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Slo Mo Saturday....Rachel and Got the Mo....

rachel maddow slams mccain, gramm on americans "whiner comment"


h/t psericks @ one million strong

Friday, July 11, 2008

Evening Wrap Up with Obama, McCain, Viagra and Birth Control...


McCain, Viagra and Birth Control

All of this came under a microscope by McCain's surrogate, Carly Fiorina who was speaking to women on McCain's behalf. This is what she stated:

"There are many health insurance plans that will cover Viagra but won't cover birth control medication. Those women would like a choice."

But NARAL Pro-Choice America quickly pointed out that McCain voted against measures that would have required insurance companies to cover birth control -- in 2003 and 2005. Then McCain quickly, or slowly can't remember if he did or didn't.

Oh, Fiorina also gave McCain another bombshell to clean up on regarding Roe v. Wade:
She also told women in Ohio that McCain "has never signed on to efforts to overturn Roe vs. Wade." But "according to his campaign website: 'John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.'"

My take, I believe a woman should have a choice for birth control, period. I also believe that insurance companies should cover it. If they can cover viagra, why not birth control?

Birth control is a woman's decision. You either take it or not. Just as viagra is an older, older mature man's decision if he will take it or not.

The government should remove itself from the decision of women in regards to birth control. I have noticed when picking an insurance plan in the past 10 years, that more insurance plans do not offer birth control options for women. This is not the government's business, as it is not the insurance companies business how a physician treats his/her patient. Which is why healthcare in this country is in shambles due to direct intervention of insurance companies making decisions on patients and not the physician.

This whole interaction of John McCain need to be a wakeup call for women. This man is no where near the side of women's issues and to think or even wonder if he is, needs to be looked at by women long and hard.


is richardson being vetted?


Obama radio ad, responding to the RNC

The following is a radio ad off the RNC against Obama regarding taxes:

And click here to here the Obama response.

This ad is being run in Virginia and Ohio.





McCain is still on the defense with the Phil Gramm "Americans are Whiners" statement on the economy


An open letter to Michelle Obama, well worth a read.


Obama and raising the money

Wall Street Journal released a story that Obama raised just 30M for the month of June.

This is a fall off. Why? Because, again Obama is not taking public finance money. He will not receive an 84M check, as McCain will after the convention. So, the burden of raising money is literally on all of us. Also, let us not forget that he has to also raise money for the DNC which has been in shambles on the money end and many down ballot races around this country NEED OBAMA standing next to them for their fundraisers.

Just keep all this in mind folks. Money is important.

Now the Obama Campaign released a statement regarding the Wall Street Journal report:
“The Wall Street Journal report of our fundraising numbers is way off the mark. It appears that after 18 months, some in the press still haven’t realized that anyone who is talking about numbers doesn’t know what our numbers are.”

So, Obama raised more than 30M. McCain raised 22M. The RNC and McCain have been raising huge amounts of money. Obama and the DNC have been raising catch-up money, for the DNC.

Stay tuned.


the veeps....


Food Prices Eat Up School Lunch
Students at about three-quarters of American schools can expect to find higher prices in their cafeterias when they return this fall, according to a recent survey by the School Nutrition Association. The reason? Skyrocketing costs for nearly every basic food item schools rely on for meals - including a 17% increase in the price of milk and bread since last year. "You can only stretch the food dollar so far," the association's president-elect, Katie Wilson, told members of the House Education and Labor Committee Wednesday. "We simply don't have the funds to continue on with this."

U.S. schools served about 5 billion lunches last year with an average price tag of $2.58 per meal. That cost will likely jump $0.30 - or 12% - per meal in the coming year, SNA estimates, or about $1.5 billion nationwide. Most schools already lose money on free or reduced-price lunch and breakfast programs; nearly 18 million students qualify for these meals, which are subsidized by the federal government, but at a rate far below the actual cost of providing the food. To make ends meet, nearly 70% of schools told SNA that they would have to dip into "rainy day" funds, financial reserves that usually go to capital improvements. Some 62% said they are also considering cutting staff. continue


california living and california prices coming to a pump near you

McCain doesn't like the "McCain=Bush" sign and does something about it, read here

Obama to sponsor a nascar? Read, here

McCain stretches the truth on his affair

obama in fairfax, virginia

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This Week With Barack Obama

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evening Wrap Up....McCain & Cronies, "All About the Whining Americans on the Economy"

obama in fairfax, virginia


McCain and Cronies, Inc. wants the American public to know and recognize that the recession is a "psychological" apparatus upon us and that we are just a bunch of "whiners".

