Friday, September 2, 2011

President Obama just stop with the Republican Talking Points

Enough is fucking enough.

Really it is.

President Obama thinks that we have too many regulations in regards to CLEAN AIR and just want to toss them to the wind?

How Republican is that?

This White House is playing on a very dangerous ground.

Their position is that everyone will run and rally to them next year, no matter what, because we have no where to go.

Well, that position is dangerous if he continues down this slippery slope.

This White House has a pattern and everyone might as well get use to it. It is called negotiating everything that is a Democratic principle away.

This White House was not honest in the Health Care Debate; they threw away the public option and opted for the Republican Mitt Romney's plan. We don't have to re-debate this but we all know that at the end cost containments are not there and definitely a public option is not there. Alas, everything that insurance companies and drug companies wanted they basically got.

This White House did not have the grit to fight it out with the Republicans over the Bush Tax Cuts. This was a critical moment for Obama to have that fight and take it to the people. He could have used the powers of the presidency and moved the people to his side and exposed the Republican Party for what they are but Barack Obama did not have the courage or fortitude to do that. So, he extended the Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for unemployment extension. Now does anyone believe that with this country "stuck like Chuck" at 9.1% unemployment that the Republicans will extend these benefits after we have seen the continual cave from this White House? Don't hold your breath. But that battle is forth coming, just watch.

This White House put the Big 3 on the table for cuts. A Democratic White House. In doing so, with no explanation, it has angered many in the Democratic Party. While we witnessed President Obama's chicken dance with the Republicans and watched President Obama state that he will not sign any bill without both tax cuts and tax hikes, we again saw him cave to the wind and sign the bill that the Republicans wanted. A bill with pure tax cuts. Remember, Speaker Boehner was proud to state he got "98% of what he wanted", while you heard no rebuttal from the White House.

Now this White House has fought for high smog regulations within the EPA and it is public record, but now does a 180 and believe we don't need regulations? That it is a constraint, at this time? WTF, is going on here? This White House sounds like it is run by Big Corporations and Wall Street. What this White House is doing is not going to help any voter out here, in fact is continues the beat of the GOP drum.

Keep playing this dangerous game Obama White House. We already know you don't have a pot to piss in when it comes to your disastrous performance on the economy, but you need people to help you win next year. You need enthused voters. You need folks to call people up. You need boots on the ground. You need poll watchers. You need a whole lot of shit to win next year's "Scare you to the polls campaign". But all this shit you are doing NOW, will not help many to help you next year, period.

Shame on you Barack Obama for adopting the GOP talking points on regulatory rules within the EPA on smog. You just lost some votes here, sir.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

To the Caver-in-Chief: Cave on the big 3, then expect many to CAVE ON YOU

Many are sitting here shocked that a Democratic President, Barack Obama is freely and willing to cut benefits from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Programs that the public PAYS INTO from their taxes. Again, let me repeat, a program people PAY INTO with their taxes. These are not welfare programs but taxpayers programs.

Let's not get it twisted.

If the reports from the front page are true, then President Obama expect millions to CAVE ON YOU.

Why is Barack Obama negotiating ANYTHING? He is a horrible negotiator. Now he believes he is feeling the pressure and is willing for IMMEDIATE CUTS and "maybe" tax hikes down the road? What is he going to do? Come out with a lame excuse about the debt ceiling and we must protect our credit image on the backs of millions of Americans who pay into these services and they should be OK to just let him make a deal to cut these programs?

Barack Obama is wrong on all levels.

Let's be clear. President Obama is in trouble of his own making. This country is in trouble fiscally because of the UNPAID Medicare D program. This country is in trouble because of the UNPAID Bush/Obama tax cuts. This country is in trouble because of the ongoing WARS, 10 years and counting going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. This country is in trouble because of mismanagement from POLITICIANS who have not been responsible.

Sorry, President Obama. You had the choice to stop the Medicare D program, but caved on it with a deal with Big Pharma. You told us on the campaign trail that you would fight for us to negoitiate with other countries for lower prescription drug costs, but caved. You did that.

