Monday, August 11, 2008

Cokie Roberts Smearing Obama, AGAIN....

Sorry, hard to let this one go.

I talked about her real tough in yesterday's, This Week With Barack Obama and posted a piece on what is American? Here.

Now, here she is again on NPR spreading the same bullsh*t, red herring garbage about Obama visiting an exotic place. Code word for exotic is "NOT AMERICAN ENOUGH".

This is straight up racist crap and we, the public should not condone or allow it. Hawaii is the 50th state, repeat, 50th state of this union and from reading many comments and diaries on the blogs many Hawaiians are offended and outrage by ABC and Cokie Roberts'. They should be.

Below is Cokie, again spewing her racist code words about Barack Obama. ABC and she are a DISGRACE.

h/t JedReport and AmericaBlog

If you can not open the youtube above, here is the NPR audio link, here. You need to listen through it until you hear what she has to say about Obama's exotic Hawaiian vacation.

And here is Cokie Roberts from ABC's 'This Week' yesterday, slamming Obama taking an exotic vacation in Hawaii.

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