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p.s. if you missed Obama's statement on FISA, click here

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Evening Wrap Up...and the RNC dropping ads this weekend against Obama...

obama in colorado springs, colorado


Well, the RNC is showing its armpits. Yes, expect them to stink up the joint for the 4th of July weekend, by going negative on Barack Obama.

If anyone does not understand why Obama has forgone public financing, this is the reason.

You do not want your opponent to have the opportunity to define you, period. Obama has exercised his money roll by putting up ads in 18 states across this country, meaning almost half of the country.

A good move. Why? Because many don't know Barack Obama and many are not even engaged in this campaign, and won't be until after Labor Day. In the meantime, you don't want the GOP defining you and define him they will try.

What is coming is the creation of a facade that Obama is scary, unfit, a boogey man, untested, and basically short of calling him a "black-so-and-so".

While many Dems are angry about Obama's run to the middle, remember this, he is our candidate and the funding of this campaign must not stop.

The ads will run in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and if you are not aware this is an expenditure or arm of the RNC, in other words a 527. Like that matters?

Lastly, my thought on running to the middle, I am still processing this. I don't like Obama's flip on FISA, my husband don't like Obama's flip on the gun issue, I am not crazy about his change on NAFTA, and I still have not embraced his religious policy. In stating this, Barack Obama is a politician, always has been. It has been the netroots who have put him on a pedestal and now are going through a shock withdrawal. Politicians, no matter who they are or what party, in the end want to win. So, watch John McCain change from "I am not running a negative campaign" to "I will say anything to destroy, discredit Barack Obama to win". Folks, it is coming.

UPDATE: McCain Campaign buying Ad Time in Virginia. Ummm, can we say, "worried".


obama's speech in colorado springs, call to service


This diary should shut the McCain Campaign up about who is really an elistist? Expect that word to vanish from the campaign and its surrogates mouths. Thanks, Cindy!!!


Obama not running as movement

Barack Obama is a different kind of Democrat. He is one who actually intends to win.

I don’t know if he will or not, but I do know that he has made a key decision: He has decided to run as a candidate for president and not as the leader of a movement.

Movement candidates often fail when the demands of the movement come in conflict with the demands of politics.

The most recent example was Howard Dean’s (short-lived) campaign for president in 2004.

Dean was supposed to be leading a movement designed to “empower” citizens who felt locked out of the process. His slogan, and the title of one of his books, was “You Have the Power.”

Some in Dean’s own campaign were worried, however, that he was too conventional a politician for the task. Dean had been a six-term governor and former chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (and would go on to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee). The fights within the campaign were endless, and the “empowerment” side won, with Dean running a TV ad right before the Iowa caucuses featuring the candidate facing the camera and saying, “This election is about power. About who runs the country and who owns it.”

The empowerment movement loved the ad, but the Democratic voters of Iowa hated it and Dean came in a bad third, effectively ending his campaign. continue

Yes, this is why many are going through shock withdrawal. Obama is a politician.


obama's speech on his faith based proposal


If there is one common thread about John McCain it is his notorious temper.

Yes, he has a big one.

So right now he is pissed that anyone would have the utter gall or nerve to question his military record.

McCain is demanding that Obama terminate Wes Clark:
"I think it’s up to Sen. Obama now not only to repudiate him but to cut him loose," McCain said.

Obama is not going there. Why should he? We played this game with Hillary since January, why would Obama cow-tow down to McCain?

McCain's service record is fair game. Why? Because he is running on being a POW, War Hero, that gives him gravitas to having experience with national security. Only Clark, along with Webb cut him down. They respected his service to the country, but that was about it. Again, McCain has as much executive experience on national security as Barack Obama and that is none.

Back to that temper, McCain almost lost it in front of the press corp:
McCain became visibly angry when I asked him to explain how his Vietnam experience prepared him for the Presidency.

"Please," he said, recoiling back in his seat in distaste at the very question.

McCain allies Sen. Lindsey Graham stepped in to rescue him. Graham expressed admiration for McCain’s stance on the treatment of detainees in US custody.

"That to me is a classic example of how his military experience helped him shape public policy in a way no other senator could have done,’’ Graham said.

Lastly, there is a diary on Daily Kos by Geekesque, which is appropriately titled: Unfit for duty: McCain physically assaulted foreign official in 1987

Yes, it is all true and the story was put out by McCain's own Republican colleague, Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran. Ain't love grand!!!


Ball of Confusion

Again, John McCain can not remember that he stated that he is not knowledgeable on the economy. Of course, he shoveled his typical "you know what" on GMA:

but here, is the actual McCain that said he did not understand the economy:

h/t SusanG


The Washington Post is taking heat on a veiled, thin piece about the Obamas home loan. It attempts to try to weave Countrywide Financial in this, but it was not Countrywide that secured the loan.

Also, the piece hypes up the Obamas discount on the interest rate of 5.625 percent on a 30 yr fixed rate.

Read the piece, it is totally bogus. But it was poblano/nate over at 538 that busted the article down as follows:
So Obama's rate was 30 basis points better than the average. However, the amount of the loan and the nature of the property are not the only factors that determine a mortgage rate. Another major consideration is the creditworthiness of the borrower. According to current rate quotes from, a borrower with very good credit can expect a mortgage rate about 30 basis points better than someone with pretty good credit, and a borrower with excellent credit can expect about a 50 basis point discount.

