, simple as that.

But if President Obama does not get, nor understand that these bastards will NEVER be his BFF, never had intention of working with him, will not vote on anything with his name attached, then he is totally naive.

Here is the full Mitch McConnell speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. Unsympathetic about making Barack Obama a one-termer and all about repealing the health care bill.

The time has passed a long time ago to run around for Republican support or votes. The White House has been very late to come to the realization of this. Which is also part of the problem from the Tuesday fry-fest of the Democrats.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

President Obama's Press Conference on Mid-Term Election Defeat (video, transcript)


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Democrats ran away from themselves

I stated this in another diary a couple of days ago:

The message and communication is the Democrats fault.

The GOP could possibly win on NOTHING. Doing NOTHING. We have Democrats running from their own damn record and that is atrocious ENOUGH!! Running from Fin Reg, HIR, Lilly Ledbetter, running away like dogs with their tails between their legs.

What message does that create!!

The Obama White House better get its act together for part two if they plan on winning in 2012 and it better start with COMMUNICATING with the public.

People don't know shit unless it is pounded in their heads. And we all KNOW BETTER because we worked 2 years straight making sure folks knew the deal on Barack Obama.

Instead of running behind the GOP with olive branches and constantly getting spat upon, it has BEEN TIME that this White House say fuck em. And I am serious about that.

If the public is clueless about the accomplishments of the White House, Dems whose fault is that? Hell, the Democrats sat back and let the GOP demonize health care, HEALTH CARE of all things and that lying shit stuck with the public like glue to paper. The communication better get cleaned up and some firings need to come from that White House because the next day meme if the GOP wins huge is, "The Republicans won by doing nothing and the Democrats lost by running away from what they did."

And that is how it will play out.

Running away from what you did. That is what happened here.

The reality is this; the White House and the President don’t like the campaign mode, while trying to govern. Understood, but the fact and reality is that we live in a media age that you must do both. You can not sit in the White House; laugh off the GOP and their weak message in your mind, without RESPONSE. That is what happened last summer with the health care bill. The Democratic response was so weak it was laughable. They really thought the GOP would not go after health care and they were wrong. As WRONG as the GOP and the faux astroturf Tea Party components were, what they said started to stick and the public started to believe it. In this day and age, if you do not respond the lies will start to stick. The Republicans message on health care was so strong that by the time the bill was made into law, many Americans did not understand what they were getting thus constantly suspect to it. While we were supposed to have a huge media blitz on the health care law, it just went out with a whimper. And when President Obama was on The Daily Show, this exchange said it all.
When Obama said his administration has done things people don't know about, Stewart said: "What have you done that we don't know about? Are you planning a surprise party for us?"

Sorry, President Obama that is not good enough. If the Democrats did so much and they did, why is the public clueless on this? This is a serious communication flaw and it must change going forward. It is the responsibility of voters to know the issues and this is the rational way of thinking. But, guess what? It does not happen that way. For example, in some of the polling many voters believed the stimulus package was part of the bailout; this is a serious problem since the TARP (bailout fund) was setup under the Bush Administration and just continued to be administered by the Obama Administration. Voters also believed that they did not get tax breaks, especially the middle class. This is a monumental failure of the Democratic Leaders and the White House for not communicating the obvious to the voter. President Obama can be frustrated but the losses tonight is due primarily to lack of communication to the public. We are paying a price for doing good things but leadership failed to make sure the public knew it.

Next, who ever kept the President’s strategic calendar should be shown the door. Ever since Barack Obama became President he has always played catch up to just about everything. That has to change. I liked that the President was out on the stump tirelessly this past month, but for me, it felt too late. There was never a cohesive message from the White House to the Democratic Leadership in congress on how anything was going to be sold to the American public. Which is why we get snafu’s like Robert Gibbs going on Meet the Press stating we will probably lose the House of Representatives. Does the White House understand conflicting messaging? If you want your voters to vote for you, we need some damn optimism here? Talk about shooting the messenger.

