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Evening Wrapup....DNC Rules and Bylaws Meeting....And Other Stuff....

Lanny Davis a Clinton Supporter lost it at the DNC Rules and Bylaws Meeting, read it here.


Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Representing Obama on Florida


David Bonior reminds everyone that Hillary Clinton said, "Michigan Would Not Count."


h/t to Bob Johnson on his diary about Larry Johnson and the continual hatred brewed on his website. To have folk talk "assassination" of Barack Obama, should move any federal organization to silence that website for good. And this is a website that is used continually for some Clinton Supporters for "talking points." Additional information here.


The Clinton Campaign onward to Denver Convention?


Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) "No State Has the Right to go First Every Election"


Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) Destroys Harold Ickes Logic on Michigan...h/t JedReport


Bill Clinton Caught on Tape Stating: "Seat Half The Delegates"


Donna Brazile, best quote of the day, "My Momma Always Taught Me to Play By the Rules..."


Obama resigns from Trinity United Church of Christ.


Florida seated at half strength. Read, here. A blow to Hillary Clinton. Also, from TPM.


"Beware of Republican Trolls Trying to Split Democrats" a worthy read.


James Carville thinks Obama can win the General Election.


Well, Harold Ickes invoked the right to take it to the credentials, meaning Denver. As for the behavior, the Clinton Supporters were screaming and rude through the process screaming, "Denver, Denver". Hillary can try the scorched earth tactic, but I have a feeling it will backfire as we try to bring closure to the primary season and bring our party together. Hillary Clinton, how unified do you want us?


Michigan Seated at 69/59 for Clinton at 1/2 Strength. Read, here.


Per, Chuck Todd, MSNBC, "This is Barack Obama's Party Now." And Craig Crawford, "Barack In Charge."


Hillary Gets Ruled and Bylawed. It is over. While Bill Clinton has an enemies list.


Net Gain, info here. Or net gain, here. Or, Al G's number, here. And finally, Chuck Todd, MSNBC/NBC...


Strong Words: Stubbornness or Strategy?


Watch all 8, yes EIGHT hours of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on C-SPAN


and...Puerto Rico Prediction....Clinton +7......g'night, all....

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Live Streaming of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Meeting in Washington, DC

Watch live video from democraticvideo's channel on

DNC Rules and Bylaws Meeting in Washington, DC (Live Streaming)

This meeting is debate for the seating of Michigan and Florida Delegates. Live streaming on C-Span, here, DNC here and CNN here.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Nightly Wind Down.....

From my man Al G @ The Field, looks like the Florida Democratic Chair, Former US Rep. Karen Thurman (D-Florida) sent out an email and looks like Florida is ready to move forward in the delegate process and unite the party.

I sincerely hope that this meeting brings closure to a dispute that has gone on for way too long…

It’s time to unite and move full speed ahead toward November to elect a Democratic President.

Time to move to GE mode, for sure.


Dan Abrams on Obama's Pastor Problem. My take, no problem. No one is talking about this after this weekend.


Obama going right into the Lion's Den. He will be in St. Paul, MN on Tuesday night at the Xcel Energy Center, the same site of the Republican National Convention in September.

Analysts expect Obama to potentially clinch the nomination by Tuesday night. Others point to aggressive nature of Obama kicking off the Presidential campaign at the site of September's Republican National Convention.

Yes, the primary season is FINALLY OVER, and Obama stands the victor.

It is time to move onto McCain and the Republicans. They have a lot of dirty laundry to throw out there. And start, here.


If you want to know how the toll of this long primary season has been, read Donna Brazile. Girlfriend is DEFINATELY ready for this to be over!!!


Mia Farrow lost her nephew in Iraq. And her simple question is "What For?"


Obama takes a swipe at McCain in Great Falls, MT


Michelle Obama Talks about the "A" Word. And that is why Hillary Clinton should be disqualified for the VP spot.


Want more Iraq Talk? Hunter over at Daily Kos has plenty.


and if you missed Maureen's "A Team" Talk about Obama, take a read here.....night everyone...

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “..a luxury I can’t afford."

cross-posted @ One Million Strong and digg it!!

Folks, the powers that be in the Democratic Party have shot across the bow of the Clintons.

First, Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC), third ranking leader of the house will hold a press conference on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 to announce his endorsement. This is happening the day OF the Montana and South Dakota primaries.

This move is significant because it has been Clyburn who have warned the Clintons continuously about their campaign tactics throughout this campaign, which did not sit well with him. So, now under Pelosi, he is endorsing on Tuesday. Also, this move is a signal to other fence sitters in congress and those who want to “switch hit” that now is the time to get on board, not later.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Leader of the Senate, is on the move too. He specifically said, “…this is not going to the convention.” He has been on the phone and has told members to get ready to show your t-shirt. It will not be a fight at the convention.

But, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House was poignant and on target in her assessment.

"There is too much at stake in our country for us to be thinking that we can afford the luxury of intra-party battles eight weeks before the election," said Pelosi, in her strongest words yet on the battle over seating delegates from Florida and Michigan. "We've had many months to have a debate, to come to a conclusion. And one way or another ... we have to come together."