Sorry, President Obama. You had the CHOICE to end the Bush Tax Cuts. You had the chance, but again, you allowed the GOP to put you in a box by stating they would not extend unemployment benefits. Instead of FIGHTING and going to the American Public for the fight, you just caved and went along to get along. And guess what???? The Bush/Obama Rich Folk Tax Cuts are not helping you now and PART of the deficit in this country. Remember, you did that.

Sorry, President Obama. Two wars going on. 2 billion being spent a WEEK for nation building in countries that many don't give 2 shits about has put us in the position we are in. Yes, you walked into a disaster, but you sure are not getting out any time soon. In fact, with all this "CUT TALK" when are we going to have a REAL TALK on cutting the massive defense budget that is DRAINING THIS COUNTRY. No, we can't have that talk, but you want to just cut safety nets from millions of Americans who depend on it? This move is not only selfish but shocking coming from a Democratic President.

If this is about Independent Voters, I would like to see polling from them and how they feel about their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid being cut. I just have a hunch, they would not be down for that type of cutting either.

Lastly, don't come and tell me and the many millions that we must SACRIFICE. When you have NOT held any entity responsible for crapping this economy. Umm, like the Banks, Corporations, Wall Street??? They continue to get a pass, but we have to suck it up by allowing you to make one of the most fucked up deals in history? Hell, how can Democrats even campaign next year on "PROTECTING MEDICARE, SOCIAL SECURITY" when you are willing to just chop it away?? You call that fair and shared sacrifice? I call it utter bullshit coming from the White House.

Folks, let us hope this is a trial balloon (which I don't believe since POTUS keeps talking about a BIG DEAL). Keep it up, President Obama, if your legacy includes cutting the foundation of the Democratic Party, you are surely on your way back home to Chicago, NEXT YEAR, for good.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

President Obama's Press Conference on Debt Talks, July 15, 2011 (Video/Transcript)

Obama wants a big deal, and yes, he wants to cut entitlements. We have seen this show before called the HCR and remember how that turned out. It is unreal and unbelievable, that with the unemployment rate RISING, no jobs for YEARS out here, the housing market is spinning in a black hole, we are talking about fucking deficits. And for the record, Social Security is NOT insolvent that is a right wing talking point. Face it, congress has fucked up the money and destroyed this country under Bush and now Obama is under the heat to cut solvent entitlement programs? Waiting for the details because everything Obama does is backroom deals, it ain't transparent.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

President Obama's Press Conference on Debt Ceiling, July 11, 2011 (Video/Transcript)

POTUS is pathetic. If he believe that the public will vote for him as he wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, he is tone deaf. This is a loser for the Democrats and blunts any talking points that Democrats gained in the Medicare argument.

Whoever is advising POTUS, get rid of them, ASAP.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

President Obama's Press Conference, June 29, 2011 (Video/Transcript)


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Friday, June 3, 2011

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS...Why can't D.C. get this message?

Get the story, here.

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Talking about jobs is one thing, Acting is another

Today's job report is a hard core reminder that things are not rosy out here on Main Street. In fact, things have not changed and are getting worse. As politicians are worried about the national debt, Main Street (where the votes are) is being drowned out here.

Unemployment ticked up to 9.1% with a measly 54,000 jobs being added. That is not only pathetic but downright sad. But the D.C. politicians could care less about the people on Main Street; they are slaves to the corporations and banksters out here.

The real people, the little people? Washington, D.C. could care less about us, until they want our vote. That is a real, reality.

Unemployment rose to 9.1%, only 54,000 jobs added.

Employment rose far less than expected in May to record its weakest reading since September, while the jobless rate rose to 9.1 percent as high energy prices and the effects of Japan's earthquake bogged down the economy.

Nonfarm payrolls increased 54,000 last month, the Labor Department said on Friday, with private employment rising 83,000, the least amount since June. Government payrolls dropped 29,000.

