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Barack Obama. On the Move.

I have always been amazed at Barack Obama's way of walking into, practically any corner of the country and people just, appear. That is the wonderment of Obama. It is. He goes straight to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, as himself, and his discussion does not change.

It does not.

Then you have to ask yourself, is he really appealing to so many?

I have to say, yes.


One of my mother's sisters lives in northern Alabama. Well, my mom got a phone call from her sister, excited that Barack Obama opened an office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Yes. Tuscaloosa.

The irony is that my aunt informed my mother that no presidential campaign has opened an office in Alabama for years. Not on the Democratic side.

I had to sit back and think. The excitement his campaign is drawing in all these communities that the Democrats have continued to ignore. Can we really outreach on using a 50 State Strategy?

Yes we can.

It really is called, campaigning, present your positions, and ask for the vote. Why should we, as Democrats, continue the same circle of 50+1? Aren't we smart enough to expand? Or even try? How do we know that we cannot be successful if we don't, try? That is why, I like Obama.

So, far the Obama Campaign has opened 19 offices in 13 of the 23 February 5th states. That is impressive. Along with the offices are staff, working and ready to go.

psericks, over at One Million Strong, highlight the newest offices opening. Three in Alabama. Fargo, ND just opened. Boise, ID not so long ago. And that an Alaska opening is coming. Yes, ALASKA.

While the Clinton Campaign has 5 offices opened, for the February 5th primaries/caucuses. Arkansas, New Jersey, California and New York.

Question, to you. What does this tell you? What does it mean?

It means that Team Clinton is a top down organization. Huh? It means that all the endorsements, willingly and otherwise, is meant to secure GOTV in the February 5th states.

Don't get it? It is called, "calling the chits in." Through endorsements, etc., Team Clinton can call the chits in and the chits better produce votes and caucus goers, for Team Clinton.

Basically, machine style politics. You don't invest, as a campaign, in any state. You may have a token office open, but the leg work is done by calling your chits in. These chits are known in the state and locally, and should have a GOTV in place, by picking up the phone.

Is this a solid, good way to go? For me, 50/50. I worked on machine style campaigns in Chicago. A real oiled machine. Ask, Mayor Richard Daley. And I worked on grassroots campaigns, Harold Washington. Which was more passionate, for me? The grassroots.

Why? Because sometime you meet a candidate or become informed of a candidate that makes you sit up on your couch and pay attention. That is what Harold Washington did for many Chicagoans, against the Chicago Machine. He won one vote at a time, through thousands of homes, and hundreds of churches. People that knew nothing about politics, but was hit by the messenger, started to appear.

That is what has happened with Barack Obama. He is running a true grassroots campaign. This is being run through thousands of homes, groups, churches, all over this country. When an Obama office opens up, the office is not token. It is all about working and getting the vote out. It is about registering folk to vote, canvass, phone bank, etc. It is not machine style driven. It is driven by us. The people.

So, if you need to know the drastic difference of Obama Campaign and Team Clinton, it is how the approach is. Obama is grassroots. Team Clinton, chit driven.

Who will win? Well, Harold won with the roots. What do you think?

And the Time Magazine Cover goes to:

The Contender

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This Week With Barack Obama, November 18-24, 2007

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obama in clarion, ia

December 1, 2007 - Des Moines, IA, Brown & Black Forum
December 1, 2007 - Des Moines, IA, Heartland Presidential Forum
December 4, 2007 - Des Moines, IA, NPR News/Iowa Public Radio Debate
December 10, 2007 - Los Angeles, California, CBS
December 13, 2007 - Johnston, Iowa, Des Moines Register Democratic Debate
December 17, 2007 - Boston, MA
January 15, 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada


