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This Week With Barack Obama, April 13-19, 2008

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On Track For Change.....


35,000 @ Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pa

Voting Registration Deadlines for the Following States and Early Voting Information

Indiana: Early Voting for Indiana is through noon, May 5, 2008. For information of your location for early voting, click here.

North Carolina: One Stop Early Voting is underway through May 3rd, 2008. Look up your One Stop Early Voting Location here.

Kentucky: Deadline April 21st. All registration forms should be submitted to your county and received by April 21st. Download registration form here. List of counties to mail form here.

West Virginia: Deadline April 22nd. All registration forms must be submitted on and received by April 22nd. Download the registration form here. Forms must be mailed or hand delivered to your local county office, list of county offices here.

Oregon: Deadline April 29th. Registration form must be received by April 29th, the downloadable form and where to mail to your county is available here.

Montana: Deadline May 5th. Registration form must be received by May 5th. Registration form and your county address is available here. Additional information is here.

South Dakota: Deadline May 19th. Downloadable form here. Fill out the form on-line, print and send here. List of counties to mail your form is here.

downingtown, pa "whistle stop"

The Clintons Don’t Understand How They Got To This Point.

Out in the blogosphere, we are quite vocal and mostly on point about the main stream media being slow in recognizing or accepting the inevitable, that Hillary Clinton will not get the democratic nomination. Now it is deconstruction time, in other words anger.

DHinMI and dansac had two diaries up reviewing what is going on with the Clinton Camp. It revolves around lack of money and anger.

The money situation is apparent, no one can get around it, and Obama is outspending Clinton in crazy, huge numbers. While Barack has already embarked on a bus tour through Pennsylvania, he has now taken his campaign to the tracks, literally. None of this is cheap, but he is exercising his muscle and showing his opponent his money power. I don’t expect Obama to win Pennsylvania, but this money show is not for us, but the superdelegates many who are elected officials frothing at the mouth right now. In fact, Obama is a reminder of a big wig, former instant cash cow, Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton won’t raise any huge amounts of money going forward and I expect her real March numbers to be more general election money than primary money of the 20 million she raised. (the real numbers are out on april 20, 2008)

Then I read this:
Nancy Larson’s most difficult conversation was, by far, the one with Chelsea Clinton.

“It was just heartbreaking,” said Mrs. Larson, a Democratic National Committee member from Minnesota and more to the point, a superdelegate who had initially pledged herself to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. This was last Saturday, after the former first daughter learned that Mrs. Larson would be shifting her allegiance to Senator Barack Obama.

“She is a delightful young woman who loves her mother very much,” Mrs. Larson said. “She was really pushing me. She kept asking me why I was doing this. She just kept asking, ‘Why? Why?’”

This encounter reminded me of the Bill Clinton 1992 presidential run. Why? Because although he had a ton of baggage from the primary forward, he was the change candidate. And even though much was thrown his way, nothing stuck and he marched into the White House.

What the Clintons have missed here is the importance of the word, change. Instead of flipping it off, or turning sour to it, the Clintons refused to embrace it. This is why they have lost.

Elections are about the present, looking to the future. What a candidate can bring to the table to move this country forward. Instead Hillary Clinton has continued to show us the past. The past in how she campaigns 90s style, the past in her negative attacks, the past in using GOP-Karl Rovian attacks, and just the look in whole is so yesterday.

Presidential elections are about the future, not the past. The Clintons are the past.

new ad "guide"

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obama brushes the "dirt off his shoulder", meaning that abc debate

At Warmdaddy's, Cooling Toward Clinton
Slow R&B music played as the after-work crowd trickled into Warmdaddy's, a South Philadelphia restaurant and jazz club where the hostess wears a square button with Sen. Barack Obama's smiling face and two Obama '08 placards hang from the window.

Support for the senator from Illinois may be in doubt in other parts of Pennsylvania, but Warmdaddy's is a stronghold for Obama supporters in a city he is expected to win in Tuesday's Democratic primary. And in recent weeks, as Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) has pushed the notion that Obama is "out of touch" with working-class voters, the goodwill the restaurant's African American clientele had for her has dropped sharply. continue

obama meets with jewish leaders in pennsylvania

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that abc debate......

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obama meets with uk prime minister, gordon brown

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pittsburgh steelers owner, dan rooney endorses obama


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obama in philadelphia, pa, independence hall

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Baracky: The Movie

It's Getting Close to Over
I woke up this morning and the blues were pouring down like rain...Well, not really--although I've always loved that lyric. Actually, I woke up this morning with a gut feeling that the Philadelphia debate may have been the last straw for the Democratic Party, that the superdelegates are about to rush to Barack Obama in order to end this thing and liberate him to actually answer the Republican-style attacks that Hillary Clinton has been previewing. This New York Times piece is a pretty good indication of the zeitgeist. And these words from Obama pretty much sum up the current state of play:
“That [debate] was the rollout of the Republican campaign against me in November. It happened just a little bit early, but that is what they will do,” Mr. Obama said. “They will try to focus on all these issues that don’t have anything to do with how you are paying your bills at the end of the month. There’s no doubt that I will have to respond sharply and crisply, then pivot to talk about what exactly are we going to do for the economy and what are we going to do about the war in Iraq.”
Until the nominating fight ends, Mr. Obama said, he is “trying to show some restraint.” He added, “I won’t have as much restraint with the Republicans."

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barack at the state capital of harrisburg, pa

A Man at Home in the World
He was just a college kid, vagabonding around the world. But Barack Obama says the weeks he spent traveling through Pakistan in 1981 shaped the views that he still holds today—and that he would bring into the White House. Obama remembers most vividly the desperation and hopelessness—"essentially a feudal life"—he witnessed in the countryside surrounding Karachi, a city that is today a hotbed of jihadist activity. At the tender age of 20, Obama suggested, he was already beginning to understand more about what ailed Muslim societies—what generated terrorism and fratricidal conflicts—than George W. Bush or John McCain do today. "Both as a consequence of living in Indonesia and traveling in Pakistan, having friends in college who were Muslim, I was very clear about the history of Shia-Sunni antagonism"—which is one reason why, as an Illinois state senator 21 years later, he opposed the war in Iraq, Obama told NEWSWEEK last week. "This notion that somehow we were going to be able to create a functioning democracy and reconcile century-old conflicts, I always thought was a bunch of happy talk from this administration." continue

icebergslim's last word: bob schieffer of cbs' face the nation

nuff said on that one....

looking at the picture above says it all. the same old thing, the same old way and that change man. in fact, you can get this piece of artwork at the obama store. change has been the main theme, undercurrent, message of the obama campaign. change has been mocked, flipped off, copied, and everything else, but change is still here with us. makes you really believe that "we are the ones, we have been waiting for." indeed. well, pennsylvania primary is tuesday, april 22, 2008. as always, we need as much help as possible. you know the old guard machine will be ramped up with politics the old way on tuesday, so every single call, volunteering, donations are needed. at this point, nothing should be taken for chance. since the conception of this movement, we have just marched on and we will past pennsylvania onto north carolina and indiana. though this campaign season seem weary, it really does, we must remain resolve and eyes on the prize. the prize is president barack obama. as always, remember to focus on obama and not the drama.


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