Sad, but true.

I wrote a diary that is over at daily kos and here. This diary was about my experience this past 4th of July weekend in Northwest Indiana. This region has been hit hard by the recession. So, why on earth would the McCain Campaign believe that when anyone's pocket is light and tight, and we are not getting what we used to get on the dollar, that we should fall for the "talking point" of "it is psychological".

This is the most out of touch candidate, I have witnessed in quite a long time besides Bush.

America, wake up. You either want change, or will continued to be shoved the same.

the hardball version

the countdown version


Working to Pay Off Clinton's Debt


Michelle Obama in Kansas City


Karl Rove a "No-Show"

Former presidential adviser Karl Rove declined to appear before a U.S. congressional subcommittee Thursday, citing executive privilege and ignoring a subpoena.

Rove was to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law about allegations of politicization of the Justice Department as they related to the firings of U.S. attorneys and the prosecution of a former Alabama governor. Subcommittee Chairwoman Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., and Committee Chairman John Coyners, D-Mich., previously said Rove wasn't immune from testifying.

Sanchez Thursday argued Rove's claim of immunity was invalid, saying, "Mr. Rove is required pursuant to the subpoena to be present at this hearing and to answer questions or to assert privilege with respect to specific questions." continue

And is anyone surprised at this??


McCain dodges Viagra, contraceptives question
Republican John McCain prides himself on being a straight talker. But he resisted being dragged into a discussion Wednesday about insurance companies that cover Viagra but not birth control products.

"I certainly do not want to discuss that issue," the presidential candidate said when a reporter asked him about it on his campaign bus, the "Straight Talk Express." continue

So, how was your day?

This Week With Barack Obama

This is our goal. This is our task.

this is our mission, this is our task. to retire this, for good.


See that above?

That is what this election is about. The mission, if you accept, is to totally retire that phraseology and that image, FOR GOOD. If you don't understand that, I don't know how else to type this.

I posted some comments surrounding the bru-ha-ha of FISA. (And this is not about FISA, and don't post anything about it. If you think you must, write your own diary.) Now, my comments were about meeting a lot of people, families in NW Indiana over the 4th of July weekend. This area in the 60s, 70s, and 80s was a robust area during the steel mill boom. This area as I was growing up, I knew many guys who graduated from high school and ended up working at the mill. I knew many of my friends who had steel mill representatives in their high schools, recruiting, just like the military does/did back in the day. This area of Indiana was the Midwest version of Pennsylvania, Ohio that these die hard cable desks clerks constantly talk about, as if they grew up there. This is a diverse area, but more importantly hard core middle class.

After speaking to some families that afternoon the feeling is not much anymore. I got caught up in FISA and that was my mission while in Indiana to approach and widen the conversation on it, but I quickly learned that I was shot down and reduced to listening to reality stories of kitchen table economics.

One Hispanic family, I approached was open and blunt. The father of 6 kids has been back and forth from the mill, the wages have been cut, and he is laid off again. The family moved to Indiana with the promise from his boss that the job would turn permanent and it did, but he ended up laid off. As they moved to Indiana they purchased a home and now are trying to work with the bank on mortgage payments, while his wife is working a full-time job at minimum wage. What startled me was speaking to his wife, she has actually been tracking the cost of food for six months. The regular items that she purchases, she knew the pricing on these items cold. I was not only shocked, but humbled. It made me realize that this is what's really happening. We have people hurting, in need, this is no joke, this is nothing to laugh about. I felt sorry for this family, they have six kids, worrying about how they will pay their bills, but more importantly how they will survive.

I spoke to another family, Caucasian. This was a family who lost their mother. The kids are grown with their own families, but their father worked at LTV Steel Mill. This mill went through bankruptcy and reduced pension but more importantly health care to retirees. I remember this because my husband is from this area and this was the talk over in Northwest Indiana that a company can just slash your pension, healthcare to almost nothing and the courts can back it up.

