Thursday, July 21, 2011

To the Caver-in-Chief: Cave on the big 3, then expect many to CAVE ON YOU

Many are sitting here shocked that a Democratic President, Barack Obama is freely and willing to cut benefits from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Programs that the public PAYS INTO from their taxes. Again, let me repeat, a program people PAY INTO with their taxes. These are not welfare programs but taxpayers programs.

Let's not get it twisted.

If the reports from the front page are true, then President Obama expect millions to CAVE ON YOU.

Why is Barack Obama negotiating ANYTHING? He is a horrible negotiator. Now he believes he is feeling the pressure and is willing for IMMEDIATE CUTS and "maybe" tax hikes down the road? What is he going to do? Come out with a lame excuse about the debt ceiling and we must protect our credit image on the backs of millions of Americans who pay into these services and they should be OK to just let him make a deal to cut these programs?

Barack Obama is wrong on all levels.

Let's be clear. President Obama is in trouble of his own making. This country is in trouble fiscally because of the UNPAID Medicare D program. This country is in trouble because of the UNPAID Bush/Obama tax cuts. This country is in trouble because of the ongoing WARS, 10 years and counting going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. This country is in trouble because of mismanagement from POLITICIANS who have not been responsible.

Sorry, President Obama. You had the choice to stop the Medicare D program, but caved on it with a deal with Big Pharma. You told us on the campaign trail that you would fight for us to negoitiate with other countries for lower prescription drug costs, but caved. You did that.

Sorry, President Obama. You had the CHOICE to end the Bush Tax Cuts. You had the chance, but again, you allowed the GOP to put you in a box by stating they would not extend unemployment benefits. Instead of FIGHTING and going to the American Public for the fight, you just caved and went along to get along. And guess what???? The Bush/Obama Rich Folk Tax Cuts are not helping you now and PART of the deficit in this country. Remember, you did that.

Sorry, President Obama. Two wars going on. 2 billion being spent a WEEK for nation building in countries that many don't give 2 shits about has put us in the position we are in. Yes, you walked into a disaster, but you sure are not getting out any time soon. In fact, with all this "CUT TALK" when are we going to have a REAL TALK on cutting the massive defense budget that is DRAINING THIS COUNTRY. No, we can't have that talk, but you want to just cut safety nets from millions of Americans who depend on it? This move is not only selfish but shocking coming from a Democratic President.

If this is about Independent Voters, I would like to see polling from them and how they feel about their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid being cut. I just have a hunch, they would not be down for that type of cutting either.

Lastly, don't come and tell me and the many millions that we must SACRIFICE. When you have NOT held any entity responsible for crapping this economy. Umm, like the Banks, Corporations, Wall Street??? They continue to get a pass, but we have to suck it up by allowing you to make one of the most fucked up deals in history? Hell, how can Democrats even campaign next year on "PROTECTING MEDICARE, SOCIAL SECURITY" when you are willing to just chop it away?? You call that fair and shared sacrifice? I call it utter bullshit coming from the White House.

Folks, let us hope this is a trial balloon (which I don't believe since POTUS keeps talking about a BIG DEAL). Keep it up, President Obama, if your legacy includes cutting the foundation of the Democratic Party, you are surely on your way back home to Chicago, NEXT YEAR, for good.

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