Obama Apperances and Campaign Events

November 26, 2007 - Rally with Barack, Littleton, NH
November 27, 2007 - The Obama Foreign Policy Summit, Live Streaming, 11:00 AM EST
November 29, 2007 - Barack Obama at The Apollo, New York, NY
November 30, 2007 - Barack Obama and Former Sec of Navy, Richard Danzig, Washington, D.C.
December 2, 2007 - Countdown to Change, Boston, MA
December 11, 2007 - Generation Obama in Seattle, Seattle, WA

Is Obama's Iowa Surge For Real?
psericks, The Real Obama Generation?

obama's sister in carroll, ia

Guess What??? Michelle Obama is to be a guest host on The View!!! Guess What??? Now, Michelle will not be a guest host on The View. Something called a Writers Strike is the reason to not cross any picket lines. Oh, and that little debate on CBS, December 10th? May be sacked, as well. Stay tuned.

Obama Working to Get Seniors
Obama Tells Texas Real Change is Coming
Andrew Sullivan on Last Week's Mud

obama in manchester, nh


Council Bluffs Video, November 24th; barack, michelle and the kids; barack on teacher's pay in harlan, ia; NPR, Obama/Clinton Campaign in Early States; NPR, Obama, Clinton Stop Pulling Punches; 45 Days Til Iowa; Hope and Change, Ad, South Carolina

Hope in the Heart of the Big Apple, by casperr
Former Congressman Praises Obama, Others
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Obama Criticizes Clinton on NAFTA
Democrat Barack Obama sharply criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday for her past support of NAFTA, saying the former first lady had changed her mind about the trade agreement only after becoming a presidential candidate.

"I think it's important to note that Senator Clinton was a cheerleader for NAFTA for more than a decade," Sen. Obama said at a news conference where he accepted the endorsement of a regional chapter of the United Auto Workers.

"I realize that changing your position to suit the politics of the moment might be smart campaign tactics but isn't the kind of strong, principled leadership America needs right now," Obama said. more

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michelle in south carolina, nov 20th

Electability is Key Among Iowa Democrats
Well, it is shaping up to be a key of the argument. Not the total argument, but a great key. We have great candidates this cycle. But which one will emerge is the key.
Nearly half the Iowa Democrats in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll — and nearly seven in 10 New Hampshire Democrats — said New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the party's most electable candidate.

Yes, that is in the CBS Poll. But, when you talk to Democrats, they are stating things vastly different. I wrote a diary called, “The Experience Game. Though, electability is a key, it is not the total winning key for this nomination. Especially, since Democrats are shifting to a new direction, with new ideas.

The top three candidates are electable. For me, Clinton is the most vulnerable. Yes, with baggage and all. The Clinton decision will be made by Democrats, knowing and accepting, that she is the most vulnerable candidate, and willing to fight for her, with baggage and all. John Edwards is very electable. His main problem is beyond Iowa. He of the top three has raised the least amount of money, but the one Democrat with fantastic plans. Many are wondering how he will fight February 5th and beyond, with possible limited resources. The Edwards decision will be made by Democrats knowing and accepting, that he is the one Democrat who accepted public financing, and that he will not be able to use any funds until September. Meaning he will beholden to whatever 527’s will step in and free publicity. Barack Obama is very electable. Out of all the Democrats he has a huge likeability factor and crosses over well with Independents and Republicans. His problem is the perceived lack of experience. The Obama decision will be made by Democrats, knowing and accepting that he is the one Democrat that will bring change to the ticket, and White House. And experience?
Hillary Clinton declared the other day -- apropos of whom, she didn't say, or need to -- "We can't afford on-the-job training for our next president." Barack Obama immediately retorted, "My understanding is that she wasn't Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration. I don't know exactly what experience she's claiming." As wit, that round goes to Obama. Clinton was elected to the Senate in 2000, her first experience of public office. Obama was an Illinois state senator for seven years before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. In terms of experience in elective office, this seems to be a wash.