Well, this family's mother had multiple health issues and was constantly sent home without fixing what was wrong. The son said they looked at the insurance, did what the insurance covered and kept sending her home, then she eventually died. I did not go into what her health issues were, diabetes and high blood pressure was mentioned, but the family was angry, visibly. Their anger is towards this country, but more so, towards how a person can work all their life, was promised something and it was taken away when they needed it the most.

Another person (African-American) I talked to was working 3 jobs, his wife one to support their three kids. They lost their home and are now living with his parents. They are making a little over minimum wage, but in the end, he said they are not getting ahead. He wore my ear out about there are no jobs that pay a living wage where you can take care of your family. He outright told me, he is not asking to be a millionaire, just want to be comfortable like many families in America and hope to send his kids to college.

I walked away from this park, totally touched. See, it is easy to write and talk about these issues when you got a good paying job, or you are lucky to have some money or trust fund, or you are economically safe. So, it is easy to say, "Oh the economy is bad, blah, blah, blah." If you were in my shoes, you would have walked away thinking we need to do something and do something fast to help these people.

That is why the difference of McCain vs. Obama is a no-brainer. While we have been caught up with our differences, McCain has been given a pass, practically. Not anymore.

What former Senator Phil Gramm said is what McCain actually believes. Calling Americans a "Nation of Whiners" about the economy is not only insulting but gives you a clear view of what they really think about Middle Class Americans.

Why would any Democrat or even Independent vote for John McCain? This is a man so far removed that he never had to experience the hardship of not having a job, not having to worry about his next pay check, no hardship on money, and never has been off the government payroll. This mental attitude is reserved for the most elitist of this country. These are the top 1% of the Bush thinkers who has gotten a free ride on tax breaks for practically the whole 8 years. So, why would anyone think that John McCain is different? Remember, "Birds of a feather, flock together". This is why McCain offers no difference. Finally, McCain even said that our economical problems are psychological. In other words, "America Get Over It." Is this who we want as the next president? Remember how the citizens and the country was treated by Katrina? People were treated with indifference and the attitude of "get over it", from this current administration. And you think McCain will be better? You better think hard and long about who should be the next president.

Did Obama respond?

The response was loud and clear. We don't need any of what McCain and Cronies are dishing out and have continued to dish out.

As we get closer to the convention and the general election, the difference is stark and clear. There is no way any democrat reading this blog can honestly put McCain in their column. Need more reason about the travesty of McCain? Read, McContradiction. If that is not enough, look at McCain's Litany of Flip-Flops. After reading this, there is no 'effin way John McCain should be the next President of the United States. That t-shirt says it all.


The John McCain Camp Announced Today:

The McCain campaign announced today that they and the RNC have combined cash on hand of over $94 million -- an indication that they'll very much be able to compete with Barack Obama's fundraising machine.

I want everyone to remember, Obama is not accepting public financing. He will not receive an 84M check after the convention, as McCain will. Also, Obama is still in primary mode, he cannot touch any general election money until after he accepts the Democratic Nomination. Need more push? McCain just had his best fundraising month, June. Need a harder push? McCain Camp bragging they are outspending Obama on teevee ads 2-1.

From this point forward, he is relying on us. That is the reality. Now, we have a choice. To do nothing or try to win this thing in November.


The Obama Campaign is registering folks to vote at an alarming rate. This is the key to success in November and we must continue. Want to work on a voter registration drive? Click here.


Don't know what to do? New to volunteering? Start here.


Want to go to Denver? Throw in $5.00 and you can be one of ten who get to meet Barack at Invesco/Mile High Stadium. Click here.


Busy life? Still want to contribute? Donate here. A caveat, we need the money, y'all. for real.


Together we can win in November, apart we will lose. Thanks for reading.


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Morning Break...Obama , Jackson, Michelle, Clinton and Fundraising

obama with caroline kennedy at a nyc fundraiser


Major News Networks Claiming Obama's Democratic Acceptance Speech, "Non-News"

I don't know about you, but how can the major news networks think that the Barack Obama Acceptance Speech for the Democratic Nomination is non-news. The night of that speech is the very date that Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I have a Dream" speech. This night is history in that it is the first time that a man of African-American descent will accept the nomination of a major political party in the United States of America.