Unless the Washington Post has access to Obama's FICO score -- and unless it has rented an apartment to him, it probably doesn't -- it is missing a pretty important piece of information on what Obama's mortgage rate ought to have been. What was Obama's FICO score? I don't know, but considering that...
* Obama had just gotten a $2.27 million book deal from Random House -- about $1 million more than the value of the mortgage.

* The Obamas each had exceptionally secure jobs that paid them a combined annual salary of about $500,000 per year.

* The Obamas had just sold their condo, on which they had realized a $137,500 profit.

* The Obamas were prominent public figures whose political futures depended in part on maintaining a reputation for responsibility and trustworthiness.

* The Obamas are known to be relatively thrifty and have no credit card debt but substantial savings.

...I would think that the Obamas were exceptionally creditworthy. So indeed, Obama received a "discount" -- the same discount that any borrower in his position would have received.

The Washington Post need to get it together. Unless they have PROOF that the Obamas got preferential treatment or an "on the low DEAL", the piece reeks of utter bullshit.



Dan Qualye for Obama!!! Well, sorta...
"I have a lot of grudging respect for what he did because he beat the Clintons, something we couldn't do in 1992. The Clintons were very convincing in the campaign they ran. So I thought she would be the candidate,” said Quayle, who lost his bid for a second vice presidential term to the Democratic ticket of Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 1992.

"I think she made obviously some very tactical mistakes. One, underestimating Obama. And, two, the whole inevitability that `I am entitled to the nomination' ended up hurting her quite dramatically,” he said while acknowledging that "I don't think anyone saw, including myself, the Barack Obama movement."

As a Republican who lost to a Democratic ticket touting “change,” Quayle had some advice for this year’s presumptive GOP nominee: lay out a “clear vision” of what he’ll do when he reaches the White House.

"When 80 percent of the people think we are on the wrong track, you need to do that. It needs to be strategic,” said Quayle. “That's not been done yet. They may be waiting for the convention, but that needs to be done."

Read it all, here.


Bookmark this diary, for any GOP talking points

I ran across this laundry list of the GOP. Seriously, you will have to sit back and read it all. Also, don't be surprised to see one of your favorite GOP congresscritter on this list.

Swing State Project


The McCain Campaign is shaking itself up. Demoting some, adding some, bringing some from the Bush White House, all in defeating Barack Obama.
Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign has gone through its second shake-up in a year as Mr. McCain, responding to Republican concerns that his candidacy was faltering, put Steve Schmidt in charge of day-to-day operations and abandoned an effort to have the campaign run by 11 regional managers, the senator’s aides said Wednesday.

...The shift was approved by Mr. McCain after several aides, including Mr. Schmidt, warned him about 10 days ago that he was in danger of losing the presidential election unless he revamped his campaign operation, according to two officials close to the campaign. continue


Watch this story and see how it unfolds

Three military contractors, along with Ingrid Betancourt were released in Columbia today by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Why pay attention? Who is in Columbia right now? McCain. Will the freed hostages come back home with McCain? I would bet my paycheck on it. Why does this matter? Photo-op time for McCain, looking presidential. Why would McCain do this? Obama is about to go on a European tour and expect massive crowds, with blow-by-blow coverage. Oh, by the way, McCain has been to Europe and guess what? It was a snooze....

and finally the Obama Family will be in Butte, Montana for the 4th of July, tickets are available here.

So how was your day??

This Week With Barack Obama

For the Love of Money. The McCains.

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john and cindy mccain in bogata, columbia


Now this is how you get the Bush Tax Cuts to work for you.

After reading another juicy joint from politico, we have The McCains and trying to weave through their money thing.

I don't see how anyone at this JUNCTURE can point the finger at The Obamas for anything in the realm of elitism. Not when you have The McCains with what 6, 7, 8 homes?

In recent years, a Politico analysis found, the McCain family appears to have tapped its fortune liberally.

While Cindy McCain, her dependent children and the trusts and companies they control made as much as $29 million – and likely substantially more – from her family’s business interests from 2004 through last year, data from the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Senate, U.S. Office of Government Ethics and the Center for Responsive Politics also reveals that they spent $11 million purchasing five condominiums for the family, hired additional household help and racked up progressively larger credit cards bills almost every year.

Their credit card bills peaked between January 2007 and May 2008, during which time Cindy McCain charged as much as $500,000 in a single month on one American Express card and $250,000 on another, while one of their two dependent children had an AmEx card with a monthly balance as large as $50,000.

OK, the five condos do not include two other homes, and hey doesn't everyone in America have AMEX Cards and can spend up to 500K a month!!! No biggie, not when you have accessible money like this, swiping the good old card, doesn’t mean a thing.

Remember when John McCain's campaign was on exhaust fumes last year? Well his travel sure wasn't or did you expect John to travel in coach?
Likewise, John McCain’s presidential campaign benefited from Cindy McCain’s fortune, using a legal loophole to travel the country in a jet owned by her company for cut-rate fares.

