Saturday, September 12, 2009

Assassination threats up 400% per Secret Service against President Obama (Video)

This is real. These nuts are that, RACISTS NUTS.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baucus Bill Authored by "ex-Wellpoint VP"

My, my, my......

an ex-VP of Wellpoint, a health insurance company?

And again, Baucus is suppose to be in above board?


When Max Baucus circulated his draft plan earlier this week, the PDF documentation page (image) indicates that the "author" was ex-Wellpoint VP Liz Fowler. Fowler was hired in February as Senior Counsel to the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and famously boasted that "the reason that I have a lot of friends is ’cause I got to give away money.”

If Fowler did indeed write the draft plan, then how did the same framework and language find its way into an amendment submitted by Blue Dog Mike Ross in July?

Jon Walker finds that "the two documents are almost identical and and sometimes use the exact same wording":

Ross' amendment:

The governing documents of the cooperatives incorporate ethical and conflict of interest standards designed to protect against insurance industry involvement and interference in the governance of the cooperative.

Baucus' framework:

Its governing documents must incorporate ethics and conflict of interest standards protecting against insurance industry involvement and interference.

Again, the internet is a bitch. Read it all, here.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GOP Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted "LIE" to the President of the United States, Barack Obama (Video)

This total disrespect have turned many Americans away from the Republican Party tonight, in fact it has just validated the fringe, hate, racist party even more. In all the times George W. Bush addressed congress, not one member of congress was disrespectful. This was totally disrespectful.

One of the most persistent conservative concerns about health care legislation is that it will provide health care to illegal immigrants -- and the heated claim spilled onto the floor of President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress this evening, where one Republican member called the president a liar for denying it.

"There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false - the reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally," President Obama said.

A loud voice from the Republican side of the hall answered, "Lie" -- my colleague Glenn Thrush reports it was Rep. Joe Wilson (R - S.C.) -- drawing a second "It's not true," from Obama and a shake of Nancy Pelosi's head.

And Senator John McCain said this:
Wilson's words were "totally disrespectful. He should apologize immediately," McCain said.

And we want THIS to retake congress? I don't think so.


This was quick. Due to protocal in the chamber and the embarrassment this man has made to his own party, Congressman Joe Wilson has apologized for his actions. Expect him to be trounced, royally on blogs, the news and cable. As it should be.
“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.”

And Wilson called the White House but got Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, oh boy.
Wilson apparently called the White House to apologize to Obama directly. Instead he ended up speaking to Rahm Emanuel. Oh, to have been listening in on that f@(&ing conversation.

Lastly, morning joe, Joe Scarborough calls Wilson "a dumbass"
In response to Wilson’s inappropriate claim that Obama is a liar, the conservative Scarborough tweeted, “Whoever shouted out that the president was lying is a dumbass who should show the President respect. I hated when Democrats shouted at Bush.”

Let's do even more, let's raise money for Wilson's opponent and take this disrespectful congressman OUT. Donate to Rob Miller, here.

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Full Video of President Obama's Speech to the Joint Sessions of Congress with Transcript


Letter of Senator Ted Kennedy to President Barack Obama

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Live Streaming of President Obama's Speech to Joint Sessions of Congress (Video and Transcript)

This event has ended, see the full video of this speech here.

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President Obama thank you for admitting your errors, now go out and kick some ass tonight!!

Many on this site have continued the hand wringing throughout the month of August and are viewing the President's speech tonight with scrutiny. Understood, it is warranted.

But, I am one who admits when a mistake was made; bad judgment taken, not listening enough, or relying on others to do the job and it becomes inept.

President Obama has said much of this on Good Morning America, today.

"I, out of an effort to give Congress the ability to do their thing and not step on their toes, probably left too much ambiguity out there, which allowed then opponents of reform to come in and to fill up the airwaves with a lot of nonsense," Obama told ABC's Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America."

Referencing rumors about health care for illegal immigrants, "death panels" or a "government takeover," he added, "Moving things through Congress is always a messy process. We've got five committees with jurisdiction. That means there are five different bills. I think the public wasn't clear exactly what was what."

Pressed on his remarks, Obama said that the speech would give "a lot of clarity" but would not offer any details: "I want everybody to tune in."