Now, I know these news networks are constantly complaining about their budget, but rest assured when Barack Obama goes on his European Tour that every single, major news outlet in the United States and internationally will be following along.

So, the news outlets site that since Obama moved his acceptance speech to the Invesco/Mile High Stadium, the logistics will be harder.

Obama’s decision “makes it enormously more expensive,” said Paul Friedman, senior vice president at CBS News. “It does add to the overall question of how the networks should cover what is a non-news event.”

Now CBS and others are getting piled on and rightfully so. I can gurantee you this, Obama's acceptance speech is Big Noise, ok CBS and others. I can also guarantee you this, this speech will be a huge hit on youtube. And I can guarantee, one million viewed, minimum.

These news organizations are crying and whining, when they have failed to perform the basics and that is tell the truth of the news. News organizations, especially the cable desk clerks, are entrenched with reading teleprompters, giving opinion based "newsy information" instead of telling the truth.

When was the last time we heard anything about Iraq? Yeah, thought so. That is because the news organizations are busy running after b.s. stories about Brittney, Christie, Madonna, A-Rod, instead of having journalists over there obtaining the real story. This is why the media and newspapers got caught up in their own gotcha by recanting Bush Administration talking points, as the TRUTH to the American public and why many Americans view these news organizations through a skeptical lens.

Now the news organizations can get their boxer shorts caught in a knot over Obama moving his speech to the Invesco/Mile High Stadium all they want, in the end their cameras BETTER BE THERE LIVE. WORD.


This is Our Mission, This is Our Task


Obama Donors Told Fundraising A Bit Slow, Urged To Help Clinton
Major donors to Barack Obama's campaign were told Wednesday evening that fundraising efforts were "a little slow" and that they should help retire Hillary Clinton's campaign debt so that the New York Democrat's supporters would, in turn, give to Obama.

"There was no negativity about Hillary," said one Democrat. "In fact the opposite. Fundraising is a little slow and it is very important to ramp it up. Hillary donors are a major source of donor dollars. The message to the troops was 'Get your five checks for Hillary in so that you can ask her donors to give to Barack.'" continue

Make sure you donate to the Obama Campaign on the left.


afl-cio ad hitting mccain on economy
According to the AFL-CIO's release, the ad "will run in targeted communities across the country hit the hardest by the bad economy and the Bush economic policies." More details of the buy when we get them.

Late Update: The AFL-CIO has informed us that the initial targeted states for the ad are Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.


In response to a question about the economic stimulus checks administered by the U.S. government earlier this year, Michelle Obama said her husband believes that short-term fixes don't solve economic problems.

"You're getting $600," she told an audience of mostly African-American women here. "What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything. But maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn't pay down every bill every month."

"Barack's approach is that the short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good," she continued. "And it may even feel good that first month when you get that check. And then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings," she joked.

The Obamas have been fighting Republican attacks painting the couple as elitist. Michelle Obama, who has been something of a lightning rod for the attacks, has fought those charges by highlighting the irony between the charges and her upbringing on the South side of Chicago. But her line on earrings could be red meat for some, particularly in making them in Pontiac. The satellite city south of Detroit was once a booming auto industry town, but now the per capita income is 40% below the national average and almost a quarter of the population is below the poverty line. continue


fundraiser, nyc


And the Jesse Jackson Apology Tour

if you missed it...of course the talking heads...


today show

and changing the electorial map....

chuck todd, on today show

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This Week With Barack Obama

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Evening Wrap Up with Obama, Jesse (sigh) Jackson, Iran and those Obama Girls

obama on capitol hill


Well, here we go again.

Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, unleashes on Fox News. Jackson was not aware that the microphone and camera was still running during break and let his loose lips, sink his ship.

For the record, O'Reilly said, yes this was on O'Reilly's show, that there was more negative statements that Jackson said, but that he was not there to sink or destroy Jesse Jackson.

My take, the only one hurt by this is Jesse Jackson, himself. I don't know about you, but if I am going on any show especially on FOX NEWS, when they say break I would have NOTHING TO SAY. I did watch the O'Reilly Factor's take on this and Bill O'Reilly tried to make this a rivalry thing, but after watching, it is a wash.

