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This Week With Barack Obama, January 6-12, 2008

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arizona gov. janet napolitano endorses obama


January 15, 2008, Las Vegas, NV, NBC/MSNBC, Brian Williams & Tim Russert
January 31, 2008, Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, CNN

Nevada Caucus Information


senator john kerry endorses obama in charleston, sc

kerry endorses obama in south carolina

Obama Apperances and Campaign Events

January 14, 2008 - Stand for Change with Barack, Reno, NV
January 14, 2008 - Meet the Candidate with Barack, Fallon, NV
January 14, 2008 - Stand for Change Town Hall with Barack, Carson City, NV

New Hampshire, what a ride there!!

Really, everyone believed the polling from the candidates to the TV pundits, but in the end Barack lost by only 2% points.

The truth of the matter is this, "No one should believe any polls, until the votes are counted." I have never lived or died by the polls and only really believe them a week out to see the trend, now forget the polls.

Count the votes and pundits shut up.

obama accepts culinary union endorsement, las vegas, nv

Obama Fact Check Website
Second in NH, Obama Still Fired Up!!
New Hampshire Photoblog--Canvassing for Obama by casperr
Don't Count the Women Out for Obama


Michelle Obama: Husband is No "Fairytale"
Michelle Obama said Sunday her husband is the person America needs in the White House right now and criticized anyone who would dismiss his campaign as being built on illusion or fairytale.

She said Barack Obama is the right candidate "not because of the color of his skin, but because of the quality and consistency of his character" and that postponing his bid for the White House was not an option.

"I know about the sense of doubt and fear about what the future holds, that keeps us hoping and waiting for a turn that will never come," she said. "There are a lot of doubters and naysayers out there talking about, 'I'm not sure America is ready for a black president.'"

But she declared that "we are more ready and prepared than we can ever know." AP

Fairbanks, Alaska...and Obama by nadeane
Kerry: "Lets Kick their Ass" (Video + pix) by al rodgers
the heart and soul of the party by kid oakland
Governor Napolitano Cites "Fresh Voice" for Obama Endorsement

obama's speech from new hampshire, "yes we can"

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obama in jersey city, nj, jan 9, 2008

Senator Dick Durbin Warns Clinton
California and Arizona See Obama Ads Running on Television
Obama Challenging Clinton in New York
Yes.We.Can by Populista
Obama Casts a Wide Net


Who's Afraid of Obama?
Ever since he threw his hat into the presidential ring, some liberals have worried that Barack Obama is unelectable. This country, they say, simply isn't ready for a black president. Ultimately, the concern that Obama can't win because he's black says a lot more about the people who voice it than it does about the electorate it purportedly describes. So, who are these people, and what's really behind their anxiety?

It's tempting to say the "electability" worry is a pretext for people who really oppose Obama due to their own racial prejudices, and I'm sure that's true in some cases. But it's the folks who worry for Obama for his own good who are most fascinating. Lots of black people have said they think Obama can't win and others—predominantly from the Southeastern states—have gone further and said they'll vote against him to "protect" him from the inevitable assassination attempts that will dog a black president.

I find it hard to take this rather appalling paternalism seriously, but if it is a pretext, then what is going on in the minds of these defeatists? I suspect there are three distinct reasons for Obama fatalism among liberals of all races: false realism, once-bitten timidity, and investment-in-oppression.

eve of unlv, las vegas, nv, debate

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Clintons Move to Ease Racial Tensions
Obama Book Sales are a Boom
February 5th News
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obama at del sol hs, las vegas, nv

Four new offices opening in California; Offfice opening in Bismarck, ND; Congressman Adam Schiff Endorses Obama; Senator Ben Nelson Endorses, (D-NE) Obama; Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona, Endorses Obama; Ned Lamont Endorses Obama; Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) Endorses Obama; Congressman George Miller (D-CA) Endorses Obama; Maine Sunday Telegraph Endorses Obama; St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley Endorses Obama; Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin Endorses Obama; National Union: UNITE HERE Endorses Obama; The United Association (UA)
of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada Endorses Obama; California Endorsements; SEIU Nevada Endorses Obama

No Sad Faces at the Obama Camp
Democrats Eye California
The Rhetoric Sharpens
Buried in the NH Exit Polls, Obama the Most Electable


Barack Obama Announces Plan to Revitalize the Economy
Barack Obama today unveiled a plan to revitalize the economy in the short-term with a stimulus package that will immediately inject $75 billion into the economy in the form of tax cuts and direct spending targeted to working families, seniors, homeowners and the unemployed. The plan also includes $45 billion in reserves that can be injected into the economy quickly in the future if the economy continues to deteriorate. Obama will discuss the plan later today at events in Nevada.

“The time has come to bridge the growing divide between Main Street and Wall Street,” said Barack Obama. “The American Dream is slipping out of reach for many families whose paychecks aren’t meeting the increased costs of their medical bills and tuition payments. Four months ago I said it was time to put a middle-class tax cut worth $1000 per family into the pockets of workers who deserve it. A tax cut that would eliminate income taxes for seniors who make under $50,000. We can’t wait for the next president to act. We need that middle-class tax cut now more than ever – not five months from now or five weeks from now, but now. I’m announcing a plan to jumpstart the economy by putting money in the pockets of those who need it most and will spend it quickly.”