In fact, the cost of using Cindy's private jet to get around only cost:
For five of those months, the plane was used almost exclusively for campaign-related purposes, those records show.

Mr. McCain’s campaign paid a total of $241,149 for the use of that plane from last August through February, records show. That amount is approximately the cost of chartering a similar jet for a month or two, according to industry estimates.

Yes, real perks when you are the ultra rich.

Remember all the fuss on Michelle Obama's 148.00 dress she wore on The View? A dress she plucked off the rack? For many that is still pricey, but there will be no plucking off the racks for Cindy. No that just won't do.
For instance, in the June issue of Vogue magazine, Cindy McCain said she favors suits made by the German designer Escada, which typically retail for around $3,000-a-pop. If she becomes first lady, she told Vogue she may switch to an American designer, possibly Carolina Herrera, whose suits are comparably pricey.

Now we all expect our potential first ladies to dress appropriately, I mean we don't want them looking like dish rags, but who in American can afford suits from Escada that start at 3K a pop? Yeah, I thought this would put you on pause.


Sorry, don't know anyone that does. You got to be in that "ultra rich" area to afford luxury clothing, yes that is what it is.

Now back to real estate, Cindy purchases three condos, and two in the same building. The condos are priced at 700K, 830K and 4.7M but it does not stop there:
Cindy McCain, through another family corporation, spent about $4.7 million in 2004 and 2008 on two condos in an exclusive building in Coronado, Calif., an affluent San Diego suburb noted for its high percentage of military retirees.

Oh, it does not stop there folks.
Through her trusts and other corporate entities, Cindy McCain also owns another three properties: a scenic ranch outside Sedona, Arizona, where John McCain has entertained staff, prospective running mates and political reporters; a three-bedroom Arlington, Virginia, condo that’s been John McCain’s Washington-area residence since 1993 and the La Jolla, California, condo on which the back taxes were due.

This real estate puzzle reads like the who's who of the rich and famous. It really does. With all this property comes staff, as in those that pick your shit up and clean up after you.
The McCains increased their budget for household employees from $184,000 in 2006 to $273,000 in 2007, according to John McCain’s tax returns.

I don't know about you, but John McCain with Cindy surely has no reason to call the Obamas elitists. Not when you are running around spending up to 500K a month on AMEX cards, paying upwards of 300K for staff in all of your palatial residences, a corporate jet at the touch of your hand, and clothing only at couture boutiques where suits start at $3500.00.

What about the Americans who are hurting with lack of health care, food costs soaring, gas at the pump is off the chain, jobs are leaving this country, lack of jobs, tuition costs unaffordable, losing their homes and those that can not cover their bills; I don't know anyone in America who can relate to the McCains extravagances.

I am tired of the same old type of candidate, who is ultra rich, ascending to the office of the presidency. What change can they bring? They have been fed with the silver spoon of trust funds, elitism, and prestige. This is not the average American who has to get up every day and work to make ends meet.

John and Cindy McCain should not utter another word about Barack and Michelle Obama. They never had to work hard for anything; it has always been given to them, from money to name recognition.

It is time for change, not keeping the same.

This Week With Barack Obama

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Want to know how we will win? Read this.

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michelle and barack watching their daughter's soccer game


Ah, this read from politico, made me remember that one song from the wonderful musical, Music Man.

McCain got trouble, though not in River City, but say, his base or supporters or organizers or everyone?

While we watched the longest primary ever, one thing is true, during this time we built a great ground game in all 50 states. And that is the gold standard from the primary going forward.

As we sloughed through each state, McCain had his "presumptiveness" in February. Those that challenged him, Romney and Huckabee, bowed down and got the hell out. They should have since Romney was paying for each primary and Huckabee was on a wing and a prayer. But nonetheless, they turned out to be good Republicans and made up with McCain, publicly, and have been campaigning for him since.

So, why is McCain in a funk? Various reasons. I think he watched the Democratic Primaries and thought beating up on each other was enough to skate in, but now he has found out that Barack Obama is "that formidable candidate" that he just can't quite figure out.

It starts with Ed Rollins on morning joe last week, the video is here, not only did he blast McCain's Campaign but compared it to the failed campaigns of Phil Graham and Bob Dole. OUCH. Yes, this campaign is being run by that crew.

“McCain’s campaign seems not to have a game plan. I don’t see a consistent message,” said Ed Rollins, a veteran of Republican presidential campaigns. “As someone who has run campaigns, this campaign is not running smoothly. But none of this matters if they get their act together.”

Indeed, some Republican officials who spoke to Politico noted that there is still time for the campaign to find its footing and that no campaign is without its detractors. But the bulk of those interviewed expressed serious concern about what has appeared to be an aimless campaign so far, one that has failed to take advantage of a four-month head start on Democrats and has showed little sign of gaining traction.

I think this is why we see the McCain Campaign jump on Obama over this "Wes Mess", and continuing to whine about it, while his campaign is running on lack of money and lack of the basics, like grassroots organization?
“Here is where the problem is: We had a nomination gap between when McCain was nominated and the Democratic race completed,” a swing state Republican Party chairman said. “I think [campaign manager] Rick Davis and his team did not have an understanding of how the grass-roots, organizational part of the party works. They did not use what the [Republican National Committee] had done, or how groups like the [National Rifle Association] could have helped the McCain campaign locally.

