Friday, September 2, 2011

President Obama just stop with the Republican Talking Points

Enough is fucking enough.

Really it is.

President Obama thinks that we have too many regulations in regards to CLEAN AIR and just want to toss them to the wind?

How Republican is that?

This White House is playing on a very dangerous ground.

Their position is that everyone will run and rally to them next year, no matter what, because we have no where to go.

Well, that position is dangerous if he continues down this slippery slope.

This White House has a pattern and everyone might as well get use to it. It is called negotiating everything that is a Democratic principle away.

This White House was not honest in the Health Care Debate; they threw away the public option and opted for the Republican Mitt Romney's plan. We don't have to re-debate this but we all know that at the end cost containments are not there and definitely a public option is not there. Alas, everything that insurance companies and drug companies wanted they basically got.

This White House did not have the grit to fight it out with the Republicans over the Bush Tax Cuts. This was a critical moment for Obama to have that fight and take it to the people. He could have used the powers of the presidency and moved the people to his side and exposed the Republican Party for what they are but Barack Obama did not have the courage or fortitude to do that. So, he extended the Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for unemployment extension. Now does anyone believe that with this country "stuck like Chuck" at 9.1% unemployment that the Republicans will extend these benefits after we have seen the continual cave from this White House? Don't hold your breath. But that battle is forth coming, just watch.

This White House put the Big 3 on the table for cuts. A Democratic White House. In doing so, with no explanation, it has angered many in the Democratic Party. While we witnessed President Obama's chicken dance with the Republicans and watched President Obama state that he will not sign any bill without both tax cuts and tax hikes, we again saw him cave to the wind and sign the bill that the Republicans wanted. A bill with pure tax cuts. Remember, Speaker Boehner was proud to state he got "98% of what he wanted", while you heard no rebuttal from the White House.

Now this White House has fought for high smog regulations within the EPA and it is public record, but now does a 180 and believe we don't need regulations? That it is a constraint, at this time? WTF, is going on here? This White House sounds like it is run by Big Corporations and Wall Street. What this White House is doing is not going to help any voter out here, in fact is continues the beat of the GOP drum.

Keep playing this dangerous game Obama White House. We already know you don't have a pot to piss in when it comes to your disastrous performance on the economy, but you need people to help you win next year. You need enthused voters. You need folks to call people up. You need boots on the ground. You need poll watchers. You need a whole lot of shit to win next year's "Scare you to the polls campaign". But all this shit you are doing NOW, will not help many to help you next year, period.

Shame on you Barack Obama for adopting the GOP talking points on regulatory rules within the EPA on smog. You just lost some votes here, sir.

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