Economists polled by Reuters had expected payrolls to rise 150,000 and private hiring to increase 175,000 in May. The government revised employment figures for March and April to show 39,000 fewer jobs created than previously estimated.

The job creation slowdown confirmed the economic weakness already flagged by other data from consumer spending to manufacturing. It could stoke fears about the depth and duration of a slowdown that started early in the year.

Let's face it and be blunt, the time for a jobs program was when Barack Obama assumed the presidency in 2008. When President Obama walked into the Oval Office in January, 2009 the most pressing thing this country faced was the economy wrapped up with joblessness. Well, the opportunity was squandered. A stimulus package that did very little to help Main Street, which was laden with tax cuts that jump started nothing, has us all back at square one. Along with all of this, there are still over 14M upward of folk unemployed, many who have utilized their UI benefits and still don't have a job.

We also do not have politicians in Washington, D.C. with the political will to really change anything. Since, the Democrats took over in 2009 they walked in very tepid steps. With unemployment still a reality on Main Street, the fight was given to an over blown health care package that was bumbled in explanation from the very beginning. In the end, two years wasted on a health care package the public did not understand, thanks to the lack of communication from the Democrats and demagoguery from the Republicans which led to the GOP taking the House back.

And when President Obama was asked to fight more from Congressman Waxman, this is what was said:
"He was a little testy with the Waxman question. Essentially, Mr. Waxman was urging him to fight more," one legislator said. "The president reminded folks that he's the president sitting in that chair and he knows how to negotiate."

Obama also told the assembled Democrats not to count on more fiery rhetoric from the Oval Office.

"He said, 'There's a difference between me and a member of Congress,'" another lawmaker said, paraphrasing the president as saying: "When I say something the markets react, all of society reacts, other countries react. I've got to be careful with what I say. I can't just say it for brinkmanship. I've got to say it in a way so that I get what I want said, but I don't upset markets and so on."

My, scared to step on Wall Street toes, while Main Street is drowning. To read there will be no more fiery rhetoric, should be the hand writing on the wall for many Americans. There will be no job help for you. Forget about keeping your home, though you may be victim of the largest financial scam in history of this country, gas prices and food prices are not coming down soon, and folk you will just have to deal with it. It is obvious that the White House needs Wall Street money, now more than ever to win next year. We just have to deal with it.

That is the reality.

Along with all this crap swirling around, we now have to hear of repeated DEFICIT TALKS, while the country is drowning in high gas prices, high food prices, and a housing market so FUCKED UP that it will be decades to straighten out. How can anyone possibly help us, when they want to take everything we have left away from us? And we have a Democratic President willing to negotiate on that? As long as we have a President who is willing to let taxes for the rich remain in tact, there will never be a will to do the right thing for the common man. Believe me; it is being played out in state after state, city after city, street after street. With so many houses in foreclosure there now is not enough rental property to help the massive families that need it. Another reality.

What really hurts the most is that very little has been done to help folks on Main Street. Very little. Many promises were campaigned on but families and individuals don't see it or feel it. Case and point, I was watching the news last night here in Chicagoland and there was a housing forum here to help people behind in their mortgages. Members from various banks were there, but what got me was that people lined up the night before to speak with someone to help save their homes. Over 100,000 people, estimated showed up. One Latina woman spoke to a reporter on camera and said that she voted for Obama, but have seen no change in her life. Her husband lost his job and unemployment is not enough to pay for their mortgage. Lastly, she stated that people need jobs in this country and there are no jobs.

Folks, that is what 2012 is about. Not this other irrelevant bullshit flying around but JOBS.

Finally, we better hope and pray that the Republican Party does not find a way to come together. We better hope that the Republican Party continues on the path of inner destruction. If a real candidate from the Republican Party emerges one, who can strike a chord with the American people about creation of jobs, the Democrats, especially President Obama will be in trouble.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Democrats, "Don't BLINK!!"

