Friday, August 15, 2008

McCain Campaign: The Stalkers of Obama, now attacks on "Bodysurfing"

I received some emails and comments of the "bodysurfing" pictures I posted, yesterday. That Obama should not do it, GOP will attack him. I responded, "If they do, they will end up looking RIDICULOUS, ask the folks in Florida, California."

First off, Barack Obama is a candidate for President of the United States. Everything he does, his family does is news, period. The Obama Family knows this. Plus, Obama said he was going bodysurfing, which in Hawai'i is a poor man's sport. Don't believe me, price surfboards.

For McCain to attack Obama going home, yes, Hawai'i is his home and where he grew up is just sad. You mean to tell me that McCain can't talk about what he is going to do as president but is a cynical stalker on everything Obama? Because that is what his campaign has become. Hell, he can't even get any traction in the media, but only by attacking. When is he going to explain his raggedy assed record, continued flip/flops to the American public? Because we are waiting.

Lastly, how in the hell do you bodysurf? It surely is not with a shirt on. The McCain Campaign takes pride in being IGNORANT. I live in Chicago and they body surf in Lake Michigan, they body surf in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic, so this is nothing NEW.

It is just after being dumbed down as a nation with Bush, we now have an intelligent democratic candidate and one who is in shape, physically, that he must be criticized for bodysurfing in the water? This does not make any sense. What is needed is the capacity to deal with the vigorous job as President of the United States. It is a physical and mental job. This is all part of the job pre-requisite and is a requirement. One which 72 year old John McCain has a problem passing. Just look at him. Nuff said on that one.

McCain Campaign you are running on STUPID.


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