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This Week With Barack Obama, February 25-March 1, 2008

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obama in austin, texas


michelle in cleveland, ohio


Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD) Endorses Obama; Cincinnati Enquirer Endorses Obama; Former Governor Mark White (D-TX) Endorses Obama; Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) OFFICIALLY Endorses Obama; Toledo Blade Endorses Obama; State Representative Senfronia Thompson (D-TX) Moves from Clinton to Obama; DC "Shadow Senators" Paul Strauss & Micheal Brown Move to Obama; Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) Backs Obama; DFL Chairman Brian Melendez and Associate Chair Donna Cassutt of Minnesota Superdelegates Back Obama; Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) Endorses Obama; Ohio State "The Lantern" Endorses Obama; Houston GLBT Caucus Endorses Obama; Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins Endorses Obama; Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) Endorses Obama; Dallas Morning News Endorses Obama

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Gay Clinton backers defect to Obama, eroding another bastion

obama and security


Andy Stern, SEIU President & Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) Video; Obama in Rhode Island; NPR: Obama Volunteers Trained in Organizing; Are you Puro Obama?; Lisa Ling for Obama; Response to the Clinton "Red Phone" Ad, Here; NPR: Obama Seeks to Continue Streak in Ohio; NPR: Texas Women Reflect Shift in Political Sentiments

Samuel L. Jackson Skips Oscars to Campaign for Obama
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we are the ones, new video by

Obama's Fate in Texas Hinges on Volunteers
Sen. Barack Obama's pivotal victories last month in Iowa and South Carolina over Sen. Hillary Clinton were engineered by professional staffers who worked those states for nearly a year. In Texas, the story has been a lot different.

His organization in the Lone Star State, which holds its potentially decisive presidential primary on Tuesday, has been "more like a baling wire and duct tape thing," says Mitch Stewart, who is running the campaign here. Mr. Stewart and the first dozen paid Obama staffers touched down in this capital city less than three weeks ago.

The uncharacteristic late start has left the Illinois senator relying to an unusual degree on the groundwork of volunteers such as Ian Davis. The 29-year-old Austin community organizer has been laboring for months with no guidance at all from Obama headquarters. When Sen. Obama's team finally arrived, Mr. Davis handed over laundry baskets stuffed with 20,000 handwritten names of potential volunteers, which Mr. Davis had gathered on his own. WSJ, continue

Obama: The $50 Million Man
Black Delegates Under Pressure to Switch to Obama
Day of Rekoning for Clinton- Signs of Serious Trouble at Clinton HQ
GOP Frets over Democratic Fundraising

democratic debate, cleveland, ohio, feb 26th. video and transcript here

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senator chris dodd endorses obama in cleveland, ohio

Pressure Building for Clinton to “OPT-OUT”
And I am being kind here. The reality is this, even if Clinton wins Ohio and Texas, the margin of win will not be large enough to move the real count, the delegate count.

Clinton must beat Obama by upwards of 65% from all contests out. That is not going to happen. From the latest polling Texas and Ohio is a tossup, with Texas favoring Obama and Ohio favoring Clinton.

It is reality check time. And the establishment is talking out in the open now.

Mr. Richardson, saying that it was vital to Democrats’ hopes in the general election in November to mount a positive, unifying campaign, said on the CBS News program “Face the Nation” that “whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday, a clear lead, should be, in my judgment, the nominee.”

What Governor Richardson is stating is nothing new. Since Clinton just conceded 11 elections in a row to Obama, what else can you conclude? We know obviously it was a money problem that she did not even have the resources to combat on the ground. She allowed Obama to run the numbers up so great, that it is mathematically impossible for her to catch up. And finally, if Obama lost 3 to 5 in a row, he would have been OUT. The case would have been closed. Yes, she should have been gone after the Potomac Primaries.

Beating Barack Obama at this stage by 5-8 points is not good enough, because the delegate count will be split. She must win convincingly by more than 30 points, and in these contests it is not going to happen.

Younger members of her campaign team fear she will damage the Democratic Party, as well as her own reputation, if she fights on in vain to deny Barack Obama the presidential nomination.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008, Clinton should get out of the race if she does not perform well. Take the money raised, pay your debt off, and stand with the party. If not, you will watch your superdelegates publicly humiliate you by backing Obama, from here on out. Meaning, no possible way she can win the nomination.

Clinton, the choice is yours.

obama in flight to ohio, march 1, 2008

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General Election Projections, Beta Version by poblano
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Obama's National Lead
The Secret to Obama's Success

students walk seven miles to the polls in texas

Finger-pointing, frustration in Clinton Camp
Obama Seen as Better Democrat to Face McCain, NTY/CBS Poll Says
Debate Unlikely to Change Race
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obama in providence, rhode island, march 1, 2008

icebergslim's last word: march 4th

It is extremely important that we continue to use the undeniable tools, at our touch, to reach out to Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Vermont voters.

Yes, it looks good, but nothing is over until the fat lady sings and she is warming up now.

This means that we continue to volunteer, phone bank, donate, and get the good people of these states to the polls and caucus on March 4th, 2008.

Everything you need is provided by clicking on the image below. Now is not the time to relax and think it is in the bag. Nothing is in the bag until the votes are counted. As much as I have on my plate, personally, I picked the phone up today and called Ohio voters. This is not over, until we KNOW Barack is the Democratic Nominee.

1.5 Million calls need to be made. Let's do this, together.

as in all we do, this one is for you. keep working hard, this won't be easy, but it will test the sheer will of all of us. and remember to focus on obama, and not the drama....


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