Lastly, if Jesse Jackson want any relevance he can start by keeping on message and drinking a cup of STFU.

the countdown version


Obama Donors Aren’t Rushing to Aid Clinton

Really? Wow? What's next?

This has been talked up and down the teevee by the cable desks clerks all day long. The crux of the article is that Obama donors are not thinking about Hillary Clinton or her debt. And should we? Really, should we?

Many from this article feel that they have no responsibility to help pay for a candidate's campaign debt, when she knew that she could not mathematically win the nomination in March. Then many are angered about how the Clinton Campaign was run and that much of the debt is owed to Mark Penn. Penn, if you did not know, is opening a firm with former Bush Aide, Karen Hughes. Ummm, yeah. And frankly, many are stating "why give to a campaign that knew it would not win, but purposely ran their debt up."

Ok, I understand all that, which is partly why Obama will not send a money email out on behalf of Clinton to his 2M donor base. Many probably, no will cut him a new hide, if he did. for real.

My take, Hillary Clinton is at the bottom of the totem pole for any money. The reality is this, we are still in primary mode (yes, primary mode until the general election), meaning we need to still raise money for Barack Obama through the general election. His campaign costs run around 1M a day, but probably less with the primaries over, but none the less we need to keep funding him. To me, the most important fundraising is for the Obama Campaign and the DNC, sorry Hillary, but it is, what it is. Especially when you have to read stuff like this.

Click on the link above to read the story, and if you have not given, please do.


Oh, I love the interview with the Obama Girlz. Watching Miss Melia and Miss Sasha, you can just tell they were eager and LOVING IT, to death.

But, Barack Obama made a statement that he regretted putting his girls on television. Personally, I think this was one of the best laid back family interviews that I have seen in quite a while.

Now, I understand not making it a habit, but Barack, they made you look like a real family man. Yes, I said real family man, since some believe he lives under a rock. And it soften you up, plus the radiant look on Michelle's face with the girls is priceless.

My take, don't do it often, but I would like another family interview before November. Hey, they are the Obama Girlz!!!!


michelle with governor jennifer granholm in michigan

oh, fox news, you are not going to trash michelle obama


click above and for 5 bucks you could be one of ten in denver, meeting barack


obama on today show, talking iran and economics


and mccain challenged on his war record

So, how was your groove today?

This Week With Barack Obama

Gonna Try to Attack Michelle Obama...Oh, Hell to the Naw on that One...

It is time for us to defend our candidate and our candidate's wife.

It is time for us to not let the media slide on bullshit attacks that are totally inaccurate and wrong.

It is time to step it up.

Lastly, it is time to win this in November.


Fox News and all the other rags are not going to win this time.

We know that the GOP and their media "hit job" syndicate called, "Fox News" will do anything to distort the truth.

Fair and Balance should be labeled, "Lies and Distortion".

Time to step it up.

Time to call them out.

Time to get engaged.

Are you as democrats going to let them define Michelle Obama as an angry black woman, unpatriotic? When all of us know this is not the truth?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to get engaged in this campaign and make sure we win in November?

You know this is going to be one of the most racist and sexist campaigns run against Barack and Michelle Obama. Are you just going to sit on the side?

Yes, do something.


Tip the Obama Jar, Here

Get Involved Here

For Inspiration: Yes.We.Can!!!


And since the Republicans are so disgusting to now smear Michelle Obama, make sure you keep up with the Michelle Obama Watch.

Sign petition, here.

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Evening Wrap Up, with Obama, McCain, and other stuff....

obama with los angeles mayor anthony villaraigosa at the lulac conference in washington, dc


obama's response ad to the RNC on energy, running in wi, mi, oh, pa


Well, a lot has been popping off. First, I wrote a diary in the thief of the night that is off the hook over on Daily Kos.

Now some Democrats are focusing on the ridiculous attitude of not funding Barack Obama because of Obama’s stance on the FISA Bill.

Look, I am not a one issue voter. In fact, I have not met a politician that fulfilled all of my needs. Have you? So, case in point, we have Barack Obama, he is the nominee.

I refuse to cut Obama off at the knees because some faction of the Democratic Party is angry about FISA and the rest of America could care less about it. Does it make FISA less important, no, but not the number one issue burning with Americans, which is the economy. Obama will not get an 84M check from public financing after the convention, he is depending on us. Yes, you and me. So, that wacked noise about not funding Obama is lost with me.