Next, who are the Democrats? I have to ask this because in blackwaterdog’s diary she has a Rachel Maddow video montage up on what the Democrats did in the last 21 months. This is great, but it is LATE!!! (and the Democrats should have been pumping this for months) The Democrats and leadership in D.C. ran away from their record. These people ran away from the legislative victories they won. These same people continue to fall into the GOP framing, thus ran away from everything they did and ran away from the President. If you can not stand up for what you did, run on your record, be not afraid, what do you expect from us? People gave the Democrats a mandate and in response they gave the public back tepid legislation. Whether you agree or not, look at the votes tonight. Something happened and it is not because people are fired up for Republicans. They hate them worse than Democrats, but they are angry at the Democrats for not doing what many voted for. If the Democratic Party can not stand together as a whole, people are going to continue to not stand with them. Right now we have an electorate that does not like either party and believe there is no difference between the two, which is a major problem.

Next, misreading the public anger on the bailouts and the economy. Massive fail on the White House part. Whoever was or is in charge of knowing how folks feel on the ground, MISREAD the American Public. First off, the health care debacle should have been wrapped up last year, not this year. It took too long and people did not like the sausage making along with deals and double dealing. That health care bill should have been rammed through with reconciliation in 2009 (which eventually after over a year it was), but instead we watched the White House running after Republican votes. (which they NEVER GOT) After all this, I hope the White House understands that the GOP had a plan and said so the day after the 2008 election. The plan, “They were not going to vote on anything for Barack Obama.” Too much time was wasted playing footsie with the Republicans. While all this was going on, jobs losses in this country continued to mount, the unemployment rate continued to rise, wages continued stagnate or were cut, many were getting hours cut from their jobs, homes were still being foreclosed on at record rate, and the bad list of things for the average American is endless. Many saw Wall Street and the Banks getting bailed out, but no help for anyone living on Main Street. The economy was always going to be the single issue for many Americans and the perception is that the Democrats dropped the ball. And they did. Like everything else, communication is key. This economy should have been wrapped around the heads of the same Republicans who put us in the position we are in, but the White House and Democrats did a piss poor ass job on this, as well. People don’t care about the stimulus package saving hundreds of jobs, unless it is their own. People wanted to know what the administration and Democrats would do about job creation in this country. People are still waiting to see if this administration will do something about the foreclosure rate in this country. See, people care about what is happening to them now, what they see in front of them now, how they are making it now. Kitchen table issues were not center from this administration and the Democrats are taking a hit on something that was left by the Republicans. Can someone explain to me how we fucked this message up so badly?

Lastly, Barack Obama hired many D.C. insiders, conventional wisdom types. These individuals were supposed to be the smartest and brightest out there, well from me they get an “F”. The economic team either misread much or was always going to let the Wall Street and the Banks get away with much. I believe the latter is correct. Hiring Rahm Emanuel was a bombastic mistake. He fractured the Democratic Caucus more than help and it is his precious Blue Dogs that are going down the most, tonight. Mr. Emanuel calling part of the Democratic base, “fucking retards”, does not help anything. Especially, when many of these people got the vote out, gave massive money and like the Blue Dogs have a right to voice an opposite view. It fractured the base, again look at the numbers when this is all said and done. This needs to be fixed; it should have been fixed a long time ago, but was not. Now, Mr. Emanuel is trying to be Mayor of Chicago. Good luck with that one. In the end, the conventional wisdom types did a poor job. Poor job in strategy, messaging, communication, and marketing, practically everything. Now they are looking at themselves and I really hope they are LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB.

For all the good that the Democrats did, they just could not get it together. Out of all of this, I will miss Speaker Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi stood and walked lock step with President Obama and always GOT THE VOTES. She will be MISSED. Personally, I think bolder leadership is needed in the Senate, one of the most fucked up chambers in government that we the people have had to witness.

Yes, the Republicans won tonight on absolutely doing NOTHING and we lost by running away from what we did. In the end, it is, what it is. Pitiful.

p.s. On a personal note, I deal with reality, facts not fantasy. Everything that has happened to the Democrats is on the Democrats. They made these decisions and have to deal with the decisions they made. Who the Democratic Party wants to be is critical going forward. If they plan on bringing back that DLC noise, per kos’s diary, well they will loose millions in support. Trying to emulate a Republican will not bring you votes at the ballot box, not when the voter has a choice to vote for a real Republican. And if we have not figured THAT OUT by now, we need to continue to lose. Finally, Ed Schultz said tonight on MSNBC, "...the public option will come back to sting a lot of people..."