“They are just now opening up campaign operations in most states. The RNC was ready to go in most states in March,” the state chairman continued, listing off grievances ranging from the campaign's “dictating” the members of various RNC committees to the state party's having been “threatened” that, though McCain “couldn’t afford not to play in our state,” the campaign would not “recommend us for resources” if the state party did not abide by its requests.

Ummmm. When you are perceived to not knowing what to do and you come in and tell or threatened seasoned grassroots workers what the deal is, of course, you are getting no harmony.

Another thing, McCain had four months on us. You mean to tell me they are just opening up statewide offices? McCain could have used this time to energize his base, listen to grievances, etc. The only thing I can surmise is the lack of money to not move ahead, and this should have started when Huckabee got OUT.
“What’s the political strategy when you allow your opponent, who has just had a grueling four months, time to catch their breath, regroup, fundraise and start to define himself?” asked a Republican strategist who helped lead a past presidential campaign. “It’s politics 101.”

So, what has McCain been doing? Taking weekends off, of course, when he should have been organizing, campaigning vigorously, raising money and shoring up his base. All that leisure is starting to anger the troops.
“Rather than trying to pull me in and make me an intricate part of the team they just told me what they wanted done, and said if you don’t play ball we won’t play ball,” one state chairman said.

Those chairmen noted that the conservative base is far less riled, and significantly smaller, than its liberal counterpart. For this reason, GOP leaders generally believe they will have to be more efficient to overcome Obama’s advantages.

“You are going to hear a lot of complaints from state party chairmen,” one chairman said of his colleagues. “They are used to the Rove-Mehlman model. They were very good at finding the place they needed to win, down to the county they needed in Ohio.

Well, as much as we are in dissention, we are nowhere close to all that is going on with McCain.

If McCain can not energize his base, understand the basic fundamentals of grassroots organizing, underwhelming in the money game, what is his message to get folks not only to the polls but to vote for him?

Keep our eyes on the final PRIZE, in between arguing, that is.

This Week With Barack Obama

Evening Wrap Up with Faith, Powell, Clark and McCain....

obama with children in a youth program at community ministry in zanesville, ohio


First off, The Obama Faith Based Initiative

Barack Obama was in Zanesville, Ohio today to give a speech on his Faith-Based Initiative. Ummm????

Many on the left are looking at this with scrutiny and with just cause. After George W. Bush's horrendous program, which came out to be using the evangelical community for votes, many have come to a conclusion that church and state must be separated.

Well, let us take a look at what Obama proposes.

- I'll establish a new Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The new name will reflect a new commitment. This Council will not just be another name on the White House organization chart – it will be a critical part of my administration.

- First, if you get a federal grant, you can't use that grant money to proselytize to the people you help and you can't discriminate against them – or against the people you hire – on the basis of their religion.

- Second, federal dollars that go directly to churches, temples, and mosques can only be used on secular programs. And we'll also ensure that taxpayer dollars only go to those programs that actually work.

- Too often, faith-based groups – especially smaller congregations and those that aren't well connected – don't know how to apply for federal dollars, or how to navigate a government website to see what grants are available, or how to comply with federal laws and regulations. We rely too much on conferences in Washington, instead of getting technical assistance to the people who need it on the ground. What this means is that what's stopping many faith-based groups from helping struggling families is simply a lack of knowledge about how the system works.

- We'll "train the trainers" by giving larger faith-based partners like Catholic Charities and Lutheran Services and secular nonprofits like Public/Private Ventures the support they need to help other groups build and run effective programs

- All across America, too many children simply can't read or perform math at their grade-level, a problem that grows worse for low-income students during the summer months and after school hours. Nonprofits like Children's Defense Fund are working to solve this problem.

- There's a lot of evidence that these kinds of partnerships work. Take Youth Education for Tomorrow, an innovative program that's being run by churches, faith-based schools, and others in Philadelphia. To help narrow the summer learning gap, the YET program hires qualified teachers who help students with reading using proven learning techniques.

- And my Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will also have a broader role – it will help set our national agenda. Because if we are going to do something about the injustice of millions of children living in extreme poverty, we need interfaith coalitions like the Let Justice Roll campaign standing up for the powerless. If we're going to end genocide and stop the scourge of HIV/AIDS, we need people of faith on Capitol Hill talking about how these challenges don't just represent a security crisis or a humanitarian crisis, but a moral crisis as well.

All the above was taken from his speech today about his Faith Based Proposal. Barack Obama will not win the whole evangelical community, but he will put a dent in it for John McCain.

As we all know, the evangelical community is not jumping for joy over John McCain, as they are skeptical of Barack Obama after having to deal with George W. Bush. One thing is clear, they still want a seat at the table, they want their voices to be heard, and if any proposal is given they want it funded, as Bush lacked on his watch.