The Steve Hildebrand interview with Politico was heavy for this White House to take, and for anyone to think differently, you are wrong on this point. Hildebrand was probably not the only person upset by what happened in August, but it put clarity and credibility that he put his name on what he felt and was frustrated about. He was just keeping it honest and being real. Sometimes in that Washington, D.C. bubble things like this needs to be said for you to wake up to what is really happening out here.

There was no magic plan from this White House, no big time strategy, the White House was just expecting congress to do a job and the President did not give the direction nor leadership in what he expected in a final bill for health care.

He also admits in this statement that not defending very important legislation and leaving it open so the other side will define it, should not have been done.

President Obama learned a hard lesson and lost political capital in all of this, but the thing I admire the most about this is that he gets it; he acknowledged it and believe me he will try his hardest to never let this happen again.

Tonight is about leadership and specifics. The American Public awaits what President Obama has to say and we are ready to fight along side him, once the orders are given, by him.

President Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. He is the leader of the Democratic Party. And he is going through on the job training right now. He will make many more mistakes, but I don't expect him to ever let anything that he believes in so strongly, as heath care reform to get beaten up like this again.

And bipartisanship? We can always play that card. He has learned a lesson on that too. Play with the ones who will play FAIRLY, if they show any hint of not, SHUT THEM DOWN. And right now the majority of the minority senate is in the SHUT THEM DOWN group. They may never get another bite of the apple from this President.

Lastly, on a personal note. I was a big Obama supporter through the dog days of the primaries, through the general election. I gained and lost 25 pounds, I lost my beloved Bichon Frise, Hobbes through this, and now I am recovering from abdominal surgery but I kept the faith that this man, Barack Obama would become a fantastic President. And he will be when the books are written, but it is up to us, the ones who supported him by voting for him to hold his feet to the fire when he is just WRONG. And I believe, even Obama would admit this. He is a man, not a God, not Superman, but a man who fucks up on occasion, just as my husband does. And it is through our voices when bad judgment is made, that we must make the case for him to listen.

President Obama, tonight is the night to kick ass, take names and shut this down on the side of GOOD for health care reform and the public option. WE anticipate and expect the good fight from you and will be there by your side to close this out.

WORD on all the above. And I am STILL a big time Obama supporter.

Source and Video here

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Judge Sonia on the SUPREME COURT block (Video)

That is Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor....

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Is Obama going to dis the Netroots? (Video)

Yep, he used us up good. We wanted to be used, he was the "Change Guy". We have been patient with many things that we have not agreed with Obama on and held our fire. But, health care reform, a signature issue in the Democratic Party, number 2 behind Iraq, many are not going to take it.

Will we help him in 2012 if he goes the Blue Dog, Rahm Emanuel route? Maybe, we will give him a vote, but getting fired up and ready to go, he will have to go find some more folks for that one.

And remember, the far left was for "single payer" the mainstream DEMOCRATIC PARTY wants the public option. Obama, we hope you are hearing us. From the Ed Show on MSNBC.

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Governor Mark Sanford, "It's been one." You should either resign or be impeached, take your pick.

And this is a REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE. They must be tired of being a brunt of jokes and having a stanch HYPOCRITE in its mist.

The Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives has joined a growing chorus of Republicans calling for Gov. Mark Sanford’s resignation.

In a much anticipated letter delivered to Sanford Tuesday, Harrell formally called on the governor to resign.

“What has become clear is that Sanford’s issues will continue to dominate our state as long as he remains in office,” Harrell said. “Whether he should be removed from office is a question that will need to be answered from the State Ethics Commission investigation, but our state’s future is too important to have the governor’s issues overshadow everything we do for the next fifteen months. For the good of our state, Sanford should step aside.”

The results of the Ethics Commission investigation into allegations that Sanford used state aircraft for personal travel, violated state law by using high-priced airfare, and didn’t report the use of private aircraft will be released soon.

“The issues we have facing our state and the work that needs to be accomplished is too important for us to spend this next year bogged down with the distractions Sanford’s actions have created,” said Harrell. “South Carolina needs strong and effective leadership to address the pressing issues facing our state.

“This is a disappointing situation, but a necessary step for the public restoration of trust to our state’s highest elected office and the only way to allow our state to move forward.”