But since she brought it up, how important is experience in a candidate for president? If experience were a matter of offices held, however briefly, the best candidate running would be Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico and former so many different things that you can hardly believe this is the same person popping up again. But that is ticket-punching, not experience.

This is correct. The only one with vast experience on paper, along with life, is Bill Richardson, period. So, experience has been used very loosely here. Just because one was in the White House does not mean anything, unless he/she was president. As I stated before, only former presidents and that present sitting one, are qualified to step into the role of President of the United States.

Clinton touts experience, but we ask “What experience?” We are still, waiting for that question to be answered, because she won’t answer it. Though she continuously provides it in speeches of what she did as First Lady. Her senate record is that of a junior senator, not used much. Especially, with these disastrous war votes, but if you are going to talk experience, provide the information so we, can examine it. Edwards was a one-term senator from North Carolina, whose record mirrors that of a conservative moderate, not like the populist campaign he is running now. Obama has been in the Illinois State Senate, along with his almost three years as a U.S. Senator. If anyone has more legislative experience, it is Barack Obama. But, the naysayers want Washington, D.C. experience, and I say, that is the problem.

In the end, all three candidates have the experience to walk into the White House and lead. Now, it is up to Democrats, what type of leadership they want.

obama in council bluffs, ia, talking health

Obama: Takes Terrorism 'Deadly Serious'
It was the final question last night at a town meeting here for Senator Barack Obama. Of all the hands that were raised in the air, he called on a woman seated in the middle of the crowd.

From the moment she rose to speak, it was clear the exchange was going to be interesting.

“I want to know specifically what you would do to protect this country from terrorism,” said the woman, who later introduced herself as Jane Svoboda, 64. “And are you going to close the borders and get rid of the illegal immigrants?” NYT

Professor Lawrence Tribe in Des Moines for Barack
Change vs. Status Quo

Sven, @ My Silver State, has a, "What I Like About..." series going for each of the Democratic Candidates. His take is short, sweet and to the point. Check it out, here.

Polls, Polls, Polls
Well, one week from December and crunch time. So, the polls are on the move. And it looks upward, for Barack. Ok, latest Iowa Washington Post/ABC Poll, has Obama 30, Clinton 26, Edwards 22. Now, another New Hampshire Poll, from CNN/WMUR continues to show Clinton sliding downward. My take is this. Folks are now listening, very closely to these candidates and the gap is narrowing for front runner, Hillary Clinton. Iowa the first state to set its mark. At this point, too close to call, a squeaker to the end.

New Hampshire Set for January 8th
Michigan Back in Play
A wonderful diary was written by Populista on Obama's Education Plan.
What will the Obama plan do?

* Reform No Child Left Behind.
* Ensure access to high-quality early childhood education programs and child care opportunities so children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
* Work to place effective teachers in every classroom in America, especially those in high-poverty, high-minority areas.
* Reward effective teachers for taking on challenging assignments and helping children succeed.
* Support highly-effective principals and school leaders.
* Make science and math education a national priority.
* Reduce the high school dropout rate by focusing on proven methods to improve student achievement and enhance graduation and higher education opportunities.
* Close the achievement gap and invest in what works.
* Empower parents to raise healthy and successful children by taking a greater role in their child’s education at home and at school.

For teacherken's analysis of Obama's plan, it is here. Well, worth the read.

Undecided Voters Give Obama Hope
David Tothill is neither a Republican nor a Democrat but he knows what he wants in the 2008 White House race -- a fresh face.

"I like to believe that we can have a leader whose family name is not Bush or Clinton," said the 53-year-old retired software engineer after hearing Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama speak. "I like what Obama had to say."

The first-term Illinois senator is counting on voters like Tothill, one of many undecided independent voters who can cast ballots in either the Republican or Democratic primary in the influential early voting state of New Hampshire, well ahead of the November 2008 election. more

Obama Gets It With the Small Town Media
Last week, Senator Barack Obama appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” sitting in the venerable chair where presidential hopefuls have tested their mettle for 60 years. That, however, is not the only important interview Mr. Obama has conducted in recent days.