My take, this is a program that throws Bush's plan out and implement a new one with Obama. Another thing, many are confused on Obama's faith and belief in religion. Sure, we know about Reverend Jeremiah Wright but we have not examined what Obama's faith means to him. This proposal gives us a clue, look, insight into what his faith does mean. After reading the whole speech and the link is above, I urge you to read it, he fully understands the line between church and state, but understands that government must also have outreach to the community, which includes many faiths. Where would the food banks, Christian services, all the outreach programs be without influence of not just the ordinary citizen, but the government. Many of these programs are much needed in the poorest areas of our country.

I think this is not just a heartfelt move on Obama, but a very good political one at that. Can anyone remember the last time John McCain could say, "Amen", "Thank You Jesus", "I Love You Lord" and you actually believed it?

Yes, my sentiments, exactly.

hardball, talking desk clerks


MC CAIN IN THE HOUSE...the video speaks for itself


Colin Powell and Obama
Sen. Barack Obama and retired Gen. Colin Powell met privately two weeks ago in Powell's personal office in Alexandria.

Peggy Cifrino, Powell's spokeswoman, confirmed that the presumptive Democratic nominee and the retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff chatted June 18, one-on-one for about an hour at the Armed Forces Benefit Association, where Powell rents space.

"Just an informal conversation," Cifrino told On Call.

"There’s no looming endorsement," she added. "They came to talk about issues."

Obama's campaign declined to comment.

Robert Novak, columnist, conservative penned an article that the Powell endorsement is eminent.

My take, I believe Novak and here is why.

I watched PBS' Frontline: Bush's War, an incredible insight of the run up to and current pace of the Iraq War.

The one thing that lingered in my mind was the full disrespect and backstabbing of the Bush Administration towards Colin Powell.

Colin Powell has blood on his hands. He was the puppet that was used to sell the horrible Iraq War to the United Nations, even though he did not believe the evidence. For this, Powell was a coward. Plain and simple.

Powell left quietly and with anger. Sure, Powell wants to clear his name, if possible, and come clean to do the right thing. Why? Because sometimes, larger than life figures do care how their legacy will end. Powell has been a very popular figure that was able to cross both sides of the aisle with ease, but has been scummied up by his role under the Bush Administration.

I see him endorsing Obama, before this is all over with.

Will it be powerful? Yes.


GOP staffer busted for posing as a Dem

Well, many of the liberal, democratic blogs are being inundated with new members, posing as Dems, but only writing as purity trolls to start dissention within the community or to subtly push the GOP agenda.

Well, over on the Texas Blog, Burnt Orange Report, this troll was called out.
When a staffer for Lt. Col. Noriega made a dumb mistake and falsely represented himself as a blogger to the Cornyn campaign, he was rightfully excoriated. When a Democratic consultant created an anonymous website, he was rightfully questioned. In 2007, user Buck Smith began posting on this and other sites, mainly on threads involving Lt. Col. Rick Noriega or Sen. John Cornyn. He attacked diarists and commenters and provided pro-Cornyn spin on many items. In the interest of full disclosure, and in order to keep everything fair, and since Buck Smith has not disclosed who he is, we thought we would clue you in that he is David Beckwith, John Cornyn's senior staffer.

We found out his identity because Mr. Beckwith's email on file with the site is the same email listed on the webpage for his high school reunion class. (We also have a screenshot in case the site is removed soon.)

You know who we are and who we work for. You know who the Democratic consultants and staffers that comment on the site are, and who they work for. Now you know who is the Republican operative, and who he works for. Keep that in mind every time he leaves comments attacking you for supporting Lt. Col. Rick Noriega. Keep that in mind every time he takes to the site to spin for Senator John Cornyn. Keep that in mind when you realize that all of the staffers for Lt. Col. Rick Noriega have disclosed their day jobs, while Senator Cornyn's staffer lurk in the shadows, using age old dirty whisper campaigns in an online forum.

One thing my mother has always said, "When you start lying, it is tough keeping up with the different lies. Eventually you will get caught."

Amen on that one. Read it all here.


More of Obama Talked to Bill Clinton?? Yippee...deflated..

I don't care what anyone says, that London Telegraph article, pushed Clinton to speak to Obama. Yes, it may or may not be true, but the thing is a former president should not be in anyone's quote as stating what he supposedly said. I think you will agree, after that article was released and in the mouths of the talking desk clerks, the phone call, COMMENCED.

and the vanity fair video on hillaryland, here and print, here.


Clark does not back down, and Obama does not throw him under the bus

Look, the McCain Campaign is trying to paint the Obama Campaign as "they pickin' on me, they goin' after my military record, they can't do that, I am a war hero."

My take, WHATEVER.

Obama said that what Clark said what inartful, but he did not apologize for it, nor does he need to. The comments were already denounced by the Obama Campaign, enough of it. I know that McCain want this drama to continue, hell look at the recent Gallup Polling.

Americans Worry McCain Would Be Too Similar to Bush

This is something that will be extremely hard for McCain to overcome. And throw in the economy, the GOP brand is done. I don't care how angry or whatever, folks are with Barack Obama, in the end with 5.00 gas looming, jobs lost, houses foreclosed, etc., folks will hold the nose and pull for the 'D'. It will come down to the public's wallet and the GOP have not done a good job on this front, along with the bumbling of the Iraq War and Katrina, it has been one for the GOP and John McCain.