Next, she is enthusiastic and understands the Clinton supporters, but this is one fight that is ending and it will be swift and sweet.
Pelosi responded to Clinton supporters who have vowed to take the New York Senator's fight all the way to the floor of the convention - chaired by the Speaker.
"I admire the enthusiasm of those who want to take this to the limit," Pelosi said. "But it will harm our party's chances to win in November. Their enthusiasm is wonderful ... but it's a luxury I can't afford."

Lastly, the democratic process is based on PLEDGED DELEGATES, not the popular vote. I know that the Clinton Campaign has been running this, but in the end the rules of the Democratic Party are the rules.
Pelosi stressed she is "respectful of Sen. Clinton and the magnificent race she is making," but in the end, "whoever has the magic number of delegates will win the nomination."

I know many of us have been on pins and needles, but with the swift movement of the DNC to put Florida and Michigan to rest, this is over after Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

And new spanish language Obama Music Video, Enjoy:

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The "Real" McCain

It is Over, Let the General Election Begin.

cross-posted @ Daily Kos

For Clinton reality is harsh and brutal, but even more so for her supporters. Unfortunately, this is a Washington Post reporter who is not only frank but brutal. This is a reporter, who just ran it down about resources and why they are not being allocated to the “green party.” And if anyone has been paying attention, the press has scaled back huge on Hillary Clinton, when you lose the press that is a message that you are done.

But as many of us have stated, the game changer was supposed to be the Indiana/North Carolina primaries. And what happened is that Obama came off of some of the most terrible news coverage combined with the still Reverend Wright fiasco, to the bitter comments, but was able to win North Carolina by 15 points and almost upset Clinton’s applecart with her winning by less than 1 percent in Indiana.

That was the chance to make any headway for Clinton, to win North Carolina or come in very close and blow Barack out in Indiana. It did not happen. So, now the superdelegates have moved on past the primaries and are now focused on the general election.

I've spent the past several months talking to as many super-delegates as any reporter in America, I'd guess, since I cover on a day-to-day basis about 280 of them here on Capitol Hill.

I hate saying this, because all the Clinton people are going to flip out and say, You're biased, you're biased, you're biased. So go ahead and flip out if you want, but the simple basic truth is that the super-delegates stopped paying attention to the Clinton-Obama race about a couple days after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

They've stopped paying attention to the primary, and instead they're focused on an Obama-McCain matchup in November. That's the basic, simple, definitive reality that has happened in this race. The "undecided" super-delegates at this moment are not going to "decide" any time soon, because to them the race is over, they're just waiting for Clinton to drop out.


But that is the reality here. Yes, we have to deal with more pastor problems from the Obama Campaign. It also means all these so-called “left wing, progressive blogosphere websites” must make a decision. They either stand with Obama, or go to McCain. Simple as that. And yes, that means Armando over at Talk Left, who was/is pushing the Father Plfeger comments at Trinity United. I guess he thinks or assumes this will make a difference with superdelegates, but it won’t.

Let me be clear here. Barack Obama has nothing to do with what Father Plfeger had to say at TUCC, nothing what so ever. In fact, he was in Connecticut giving the Wesleyan University Commencement Address. And he must not and cannot be a target for guilt by association for everything someone has to say. IF that is the case Hillary has a lot to explain for all the indicted fundraisers or associates with her campaign, as well as McCain who is firing someone with deep lobbyist ties on a daily basis.

The stunt Armando unleashed at Talk Left, I expect from the GOP, but not when we have a presumptive nominee here. It is over for Hillary Clinton and let me be even more harsh, after her RFK stunt, yes a stunt because the Clintons don’t do anything without measuring the political impact, she totally disqualified herself from the VP process and left a cold, hard reality to democrats.

Sure, she may not have meant it, but you don’t put assassination in your speak unless you meant something, or was insinuating or implying something. That is the problem with her.

So, these so called “progressive websites” must make a decision. You either get behind the nominee, which is going to be Barack Obama, or join the right and destroy him. That is on them. But come to the reality, on both sides that this is over after Tuesday, period.

And won’t peace be grand, if only for a temporary moment?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keith Olbermann's Interview with Scott McClellan....A MUST VIEW

This is an indictment of the Bush Adminstration. This is a “Bushie” who followed him from Texas. This book is a REMINDER of why Americans demand new leadership and why we must fight for it.

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

part six

Just, Wow......Young Hilary Clinton....

Time to Unite the Party.

obama campaign communications director, robert gibbs

James Carville, Clinton Takes it to the Convention and Blames RFK Statement


Scott McClellan Speaks to the Today Show About his Bomshell Book on the Bush Administration

I don't know if McClellan had or has a real conscious, if it is money, the 15 seconds of fame, or a man who wants his reputation back, at this point who knows, but he has shook the Washington, D.C. blowhards. Fortunately for the Democrats, anything that is topic or conversation of more lying, corruption of the Bush Administration is not good for John McCain. And, of course the Bush White House wanted him to stay silent.

Obama Speaks Spanish in New Puerto Rico Ad

Hillary to the Convention??? I hope not.

read al g @ the field and his run down

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The prolonged primary has consequences on raising money.

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The DNC is in trouble.

Yes, trouble in Denver.