“Strengthening our economy and creating good-paying jobs will be Barack Obama’s priority from the day he takes office,” said Governor Tim Kaine, who held a conference call with reporters to discuss the plan. “But we must act today. Barack Obama has offered a plan that will restore fairness to the economy and ensure that hard-working Americans can provide for their families and save for their future. Barack Obama offers us the best chance to revitalize our economy because he has the strength to unite Democrats, independents, and Republicans to pass reforms that will invest in all of America.” more

Obama, Clinton Want High Profile Backers
Key Backing Lifts Obama
My Money's on Obama
Obama and Clinton: The Showdown is South Carolina


icebergslim’s last word: the clintons

First off, the lost in New Hampshire was stunning. It was for many. After depending on polling both campaigns, the pundits, everyone believed Barack will win New Hampshire. Well, it did not pan out that way, and he lost by 2% points.

Lesson. Wait for the returns. Forget the pundits and spin, wait for the return. Everyone learned a lesson on that one.

Next. Hillary Clinton.

There has been much talk this past week about not only Hillary Clinton but her husband, Bill Clinton. This campaign is being run straight out of the Karl Rove playbook. After watching Meet the Press it was painfully clear.

I don’t agree about the vetting of Barack Obama. Look what he has gone through since his announcement and is still standing. You must also remember, all the smears, foul tactics are from Clinton surrogates and Bill Clinton himself. Let us review their playbook.

Prior to Iowa, there were two different times that Clinton staffers/volunteers were caught spreading the email Muslim smear against Barack Obama. And again, we get a limp, “I did not know. I did not authorize it.”

The Billy Shaheen incident. Shaheen was Clinton’s campaign manager for New Hampshire. His very unsettling remark of the “GOP will ask if Obama sold drugs”, not only outraged the African-American community, but many black establishment picked the phone up and weighed in on The Clintons and their smear tactics. Result, Hillary Clinton, publicly apologized to Barack Obama in D.C. at the airstrip as they were about to fly to Des Moines, Iowa. Billy Shaheen removed from the campaign. Shaheen's wife, Jeanne Shaheen, former Governor of New Hampshier is now running for the senate seat, against, Sununu. Polling has her losing ground since her husband's incident. The good folk of New Hampshire don't like or appreciate slimy campaign tactics.

A former senator from Nebraska, Bob Kerrey, came on board for Hillary Clinton. In doing so, he also made menace of Barack’s heritage, family and name. So many found that over the top and offensive, Kerrey had to apologize.

Hillary referenced the Civil Rights Era as had it not been for LBJ and passing the Civil Rights Act, it would not have been. Stating it took the power of the president to get it done. Well with Martin Luther King, Jr. anniversary upon us in a week, ask many of those who are still alive what they went through. Meaning, many blacks and whites were beaten, dogs attacked, hoses put upon these individuals, and many were killed for ending segregation and justice.

Bill Clinton. Notorious for being all about me, then referenced Obama’s campaign as a fairy tale. Bill Clinton then had to go on Al Sharpton’s radio program to explain his answer and himself. Why? The African-American community was shocked and now angered.

The Clinton Campaign complained and tried to suppress the college, youth vote in Iowa. The campaign complained about out-of-state students participating in the caucus, when the law states clearly that they can. As Clinton advisers stated, "Our people look like caucus-goers [and Obama's] look like Facebook." Now the Clinton Campaign is entrenched in suppressing the caucus goers in Nevada, targeting the casino workers.

All of this leading up to Clinton’s performance on Meet the Press.

Through this program, practically every answer from her mouth was about Barack Obama. Watching this program, you would think Barack was sitting next to her. Literally and figuratively. Tim Russert, then questioned Hillary Clinton’s vote for Iraq, she could not answer straight because she was on the Barack Obama bandwagon.

Since, Donna Brazile, a Democratic Strategist and Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) have weighed in with displeasure of The Clintons campaign tactics, they have been under the gun. Both are neutral on the race, as far as endorsements, but Clyburn is insinuating that he may just endorse. While all this is going on The Clintons are still implying that the Obama Campaign is the one who have started the veiled race notions, when it is clear and evident that all this has been started by Team Clinton.

As for Barack Obama's response, read it here.

The Democratic Party is a big tent. We have people of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc. This is the party of inclusion, not exclusion. It pains many to see these nasty, dirty tactics being used against Barack Obama. Does vetting from your own party mean, all the above? If so, what kind of party is this?

GOP tactics have no business in this primary season. It does not. Which only make it perfectly clear what The Clintons are about. Winning at all cost, don’t care about any opponent, winning just narrowly, abide by 50+1 guideline, don’t care about a 50 State Strategy, and only care about themselves.

The last time I read, The Democratic Party was not named “The Clinton Party.” We must vote for total change, not some change, total change.


Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) will remain neutral for any endorsements for South Carolina. At this point, one is not needed, the damage by The Clintons has already been done. Read here.


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the above picture is in las vegas with gov. napolitano of arizona. much has happened this week, but we must move on. all the negativity by the clinton campaign, just make all those out there watching this angered that a democrat would stoop so low towards another democrat. again, we are the democratic party, not the clinton party. remember this, as we march forward....and always focus on obama and not the drama....


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