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This Week With Barack Obama, January 20-27, 2008 (Late Edition)

barack obama, caroline kennedy, patrick kennedy and ted kennedy


January 31, 2008, Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, CNN


barack and michelle victorious in columbia, sc, jan 26, 2008

Something big happened this weekend. Yes, big. Barack won South Carolina by 28 points, but other things happened.

This was a very hard, contentious and unbelievable week for many Democrats watching South Carolina.

I was born a Democrat. I learned to work precincts with my Democratic mother. Learned to know issues, talk to folk, and when it don't smell right, it isn’t right.

That is what the Clintons mean to me, at this point, they are not right.

Injecting race, purposely into the South Carolina race was a tactic I have not seen since Harold Washington ran for mayor in Chicago. So, excuse me if I feel nauseated and look at The Clintons in a despicable manner.

For the first time in a long time, we, the Democrats are looked at by many in the party and many new to the party for ideals. New Ideals.

After this past week in South Carolina, The Clintons represented a candidate of old, divisive ideals.

Like New Hampshire, no one expected Barack Obama to trounce Hillary Clinton by 28 points. Most polling, if you believe it showed 8-10 points and some closer than that. So, the 28 point defeat of Clinton sent a clear message.


When Barack Obama took the stage it was clear that he is the candidate of the future, not the past. He will represent all of us, not some of us. And we can believe him, trust him.

As the crowd yelled directly during Barack's speech: "Race doesn't matter!!! Race doesn't matter!!!!" "We want Change!!!" We want Change!!!" "Yes We Can!!!!" "Yes We Can!!!"

You better believe that many of the millions of Americans that witnessed this agreed 150% to all of that.

Finally, Change That We Believe In. Totally. Barack Obama.

obama's victor speech in columbia, sc


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obama's ebenezer speech, atlanta, ga


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the kennedys and obama at american university for endorsement of obama

Today was incredible.

Today we saw the matriarch, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) endorse Senator Barack Obama, with his son, Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and Caroline Kennedy who wrote an op-ed for The New York Times, endorsing Baraack Obama, titled "A President Like My Father."

Seeing the three Kennedys on the stage with Barack, their comments was stirring, moving. For me, it was Caroline Kennedy. This is a woman who regards her personal privacy, highly and does not do this. Now we know, she was so moved to do so, by her children, as I wrote in my diary last night.

But more happened this past week and it all revolved around the divisive tactics of The Clintons. These tactics were and are so dangerous that many democratic establishment, including Senator Kennedy, have told The Clintons to basically knock it off.

We don't have time, as a country, for playing one group against another as Senators Kennedy and Obama indicated today. We need to come together, as one, because when George W. Bush leaves office in January 2009 who knows what the real truth will be, because we never knew it.

We need a leader to bring us together, not with divisive tactics, but to stand as one. The Clintons after South Carolina is not the candidate, they never will be. If they are the candidate, expect fallout from people across this country not voting for them, loss of gains in congress, and the same old 50+1 politics.

It is time for change. The change is Barack Obama.

caroline kennedy endorsement of barack obama

senator ted kennedy endorsement of barack obama

senator barack obama acceptance of the kennedys endorsement

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icebergslim’s last word: barack obama is the underdog.

February 5, 2008 is upon us in eight short days.

The Obama Campaign have built infrastructure in these 22 early states. On the path of the dream that many progressives have wanted, A 50 State Strategy.

We have been on a rollercoaster since the Iowa Caucus. It has been a ride many of us will remember for the rest of our lives, but Obama Supporters and Advocates must keep your eyes on the prize. This means we work as underdogs, because we are.

Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate. She has establishment behind her. We are a people, powered movement. We are the fire and run The Obama Campaign.

Hillary Clinton will call the chits in on February 5, 2008. The establishment owes The Clintons.

On February 5, 2008, we, The Obama Advocates and Supporters, will be already activated and ready to take our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers to the polls\caucuses for Barack Obama. Elections are won on strength of the candidate and more importantly, the foundation, the ground troops, the GOTV\GOTC.

Barack Obama, himself has said, “he is not supposed to be here.” And he is not, but he is. We are on the cusp of transformational, fundamental change that this country has not had since John F. Kennedy, Jr. It is time for us to step up and move this change forward.

For this to happen, we must fight for it. Change is not what the status quo want, desire or need. Change is what the status quo will tell you, to appease you, for you to vote for them. It is time to turn the status quo off and fight for this change. One person, one vote at a time.

Stand with us for change on February 5, 2008. Stand with Barack Obama.


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Above is the Obamathon Fundraiser, powered by Populista (read Populista's story here). If you have not given, now is the time. Let's help the future member of the Democratic Party out and donate. And as February 5th is upon us, always remember to focus on Obama and not the drama.


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