Yes, trouble in raising money.

Yes, trouble all around.

Yes, trouble with a prolonged primary.

What are we going to do now?


I don't care what anyone writes, says, etc., this prolonged primary has zapped energy and hardened hearts, somewhat.

With the DNC Rules and Bylaws Meeting on Saturday, with rumor of only half of the delegates being allocated, who knows what Hillary Clinton will do?

I do know that I can vision her barnstorming her case throughout the summer until August. I can vision that people will be so turned off that she will be a target for "how we lost the election in November". And I can vision that she is still listening to Mark Penn, with Bill in her ear to do this. Finally, I can vision the superdelegates finally saying no to her, rallying behind Barack, but Hillary still doing all the above.

But, in the background is the DNC and how it has been unable to raise funds, with many pointing to this prolonged primary fight.

There are many reasons that have been floated for the money woes faced by the Denver committee. It is not uncommon for host committees to lag in fund-raising, only to see large donations arrive in the month before the convention. And some are concerned that the protracted nominating fight between Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has made fund-raising more difficult.

Why is it that the RNC is able to raise their money, appear to be on target, and we are strikingly behind?
The Democrats’ situation contrasts markedly with that of the Republicans, whose committee is on budget in its $39 million fund-raising drive for the Republican National Convention, to be held in Minneapolis-St. Paul on Sept. 1-4. Teresa McFarland, a spokeswoman for the host committee, said it expected to meet its June 15 target of having 80 percent of the money raised by that date.

In fact, the Twin Cities committee has budgeted $58 million for the convention, nearly $20 million more than it is contracted with the Republican National Committee to raise. Half of that $58 million is to be raised from Minnesota companies, and half from national fund-raising, according to the committee’s marketing material.

OK. Is the commonwealth or city or state of Denver, Colorado giving the Democrats any breaks? Offering any subsidies? Anything?

Mr. Lopez cited a lagging economy in explaining the Democrats’ fund-raising problems. Since the bulk of the money is raised from major corporations, corporate financial restraints are affecting all charitable contributions, the Denver committee included.

“We’ve got to deal with the fact that there is belt-tightening all across corporate America,” Mr. Lopez said. “They are reducing spending, and that has had a big impact. We are no different than others trying to raise money in this environment. Everyone is facing it.”

But overall, no one cannot think or look at the prolonged primary and the effects it is having in donations.
Denver’s mayor, John W. Hickenlooper, has suggested that the Democrats’ long nominating battle has distracted potential donors.

Overall, the DNC seems confident in raising the capital needed. Worrying? Yes. Confident to pull this together? Yes. But hopefully after the primary wars are over. YES.

Please donate to the DNC, here.

Barack Obama's Speech in Thornton, Colorado

Is It True About Obama?

Folks, for all those with questions about Obama, send them this video. It answers the major questions. PASS IT ON.

also, Is Barack Obama A Muslim?

John McCain, George W. Bush: Two Peas in a Pod

bush, mccain after private fundraiser

McCain don't want to be seen with Bush. Can you blame him? The Bush Brand has dragged the Republican Party into the dirt. What politician would want a president with the worst approval ratings, hanging around? So, McCain took this photo quick and told Bush "good-bye" in a hurry. I don't blame him, I would take the money and run, TOO!!

When President Bush ventured here for a private fundraiser with John McCain on Tuesday night, his first real campaign appearance with the presumptive GOP nominee, the event was closed to the news media and their only joint public appearance was a photo op on the airport tarmac that lasted less than a minute.

The same ground rules will cover Bush's trip to Utah on Wednesday, where he will appear with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney to woo big-money Republican donors to McCain's cause.

Hillary Clinton Making Case DIRECTLY to the Superdelegates

Yes, here we are AGAIN.

Hillary Clinton totally BELIEVING that she is the only candidate that will win in November over John McCain. Not withstanding that she also is the only candidate with unfavorables over 50%, or damn near close to.

And what do I think? If the superdelegates do not come out and back Barack Obama after the June 3, 2008 primaries, expect this to go to the Convention. She is that scandalous. Period.

Here is the link to the letter and the memo to the superdelegates.

And here is Al G's outcome of this from The Field.

Copy of the letter below:

Dear ___________,

The stakes in this election are so high: with two wars abroad, our economy in crisis here at home, and so many families struggling across America, the need for new leadership has never been greater.

At this point, we do not yet have a nominee – and when the last votes are cast on June 3, neither Senator Obama nor I will have secured the nomination. It will be up to automatic delegates like you to help choose our party’s nominee, and I would like to tell you why I believe I am the stronger candidate against Senator McCain and would be the best President and Commander in Chief.

Voters in every state have made it clear that they want to be heard and counted as part of this historic race. And as we reach the end of the primary season, more than 17 million people have supported me in my effort to become the Democratic nominee – more people than have ever voted for a potential nominee in the history of our party. In the past two weeks alone, record numbers of voters participated in the West Virginia and Kentucky primaries. And with 40 and 35 point margins of victory, it is clear that even when voters are repeatedly told this race is over, they’re not giving up on me – and I am not giving up on them either.