Right now it appears there is a stale mate between the White House and the House Republicans on raising the debt ceiling and cutting trillions for the sake of the deficit. And yes, the GOP want to put Medicare on the table, front and center.

The Republicans are proud of the Paul Ryan Plan of eliminating Medicare as we know it. The Ryan Plan will eliminate many programs within Medicare, as we know it. The Republicans have decided to double down on this to their own peril. (Latest CNN Poll is that the GOP is losing the Medicare argument, in other words, they are SINKING!!)

Democrats, let them double down. It is their problem. Let them hang themselves by their own noose on this one. Don't you dare put Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security on the table, period.

The implications of the Washington, D.C. Republicans are being watched, heard, and consumed by the voters out here. You now have GOP politicians running for office scared to commit to the Paul Ryan Plan. Case and point, look at Candidate Mike Haridopolos from Florida. He was afraid or "scurred" to come out plainly to support the Ryan Plan.

During the Ray Junior radio show, Florida Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos (R) was asked 10 times if he would vote for Ryan’s budget. After ducking the question 10 times, the host hung up on Haridopolos.


This is the litmus test that will be pressured on every single Republican running for office in 2012. It is the "with us or against us" test, a test to see if you are a true conservative.

The Republicans have decided to stand still and not vote to increase the debt limit, unless they get their way on massive 1 trillion in cuts, including Medicare. The real deal on the debt limit is that it has been raised 74 times since 1962 and TEN TIMES WHILE BUSH WAS IN OFFICE. We heard NOTHING from the Republicans about the debt ceiling, who were in charge during most of former President George W. Bush's tenure. In fact, we all know it is the Republicans that put this economy on the destructive road it is at with wars off the books, Medicare D not being paid for, tax cuts for the very rich in this country, also not being paid for. But now, the Republican Party has a come to Jesus moment and must bring the deficit in check no matter how many people they throw under the bus.

This is what we are dealing with in Washington, D.C. Ideologues so out of touch, that many voters from Wisconsin, to Michigan, to Ohio, to Florida are having SERIOUS buyers’ remorse. So, if the Republicans are in such a cluster fuck, why would we even consider BLINKING when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security for that matter?

Today, President Obama met with the House Republicans and from reports it was a frank meeting. It appears that both sides are at a stale mate. During this meeting Speaker of the House John Boehner is now linking raising the debt ceiling to job creation.
“Increasing the debt ceiling without significant spending cuts and budget reforms will send a message to American job creators that we still are not serious about ending Washington’s spending addiction, and this will bring further harm to private- sector job growth in America,” Boehner said in the statement.


And Congressman Paul Ryan is whining about how his wonderful GOP Budget is getting smeared and slammed by the White House and is practically begging for the President to not be so harsh.
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said that at today’s meeting he expressed concerns to Obama about how the president was characterizing the plan Ryan wrote to privatize Medicare by giving people subsidies to buy health insurance.

“We’ve got to get our debt under control, and if we try to demagogue each other’s attempts to do that then we’re not applying the kind of political leadership we need to get this economy growing,” Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, told reporters.

At this point, I don't care about the Republicans whining and crying. After all the smears they did on the Obama Healthcare Plan and literally won re-election on the back of lies? Why should the Democrats give them a pity party? Yet, alone to even listen to putting Medicare or any other program on the table for cuts?

Lastly, let me reiterate how the public feels about this. From a Democratic Pollster:
If Democrats in deficit negotiations agree to a compromise that cuts Medicare benefits to seniors, they risk squandering the advantage they’ve built up over Republicans on the issue since 2010 and risk losing their more general edge as defenders of the middle class, a top Dem pollster who just completed an extensive health care poll tells me.

Jeff Liszt, of the respected Dem firm Anzalone Liszt, has just completed a poll for two liberal-leaning groups finding that the Paul Ryan Medicare plan is deeply unpopular with voters, and particularly with seniors and independents, when the plan is described to them. The poll also found that Obama and Dems have increased their advantage over Republicans on Medicare, on health care in general, and on who can be trusted to defend the middle class.