Looking at these results, that statement may be right.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

President Obama's Conference Call to College Journalists


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

President Obama's Weekly Address, "Crossroads on the Economy"

In this week’s address, President Barack Obama broke with Republicans in Congress who are putting special interests ahead of the American people and offering only a rehash of the very same economic policies that led to the financial crisis. When the GOP asked the American people, through a website, for ideas, one that drew great deal of interest is ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. But when the administration closed one of the most egregious loopholes for companies creating jobs overseas, Republicans were almost unanimously opposed. Rather than offering a path to a better future, their plan is an echo of a disastrous decade the country cannot afford to relive.


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Friday, September 24, 2010

President Obama addresses the United Nation

The President outlines his Administration's vision for American leadership in the 21st century and calls on the world to help realize a future built on freedom and human rights in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly. September 23, 2010.

President Obama at Millennium Development Goals Conference, United Nations


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Monday, September 20, 2010

President Obama's Town Hall Meeting on CNBC

Some questions were tough to the President, but a worth while watch. The event was held in Washington, D.C., September 20, 2010. And if you have any doubt that the November mid-term election is NOT about this economy, you are truly living in la-la land.


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President Obama's remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner

President Obama need the African American Community to come out hard in November, we will see.

President Obama speaks of his Administration's work to deliver on his campaign promises and reaffirms his Administration's commitment to restoring the economy and creating new jobs during remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner. September 18, 2010.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

President Obama's remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus 2010 Gala (Video, Transcript)

President Obama speaks to members and guests at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 33rd Annual Award Gala in Washington, D.C. September 15, 2010.

Money quote: " have every right to keep the heat on me and keep the heat on the Democrats..."


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

President Obama's "Back to School" Speech

And of course, the rabid right don't want their children "indoctrinated by the President of United States". Funny, this surely did not happen on any other president's watch, so why this one? Gotta ask that.....


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Friday, September 10, 2010

President Obama's Press Conference, September 10, 2010 (Video, Transcript)


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

(UPDATE) Another "Nut in the Hut": Pastor Jones burning the Koran and POTUS response

Yes, this is a publicity stunt of the worst kind. To publicly burn a holy book of Muslim faith the Koran? What will that accomplish? We are already hated in the Middle East for fucking it up by the illegal invasion of Iraq. We already destroyed a country and paying a price for never finding weapons of mass destruction. Now we have a no nothing Pastor who is pulling a publicity stunt of hatred?

And now he wants to speak to President Obama about this? Please. Jones, nut in the hut, the President won't be calling your ignorant ass anytime soon.

President Obama on Good Morning America:

Finally, from General Petraeus on down to the Republicans (who are finally coming out with a response), the final consensus is that this is not only a bad idea but will put our troops in harm's way due to this totally irresponsible publicity stunt.

Pastor Jones cancels Koran burning:

The pastor of a Florida church announced Thursday he is calling off his plans to burn copies of the Qurann on Saturday -- the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Rev. Terry Jones said at a press conference he is canceling the controversial event.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

President Obama's economic remarks in Parma, Ohio

Now President Obama is pulling out his gun and going after the Republicans by finally calling them OUT by name. About time.


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Minority Voters and the Young "NOT ENGAGED FOR NOVEMBER"

That is bad news for the Democrats.

Minority and young voters made a significant mark on the 2008 presidential election with their high turnout; today, however, these groups appear to have reverted to previous levels of interest in voting in the context of midterm elections. Most notably, in contrast to 2008, when whites and blacks were about equally likely to say they were giving "quite a lot of" or "some" thought to the presidential election, whites are much more likely than blacks to be thinking about the 2010 elections: 42% vs. 25%, a gap exceeding those from recent midterm elections.

Many can speculate on why the non enthusiasm by these groups, but the bottom line is Democrats need these groups to show up in November. No one can dismiss that the economy is number one, especially for the African-American community which is at over 16% in unemployment, but there are other factors.