After seven years of feeling invisible to the Bush administration, Americans are seeking a President who is strong, experienced, and ready to take on our toughest challenges, from serving as Commander in Chief and ending the war in Iraq to turning our economy around. They want a President who shares their core beliefs about our country and its future and “gets” what they go through every day to care for their families, pay the bills and try to put something away for the future.

We simply cannot afford another four – or eight – years in the wilderness. That is why, everywhere I go, people come up to me, grip my hand or arm, and urge me to keep on running. That is why I continue in this race: because I believe I am best prepared to lead this country as President – and best prepared to put together a broad coalition of voters to break the lock Republicans have had on the electoral map and beat Senator McCain in November.

Recent polls and election results show a clear trend: I am ahead in states that have been critical to victory in the past two elections. From Ohio, to Pennsylvania, to West Virginia and beyond, the results of recent primaries in battleground states show that I have strong support from the regions and demographics Democrats need to take back the White House. I am also currently ahead of Senator McCain in Gallup national tracking polls, while Senator Obama is behind him. And nearly all independent analyses show that I am in a stronger position to win the Electoral College, primarily because I lead Senator McCain in Florida and Ohio. I’ve enclosed a detailed analysis of recent electoral and polling information, and I hope you will take some time to review it carefully.

In addition, when the primaries are finished, I expect to lead in the popular vote and in delegates earned through primaries. Ultimately, the point of our primary process is to pick our strongest nominee – the one who would be the best President and Commander in Chief, who has the greatest support from members of our party, and who is most likely to win in November. So I hope you will consider not just the strength of the coalition backing me, but also that more people will have cast their votes for me.

I am in this race for them — for all the men and women I meet who wake up every day and work hard to make a difference for their families. People who deserve a shot at the American dream – the chance to save for college, a home and retirement; to afford quality health care for their families; to fill the gas tank and buy the groceries with a little left over each month.

I am in this race for all the women in their nineties who’ve told me they were born before women could vote, and they want to live to see a woman in the White House. For all the women who are energized for the first time, and voting for the first time. For the little girls – and little boys – whose parents lift them onto their shoulders at our rallies, and whisper in their ears, “See, you can be anything you want to be.” As the first woman ever to be in this position, I believe I have a responsibility to them.

Finally, I am in this race because I believe staying in this race will help unite the Democratic Party. I believe that if Senator Obama and I both make our case – and all Democrats have the chance to make their voices heard – everyone will be more likely to rally around the nominee.

In the end, I am committed to unifying this party. What Senator Obama and I share is so much greater than our differences; and no matter who wins this nomination, I will do everything I can to bring us together and move us forward.

But at this point, neither of us has crossed the finish line. I hope that in the time remaining, you will think hard about which candidate has the best chance to lead our party to victory in November. I hope you will consider the results of the recent primaries and what they tell us about the mindset of voters in the key battleground states. I hope you will think about the broad and winning coalition of voters I have built. And most important, I hope you will think about who is ready to stand on that stage with Senator McCain, fight for the deepest principles of our party, and lead our country forward into this new century.

Scott McClellan's Bombshell Book on the Bush Administration....Not Good for McCain...and other stuff...

This is more fuel for the fire about the War in Iraq. More to come....

tim russert on the today show

david gregory on the today show

chuck todd, msnbc

joan walsh, salon, complaining for hillary clinton (rolleyes here)...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keith Olbermann Uncovers McCain Housing Policy Shaped by Bank Lobbyist

read it here

analysis with howard fineman

Obama in Las Vegas, Nevada on Housing Crisis....and other stuff....

town hall on home foreclosure crisis in las vegas, nevada


Hillary told this by Congressman Van Hollen (D-MD):

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of House Democrats' campaign arm, said Tuesday that if Hillary Rodham Clinton comes up short in her bid for the party's presidential nomination, she must do more than just "give lip service" in support of Barack Obama in the general election.

"She's going to have to get in there and work hard, tell her supporters how important it is, how high the stakes are here," Van Hollen said.

We will sit back and see if the Clintons can take the high road. View the video, here.'s new "Cousins Ad"....A MUST SEE...and pass it on....

Obama Banking Supers?

There have been rumors running amuck about Obama and his superdelegates.

Many have stated, "Why won't they come out and endorse and end this?"

Question is valid, but we must remember many of these superdelegates are elected officials and as MSNBC/NBC always says, "are weasels." They don't want to be part of this process, but they have no choice at this point. Video below:

As Al G, from The Field reported, there are about 40 California delegates in the wing, now Marc Ambinder from The Atlantic is reporting something similar too:

In June of 1984, the day after California handed Gary Hart a last-minute victory and New Jersey, thanks to Hart's having insulted the state, voted for Walter Mondale by 15 points, Tad Devine, Mondale's chief superdelegate counter, was ready. Worried that Mondale would not meet his pledge to end the primary season with a majority of delegates, Devine and his team made a "frantic" series of phone calls to undeclared party leaders; by noon, a few dozen superdelegates endorsed Mondale en masse, taking the wind of out Hart's campaign forever.