Harrell joins Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and numerous state legislators in asking Sanford to step down.

Sanford will be a guest on News Radio 560 WVOC AM with Kevin Cohen Tuesday at 5 p.m. and the Harrell letter will no doubt come up.


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Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Maxine Waters are not playing around with the PUBLIC OPTION (Video)

From the Ed Show...."not public option, no reform of health care...."


And the public still want the insurance companies to continue to JAM THEM UP? WAKE UP.

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WTF? Pelosi, Reid and bipartianship, still on health care? (Video)

You decide.

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How to get Michelle Obama's arms (Video)

Tricep pushups will do WONDERS....

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Video of President Obama's Back to School speech to students

MSNBC Video | Transcript | Vimeo Video

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Health Insurance Companies: Their main purpose is to do anything to DENY YOUR CLAIMS


The very companies that these uninformed and lobbyist propped teabaggers, birthers, racists are running around defending, obviously are uninformed, misinformed and just don't get it.

One thing my father told me when I was growing up, two firms that will try to screw the American Public if allowed, "banks and insurance companies." I did not understand what he meant, but he broke it down, "these companies are in the business to do one thing, take your money, and when they have to write you a check they will do everything possible not to do it."

He was right. We saw many people who to this day are STILL waiting for a check from the insurance companies from Hurricane Katrina. And now, the health insurance companies have become greedy ass vampires, whose sole purpose to "suck us dry". (I am a True Blood fan, could not help it.)

Rescission -- the technical term for canceling coverage on grounds that the company was misled -- is often considered among the most offensive practices in an insurance industry that already suffers from a distinct lack of popularity among the American public. Tales of cancellations have fueled outrage among regulators, analysts, doctors and, not least, plaintiffs' lawyers, who describe insurers as too eager to shed patients to widen profits.

This is a nasty practice. What happens is that when a large claim comes through and you are diagnosed with a problem that will end up costing thousands of dollars, these companies, the very ones who has the very best intentions for their health care insures, will scour your application and if there is any hint of a possible pre-existing condition, they will deny your claim and the war begins. Or in some cases, the bean counters (the ones that get huge bonuses to deny coverage) will assume and deny the claim anyway.

And all this shit going on at these Astroturf town halls is to protect this? Is this the best coverage for this country? PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP.

The same health insurance companies DEFEND doing this, stating it keeps cost down. Does anyone believe this? And Blue Cross Blue Shield the supposedly, "gold standard" of the insurance companies are just as bad or WORSE.
Insurance company officials say they need to be able to cancel policies to control fraud, which by some estimates reaches $100 billion annually.

"We do not rescind a policyholder's coverage because someone on the policy gets sick," said Peggy Hinz, a spokeswoman for Anthem Blue Cross, a subsidiary of WellPoint. "We have put in place a thorough process with multiple steps to ensure that we are as fair and as accurate as we can be in making these difficult decisions."

Much of that process was a condition of settlements with state overseers, who fined Blue Cross $11 million over the past two years and required it, and all other major insurers in California, to restore canceled policies. Insurers still face court challenges, including a class-action suit targeting Blue Cross on behalf of 6,000 canceled policyholders. Read the whole article, here.

These inhumane practices must stop. People who work hard every day and do the right thing should not be burdened with the possibility that whenever you get sick the insurance company may or may not provide proper coverage.

This is why I am totally against any mandates for these companies. They have not served the American Public above board and honorably. Their sole purpose was the bottom line, money and profits, and these companies have come to the conclusion to do anything to get it. Including denying claims that many Americans desperately need for their health, denying live saving procedures where they have the ultimate power to let a human die.

Enough of them.

The public option's sole purpose is to pool our money together, bring costs down, provide quality care and never ever do to humans what these private insurance companies have done. It is that important.

Lastly, I can not preach loudly enough on what Congresswoman Maxine Waters stated on Keith Olbermann's show, Friday, August 4, 2009.

39.6% claims were DENIED from Pacific Care in California. These are claims denied by folks who HAVE INSURANCE.

Folks this is almost 50% of people who have submitted claims and they were denied, yes, Pacific Care is one of the top five providers in California, subsidiary of United Group Care.

And this is supposed to be OK?

The only death panels this country have in regards to health care is the ones run by these health insurance companies.