So, let McCain whine. It is all he has.

the gop desk clerks in a frenzy!!!!



PPP NC: McCain 45, Obama 41, Barr 5
SUSA NY: Obama 57, McCain 37
PPP FL: Obama 46, McCain 44
CNN National: Obama 50, McCain 45

I am not paying much attention to the national polls, but I am eyeing the state polls. Case and point, that North Carolina Poll. Look at the numbers and internals (by clicking the link), see Bob Barr. He is a former congressman from Georgia. If he pulls enough in the south, look to see states like Georgia and North Carolina fall to Obama. That would be an upset and this is why the GOP is worried. If he pulls 6 or 7% in these states and the AA vote comes out massive, new voters and the youth come out massive, Obama can win these states. Just sayin....


NRA to spend 40M to defeat Obama....

now McCain Campaign whining and pointing a finger at Webb, geez grow the "you know what up"...

kos, on state of the race....

mcjoan over at daily kos "Cleaning Up After the Worst Presidency in History", worth a read...

how to use google docs, by one of my favorite diarists, kid oakland...with video and step-by-step directions....this is WORTH viewing and learning to do...throw that PAPER AWAY!!!!!!!

missed keith's special comment on FISA, here....

and obama's sister becomes Asian-American surrogate....

bob herbert, nyt, fixing economy means fixing the iraq war

so, how was your day?????

This Week With Barack Obama

Monday, June 30, 2008

Evening Wrap Up...with Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on FISA

keith's special comment on FISA


New Obama Ad 'Dignity'

The ad will run in 18 states -- some of them longtime GOP strongholds that the Obama campaign is now apparently going to contest: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

More information, here.


DLC National Conversation

The DLC meeting is on Chicago, a block from Obama Headquarters and Obama is a no-show.

What is more important here is that the DLC have decided to back Barack Obama. Yeah, like they had another choice?

Harold Ford, Jr. is the captain of this ship, that is just floating away.

The DLC meeting took place just across a small courtyard from the building that houses Obama's headquarters. While the campaign didn't make any overt effort to woo the group, senior Obama aides did meet with members during the conference, "many of whom are elected officials who have been involved with the campaign for a long time," said spokeswoman Amy Brundage.

Obama won the nomination without help from top DLC leaders, but that isn't stopping them from taking a little credit.

Yawn, and I mean a big one.

The DLC was a big proponent of the Clinton Adminstration. This is their core belief:
The Democratic Leadership Council was formed in the wake of Walter Mondale's huge loss to Ronald Reagan in 1984. The goal was to change the party's image and focus by stressing such issues as welfare reform, charter schools and business opportunity.

The group helped Bill Clinton win in 1992, although critics say it ignores Democratic principles and the poor and vulnerable who need the party's help. The group's president is a former Clinton aide, and Hillary Clinton heads its "American Dream Initiative."

Overall, the DLC has lost it. It has been lost it.
With none of the Democratic presidential candidates in attendance at last year's meeting either, it's fair to say the DLC has officially lost its mojo.


This ad is so outrageous, I can't even post it. But we need to know what and WHO is stating things about Barack Obama.

View Here.

After viewing this, if you have not donated to the Obama Campaign, click on the image to the left. It is stuff like this, that should make us work harder to get him in the White House. nuff said.


President George W. Bush Has Gall

George Bush had the gall to be grateful about the GI Bill and said thanked McCain. John McCain voted AGAINST THIS BILL. He of ALL PEOPLE should know what this bill means for our troops coming home from the war called Iraq. But Bush THANKS McCain for supporting this bill? This is a bunch of "you know what", Jim Webb looks like the VP we need, more each day. Video below:


Listen to this new Democratic Ad, Impersonating Bush

yes, you will laugh, click here.


and more double talk from McCain, in other words, more flip-flops

oh, and bill clinton and obama finally speak, big whoop....

and have a great evening....

This Week With Barack Obama

Afternoon Break...and Wes Clark...

obama enroute to independence, missouri


the america we love, speech in independence, missouri


General Wesley Clark goes after John McCain on his national security and military executive experience.

Clark has been making this statement for a while now, in fact on morning joe a couple of weeks ago.

Why it is suddenly a 'big thing' is this....the Main Stream Media.

I have written before that the MSM will turn on Obama and this is part of the turning. They need something to yap about, because after the Unity Rally, what else is left? Bill Clinton? Yes, they have been harping on that and it is true by Carville, McAuliffe and Rendell that his is having a hard time dealing with his wife's loss and does blame Obama for how the campaign turned against him, mainly the African-American Community, by calling him a racist.

Bill Clinton is not a racist, he is a politician who stuck his nose in the dog whistle tactics and got caught. I, personally feel that Geraldine Ferraro and some of the other surrogates were worse than Bill Clinton, but because of Clinton being a former president, his comments got the bully pulpit. Simple as that. Bill Clinton should not have stepped in the doo-doo, but he did and he has to take the knocks that goes with it.

But, Wes Clark said nothing new here. In fact, it is true.

I honor John McCain's service to this country; I served this country, as my brother did. I understand John McCain is a war hero, he has been through much, but that does not equate to being the best candidate for the job. Simply put, he is not. First thing is looking at McCain's actual record.