I read a diary from a 20-ish diarist who laid it out why the young voters are not in the Democrats corner. It comes down to what the Democrats and Obama promised during 2008 campaign and did not deliver, especially on health care (which is abysmal and will become Obama's Achilles heel) and restructuring student loans for the college age kids. About the student loan issue, it is unbelievable that you can purchase a home at 4.5% interest rate and for student loans borrowing money is over 6%. Something is drastically wrong with this picture.
The reason this is happening is the recession, and the perception that Democrats are not doing enough to fix it. There is a feeling that Democrats tricked people into thinking that they were going to make big changes to the country, and then failed to make those changes.

You might think this is an unreasonable criticism, that the Democrats are doing the best they can, and that they never said they were leftists. I can understand that point of view, and it makes a lot of sense. But let's look at what millennials are dealing with in this economy, and it might not seem so unreasonable.

You might be comfortable with the way things are. You might not be interested in radical changes. You might be okay with incrementalism. But others are different. There are very big problems in the USA, and they are making many people very miserable. It's not wrong for these people to ask that the problems affecting them be fixed.

Now, these are some of the problems that are affecting young people.

The unemployment rate among young people is very high:
The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent -- a post-World War II high, according to the Labor Dept.

Tons of people are graduating from high school and college, and they are finding that they can't find jobs.

And they have tons of debt that they need to pay:
Student loans outstanding today — both federal and private — total some $829.785 billion, according to Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of and

This is a problem. All my life, I was told that if I did good in school, and went to college, that I would be able to find a good job. That was obviously not true. There don't seem to be any jobs in this economy, let alone good ones.

Instead of telling your kids that they will be able to succeed if they work hard, you might consider telling them that life's a bitch, and then you die. That seems a bit more realistic than the "American Dream".

For those that do not believe the Democrats are in trouble, think again. They are in huge trouble. Gallup released a poll that has the GOP with a 10 point edge over the Democrats. I thought this was an outlier, but NBC/WSJ just released a poll and have the GOP with a 9 point edge.
A combination of sky-high GOP enthusiasm, a deep sense of pessimism about the country’s direction and dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama's stewardship of the economy has given Republicans a clear advantage heading into the November midterm elections, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

With the Labor Day holiday marking the traditional starting point of the campaign season, Republicans have a nine-point edge among those considered likely voters, plus a near 20-point lead among those expressing the highest amount of interest in the midterms.

In addition, six in 10 believe the country is on the wrong track; nearly two-thirds think the nation is in a state of decline; and a similar number aren't confident that their children’s generation will enjoy a better life.

Perhaps more ominous for Democrats, the number of Americans who approve of Obama's handling of the economy — the top issue in the country — has declined below 40 percent for the first time.

“We all know that there is a hurricane coming for the Democrats,” says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. “We just don’t know if it will be a Category 4 or a Category 5.”

I have been writing consistently since last spring for this White House and Democrats to focus on the economy and job creation.

That did not happen, the unemployment numbers are still sky high and the Democrats will pay the price in November.

The health care fight was the one that took all the oxygen out of the room. In fact, you don't see anyone running on THAT craptastic piece of legislation. With little cost containment, you will soon see many Americans angry at not being able to afford coverage. The Democrats had a chance with the public option, something the public wanted but ditched it to the backroom deals, which ended up having the public forced to purchase health insurance. We are going to pay a price at the polls in November for this huge mistake and miscalculation towards the American Public.

Barack Obama does not have too much political capital left. If the Democrats lose massively in November, all roads lead back to him as head of the Democratic Party. And in all honesty, it should. All the decisions came from the West Wing, including the horrific communication. Please after November let us say adios to Robert Gibbs and friends, they failed to communicate much of this administrations agenda and it shows. Along with Gibbs, send David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina packing. Their advice to the President have him boxed into some of the worst poll numbers out there, especially his handling of the economy.

How this administration missed all the clues from the public shows that they were not engaged with the public. There will be some long faces in November, but the final decision must come from Barack Obama, himself. Until he changes and shows that he "gets it", the bad news will continue to ROLL IN.

