Saturday, July 24, 2010

President Obama addresses Netroots Nation (Video)

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Shirley Sherrod on THE VIEW (Video)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck with her "Hatch Act" question? Totally, SHUT DOWN...I mean she FAILED big time...

And how the administration, the USDA, under the Obama Administration fired her...unbelievable, if Sherrod does not take the job offer who can blame her after how she was treated by this administration and how she was USED as a right wing political pawn with the race card used as a wedge...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Barack Obama when are you going to WAKE UP....

Listen to Keith Olbermann. Obama White House, FOX NEWS ain't into you, will never be into you, and you continue to fall for their bullshit. When are you going to get it, understand it, and FIGHT IT.....not run away from it by throwing folks under the bus...that tact is MASSIVE FAIL....

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End of Andrew Breitbart's Credibility (Video)

Which is why the White House should re-instate that FOX NEWS is not a news organization.

Don't be afraid of it, embrace it.

All of these organizations, which are NEWS, were hoodwinked too. Meaning, they will not come to any defense of FOX NEWS.

I expect and hope Ms. Shirley sues all that harmed her, her credibility, her family and now death threats for her.

FOX NEWS, Andrew Breitbart are racists and need to be denounced now.

The White House, get it right before you throw someone under the bus, with no verification or vetting, because you are afraid of a FOX NEWS video clip.

nuff said....

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Shirley Sherrod wants a talk with Barack Obama

First off, she does not want an apology, she wants a conversation.

She deserves it. If you know anything about the Civil Rights Movement, you will know the name, "Sherrod" is legacy in the South. Which is a travesty on the failure of the NAACP and the Obama White House. And a note, when the NAACP found out about Shirley Sherrod and found the WHOLE VIDEO they were quick to apologize and hit the news waves. For that, I am appreciative but their initial reaction to a far right wing blogger, Andrew Breitbart should have been a light bulb for ALL parties involved.

Next, the white farmers who came to Sherrod's defense shut this story down from the FOX perspective, put egg on USDA's face and made the Obama Administration look totally ineffective.

I don't blame Sherrod for not wanting to take a job from the Obama Administration, in fact I hope she sue all parties involved and she does have a valid law suit. As we see Braitbart is starting to change his story and FOX NEWS is now taking a totally different attack on this story.

Lastly, The White House has massive explaining to do, not to us, but to HER. And Barack Obama, step it up because you and your team look like colossal jackasses right now.

Shirley Sherrod from The Today Show:

From morning joe:

Willie Nelson's Op-Ed on his friendship with Shirley Sherrod, he is founder of FARM AID

Full story on Shirley Sherrod, here.

L.A. Times Timeline on the Sherrod Controversy

New York Times

July 21, 2010 White House Press Briefing all about Shirley

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama White House, "Stop believing the RIGHT WING media" (Maddow video)

I waited for the full story on the firing of USDA Shirley Sherrod because I BELIEVED that the Shirley Sherrod story was not accurate.

This is a grave reminder to not believe what the conservative media states. A reminder that you must always read between the lines and get to the solid truth.

But this goes even deeper....

The media, reporters, in print and video have repeatedly reported the WRONG STORY or evidence of many stories. This also proves that these organizations don't even do the basic of tasks, as in, picking up a fucking phone to perform basic FACT CHECK. This continues because the public does not demand the full facts and are trained to the "sound bite". That is our fault for not demanding the truth.

This is the continuous problem with both sides of the media, conservative or progressive. It also shows how these outlets who are in the "NEWS BUSINESS" have cut costs drastically, go along with "rumor to make fact" and continues to get the story WRONG.

Shirley Sherrod was just on Anderson Cooper and said the forced resignation was at the behest of the White House. And on Anderson Cooper the White House is blasted for rush to judgment, without looking at the evidence. Shameful.


We saw what happened in the Van Jones incident. What Jones said about Glenn Beck was not only accurate but TRUE. But because of the pressure by FOX NEWS, we saw Jones tossed.

The White House knows that FOX NEWS is full of shit, skews the actual news and doctor video clips. They do that shit 24/7, why the WH would BELIEVE what FOX NEWS put up in a very heavy, edited video should have put them on pause. The Andrew Braitbart video totally took the speech of what Shirley Sherrod said out of full context. Obama White House stop running scared of the conservative media, because by jumping the gun that is what you look like.