He has changed his position on practically everything, and I mean everything. This notion that democratic women will fall in line with McCain is a fairytale in its own. He happens to be a war hero, who has been in Washington, D.C. to long, does not come across well to many, but will say anything to be the next president.

McCain has as much executive experience on national security, as Barack Obama. Which equals, none.

The last thing we need is to elect a 72 year old man because of his war record. The way he has voted and stood by George W. Bush, just won't do. Not in 2008. McCain has been entrenched in Washington, D.C. for over 25 years, which is no change to me; in fact it is offering more of the same.

Finally, Wes Clark is auditioning for the VP slot, no mistake about it and he should.

Obama denounces Clark's statments.

So, much for that VP slot.

And, McCain launches "Truth Squad"...

Oh, Obama's "Fight the Smears" has been updated....

wes clark on face the nation, june 29, 2008


wes clark on morning joe, two weeks ago



McCain late on paying taxes on one of his seven houses


It is the End of the Month, Time to Donate!!!

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unite for change, house parties


GOP Sharpens Attacks on Obama

Sen. John McCain's allies have seized on a new and aggressive line of attack against Sen. Barack Obama, casting the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee as an opportunistic and self-obsessed politician who will do and say anything to get elected.

McCain typically leaves the sharpened criticism to others, in the hope of being able to claim the high ground of conducting a "respectful" campaign. But the abrupt shift in tone among his paid staff members, volunteer surrogates and other Republican staples of the cable news circuit is unmistakable, and it resembles the unified message the GOP used to paint the 2004 Democratic candidate, Sen. John F. Kerry, as a flip-flopper.

It also reflects a growing belief among McCain's strategists that the campaign for the White House will be won or lost based on voters' view of Obama's character. In a strategy memo released Thursday, McCain's top political adviser accused Obama of "self-serving partisanship." continue

Again, it will be hard for the Republicans to make any gains this cycle. This party has stepped in line behind George W. Bush and see where the country is at.

This campaign is about painting Barack ineffective, slimy, regular joe-blow politician, and the other "racial" stuff along with it.

In other words, GOP "Ain't Ready to Play or Be Nice."


Well, More Lieberman

Lieberman predicts another attack early in the next presidency.

Now, Lieberman using the Clinton line.

LIEBERMAN: We need a president who's ready to be Commander-in-Chief on day one. Senator McCain is - incidentally, Senator Clinton said that over and over again and she was right. She was ready to be president on day one. Why? Because our enemies will test the new president early. Remember that the truck bombing at the World Trade Center happened in the first year of the Clinton administration. 9/11 happened in the first year of the Bush administration. John McCain is ready to take the reins on January 20, 2009. He doesn't need any training.

Can we say, primary playbook anyone?


Colin Powell, rumored to endorse Obama.

We will see.


And if you missed, David Plouffe, Obama Campaign Manager's "Our Strategy" for the upcoming general election, view it below:

Finally, the fastest growing networking group on mybarackobama, is against FISA. Read it all, here.

If you missed 'This Week with Barack Obama', read here.

So, how is your day going?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, June 22-28, 2008

barack and hillary in unity, nh


barack and hillary in unity

June 30, 2008: End of Month

It is that time.

What did you say? Yes, that time to donate. The Obama Campaign is not taking any public funding, so he won’t get the grand total of 84M after the convention in August. This campaign is totally depending on us, to fuel its current existence and through the November election.

While we are shedding away the primaries, which ended the first week of June, now we must revitalize and get engaged for the general election. Remember the DNC, DCCC, DSCC also are depending on our donations. Why? The DNC must put on a convention, as in paying for it, and are in the trenches with Obama. The DCCC must fund its congressional candidates, especially in some tough battleground districts. The DSCC must fund its senatorial candidates, especially in some tough states, if we want to expand the senate.

All this must be done now, not yesterday, but now.

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For a 30.00 donation, you will receive an Obama Logo shirt. Click on the image.

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And donate to the DNC here, the DCCC here and the DSCC here. We have good candidates, but they won’t be elected without money. Simple as that, donate.

Obama's speech at the 25th NALEO Conference


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Obama supports supreme court reversal of gun ban
For Obama, a pragmatist's shift toward center
Obama tells women he supports equal pay
Way up north, Democrat targets Alaskan icon
Muslim Voters Detect a Snub From Obama
Obama Road Map to White House is a Nationwide Tour

michelle and former governor jeanne shaheen


Kristol: Bush Might Bomb Iran If He ‘Thinks Senator Obama’s Going To Win’
Michelle Obama's strategy to woo Clinton supporters and shape her role as First Lady
Corzine profile rises in Obama camp
Year of the Black Vote?
Obama kept Law Review balanced
The Democrats' Lieberman Problem
Obama says world not doing enough on Zimbabwe

obama at the springs preserve in las vegas, nv


USA Today/Gallup Poll; Rasmussen New Mexico Poll; Rasmussen Pennsylvania Poll; PPP Michigan Poll; Zogby South Florida Poll; SUSA Indiana Poll; LA Times/Bloomberg National Poll; SUSA Missouri Poll; Quinnipiac University/Wall Street Journal/Washingtonpost.Com Poll for Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin; Franklin and Marshall National Poll; Texas Lyceum Poll; Rasmussen Mississippi Poll; Arizona State University Poll; SUSA Kansas Poll; AP/Yahoo Poll; Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind New Jersey Poll; Time Magazine National Poll; SUSA Ohio Poll; Rasmussen Texas Poll

