Friday, December 3, 2010

Unemployment's ugly number rose to 9.8%, bad news all around

Well, if the Obama Administration did not know that JOBS, JOBS, JOBS is what this country wanted and put them in charge to head, they know now.

This economy is not getting better and no amount of spin will help. Oh, U.S. just added 39K jobs last month and that is pathetic.

And extending unemployment is a non-brainer, including adding another tier. If congress, on both sides of the aisle, fail to do this, there will be hell to pay down the road.

Employers added fewer jobs than forecast in November and the unemployment rate unexpectedly increased, underscoring the Federal Reserve’s decision to pump more money into the economy to spur growth.

Payrolls increased 39,000, less than the most pessimistic projection of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, after a revised 172,000 increase the prior month, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The jobless rate rose to 9.8 percent, the highest since April, while hours worked and earnings stagnated.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Folks going off at unemployment offices

I knew this would happen and it is starting to.

Many who have been looking for work, unable to find work, now see themselves penniless and possibly on the streets due to the dick play in congress over folks lives.

As for the rich, must be nice to not worry about "those people" when you can shop, travel, count your money and assets without a fear or worry.

This is the most selfish country around and leadership in this country is "meh". At this point, what is the difference if you are a Democrat or Republican, the outcome is all for the lobbyists, corporations and rich. Everyone else or the other 98%, fuck 'em. And that is called getting screwed by this government.

From Louisville, Kentucky, video clip inside link:

Unemployment benefits for more than 100,000 people in both Kentucky and Indiana could run out in a matter of days if Congress doesn't act.

Many people are filing for benefits, others are looking for jobs, but with the threat of benefits running out, tempers are flaring.

In the time that a WLKY reporter was at the Louisville Office of Employment and Training, at least two people were escorted out.

Behavior coming from the White House at a time when unemployment is still close to 10% in this country is bizarre, in the meantime President Obama calls for a pay freeze to federal workers with the exception of the military. Does this man understand what is going on out here, as in NO JOBS???? Does he get it that many are about to be cut with no safety net, at all???? Everyday it just gets worse instead of better in regards to the crap coming out of this White House. I guess they did not receive the memo from the midterm elections because their behavior has not changed, while the public is out here drowning.

Congress is dragging its foot while their citizens are drowning out here, Indiana has added armed guards at all its Unemployment sites. Yes, it is getting bad out here.
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is beefing up its security ahead of the holidays, when officials expect a seasonal surge in unemployment claims and extra stress for long-term jobless who might miss benefits because of Congress.

If Congress doesn't reauthorize extended unemployment insurance, which expires at the end of November, the National Employment Law Project estimates that two million people will prematurely miss checks by the end of December.

"There's obviously increasing stress, especially among the long-term unemployed, and also the upcoming expiration of these federal extensions will add additional stress," department spokesman Marc Lotter told HuffPost.

Lotter said the agency is putting armed guards at each of the 36 WorkOne Centers that process unemployment benefits across the state. Lotter said that each center has already had security for the past two years; the agency is consolidating to one private contractor that will now handle security at each of the centers. It's part of a broader effort to prepare for the holidays, during which Lotter said Indiana sees more unemployment claims and also an effort to standardize services across the state.

It is a pity and a damn shame that we have Democrats in congress, which is still in charge that are doing very little to push for unemployment extension. Forget the Republicans, shit they said they will do nothing to aid President Obama the day after he was elected and they have been true to their word, stayed their course.

I am talking about Democrats. Who are we? What do we stand for? Because this shit show I am seeing out of Washington, D.C. is not what I voted for, period. I don't even recognize the Democratic Party anymore. These sold out thugs are no better than the Republicans, who we know are THUGS. This is the frustration out here.

We, as a party are walking in dangerous territory here. As long as the public views NO DIFFERENCE between the Democrats or Republicans, why should they vote for either? When that happens, well, we already saw what happens. It is called the midterm election. It is called, "What the FUCK!!! I am not showing up to vote for none of you!!"

And who got sent home packing?

Lastly, Kentucky and Indiana decided to keep Republicans in charge. But this is an opportune moment for the Democrats to stand with the common man and continue to REMIND them who is standing with them.

But if you don't know how to craft a message and sit on it, the public will continue to think you don't stand for anything.

From Rachel Maddow:

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