Continue to call the WHITE HOUSE, 202-456-1111, or email the WHITE HOUSE for the public option, and continue to contact congress. The pressure must be kept until the final bill is SIGNED. And I mean contact these folks EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' DAY!!!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

President Obama's Speech in Cincinnati, OH at the Labor Day AFL-CIO picnic, focus health care (Full Video and Transcript)



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Kid Reporter, Damon Weaver weighs in on President Obama's "Back to School" speech to kids (Video)

If only parents was like this kid.....

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President Obama's Back to School Speech for September 8, 2009

Video of President Obama's Back to School Speech to the nation's students from Arlington, VA, Sept. 8, 2009

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

New CNN Poll, Obama numbers down further (Video)

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Harold Ford, Jr. states the left will be disappointed in Obama's speech on Wednesday (Video)

Harold Ford, Jr. is from the DLC mode, the mode out of power in the Democratic Party and not one of my favorite politicians. The notion that the left or progressives should just chalk it up, meaning drop the public option for the team is disastrous. The whip should have been on the Blue Dogs, why? Because you don't destroy the very BASE, i.e., progressives, your activists in this whole fiasco. It will be REMEMBERED what Rahm Emanuel said to progressives, to the day he LEAVES the White House. The Progressive Caucus HAS THE VOTES, the Blue Dogs don't. It is time for the Obama White House to use their leverage and whip these folks into place. The thinking of something is better than nothing will suppress and demoralize the base. Case and point, Obama is losing across the board, bleeding support from Republicans, Independents and Democrats. If he can not deliver on health care, he will have a very hard 2010. The Republicans are fired up, our side not so much. Not with the continuous blunders of a White House that can not keep on simple message, not with convoluted messages from this White House and not with the continuing for bipartisanship which is a joke, at this point. No public option, hard times in 2010 and it will start with the Blue Dogs going down. Video from Meet the Press.

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Maxine Waters on ABC's This Week to Republicans, "Where is your health care bill?" (Video)

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Is Robert Gibbs wobbly on the public option? You decide. (Video)

From This Week With George Stephanopoulos:

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How to embolden the Republicans

When Barack Obama assumed the presidency in January of 2009, I knew that the right would eventually get riled up over anything he did.

Well, they have and for a demoralized Republican Party, much of their wing nuttery is not only believed but repeated so much, that is becomes the truth to many.

These folks would never vote Obama and their voices are small, but they have their own big megaphone in talk radio and Fox News.

We all have to give the Republican Party credit for taking one issue as health care and demoralizing it, even though their own seniors would never give up Medicare, a government run single payer program. We have seen their likes at the Astroturf town hall meetings, with faux outrage, carrying guns, comparing Obama to Hitler and screaming socialized medicine.

All of this is outrageous, but their one liners have stuck. "Socialized medicine, death panels, death book, government takeover." Yes, all of this has stuck and have been targeted towards the seniors in this country. It has been effective so far because we see all these one liners coming up in polls.

As impressive a job that Barack Obama has done thus far, it will be the battle of health care that will stand out for everyone. I state this because the American Public have short memories, many don't know how the system works in D.C., they don't understand the three branches of government but it is these very voters that can make or break a campaign. We know this, we had to educate the American Public on who Barack Obama was and what he stood for, and it took 2 years.

This is a turning point, Wednesday that is, President Obama must be decisive, direct, forceful, and tell the American Public what he stands for when it comes to health care reform. There cannot be any vagueness, whishy-washy triangulation (which this administration has been BAD at), it must be direct and every point must not be one that can be moved down the 50-yard line.

Which brings me to how to embolden the Republicans? Easy, continue to insist on a bipartisan bill, continue to negotiate everything away, and don't back and state that you want a public option in this bill. The Republican Party has already won the month of August, now we are coming down to the final stretch. If our team cave on every point and give the Republicans and insurance companies whatever they want on the sake of a bill, it is going to be tough for 2010. It is called, "suppressing your base, demoralizing your base", this has been the calculated risk that the tiny Republican Party has been betting on. And it is working. People are sitting out on the sidelines, many who voted for Obama and the Democrats because of unclarity and miscommunication from the White House and the Democratic Congress. We can win these people back, have them in the streets, but only with a speech and fire of "a fierce urgency of now", along with the definitive voice of "I want a public option or public plan" in the final bill. If we don't hear that, the ones on the sidelines will just walk away. Some already have, we know this and we need these people. And remember Denver a year ago?

