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Evening Wrapup...Obama hits McCain on the Economy

Obama Hawaii Pictures, August 12, 2008


Obama hit McCain hard with his new ad, "Book".

I have noticed that the Obama Campaign have created these various television and radio ads to target different states in the country.

My take? Totally cool. Each state is different, unique. Sure, we all are hit with the generic stuff like jobs, gas prices, etc. But each state/region have specific problems or worries. Meaning, you don't put them all in the same bag. I don't see the McCain Campaign doing this. They are not innovators, they are the same old stuff that does not excite me. I will give them credit for the Britteny and Paris ad. I think Obama took a hit, but it was temporary because in the long run, those ads don't mean anything. Who cares about Britteny and Paris? Unless you can link Obama directly and the McCain Campaign can not. Plus, Paris' reply was classic.

The ad will run in AK, CO, FL, IA, MI, MO, MT, NM, NV, NH, NC, ND, OH, PA, VA, and WI.


Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy...That is John McCain, just read it.


McCain following the Mark Penn Plan

Sorry, but this sh*t still pisses me off.

As my sister said, "Hillary sorta, kinda tried this tactic and it did not work", but as I told my lovely sister, "that was for Democratic voters, we are now talking about everyone else."

The Republican Party is so pathetic that many in congress are foregoing the convention because of tight races across the country. Plus, the excitement factor is not on the GOP side, it just is not.

So, the only thing left is the negativity game. They are going to run race bating, scurrilous ads after the convention. We just have to work our asses off.

Still in all, this does not endear me to the Clintons, at all. Sorry, it doesn't. We can all faux love each other, kiss-kiss, but that does not mean I am not looking behind my back for that knife. Ya dig? As for Mark Penn, if McCain wins in November it will be the "I told you so" line because McCain is taking the Penn/Clinton playbook and running with it.

One of the fun things about writing a controversial piece like the one we posted yesterday on the collapse of the Clinton campaign is the ensuing flurry of ungrounded pronouncements about this or that major character. If you watch cable or read liberal blogs, you’ve no doubt gotten the impression that former Clinton chief strategist Mark Penn is finished in politics, owing largely to this memo suggesting that Clinton target what he calls Obama’s “lack of American roots.” Not only do I suspect these commentators are jumping to premature conclusions, but one obvious scenario could bring Penn back rather quickly—and right into the middle of Obama’s campaign.

For years, Penn and his wife, Nancy Jacobson, have been close advisers to Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. Jacobson put together Bayh’s finance team during his aborted presidential bid, and previously served as national finance chair for the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). Penn was the DLC’s longtime pollster and worked for Bayh during his last Senate race. The couple has also been associated with Third Way, the centrist think tank Bayh helped organize in 2005 that many in Washington viewed as a vehicle for his presidential run (the DLC obviously belonging to Clinton).

Bayh gets major play in today’s New York Times for being on, and possibly even atop, Obama’s vice-presidential short list. He has many attractive qualifications. But in choosing Bayh, Obama would be pairing himself with someone awfully close to Mark Penn. Would it bother Obama’s people to have Penn whispering in their vice president’s ear? The official answer, conveyed by Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, is “We aren’t commenting on the VP selection process.” The unofficial answer is, “You bet it would!”

And many in the liberal blogosphere are vehemently against Evan Bayh as Vice-President. Me, not crazy about the idea, but at this point it won't matter. Barack Obama is the top of the ticket, not Bayh, Kaine, Sebelius and the others. But, if I was Barack Obama, I would pause. Do you want this influence hanging around as thought in your White House?

I wouldn't.


Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) on Cokie Roberts ridiculous comments
“She’s a bit of a fool that’s the only thing you can say,” said Rep. Neil Abercrombie. ”Don’t forget Cokie Roberts and the whole Washington crowd live in a kind of an incestuous relationship to one another, they talk to one another, they see one another, they know nothing about ordinary people.”

Amen on that one brother, AMEN.


McCain and Lieberman call Obama un-American. Will Obama respond?
Red-blooded American males respond, forcefully, when someone accuses them of being un-American. (And hidden within this attack is some subtle racism as well since, you know, Obama's people are dark and from "exotic" dark-skinned places like Hawaii, and some of his ancestors were Muslim, and you know what that means.) It all adds up to someone who won't put their country first. And that kind of person is an un-American traitor.

At some point people need to see that Obama can get angry, that he has an inner "asshole." That he can defend himself. That he can be a man. And considering that this is the third time that McCain has basically called Obama un-American, Obama ought to publicly slam McCain and this theme down, hard, now.

Now Lieberman is out there, with full endorsement of McCain using this tactic. It is about McCain being the "real American, who puts America first" meme. Remember, all about making Barack Obama un-american.

Keep an eye on this and call it for what it is, nasty campaign tactics.


Tennessee GOP at it again, links Obama to Kilpatrick

This is B.S. Okay? Now that Mayor "Yawz Boy" Kwame Kilpatrick is a piece of work, for sure. And he needs to resign, for sure. But Obama did not endorse his mother, Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick, who almost lost in the primary and his response to the Mayor has been tepid, at best.

Let's move on.



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