Walter Mondale's superdelegate counter made sure that he had the pledges to end Gary Hart's aspirations, so look to see Obama ripping this play from the Mondale playbook.
To prepare for that eventuality, the Obama campaign has, for the first time, really, begun to bank delegates. Sources close to the campaign estimate that as many as three dozen Democratic superdelegates have privately pledged to announce their support for Obama on June 4 or 5. The campaign is determined that Obama not end the first week in June without securing the support of delegates numbering 2026 -- or 2210, as the case may be.

The DNC Rules & By Laws Committee Meeting (scheduled for Saturday, being monitored LIVE on MSNBC) is Clinton's last stand for her faux support of seating Michigan and Florida delegates. If this meeting is a catastrophe, expect the supers to end this after the last primaries on June 3, 2008. This feels right to me. And can I write, about 'effin' time.

Lastly, Tim Russert, moderator for MEET THE PRESS says it all here, and available on youtube here:

Has Oprah Lost Her Touch?

I don't think this is a big deal. Why? Because many of us are not watching television as much as before, many of us are getting our information from the internet, many of us are watching video on line.

So, was the Obama endorsement a bust?

I don't think, so.

As the media has had to come to grips with the blogsphere, so does Oprah have to reinvent herself for the changing times.

Obama Addressing Veterans in Las Cruces, New Mexico...and other stuff....

governor bill richardson introduces barack obama

barack obama's comments in las cruces, nm






Ending Identity Politics.

cross-posted @ Daily Kos

The “White Working Class” Argument is blown up, as my nephew says, over exaggerated to the extent that no democrat has ever won the majority of the white vote, since 1964 LBJ time. Yeah, I know. But throughout this primary season we have had to listen, watch and swallow identity politics.

Since we are talking about this type of divisive politics, has anyone stopped to consider why we are called the Democratic Party? It is for the sheer reason that we are a tolerable, big tent. A tent which welcomes everyone and shuns no one, a party which welcomes the conservative to liberal voice. There is no other party quite like it. So, while we may not get that all important, majority of the “white working class voter”, we subsidize by having the African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Gay Americans, etc., all under out tent to win in the end. This is our coalition.


John Harwood, NYT has an article out about this “white working class vote”. Damn, if there is anything I will never forget from this election cycle is the Mark Penn politics of targeting groups and dividing them. Unfortunately, this is what Hillary Clinton will be remembered for.

Harwood writes about this myth and backs it up with this:

Al Gore lost working-class white voters by 17 percentage points in 2000, even while winning the national popular vote. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts lost them by 23 points in 2004, while running within three points of President Bush over all. Mr. Teixeira suggests that Mr. Obama can win the presidency if he comes within 10 to 12 percentage points of Mr. McCain with these voters, as Democratic candidates for the House did in the 2006 midterm election.

So, if Al Gore and John Kerry did not carry the majority “white vote”, then we know Bill Clinton did not.
And finally, it should be noted that Bill Clinton never won the white vote in a presidential election, receiving less white votes in 1992 than George Bush Sr. and less white votes in 1996 than Bob Dole, with only 39% of the white vote in both elections. As a matter of fact, the last time a Democratic candidate for President won the white vote was 1964, 44 years ago. Has any Democrat ever complained that Bill Clinton’s failure to carry the white vote made him “unelectable”?

Well, this is all about the end game.

Clinton has lost on all metrics. In fact she was the candidate that had everything and the other candidates had nothing. If you read, this diary by animated, the system was rigged for a Clinton victory from the onset.

Right now it is all about creating an excuse of why Clinton lost. It is about making an argument that the media was sexist towards Clinton. It is about making an argument that the men are trying to push Hillary Clinton out of the race. But the fact remains, she lost a race taylormade for her by faulty planning, arrogance, lack of vision, mismanagement at every level and a candidate that is afraid to step outside her bubble.

That is how she lost it.

The white vote argument is mute.
One might conclude that Mr. Teixeira is troubled by Senator Barack Obama’s performance in recent primaries against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton among the voters known by nicknames like Joe Sixpack or Nascar Dad or Waitress Mom.

Actually, he is not.

Mr. Obama, who leads the delegate count, “is clocking in where he needs to be” with white, working-class voters to win the White House in November, Mr. Teixeira said.

Barack Obama will get enough of the “white vote” to sustain a victory in November. It is all the other “groups” mentioned above that will rally around him to push him over the top. And the Clinton argument about the “white woman”? Just looking at McCain’s record on choice, his record on not supporting the minimum wage bill, two direct issues that affect women, I think many will come to side with Barack Obama.

Overall, this upcoming presidential race, congressional and senate races are not about just winning. It is about participating in government and how it works, and to make it work for us. After George W. Bush, who will go down as the dumbest and worst president ever, we deserve accountability, judgment and intelligence for the next President of the United States. Now, we just need to finish this long primary season, so we can really roll up our sleeves and fight for it.

And identity politics? I hope we never have to deal with identity politics again. This has left a very bad taste in everyone’s mouth, thanks to the Clinton Campaign and the genius Mark Penn. It is time to heal.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day. That's All.

world war II monument, h/t jerome armstrong @ mydd

FOXNEWS Jokes About Obama Being Assassinated

short version

long version

This is no laughing matter. After Hillary Clinton's insinuation, this is serious. Contact FOXNEWS for their irresponsible journalistic responsibility and then boycott their advertisers.