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President Obama's Labor Day remarks on the economy from Milwaukee, WI

President Obama spoke to union workers on Labor Day at Laborfest in Milwaukee. He announced a long-term jobs program that would exceed $50 billion to rebuild roads, railways and runways. He also criticized Republicans for causing hard economic times.



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

President Obama's Remarks to the Nation on the ending of the combat mission in Iraq (Video)


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catastrophic home sale numbers (Video)

Again, until the mortgage/home industry rebounds (which is no time soon), this economy will continue to be where it is at, atrocious...oh, that tax credit needs to be reinstated, SOON...

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

President Obama's Weekly Address, "No Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy"

The President calls out Republicans for blocking campaign finance reforms that would address the Supreme Court decision opening the floodgates of corporate money into elections.


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on the "New York Mosque Controversy" (Video/Transcript)

This Special Comment aired August 16, 2010


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Saturday, August 14, 2010

President Obama's Weekly Address, "GOP trying to destroy Social Security", August 14, 2010 (Video)

On the 75th anniversary of Social Security, President Obama promises to protect it from Republican leaders in Congress who have made privatization a key part of their agenda. He makes clear that, especially in light of the financial crisis, gambling Social Security on Wall Street makes no sense.

Vimeo Video

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Friday, August 13, 2010

President Obama, "Muslims have the right to practice their religion as anyone else" (Video)


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I saw this crazy exchange on Anderson Cooper last night. How this man is a congressman is beyond me (Rep. Louie Gohmert-R)??? Terror Babies??? Are the Republicans peddling this bill of goods? And evidence? As you watch the clip, there is NONE.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desperation, 1930's style....

This is what desperation is all about:

The above are Americans outside of Atlanta, Georgia in line to get on a WAITING LIST for low income housing. These are people who were working, laid off, and now losing everything. 13,000 people showed up in 90 degree plus heat just to have their names put on a waiting list, what does that tell you?

This is desperation on the 1930's scale.

No one believes that the economy is recovering and as folks are being kicked off unemployment, what will happen to them? Are we becoming the country of "if it is not me, I don't give a damn?" Because it sure looks like that to me. A tier 5 unemployment plan must pass congress or we will start seeing babies, mothers, children, fathers in the streets due to desperation, if they are not there now.

A Tier 5 unemployment extension could benefit US financial markets. After the stock market closed today down 265 many are investors are wondering what it will take to get the US financial markets robust again. With consumer spending at an all-time low and nearly 14 million Americans without work some help is in order if we are going to see the economy thrive again.

While we can argue and parse over whatever happens on a daily basis, this election, as I have said for over a year is about this economy. And baby, this economy is shitty and scummy for millions out here. When folks don't have jobs the wheels of motion stops for everyone in the economic chain. This is from purchase power, home values, health care access, food on your table, the whole nine yard.

From the NBC/WSJ Poll out today:

November is a hard sell to an electorate who is angry at BOTH PARTIES. It is not about the Republicans because the electorate get them, they are not about shit, basically, but it is about what the Democrats have done which many don't get.

Lastly, the die hard Democrats will vote, including practically everyone on this site. The problem is getting all those other voters, soft voters, independents who pushed us over the finish line to stay in our corner and from all the polling we have a lot of work to do. They are highly skeptical, angry, and feel that nothing is getting done. They pushed us over the finish line in 2008 and gave us a massive mandate and numbers in congress.

Now it is time to pitch to these people to come out. Make them feel that we are in their corner, even for the unemployed worker, let them know that if the Republicans get in charge they can kiss their unemployment good-bye. We have to say this and mean it. They must because this election will probably be tighter than a tick, every vote matters and count. For every one person that says they are not voting or will "maybe" vote, that is two votes WE must make up. Remember that.