After delivering a speech and taking questions Monday from voters here in Clarion, a town of 3,000 people in north-central Iowa, Mr. Obama had one more item on his itinerary: a conversation with The Clarion Wright County Monitor.

As a dozen or so reporters for big-city papers, magazines and television networks packed their bags and headed to the next campaign stop, Mr. Obama lingered behind to chat with Barb Mussman, publisher of the weekly newspaper. For 17 years she has been putting out the paper, but never before has a presidential campaign offered an interview. more

Lee County, Iowa for Obama
Obama Opens Office in North Dakota
It is All About Iowa
howardpark's D.C. Events

women for obama

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Obama Talks About Drugs
Everyone knows that Obama is candid and forthright. We also know by his admission that he talks frank about drug use. What I like about this honest admission, which he has written about, is that it shows all of us that no one is perfect. In fact, who doesn't know someone that have been touched by drug usage and alcohol usage. And many reading this probably are still in recreational usage. The point is that sometimes you must walk through the fire, to find out who you are. To me, Barack Obama, is a role model. A role model of what is possible. So, many are told that it can not be done. So, many are not given help when needed. So, many just drift away. But, when you look at Barack Obama, he is what possiblity should be. Role model, you say? Damn right.
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icebergslim's last word: harold washington and barack obama

I woke up today and the first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful diary, remembering the former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington Twenty years since his death.

Nuisance Industry, outdid oneself, totally outdone.

This diary took me back down memory lane. 1983. My first vote was cast for Harold Washington, Mayor of Chicago, Illinois.

What made this race a national headline was that Washington was Black. But the real story was that Chicagoans voted for change.

As Nuisance describes Washington, I remember Chicago, back then. A very racially divided city, still is, but much better than 25 years ago.

This was the very first campaign I worked on, with my mother. We met in basements of churches all over Chicago. Getting trained, making sure we knew the talking points, Washington’s positions, and how to listen to folk.

My mother was a precinct captain in our neighborhood and knew everyone. I and my siblings were always dragged around to some political, something or the other, by my mother growing up. But this time, I marched with my mother through our neighborhood and many others, talking about Harold.

I can’t describe to you the feeling of hope and possibility. I can’t. Every time it seemed that one fire was out, sigh, another started. It was a heated campaign, and yes, racially charged. But you know what? We followed Harold’s lead. We said, “We must try to bring this city together.”

We saw Harold go into the very neighborhoods, you just don’t go into, talking to Whites, Hispanics, about something new. And it just seemed that when he went into hostility, he walked out with possibility.

That is how he won. That is how he became Mayor of Chicago.

I guess that is what is going on with Barack Obama. Many of us advocates, supporters that have worked tirelessly for various candidates had just given up hope. We just got tired of the same old thing. And then a tall, lanky, bi-racial, man walks on the scene and wakes us up to possibility.

Man, that possibility is a mother. Many of us have stayed wake, wondering, worrying, can he do it? Can he win the nomination? Can he become president? And guess what, many of us are back on the beat. Talking, walking, explaining, and donating to Barack Obama.

Like Harold Washington, Obama has woken us all up. Yep, to good, ol' possibility. Possibility is something else, but in the end, if it wins? That's some possibility that will be better for us, all.

burlington, ia

Like Barack Obama, we must remember to follow his lead. Yes, in a heated election cycle it can be rough, but we must remember, that we are advocates and supporters of Barack. He would expect nothing less of us.


well it is getting cold. snoop and hobbes are putting on their doggie coats for a cold fall walk, and as all things go, remember to focus on obama, and not the drama.


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This Week With Barack Obama

*FYI, 'This Week With Barack Obama' slated next Sunday, will be posted next Monday, December 3, 2007, a 'Late Edition'. I will be in Iowa and a seperate diary will follow.