All the information is here. Get Busy.

[UPDATE]: Journalist, Liz Trotta, who made that awful remark on "offing Obama" apologizes, sort of. This has started a storm. Well, Hillary was the first to incorporate "assassination". Again, get busy on FOXNEWS, information above.

[UPDATE 2]: A direct link to file a complaint to the FCC, here. Get Busy.

Obama on the “Positive Money Tip”

cross-posted @ Daily Kos

barack addressing the media on his plane


You know you have hit a jackpot when the FEC can not process all the contributions to the Obama Campaign.

Yes, you have read it correctly. They can’t keep up!! That is the computers can not keep up.

A milestone of sorts was reached earlier this year, when Obama, the Illinois senator whose revolutionary online fundraising has overwhelmed Clinton, filed an electronic fundraising report so large it could not be processed by popular basic spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel 2003 and Lotus 1-2-3.

Those programs can’t download data files with more than 65,536 rows or 256 columns.

Wow, the programs can not keep up with these downloaded files.

And while Obama is a constant cash register at the FEC, poor John McCain is no worry for the FEC.

In a revealing insight into the significant fundraising disparity between the two Democrats and presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, it is still possible to download his reports with plain-old Excel.

I am not a “money guru”, nor do I care to comb through FEC filings, but if Barack Obama is a cash register nightmare for the FEC, they definitely need to work on more tools for the web to get the information out there with more expediency.
As the commission has added tools for sorting data, he wrote “it has become increasingly hard to keep track of all of the material that's available and how to navigate through it - getting exactly the answer you were looking for and also pointers to other relevant (information). So, my new job will be to fix all of that - pull everything together, make the navigation straightforward, provide historical context, take advantage of new Web applications.”

So, while the FEC is busy scratching their heads, there is still much for us to do.

The primary season is almost over, THANK GOD, and Barack will be the official presumptive democratic nominee soon. While he is still fighting through these waters, we must not sit on our laurels.

This campaign is shifting to the General Election Mode. Meaning, your hometown state will need all the help it can get to win in November. There is still much to do.

kid oakland had/has a great diary on the recommended list. If you missed it, read it here. Get involved.

Money is always needed. To some, it seems like we are wasting money for these primaries. Point taken, but in the end, we will have built infrastructure in all 50 states for November. That is great and has revitalized the local dems into action. Money is always needed. Any money given, if you are maxed for the primary goes to Barack's general election fund. No dollar is squandered or wasted, we can thank our campaign manager, David Plouffe for keeping his eye on the ball from the start. Donate here.

Need information? The Obama Wikia is coming on strong. Come and help it our.

And for many who get discouraged, down in the dumps, remember "Yes.We.Can."

Lastly, today is not a day of just sitting around drinking a brew or chomping down on some ribs, it is a day of remembrance of our fallen soilders. Remember those who are not with us any longer and those still in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. We want them all home soon.

p.s.....must read diary by Al Rodgers with great photos, here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Week With Barack Obama, May 18-24, 2008

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the obama family returns to des moines, iowa on may 20, 2008


obama's speech in des moines, iowa, may 20, 2008


Superdelegates: William Quay Hays and Lou Paulson for Obama; Dwight Pelz to Back Obama; Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) Endorses Obama; Warren Buffett Backs Obama; Kansas Democratic Party Chair Larry Gates for Obama; Obama picks up Wyoming Superdelegate; Michigan Democratic superdelegate Eric Coleman Endorses Obama; Iowa Democratic Chairman Brennan Endorses Obama; Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo (D-Guam) Endorses Barack Obama; Congressman Joe Courtney (D-CT) Endorses Obama; United Mine Workers Endorse Obama; Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Wayne Dowdy for Obama; Congressman Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) Moves from Clinton to Obama; Congressman Jim Costa (D-CA) Picks Obama; Add On Delegates for Obama; Oregon Superdelegate Jenny Greenleaf: I'm for Obama; Add On Superdelegates

The War Over Michelle Obama

Obama says Clinton "stirring up" Florida controversy
Democrat Barack Obama accused rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday of "stirring up" a controversy over the disqualified Florida primary election because it was her last hope of winning their party's presidential nomination.

Obama, an Illinois senator, is leading Clinton, a New York senator, in delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination to face Republican John McCain in the November election. The delegates are awarded in state nominating contests that kicked off in January.

Florida's and Michigan's delegates were stripped of their rights to be seated at the party's August convention -- when the nominee is formally chosen -- because their contests were held too early in the year, in breach of party rules.

Clinton, who won both contests, has long argued the delegates should be seated and awarded based on the popular vote. She made a trip to Florida this week to press her case.