Missouri Sen. McCaskill emerging as key Obama supporter
Larry Johnson's Strange Trip
Obama's New Energy Website
Obama's aim: 14 Bush states and local races
McCain and Obama on Patriotism
AFL-CIO endorses Barack Obama

obama at the flying star cafe in albuquerque, nm


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Conservatives Who Ripped Obama For ‘Race-Baiting’ Now Silent In Wake Of Norquist’s Racial Remark
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A Candidate Runs to a G.O.P. Chorus of ‘Don’t’
Obama aims to wrest West from GOP
Rap, rock, classical music to Obama's ears

obama with MIT president, susan hockfield and GM chairman, rick wagoner in pittsburgh


icebergslim’s last word: unity
As many know, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned together for the first time in Unity, NH. Showing solidarity within the Democratic Party.

Much of this solidarity has already started to move Obama’s way by the recent polling, nationally and statewide, see under polls above. While this unity was shown publicly, behind the scenes the bartering is hard and heavy. First the Obamas maxed to Clinton for 4600.00 and the Clintons shot one back atcha to the Obama Campaign. All this came about after Clinton introduced Obama to her fundraisers in Washington, D.C.

Apparently, the meeting seemed to go smooth. Of course, there may still be angry folks, but all in all many realize that we are Democrats and if we want to win in November, we must forge alliance to make that happen. Though some in the media are reporting, “no unity”, this former Clinton backer promises to raise 10M for Obama.

After a hard fought campaign, of course the patches are rough and edgy, but we all realize that this is the Democratic Moment to seize and take back the White House, and increase our congress prospects. To hang onto being angry, in the end just won’t do. It solves nothing and we can lose everything.

So, in this sentiment, I hope someone can clue Bill Clinton and Ralph Nader in on this. First on the list is our former president who is apparently having a hard time accepting his wife’s defeat, Bill Clinton. All this utter nonsense, supposedly coming from him is not helpful or productive. In fact, it makes our former president look more comical than the elder statesman of the party he is. This type of distraction is not helpful for the party or unity, and I hope someone informs him of this.

Ralph Nader. Who does not know him? Mr. Consumer Advocate. But recently with his outrageous rant about “Obama trying to 'talk white'” was straight out of the book of Geraldine Ferraro. Nader must have read her blue print and decided to be the Geraldine Ferraro of the general election.

What I don’t understand about Nader is that his explanation of this is totally a generational gap. He tries to insist that Obama is not speaking like Jesse Jackson, lacks that hubris, when in fact Barack Obama is not a civil rights advocate. Never was and never will be. Which brings us back to how backwards Nader is, especially in his assumption of lumping all African-Americans in a bowl, which clearly is a no can do. For the record Obama denounce this silliness of Nader and the claim on "white talk".

Nader has been laughed at and obliterated for his comments and Bill Clinton either get on the bus or watch history and his legacy pass him by.

Both have a choice, but the public has a choice too, that is to ignore them both. Sometimes making someone irrelevant is the best thing one can do. Just brush this dirt off your shoulder, definitely Nader and hopefully not Bill Clinton.


Clark hits McCain's military credentials
Gen. Wesley Clark, acting as a surrogate for Barack Obama’s campaign, invoked John McCain’s military service against him in one of the more personal attacks on the Republican presidential nominee this election cycle.

Clark said that McCain lacked the executive experience necessary to be president, calling him “untested and untried” on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” And in saying so, he took a few swipes at McCain’s military service.

After saying that "I certainly honor his service as a prisoner of war. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in the armed forces, as a prisoner of war," he added that these experiences in no way qualify McCain to be president in his view:
“He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn't held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded — that wasn't a wartime squadron,” Clark said.

“I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.” continue

What Obama means for business
Tastes in sports, food divide McCain and Obama
McCain Aide Regrets Terror Comment
Republicans recycle Clinton's Obama barbs
Obama To Hammer McCain On Offshore Drilling "Gimmick"
In L.A., the stars line up for Obama
Obama disagrees with high court on child rape case

well the above slideshow does make one smile, but our main person to support is barack obama, our democratic nominee. it is also important to support and fund the dnc, who as obama is not taking pac and federal lobbyist dollars. unity is wonderful, but faux unity won't work. so, while things are being worked out, i hope hillary clinton has good faith to release her delegates, understand the importance of campaigning for barack, won't demand her name is released on the convention floor for potus, and not asking for outrageous air time at the convention. this is a sore point, but this is what is being demanded and right now we have one boss who won this primary and that is barack obama. we all want unity, but we also don't want this continued drama. who needs it? i hope everyone attended the unity for change meetings, this weekend. i did and it was right in my neighborhood!!!! there is real hunger for change out here and we are four months away from voting for it...keep the spirit up and remember to focus on obama and not the drama...


Tip the Obama Jar, Here
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For Inspiration: Yes.We.Can!!!


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