I have been a Democrat all my LIFE. My mother, from the old school in Chicago, a precinct captain taught me the trade of Democratic politics. I know how the rings are kissed, seen it many times, but one thing I am not going to do is have a nominee underfunded. I have held my nose for YEARS on some Democratic candidates that were not worth 2 minutes of anyones time, but I voted for them with a clothes pin on my nose because of the belief, for the good of the party. And I know MANY of you have had to do this, too.

We now have a moment in time to move full force to the White House, down to the local races and get the 'D' in those slots. Sorry, I don't like Obama's stance on FISA, but I will be DAMNED if I am going to sit on my laurels over a bill that most of America not only don't know about but could give a damn about. Should it be this way? No, but I have learned that you can not win this war, but you must pick the battles that you can win. This was not one of them, in my view.

Yes, I am that heated. Read it here on Daily Kos and donate to the Obama Campaign, here.


obama in st. louis giving a speech on economic security


Take the Wall Street Journal Poll on who is better equipt to handle the economy, here.


Iraq PM wants the US out of Iraq, Timetable, please

raq said for the first time yesterday that it wanted to set a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from its territory.

President Bush has long resisted a schedule for pulling his 145,000 soldiers out, arguing that it would play into the hands of insurgents. Nouri al-Maliki, the Shia Prime Minister, who boasted last week that he had crushed terrorism in the country, suggested that it was time to start setting time-lines.

“The current trend is to reach an agreement on a memorandum of understanding either for the departure of the forces or to put a timetable on their withdrawal,” Mr al-Maliki said during a visit to the United Arab Emirates. He rejected efforts by Mr Bush to hurry through an agreement on vital issues such as the immunity of US troops in Iraq and use of the country’s airspace. Mr Bush had hoped to sign a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) by the end of July to establish the basis for a long-term presence of US troops in the country. continue


obama girls on their parents


this is where obama will accept the democratic nomination, wow...


michelle obama's girlfriends, on michelle obama


The Obama Campaign is asking for input from Americans for the Democratic Platform in Denver, next month.
Every four years, the Democratic Party assembles a “platform” that outlines the party’s position on a variety of issues. Traditionally, the platform is written by paid professionals and then presented to the American people.

This year, that’s going to change.

From July 19 to July 27, everyday people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities. From Atlanta, Georgia to Muncie, Indiana, from Bangor, Maine to Eugene, Oregon, Americans will meet to talk about what issues are most important to them and what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.

The results of these Platform Meetings will be incorporated into the formal process that culminates in the adoption of the platform at the Democratic Convention in August. A few participants may even be invited to appear and testify at the National Hearing and at the Convention!

You can write the next chapter in the history of the Democratic Party. Host an event in your own community. We’ve prepared all the materials that you need to host. Or, if you’d prefer, find an event near you.

All the information is right here.


obama's speech at LULAC in washington, dc

mccain's speech at LULAC in washington, dc

chuck todd on obama's pending european tour and polls


and Obama's emergency landing in St. Louis, yesterday...

obama in powder springs, ga

So, how was your groove today?

This Week With Barack Obama

The ugliness is about to start.

posted on Daily Kos

There is some sneaky bullshit at hand.

How and why?

My mother always have said, "if it smells foul, it is foul".

And while there are people arguing about this, that or the other, the RNC in cahoots with McCain is skirting, bypassing the spending caps for McCain's campaign.

This is why Barack Obama needed to be independent.

The shit is going to hit the fan, while we argue about, "whatever".


Last week, we wrote that despite the vast disparity between John McCain's and Barack Obama's overall fundraising total this cycle--$120 million to $287 million at last count--the Republican stands a surprisingly good chance of keeping up with his rival in the general election. One reason was the RNC. When you combine McCain's individual war chest with his party's bankroll, it turns out the Republican nominee has about $90 million currently burning a hole in his pocket, while Obama and the DNC weigh in at a relatively paltry $47 million, or half as much.

Yes, it is called funneling money through another channel to out wit, out smart and out raise money against your opponent.

While folks are screaming about Obama, the media darling called John McCain is just quietly and secretly running the Bush playbook in money raised.