Lastly, Sherrod needs to be reinstated. Listening to this woman puts FOX NEWS and the White House in the column of WRONG. Stop jumping the gun just because it is fired. In the end, the target hit is not always the correct one.

This is a hard lesson for us all.

More information on Shirley Sherrod in this diary. Worth a read.

Rachel Maddow takes it to the White House:

Full video of Shirley Sherrod's speech:

NAACP President Ben Jealous on Rachel Maddow:

Update [2010-7-21 0:49:5 by icebergslim]:

She insisted she "went all out" to help the man keep his farm and said she resigned only under pressure from the Obama administration, telling CNN she received four phone calls Monday telling her the White House wanted her to step down.

"They asked me to resign, and in fact they harassed me as I was driving back to the state office from West Point, Georgia, yesterday," she said. The last call "asked me to pull to the side of the road and do it [resign]," she said.

For those who insist the White House had nothing to do with this, think again. This is politics. Let's be REAL HERE and live in reality. The most basic of questions is this, "Why would Shirley Sherrod LIE?" She is trying to clear her reputation, lying about all this at this point would not help her. And if you were the White House, of course the words as usual is DENY, DENY, DENY. And Sherrod sticks to her story that the White House wanted her gone. CNN, video in the link.

No one writes it like The Field Negro:
And, speaking of fire, the story of how this poor woman got fired is unbelievable. Because the administration was afraid that her story was going to be on Captain Jack's show? (You might have to think about that one for a minute, but it will come to you) Shame!

"Sherrod said she first heard of the possible controversy when someone e-mailed her Thursday to taunt her about her comments. She immediately forwarded the e-mail to the USDA so the agency would be aware. She was told that someone would look into it.

She said it wasn't until Monday that she heard back, and by then, she was being asked for her resignation.

Class Act....

And Oliver Willis: President Obama: Time To Man-Up & Rehire Shirley Sherrod. And Apologize.
Mr. President,

You screwed up. Secretary Vilsack may have been the one who executed the decision, but the buck stops at your desk. Cabinet secretaries don’t work in a vacuum. Even if you were never consulted on a decision, the decisions shirley sherrodthey make are done with the full imprint of your office. The decision to fire Shirley Sherrod was a mistake, and it happened with your authority.

The clear mistake made was believing the lies and presentation of serial liar Andrew Breitbart and his allies at Fox News Channel. Bluntly, this was stupid. You should know better. The right wing is built on a foundation of lies and deception. If a figure on the right is speaking, it’s safe to assume that they are not telling the truth. I understand your belief in bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle, and I even support it (within reason) but especially when it comes to right-wing media figures, it is a fools errand of the worst sort for you or your cabinet to have invested anything in their words.

This was wrong, sir. This video and your actions smeared a public servant’s name. Shirley Sherrod is the kind of person whose service deserves reward, not to have her name dragged through the right wing mud with the aid of the highest office in the land.

On that note, AMEN and Good Night....


Final update, USDA reconsidering ousting Sherrod. That did not take long, it should not take long and this story needs to move off the radar.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said early Wednesday that his department will reconsider the ouster of an employee who resigned over alleged race comments.

His statement came after civil rights leaders said they were "snookered" into believing a conservative website's charges of racism against employee Shirley Sherrod were true.

Vilsack said that he will "conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts" about his decision to ask Sherrod to resign.

In the end, this is about a White House, Secretary Vilsack, USDA running scared because of a heavy edited video clip using reverse racism which was going to be shown on the Glenn Beck Show. These actions have given more props to FOX NEWS and have diminished the strength of this White House, especially when President Obama constantly states he does not respond to cable news and this is just what the White House did, panicked and responded by firing Shirley Sherrod without having all the facts.

Throwing people under the bus: Van Jones, ACORN, Shirley Sherrod...who is next? Priceless.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Obama becomes harsh on the Republicans and unemployment (Video)

For me, a beginning. The unemployment benefits will be extended tomorrow due to West Virginia appointing a Senator to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd. This will stop the Republican filibuster in the Senate. But for President Obama, he needs to become much harsher on the Republicans and define them as obstructionists and say it OFTEN. And I mean that folks on the streets HERE HIM, that message is not getting out here.


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