Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Democrats, "Don't shoot yourselves in the foot"

Look, it is obvious that last nights win in NY-26, a redder than red district, for the Democrat Kathy Hochul was due to the scare of changing Medicare as we know it.

There were Republicans in NY-26, who stated out loud that they have never voted for a Democrat in that district, but the Paul Ryan MedicScare Plan was too much to bear. They held their noses and voted DEMOCRAT.

Now, Democrats with a SHITTY, SHITTY economy that is not going to improve anytime soon, do you want to remove your ACE and state that Medicare is on the table for negotiation? Seriously?

Look, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) (my senator) and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) need to shut their fucking MOUTHS. Period.

When you have the wind in your back for an issue that is passionate to seniors, why FUCK IT UP? But, this issue is not only passionate to current seniors but to anyone in their mid-40s and early 50s. They don't want Medicare, as they know it, to change to a voucher program, either. Believe me, this is all I hear from work colleagues, many who are in the 40s-early 50s age group. Democrats, they are not only watching but LISTENING.

Lastly, there should be NO WAVERING from President Obama. He should pick the phone up NOW and tell Durbin and Hoyer that Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security is not on the table for negotiation. If he does not and his message is muddled, he and the Democrats will pay a price.

According to a set of new surveys by Public Policy Polling, voters would punish President Obama for backing cuts in either Medicare or changes to the Social Security program.

Polling done in Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota and Montana shows significant resistance to cuts in benefits in these swing states. 58% of Ohio voters said they were less likely to vote for President Obama if he backed or signed cuts to Medicare, and 53% said they were less likely to vote for him if he altered the retirement age. Similar results were obtained in the other three states.

Yes, the price they will pay is that the Democrats are no different than the Republicans when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security cuts. In other words, the Democrats would have trumped their own hand and will be battling to regain the narrative edge. After more than two years of a muddled message and losing the House, did the Democrats not learn ANYTHING?

Democrats, for GOD'S SAKE, if you want to win next year let the Republicans continue to scare the public to the POLLS to save their MEDICARE. People are waking up and paying attention. Hell, you see Republicans running "scurred" and walking their remarks back!! What more do you need?

Democrats, just don't fuck it up.

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