Now, President Obama and Leader Reid can sit and listen to the Republicans, but if they feel pressured to put Medicare on the table for cuts, negotiation they will have a very hard time for re-election let alone gaining more house and senate seats. Right now, Medicare is blunting the economy which is the biggest elephant in the room. Do we need to go stupid now?

I hope not.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Democrats, "Don't shoot yourselves in the foot"

Look, it is obvious that last nights win in NY-26, a redder than red district, for the Democrat Kathy Hochul was due to the scare of changing Medicare as we know it.

There were Republicans in NY-26, who stated out loud that they have never voted for a Democrat in that district, but the Paul Ryan MedicScare Plan was too much to bear. They held their noses and voted DEMOCRAT.

Now, Democrats with a SHITTY, SHITTY economy that is not going to improve anytime soon, do you want to remove your ACE and state that Medicare is on the table for negotiation? Seriously?

Look, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) (my senator) and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) need to shut their fucking MOUTHS. Period.

When you have the wind in your back for an issue that is passionate to seniors, why FUCK IT UP? But, this issue is not only passionate to current seniors but to anyone in their mid-40s and early 50s. They don't want Medicare, as they know it, to change to a voucher program, either. Believe me, this is all I hear from work colleagues, many who are in the 40s-early 50s age group. Democrats, they are not only watching but LISTENING.

Lastly, there should be NO WAVERING from President Obama. He should pick the phone up NOW and tell Durbin and Hoyer that Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security is not on the table for negotiation. If he does not and his message is muddled, he and the Democrats will pay a price.

According to a set of new surveys by Public Policy Polling, voters would punish President Obama for backing cuts in either Medicare or changes to the Social Security program.

Polling done in Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota and Montana shows significant resistance to cuts in benefits in these swing states. 58% of Ohio voters said they were less likely to vote for President Obama if he backed or signed cuts to Medicare, and 53% said they were less likely to vote for him if he altered the retirement age. Similar results were obtained in the other three states.

Yes, the price they will pay is that the Democrats are no different than the Republicans when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security cuts. In other words, the Democrats would have trumped their own hand and will be battling to regain the narrative edge. After more than two years of a muddled message and losing the House, did the Democrats not learn ANYTHING?

Democrats, for GOD'S SAKE, if you want to win next year let the Republicans continue to scare the public to the POLLS to save their MEDICARE. People are waking up and paying attention. Hell, you see Republicans running "scurred" and walking their remarks back!! What more do you need?

Democrats, just don't fuck it up.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

President Barack Obama confirms Osama bin Laden is DEAD. (Video)


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

President Obama's Speech on Debt Reduction (Video, Transcript)

Today, President Obama gave a speech at the George Washington University and laid out his plan for a balanced approach to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction over twelve years, based on the values of shared responsibility and shared prosperity. The President’s approach borrows from the Bipartisan Fiscal Commission and builds on $1 trillion in deficit reductions in the President’s 2012 budget.

This was a good speech. President Obama reiterated that he will not extend the Bush/Obama Rich Folk Tax Cut. For me, we heard him say this and he ended up extending these tax cuts for the ricn in December. But he may have more leverage going into the 2012 Presidential Election, if the White House stay on top of the MESSAGE to the public. (along with Congressional Democrats) Lastly, this was a speech in which another commission is being put together to actual cut into budgets, programs. Devil is in the details and we will see how much the Defense Budget, Medicare/Medicaid and possibly Social Security will be cut.


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sorry but call me selfish, POTUS....

Sorry but call me selfish, POTUS....

Monday, March 28, 2011

President Obama's Explanation of why we are attacking Libya (Video, Transcript)


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OMG!!! Obama Administration pushing for a deal to settle home foreclosure claims

Glory, Hallelujah!!!

I am speechless!! This is great!!!

Well, until you really read the information a big thud comes upon you. As in, business as usual, as in no accountability but all deniability by banks, as in wrap this up because it can become a sore thumb in any re-election bid.