A year ago, Denver enthusiastically hosted the Democratic National Convention, which culminated with Obama's acceptance speech before more than 80,000 people at the Denver Broncos' football stadium. Legions of volunteers, young and old, fanned out across the state throughout the fall to rally the vote for Obama's campaign.

Today, the energy that powered Obama to victory has begun to dissipate. Some of his supporters remain on the sidelines; others are, if not disillusioned, questioning what has happened to his presidency. As they look toward 2010, Democrats are nervous. Gov. Bill Ritter, appointed Sen. Michael F. Bennet and at least one Democratic member of the House will probably face difficult election campaigns next year.


The Obama of 2008 seemed perfectly attuned to a state known for its youthfulness, future-oriented outlook and positive spirit. If he struggled at times with older voters in Rust Belt states, he always found a welcome in Colorado, easily defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic caucuses before cruising past McCain in the general election.

Today, Coloradans appear more downbeat. Anxiety has replaced optimism. The recession has changed habits and attitudes. Obama's agenda has raised questions among independent voters because of its ambitious scope and potential impact on the deficit. His style has left some original supporters concerned about his toughness.

Well, what can anyone say after this? It is out there. I heard it all summer from many independents and Republicans who voted for Obama and the Democrats. This is why Wednesday speech is important.

And the Republican Party? They will continue to lie, continue being over the top, continue with massive lobbyists influence, monopolize the television coverage, and try to force this administration to BACK DOWN. That is what their final push is. If they win on how they demoralized the health care debate, they will do it every single time for any bill that comes up and this White House will be perceived as weak. We all know this, which is why Barack Obama must tell it like it is on Wednesday, state unequivocally where he stands with the public option or public plan and take the other side OUT.

The Mr. Nice Guy should be gone after Wednesday.

If we can win with the public option, the Republicans would have LOST. They will then know that creating faux havoc, "just won't do". It will be them demoralized, not us. They will be relegated to a fringe party with nuts running around in it and the Republican Congress will not be able to ask for ANYTHING from this administration, going forward.

Finally, the reason that the health care battle means so much to many Americans is because we understood what Barack Obama was saying during his campaign. We know the insurance companies deny claims on purpose; we know they will kick anyone off the very minute they can if anyone has an existing pre-condition; we know these very companies continue to raise premiums while taking away coverage; we know this because Barack Obama told us his personal story. So, the thing or argument of that was just what he said during the campaign won't work here. Barack Obama said, "...words matter" and he told this country that we should have " care like congress...", well it is time to pony up and deliver. And it is way past time to whip the Blue Dogs and these conservative Democrats in the senate. They are the obstructionists, not the other way around.

I am looking for a new and improved President Obama on Wednesday. At this point, we all are.


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Van Jones resigns, give one to Glenn Beck

Well, one thing is right, Van Jones may or may not have been a 9/11 conspiracy followers but I have not read a statement that stated unequivocally he is not. That was his problem. Everyone should know going forward, that the right wing asshats on talk radio and television will be like this against Obama for the next 3 years.

Glenn Beck has his first scalp. Van Jones, under fire from the extremist television show host for his background in radical activism, has resigned from the administration.

Jones was Special Adviser for Green Jobs at the Council on Environmental Quality - the so-called 'Green Jobs' Czar. Jones' 2008 book, The Green Collar Economy, was a New York Times best-seller. Beck is a talk show host for Fox News.

Jones never denied his past affiliation with the radical left. In the '90s, he was involved with the group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which sympathized with Maoist-inspired peasant movements throughout the world and was organized to protest police brutality.

Jones, however, left radical politics and made the decision to work within the system, rather than try to overthrow it. For Beck, however, Jones' past statements were evidence that Obama is secretly marshaling a cadre of lieutenants pushing an agenda that is "radical, revolutionary and in some cases Marxist." (Meanwhile, in reality, Obama is backing away from even including a public health insurance option as part of health care reform. How that squares with Obama's Marxist agenda Beck has yet to explain.)


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