"The Clinton campaign has been stirring this up for fairly transparent reasons," Obama told reporters on the plane from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Chicago, adding she had not done so earlier in the race when she did not need the delegates to win. continue

Renewing U.S. Leadership in the Americas, Miami, FL

Operation 'Renegade'
Obama warns seniors on Social Security
Clinton to Obama: Not so fast
Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger
McCain to Rely on Party Money Against Obama
Obama Links McCain to Bush on Cuba

barack addressing the b'nai torah congregation in boca raton, fl


Barack Black Eagle's Speech to Crow Nation by icebergslim; OVERWHELMING - Portland Pix (EVEN MORE Awesome Shots) by Al Rodgers; 75,000 Attend Obama Rally! by obamaovermccain; I'm Writing from Obama's Portland, Oregon Rally. by Patch Adam; On the ground in Oregon (photos & a memoir) by Saska; OBAMA'S Portland, OR Waterfront Park Rally - 15 Pics by Terre; A Democratic Party decision, for Hillary, Barack and all those in between by DAVE DIAL; "It is good to be back in Iowa!" (Pics) by audiored; Obama's Fundraiser in Orlando (PHOTOS) by The BBQ Chicken Madness

A Memo to Senator Obama
Hillary Clinton's missing apology to Barack Obama
Obama has brushed up on Latin America
Obama Qualifies Stance On Iran Diplomacy
Hillary Clinton's candidacy has done feminism no favours
No time like present for Dems to act democratic

barack obama give commencement address at wesleyan university in middleton, ct

Barack Obama wants Bill to heal Hillary Clinton wounds
Barack Obama, the probable Democratic presidential nominee, wants Bill Clinton to help him heal the deep party rifts created by his wife Hillary’s divisive campaign – culminating in her dramatic claim this weekend that the 1968 assassination of Robert F Kennedy was a reason not to be pushed out of the race.

The tension between Hillary Clinton and Obama intensified after she told the Sioux Falls Argus Leader in South Dakota, which holds the last primary contest in 10 days’ time: “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June.”

She quickly apologised, ashen-faced, for a comment which appeared dangerously close to wishful thinking about Obama, but the damage was done. continue

obama's commencement address at wesleyan university


Carter Sees Superdelegates Prompting Clinton to Quit
Obama says fuel prices will change car habits
A Wall Of Worry For the GOP
Clinton Keeps Up Fight As Staff Tensions Rise
Obama Takes In More Than $31 Million in April
The Highest Road
Obama Takes Delegate Majority
Chuck Hagel Takes On McCain, Repeatedly Praises Obama

obama in tampa


Obama's running mate hunt. Jarrett already looking into transition to White House.
The Virginia Three
In multiracial Hawaii, Obama faced discrimination
Obama, targeting McCain, shifts to full US election mode
Obama: 'Be Nice to Clinton Supporters.'
'Scots-Irish hillbilly' can make Barack Obama's White House dream come true

barack and daughter, sasha, in oregon


Max and Obama Video; Obama Portland, Oregon Rally; The Real McCain 2 Video; Barack at the B'nai Torah Synagogue; Barack addressing Crow Nation in Montana; Barack, "We Should Engage Our Enemies"; Obama in Billings, MT; Michelle Thanking Kentucky; Groundwork for the General Election; Gender Factor on Today Show; Barack in Bozeman, MT; Michelle phone banks in Kentucky; NPR: Are Women Torn Between Obama and Clinton?; NPR:Obama Lays Out Foreign Policy Plan on Cuba; NPR: Obama Seeks Jewish Support in Florida Trip; NPR: Kennedy's Illness Casts Pall over Congress; Obama Breaking the Glass Ceiling; NPR: Obama Points to Pledged Delegates; Town Hall in Bayamon, Puerto Rico

barack's interview on blogher

Barack Obama's A Team by Maureen
Obama Shows Strength in Swing States (with MAPS) by silver spring
PREDICTION - Why the RFK gaffe will end Hillary Clinton's Campaign by June 4th by ROh70
Where were you when we needed you? by zenbowl
NYT on "Disarray" in Camp McCain by LithiumCola
The Wisdom In Talking by Senator John F. Kerry
Clinton has burned her bridges home to New York by jeremybloom
Hillary Clinton Op-Ed: Unapologetic and Delusional by Mash
FoxNews Jokes About Obama Being Assassinated by Lauren S

barack with jorge mas santos on cuban independence day in miami, fl

On the Road: Clinton’s Very Bad Day
Big money on Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton's donors defect
Obama to Release Doctor's Statement
Linda Douglass Joins The Obama Campaign
Officials say Obama starts search for running mate
RNC Hiring Rove Protege To Dig Oppo Research On Obama

barack to gop, "lay off my wife"


Michelle Obama Says Hola in Puerto Rico by Maureen; Four WV Vets taking PTSD Drugs Die in Their Sleep by murrayewv; Good news! Kerry/Obama bill to close KBR tax loopholes passes. by beachmom; Anti-Obama site run by Possible Defense Contractor Program Director by llthomps; McCain loses it by kos; BREAKING: Rove subpoenaed! by sidwood; Puerto Rico will not give Hillary the popular vote edge, from someone who actually lives in PR by PR for Obama; James Baker Hammers Senator John McCain on Appeasement by StevenLeser; NEW UPDATES:FEC REPORTS IN: HRC 20.4 in Debt & Questions about April 23rd. by vertexoflife; McCain Recruiting Daily Kos Comment Trolls by stefanielaine; Bill Moyers: "We are in trouble" by Inky99; I'm a feminist, and that's why I don't support Hillary. by Queen Alice; Using Statistics to Mislead by juliewolf; Playing Games on Race Is Not a Winning Strategy by Jonathan Singer; Bill Meltdown: 'I Have Never Seen a Candidate Treated So Disrespectfully' by turneresq; Exposed: Lieberman & Graham Openly Part of Anti-Obama 527 by Steven R; Sincere Apologies to Hillary and Bill Clinton by billysumday; Eco-Diary Rescue 5.24 by Meteor Blades