But, I was excited for a hot minute!! Now, not shocked at this deal, it is what we have witnessed the past 2-1/2 years from the Obama Administration.

The premise of this deal sounds solid, good but as you read it, if you were one of these homeowners is this good enough?

The bottomline is this:

Described as a "shock and awe" approach, the deal would accomplish the four goals set out by state and federal policy makers and regulators as part of their multi-agency investigations into abusive mortgage practices by the nation's largest financial firms: punish banks for violations of state law and federal regulations; provide much-needed assistance to distressed borrowers; stabilize a deteriorating housing market; and dissuade firms from abusing homeowners in the future.

The modified mortgages could cost the five financial behemoths -- Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Ally Financial -- as much as $30 billion, according to sources. Combined, the five firms handle three out of every five home loans, according to newsletter and data provider Inside Mortgage Finance.

It also could lead to reduced mortgage payments or lowered loan balances for nearly two-thirds of the 4.7 million delinquent homeowners who have yet to fall into foreclosure, according to data provider Lender Processing Services.

Forget those who have lost their homes due to malfeasance, fraud, trickery and theft by these financial institutions. Your loss will remain ignored, not recognized and part of collateral damage in the art of "CYA", Washington, D.C. style. Sorry, but that is what is going to happen.

What this deal WILL DO is to help homeowners who are delinquent modify their mortgages, forgive the principle and any balances on second mortgages/home equity loans will be written down or possibly eliminated.

All of this has to be ok'd by the federal government/agencies, banks, financial institutions, along with the states. Why the states? Well, many states have started legal processes against many of these financial institutions on behalf of their constituents.

In the meantime, the financial institutions, along with the federal government want this over and done with. Why? Well, the public dislike and mistrust of banks is clear, especially since these thieving robber barons was directly responsible for the fall of this country's economy. This the public understands VERY WELL. For the Obama Administration, they want this continuing talking point OFF THE TABLE. Their position will be, "see we have held the banks accountable and are helping millions of Americans to restructure their loans in a fair and timely manner." Not having this deal will continue to be a black eye to the Obama Administration, as they will be perceived as doing nothing and "In Like Flynn" with the banks. Remember, the public don't like the banks.
Meanwhile, banks, while eager to put the controversies over wrongful home repossessions and "robo-signing" behind them, do not want to be the only firms that pay for what could be a mass mortgage principal forgiveness scheme. They want government-owned mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which own or guarantee more than half of all home loans, to participate in any initiative that calls for lowering homeowners' loan balances. Fannie and Freddie's regulator has been reluctant to allow them to participate, citing his responsibility of minimizing the cost of the bailout to taxpayers, people involved in the talks said.

The Obama administration wants a quick resolution to the probes, and is putting pressure on the small group of state attorneys general leading their investigation to wrap it up, sources said. On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told a Senate committee that "all parties have a stake in bringing this to resolution as quickly as possible."

"It's very important that we try to bring this to bed as quickly as we can," Geithner told the Senate Banking Committee.

If all goes well, this could go over well with the voters, maybe. But for those wanting an investigation from this Administration, IT AIN'T HAPPENIN'.....
Investors, homeowner advocates and law enforcement officials hoping for a deep investigation into allegedly widespread mortgage abuses by the nation's largest financial firms may ultimately be disappointed.

Lastly, the banks are still in charge where D.C. is concerned. They definitely will not sign any agreement with new rules and procedures attached, nor will they pay any new penalty fees that will not clear their name (I am not kidding about this).
But the banks won't sign any agreement that forces them to abide by new rules and pay substantial penalties that doesn't clear them of liability or at least significantly lessen the chance of a state-brought lawsuit, sources familiar with their position said.

In fact, the banks are crafting their own proposal. Did we think this would not happen?

In the long run, the Obama Administration must show that they have done something in regards to the financial institutions because this continues to be an anger point with voters out here. The banks don't want a full investigation and all their dirty laundry out for us to sniff and become even angrier, especially since that dirt will be legal documents with legal signatures, with financial executives still bringing in billions and no accountability like "hand cuffs" on these crooks. Oh, no, don't expect that to happen.