Did we think this was going to be easy? If you did, shame on you. This is going to be hard and it won't help any if our candidate is underfunded in every way.

...McCain has agreed to an $84.1 spending limit by accepting public funds--a decision he likes to portray as a principled stand against the corrupting influence of money on politics--at least double that sum will be dropped on his behalf before Election Day thanks to loopholes in the law that allow outside groups to effectively skirt such limits...

I know there are people really concerned about Obama's issues, but there are others who don't give a shit and dump it continuously, right here. And all the while the bickering is being used, gathered by the McCain campaign so they can target those that are unhappy because this or that candidate did not win. They send their trolls over here to feed the fuel, to write divisive diaries, etc. If we can not see the forest before the trees, which is winning in November, what is the damn point?

McCain has joined forces with the RNC to start a heavy ad campaign against Barack Obama. While this is happening they (McCain and RNC) are funneling money to blanket 527s.

While we are bickering they are ponying up and I mean a plenty.
Meanwhile, McCain campaign is stepping around federal spending limits by funneling cash through the state and national party machinery--and potentially benefiting from donations to a non-RNC organization that could boost his chances in key states. As the Wall Street Journal reported last Thursday, the Republican Governors' Association, a GOP group unrestrained by federal spending limits because it's designed to elect governors, is now "marketing itself as a home for contributions of unlimited size to help Sen. McCain."

One of the most hateful, divisive and racist campaign tactics are in the midst of being unleashed. This is why Obama refused public financing and this is why the GOP is scared. How can it be that the GOP will go there? They have to run on their record, complicit with George W. Bush and it is one of the most shittiest records in presidential history. So, what do you do? Make this election about Barack Obama. Get ready, the ugly is a comin'.
According to the Journal, the group "has seen a "significant" increase in contributions from individual donors since [it] began mentioning the side effects for Sen. McCain's campaign," doubling its take in the first six months of 2008 to $14 million, compared with the same point in the 2004 election cycle. Currently, Team McCain is soliciting checks of up to $70,100 from each donor--$28,500 for the RNC, $40,000 for a quartet of state parties and $2,300 for the candidate himself. But if the Governors' Association actually works on a local level to boost McCain's bid,* even that ceiling on individual contributions--which is already high enough to ensure that the senator's publicly-financed campaign will raise about half of its money from private sources--would be shattered.

Understand that one? They are going to shatter us in fundraising, while we are being mad, withholding money, etc. Tisk, tisk, what a shame? And isn't this the Democratic year?
The National Rifle Association plans to spend about $40 million on this year’s presidential campaign, with $15 million of that devoted to portraying Obama as a threat to voters' Second Amendment rights. And just this morning the Christian Defense Coalition launched a new campaign called "Barack Obama: The Abortion President" designed to blunt Obama's attempts to make inroads with evangelicals. All of which boost McCain--without depleting his war chest.

Let's be frank here. If Barack Obama does not raise the kind of money in large numbers, there is going to be trouble. We are already behind the eight ball because of a long primary which was over in March, but was extended through June. It does not give Obama time to breathe or time for much of anything. I hope you understand, time is not our friend here.

Everyone has a choice and we all disagree with a position of Obama's. He is not god, but a man, in the meantime it does not mean that we need to stop donating to him or the DNC.

Here it is a Democratic year, when we can win the White House and advance seating in the congress but we get angered and give the right wing media talking points. Hell, I read in another diary that the god awful, Hannity was on his radio station quoting Markos for holding back his campaign donation. Sure, many will state, "so 'effin what, Hannity said this, that or the other", but I sure did not expect him to be quoting Markos or anyone who post here at dkos, against our own candidate. Sigh.

And how do I feel about Obama? Pissed at his FISA stance; not crazy about the religious program (just believe that church and state don't work, example, George W. Bush); abortion stance I am fine with; don't like his gun control position; his Iraq stance has not changed (and let's be real here, we don't know the real story on Iraq because the horserace is more important and cheaper than keeping journalists in Iraq to get the real story); but I am not going to be caught up in a pissing match to give the GOP points because in the end, I WANT TO WIN in November. That is the real picture, winning in November.

It sure has been a long time since we tasted the White House. At the pace we are going, it will be another long time, AGAIN. We need to get it together.


