Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Evening Wrap Up...Obama Get to Alaska....Republicans for Obama...

Obama and Sasha on Kailua Beach in Kailua, Hawaii


Alaska, my oh my....

A new poll came out today by Hays Research out of Anchorage and it does make one pause.

Obama 45, McCain 40, Nader 2

The Alaska polling has been close. McCain is not running away with Alaska.

But there are other caveats to this. Fairbanks has a Republican Mayor who endorsed Obama today. Also, the Obama Campaign launched Republicans for Obama with a website forthcoming.

There are also other problems in Alaska. The elder statesman Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) has been indicted and his own supporters are telling him resign,, let it go.

The Governor, Sarah Paulin (R-AK) is in her own pickle with some investigation going on about abuse of power in getting her former brother-in-law fired from his state trooper's job.

Also, the Congressman Don Young (R-AK) under criminal investigation for his dealings with Alaska oil services company Veco Corp.

So, Alaskans are sick and tired and tired and sick of their Republican representatives and want CHANGE.

Obama Campaign, you scoot on over to the SECOND FOREIGN STATE IN THE UNION, ALASKA. That will be worth some points on the poll ticker for sure. This state is ripe for taking and I hope you get over there.


Michelle Obama: The Exec, Mom And Campaigner

For the past year, Michelle Obama has been on the campaign trail, often standing in for her husband, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. In doing so, the potential first lady has put her own career on hold.

Trained as an attorney, Michelle Obama left the legal field early. She has spent most of her career in the public and nonprofit sectors. And like many working women, Obama says she has struggled to balance her professional and family life.

At a recent luncheon in Chicago, the applause swelled as Obama, taller than most in the room at 5-foot-11, strode to the podium. continue


Obama heads into Punahou School to play basketball in Honolulu, Hawaii

with Sasha and Melia on Kailua Beach


Clintons Still Want To Kill Caucuses: The Latest Round
The Clintons hate the caucus system, and they want to see it die.

First they finished third in Iowa. Then they were out-organized by Barack Obama's campaign in the caucuses after Super Tuesday. Finally, they lost the showdown at the rules committee over how to reinstate delegates from the banned Michigan and Florida primaries.

According to one well-placed source, President Clinton himself is still raw over reports of caucus tampering in Iowa that he believes could have tilted the race in Barack Obama's favor, and has mentioned that possibility several times in conversation. A separate source who is also close to Clinton says the idea that people were "bused in" from Illinois to caucus is still a concern, as well. (The Iowa Democratic Party is not required by law to release its caucus rolls, and has not done so.) continue

Lord, you would think the Clintons are still in charge!!! They just won't go AWAY.


ABC on McCain Cheating on his first wife

I am sure that this Edwards mess is not helpful to McCain. Why? It brings up his scandalous, lustful life. It is called going back down memory lane.

Yes, McCain cheating on is sick first wife with the 20-something Cindy, who was not only more than 20 years his junior but a 100M Beer Queen, got a marriage license while still married to the first wife and had kids at home. Yes, (rolleyes) is warranted here.

There is something that is deathly, macabre about men who have sick wives but go out and cheat. In the end they don't stand up, don't pass the smell test, appear phoney. That is what happened to Edwards, and that is definitely John McCain.

Story here.


'Republicans for Obama' take fight to McCain
Barack Obama's campaign announced Tuesday the launch of "Republicans for Obama," venturing deep onto rival White House contender John McCain's turf to woo disenchanted conservatives.

The Democrat's campaign said the group was being spearheaded by former lawmaker Jim Leach of Iowa, former Rhode Island senator Lincoln Chaffee, and Rita Hauser, who was a prominent fundraiser for President George W. Bush.

The renegade Republicans are all "crossing the divide of old politics to support Barack Obama for president," the Democrat's campaign said in a statement.

But McCain has in turn been courting conservative Democrats, and told voters in Pennsylvania Tuesday that Obama's defeated primary rival Hillary Clinton deserved praise for her dogged campaign. continue


Hawaii fundraiser for Obama could rake in $1.5 million

And this event is SOLD OUT
U.S. Sen. Barack Obama will likely pull in more money tonight in Kahala than his presidential campaign has raised in Hawai'i over the past 18 months.

Local organizers for the sold-out private VIP reception and fundraiser at The Kahala Hotel & Resort hope to collect $1.5 million from the estimated 500 guests. The Hawai'i-born Democrat has previously raised more than $1.1 million in the Islands.

"Let me tell you, it didn't take much cajoling or calling," said Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who is co-chairing the fundraiser with corporate executive and Democratic financier Walter Dods. "People have just been coming out of the woodwork. They want to contribute. They want to help. They want to assist." continue

And Senator Akaka defends Obama vacationing in Hawai'i



Republicans for Obama...............

LA Times investigate the McCain "digg" bury brigade...............

Mary Landrieu (D-LA) removes her name from Obama fundraiser............

Anti-Obama book arrives #1 in NY Times Best Seller List..........

More Edwards Crap..............

Obama's statment on the trade deficit.................

No excitement for the GOP Convention.............no sh*t..................

Obama Girlz on Paris and Brittney..................

and Late Morning Break is here.......................

will post the fundraiser pictures as they become available, so take the time difference in accordance and say, tomorrow in the a.m?.....................

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