This is about the best that will come of a preliminary deal and I mean preliminary because as we know, deals change, whether we like it or not. This will be a public slap to the banks, while the banks will continue business as usual, which in the end is a sad state of affairs for government working and not protecting the public. The government does not work for the people, they work for the status quo and we all know who they are.

Elizabeth Warren says it the best about this mortgage mess:
“If there had been a cop on the beat with the authority to hold mortgage servicers accountable a half dozen years ago, if there had been a consumer agency in place, the problems in mortgage servicing would have been exposed early and fixed while they were still small, long before they became a national scandal,” Warren said in testimony before a House Financial Services subcommittee. She is point person for setting up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If the Financial Regulation Bill had real teeth in it, we would have started to see real change. But, again, the status quo always win.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is what happens when you DON'T VOTE

Wisconsin is learning it the HARD WAY.

People in Wisconsin are now waking up to having their rights for collective bargaining, STRIPPED AWAY, for good. When we know that collective bargaining in this instance does not have anything to do with Wisconsin's budget. NOTHING.

If anyone does not believe this is the whole intention of the GOP/Republicans, then think again. After listening to the prankster posing as billionaire David Koch, while speaking to Governor Walker of Wisconsin, all you needed to know was right there to hear.

America, it is past time that you WOKE UP.

I never understood Americans voting against their financial interests, by voting Republican. Never did. And now there is hope that many are waking up to the reality of what the Republicans in this country is trying to do.

The Republicans have been very successful in busting unions in the South; they have virtually SHUT THEM DOWN AND OUT. Now this same hard ball task is being assaulted on the Midwest, but it won't work.

I am from Illinois and know all these Midwestern states; many people have prospered to become middle class primarily because of the Unions and collective bargaining. This is how health care became available, pensions, college funds for your children. It is because of the UNIONS.

And I will go even further, back in "da day" when folks were KILLED by the robber barons because they demanded more in pay, weekends off, holidays off, etc., this happened on the backs of millions of Americans who came together to FIGHT for their rights from the greedy ass corporations in this country. That time is no different from now in the sense that many Americans feel a "sense of urgency now" by watching what is happening in Wisconsin and spreading over the Midwest.

If the people of Wisconsin lose this battle, this will open up a can of worms that will rapidly charge ahead across this country. And don’t be fooled on what the Republicans will attempt next, if successful, I see minimum wage war on their table. Don't think the Republicans won't try it; they have been haggling at the minimum wage for YEARS. While millions of Americans know it is very difficult to survive on $7.25/hour. But if the Republicans are allowed to continue in this fashion, who is to say that your employer can not come to you one day and say, "We have to reduce your salary/pay due to 'whatever fucking excuse'” they are allowed to find. Think it won't happen if Governor Walker in Wisconsin is successful, think again. Every government program available to help millions of Americans will be stripped for good, because it is all about the deficit, when we know this is a bald face lie. It can happen if this precedent is allowed to go forward.

The Republicans don't give a damn about the American Public. They answer to the big corporations in this country, period. And now Wisconsin is experiencing the wrath of big corporate influence right now. The battle lines have been drawn and Wisconsin must win or we will start to see the rapid demise of unions in this country.

Lastly, Wisconsin this is what happens when you don't vote and don't know who you are voting for. Scott Walker's bullshit has been out there for some time, but when you are asleep and don't know what hit you when you woke up, it can truly be too late to do anything about it. Let us hope that this is a LASTING wake up call for everyone because if we can not wake up, it really will be too late for us all.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama's State of the Union Address, January 25, 2011 (Video)


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

President Obama's Speech at the Memorial for Tuscon, Arizona victims (Video)

Sarah Palin will never become President of the United States, after her whiny, all about ME statement today, she has been extremely diminished. And the woman does not KNOW ANYTHING, she is ignorant.

Tonight we saw leadership.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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