barack in old san juan, puerto rico

Patti Solis-Doyle to Work for Obama?
McCain is slow to gain young voters
Hello There, Ladies
Strong and Right
Sen. Obama’s backers see dream ticket as nightmare
Obama 'within reach' of victory
Obama's strategy now faces a bigger test

the story of obama, written by obama

Obama adopted into the Crow Nation by ChristieKeith
AP: McCain Had Cancer Surgery THIS YEAR, Didn't Tell Anyone by existenz
Obama Regarding Ted Kennedy: "I Stand on his Shoulders" by NCDem Amy
McCain Flips Out by Grand Moff Texan
TOXIC: Josh Marshall slams Clinton's "breathtaking cynicism" by Hudson

keith olbermann's special comment, may 23, 2008


Gallup Daily: Obama Opens Up 16-Point Lead, Biggest Yet; Key Clinton Constituencies Moving Toward Obama; New Reuters poll O-59%,C-33%....O-47%, M-37%; RCP Average: Obama +12.8%; Rass Colorado Obama 48% McCain 42%; Shocking SUSA Obama 49% McCain 42% IN VIRGINIA!!!; Obama holds big edge over Clinton in Montana

Sen. Clinton's Last Hope Rests With Rules Committee
It's the networks, Stupid
Obama says will have to pick vice president "quickly' once votes are over.
Independents are pivotal to both McCain, Obama
A First Lady of a different kind
Women across state rallying behind Obama


Obama, McCain camp trade barbs over issue of lobbyists
As John McCain hammers Barack Obama daily on his willingness to talk to leaders of objectionable regimes, Obama is hitting back on McCain and lobbyists in the upper reaches of his campaign.

"We need a president who sees the government not as a tool to enrich friends and high-priced lobbyists, but as the defender of fairness and opportunity for every American," Obama said at a rally yesterday in Tampa.

He said that McCain proposed a bill a decade ago to ban a candidate from paying registered lobbyists, but now has "hired some of the biggest lobbyists in Washington to run his campaign."

"And when he was called on it, his top lobbyists actually had the nerve to say, 'The American people won't care about this.' Well, I think the American people do care about it and I know they have a clear choice in this election," Obama continued. continue

barack in billings, montana

icebergslim’s last word: assassination

What else can be said about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s total snafu? And if you live under a rock, start with the visual below.

Her whole breakdown can be read and viewed here. Yes, I called it a breakdown. We might as well give her an “out” as in getting out of this race.

Of course, the blogosphere weighed in. Jack and Jill was snappin’ off. Per BarbinMD, she has a list of bloggers who threw in the towel for Hillary. Delaware Dem just said, “Get Out." teresahill made me visualize ”sharpshooters on the roof.” clammyc said, "It's over, folks". A kind reminder by teacherken. And it was foxsucks81 who ran away with the headline and yours truly had input.

Of course, the mainstream media had its say. davidkc was nice to give us a full roundup and Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment after viewing, I thought he was about to explode through my teevee set. for real. Finally, the Sunday "Punditry" over at Meet the Press weighed in.

I don’t know about you, but the word assassination does not sit well with me. Especially presidential or inspiring/famous folk assassinations. For the simple fact that many of us remember it, or remember our parents crying about it, or remember our school teachers/nuns weeping about it, or just have viewed video of it. So, assassination is not far from anyone’s memories, including some of our greatest inspiring, influential leaders being permanently silenced by a bullet. The word is terrifying.

I believe in two aspects of the American public. I believe that they are genuinely sincere and trustworthy and that there are genuine mental nutcases running around here. Hillary opened the door for the latter, not the former.

Many are worried and have been from the conception of an Obama Presidential run. It is warranted. But I am a firm believer in the United States Secret Service and that they will more than do their job. Folks, believe me, they are on it.

Lastly, it takes a presidential nominee in a presidential stance to not pile on, be gracious and thought provoking towards Clinton, especially when Hillary Rodham Clinton has not publicly apologized to the Obama Family and have made these statements previously.
“I have learned that when you are campaigning for as many months as Senator Clinton and I have been campaigning, sometimes you get careless in terms of the statements that you make and I think that is what happened here,” Mr. Obama said. “Senator Clinton says that she did not intend any offense by it and I will take her at her word on that.”

That person is our Presumptive Democratic Nominee, Barack Obama.

We are lucky to have him.

see this photo, above? barack loves his family, they are his strength, his heart, his rock. no matter what happens, he has this love as we are privileged to witness above. always remember, this campaign is about all of us. we all have to do our part to ensure that the obama's are the next first family of this land. keep the faith and remember to focus on obama and not the drama....


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This Week With Barack Obama


p.s. special slideshow below, totally inspired by Al Rodgers, enjoy

Meet The Press, NBC, with Tim Russert