Update [2010-8-11 21:45:59 by icebergslim]:

I felt this is important for this discussion. Americans have always thought ownership of a home is money, equity for the future. As the housing market has obliterated itself, many Americans are just walking away from their debt, responsibility. Remember, walking away from loans, debts is a sign of desperation or no carishness, which makes it harder for the over blown housing market to rebound. In fact, I know a couple whose home equity has vanished and are just walking away from the loan. For them, it is not that they can not afford to pay it, they can, they are just choosing NOT TO PAY IT because there is no monetary value in the home. This is another paradox going on out here.
During the great housing boom, homeowners nationwide borrowed a trillion dollars from banks, using the soaring value of their houses as security. Now the money has been spent and struggling borrowers are unable or unwilling to pay it back.

The delinquency rate on home equity loans is higher than all other types of consumer loans, including auto loans, boat loans, personal loans and even bank cards like Visa and MasterCard, according to the American Bankers Association.

Lenders say they are trying to recover some of that money but their success has been limited, in part because so many borrowers threaten bankruptcy and the collateral in the homes backing the loans has often disappeared.

Cross-posted @ Daily Kos

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on the idiot called Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

I guess the DNC, DCCC, DSCC don't need my time or money. To trash members of your own party is totally over the line.

Barack Obama you got a scummy White House and until YOU GET IT, you will continue to bleed support.

Mid-term elections less than 90 days away....

Read it all here.

First, Keith Olbermann with Michael Moore:

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment:

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hard hitting television ad against Minority Speaker John Boehner

This one hits home. In fact, I remember Joe Scarborough from morning joe talking about the bad habits of John Boehner and how he could not see him as Speaker of the House because he is done by 5 PM everyday and at the local bar. Ain't that something...and remember, Boehner's district is middle class working folk, voting against unemployment is a disastrous decision for that area....

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad job numbers, bad unemployment numbers, bad all around

Again, November is about JOBS, this ECONOMY. The White House finally figuring this out is a tad too late on this. As long as people are unemployed, foreclosures at record highs, consumer confidence is low, this is going to continue for some time.

And that is why it will be tough for Democrats in November when the public has disdain for BOTH, Democrats and Republicans. The election of us vs. them with the public hating both.

Oh, those census jobs that bloated the REAL NUMBERS? Those jobs are done and the fallout is what we see, a weak job market as many said from the very beginning.

Companies showed a lack of confidence about hiring for a third straight month in July, making it likely the economy will grow more slowly the rest of the year.

Private employers added a net total of only 71,000 jobs last month, according to the Labor Department's July report Friday. That number was far below the roughly 200,000 needed each month to reduce the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate for July was unchanged at 9.5 percent.

The modest job gains were even weaker when considering a loss of government jobs at the local, state and federal levels in July that weren't temporary census positions. Factoring those in the net gain was only 12,000 jobs.

“The good news here is we are not falling off a cliff; we are getting job growth,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s, told CNBC Friday. “But obviously this is not enough. If we don’t see better job growth later this year and next the recovery is in jeopardy.”

The government sharply revised down its jobs figures for June, saying businesses hired fewer workers than previously estimated. June's private-sector job gains were lowered to 31,000 from 83,000. May's were raised slightly to show 51,000 net new jobs, from 33,000.

Overall, the economy lost a net total of 131,000 jobs last month, mostly because 143,000 temporary census jobs ended.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

President Obama's remarks to the AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting

President Obama speaks to the AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting about the need to pursue bold, new options for the economy rather than fall back to failed policies of the past. August 4, 2010.

A couple of thoughts. First, President Obama hardly mentions the health care law which was supposed to be signature for the Democrats this fall, but in quite a few states more of a hindrance than help. Next, it was confirmed by Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO that the negative language coming from the White House after the Blanche Lincoln win and the anger it caused for Union members and progressives the supposedly person(s) apologized.

The AFL-CIO chief already caused a stir in the 2010 election season when he put the union's resources behind a primary challenge to Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.). Lincoln ultimately won the nomination in a runoff election sparking a heated bit of anonymous sniping from White House officials. Trumka stressed that President Obama never talked him out of backing Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in that race. As for the nameless administration aides, he said: "The anonymous sources have [apologized]."

Lastly, the AFL-CIO from their stance will not protect many Blue Dog Democrats based on their voting records for the mid term elections in November. And that is less money in November and up to the DCCC and DSCC to protect those particular congress critters. Good luck on that one.


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

President Obama meets with Young African Leaders


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