Donate to the Obama Campaign, here.

Donate to the DNC, here.


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This Week With Barack Obama

Monday, July 7, 2008

This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, June 28-July 6, 2008

obama family in butte, montana, july 4, 2008


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Since, I am late posting "This Week" and just getting back in town, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. A few things first:

If you have not given to the DNC for the Convention or to the Obama Campaign, between arguing, please do so. The DNC is running on empty now, due to the ridiculously, long primary season and money mismangement, in my view. The money is low, don't believe it, read it all here. Barack is also in full fundraising mode. We all know what this is about. If you want to win, you need money to do that. Barack would not be able to run ads in almost 1/2 the country if he did not have the money to do so. Remember Kerry, and the swiftboat ads and the slow response because he did not have the money to combat the ads? Just sayin', don't let anger get in the way of winning this thing in November.

Right now funding the DNC and the Obama Campaign is top priority. It has to be, the primary ran too long, we got a very late start on everything and the Convention is right around the corner, as well as the General Election. You know not only what to do, but what this is about in November, WINNING.

Barack is accepting the nomination in front of over 75K people at the Invesco/Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. Sorry, I am from the old school and refuse to process companies names on sport stadiums, so it will always be Mile High to me. Just as Cominsky Park will always be THAT to me, from the Southside of Chicago. Anyway moving on, for a donation as small as $5.00 your name just may be picked from one of ten to enjoy the convention up close and personal in Denver. This also includes meeting Barack Obama. More information is here.

Lastly, please give to the DNC. Donate to the DNC here.


Double lastly, please give to the Obama Campaign, by DONATING HERE.

Thank You.


obama with kids from east community ministry, zanesville, ohio


Missed Obama's FISA position, read it here.


patriotism speech in independence, missouri, june 30, 2008


Obama is live on ipod. You can retrieve and listen to all his speeches, townhall meetings, special events. You can get all the information, here.


obama's laid back, enjoying his daughter's soccer game


The Obama Girls (Melia and Sasha, respectively) were promised, come hell or high water, a dog after going through this grueling campaign season. The girls deserve it 360 percent. Anytime you take a parent away from their children it is tough. You are reducing the home to basically a one parent home, which is what happened. So, for all the strife of the Obama Girls there now is a pet poll for which dog the girls should get. I know the family is interested in a "shed free dog" and will like to turn their attention to this list.

And for personal experience, I have had two of the dogs on the list. The bichon frise and havanese. Both dogs don't shed, both are loyal to the owners, both are sweet, both are small dogs and both are fun to have around.

One caveat, the bichon frise is a breed that has been over bred. The havenese is still a newer breed to this country, originating in Cuba. The bichon is a stubborn dog, have not met one that is not. The havenese is extremely loyal, easy to train and totally fun. I love both breeds and hope the Obamas investigate well before picking the right dog for their family.


call to service, colorado springs, colorado


List of missed Obama speeches, talks, briefings and all of the et cetera...

Barack Obama Addresses A.M.E. Church General Conference
Barack Obama on Veterans in Fargo, ND
Barack Obama Reiterates his Stance on Iraq
Fourth of July Parade in Butte, Montana
Barack Obama at 4th of July Picnic
Barack Obama in Zanesville, OH
The Obamas at Melia's Soccer Game in Chicago, Illinois


obama with jerry orvin in colorado springs, colorado


The Long, Long List Of McFlip/Flops (McCain that is) by StuHunter; Unfit for duty: McCain physically assaulted foreign official in 1987 by Geekesque; Elizabeth Edwards to Headline $40 million Health Care Coalition. by GlowNZ; The Obamas, Mortgages and Creditworthiness by SusanG; John "I Didn't Say What I Said" McCain by Todd Beeton; Cool Obama Family Campaigns & Celebrates by maureen; John Edwards to Debate Karl Rove by MLDB; Judge Requires YouTube to Turn Over User IP Addresses by ohmproject; Countdown to $200 oil: International Energy Agency says current prices justified by Jerome a Paris; Cleaning Up After the Worst Presidency in History by mcjoan

the slideshow, drumroll please....

i will be back in form next sunday. remember to donate, volunteer and focus on obama, not the drama...

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This Week With Barack Obama