Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michelle Obama's East Wing (Video)

See NBCs Inside the Obama White House, all the video and extra clips here

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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in Normandy, France for 65th Anniversary of D-Day (Pictures, Video)

American Cemetery, Normandy, France

Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Gordon Brown, Stephen Harper, Nicholas Sarkozy

D-Day Video Clips

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Friday, June 5, 2009

President Obama Weekly Radio Address, June 6, 2009 (Video and Transcript)

President Obama Outlines Goals for Health Care Reform

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Pat Buchanan is a Cracker.

Repost from Margaret and Helen blog. A must read.

Margaret, this old gal has clearly lived too long. Never in my life did I think I would see a bunch of old, white men claiming they are being discriminated against. I am sure the Hispanic women who cleaned their houses today are having a good laugh… or a good cry. Honestly, the absurdity of it all is more than I can take. Stick me in a hole and throw some dirt on top of me. I’m done.

If you are born a white, male Christian in today’s world and life didn’t turn out the way you wanted, you probably have only yourself and the Rush Limbaugh Show to blame. Some exceptions probably do exist, but if you’re a commentator on a cable news channel you’re probably the rule and not the exception.

Pat Buchanan is an idiot. I mean it. Really

Helen, dear, I sent an email to that talented Susan Boyle telling her that I thought she had the voice of an angel and that I wanted her to sing at my funeral. Her response said she was free next Thursday.

That says it ALL about Pat Buchanan.

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Here comes GOP token, Michael Steele, weighing in on Judge Sotomayor (Video)

Again, the token has spoken.....

"And God help you if you’re a white male coming before her bench."

That from RNC Chairman, Michael Steele.

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FLOTUS w/girls at the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Michelle Obama is in Paris with Malia, Sasha and Grandma.

US First Lady Michelle Obama took her two daughters up the Eiffel Tower for a birds-eye view of Paris at sunset Friday after flying in to France to join President Barack Obama, who arrived from Germany.

Hundreds of onlookers screamed "Michelle" as she stepped out of a Chevrolet to wave to the crowd before shepherding Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven, into the landmark tower by a discreet side entrance in the south pillar.

The Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe was on hand to welcome the US party at one of the world's most visited attractions, with six million visitors a year.

The iron-laced monument, emblem of the Paris skyline, remained open throughout the family's 30-minute tour with tourists climbing its steps and milling about below.

The family left just as the tower, soaring 324 metres (710 feet) above the Paris skyline, suddenly lit up the night sky with thousands of sparkling lights.

The first family arrived as President Barack Obama flew in to Orly airport, just outside Paris, after visiting Germany.

He was to stay overnight with the family at the US embassy residence, a large 19th-century building with a vast garden located close by the French presidential office, the Palais de l'Elysee.

From Gossip on the Ground in France

A dispatch from one of my French connections about the Obama family landing in Paris on Friday.......How they did it, I don't know, but they arrived in Paris all together.
The Faubourg Saint-Honore, one of the very chic-est street in Paris (Hermes, Sotheby's, Lanvin, etc.) where the ambassador's residence and the Elysee palace are, has been blocked all day and there are many complaints.....Tomorrow's dinner at the Jules Vernes seems to be on.....

and a note from one of my French spies....The program has been disclosed by the AFP....The 3 girls (First Lady Michelle, Malia and Sasha) went to the Tour Eiffel ....They'll go to Notre Dame tomorrow. Then: private dinner.....They'll go to the Modern Art Museum on Sunday....Then Michelle will go to the Elysée to see Carla + Nicolas Sarkozy and kids
......Then shopping spree in a children's store in VI ème arrondissment (Rive Gauche / Upscale)

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King Rush: At Buchenwald Obama is "ripping" Germans "over something they did 60 years ago" a day after praising Islam

I guess Obama's success and showing leadership is just a tad bit too, much for the King, maybe he is taking too much of that oxycotin.....

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Utah man who was on a "mission" to kill Obama is charged

Yes, we have to continue to deal with the crazys in this country. God watch over President Obama. for real.

Federal authorities in Utah search for a man who allegedly made threats against President Obama.

Daniel James Murray has been charged with making threats against Obama, after telling a bank teller he was part of a "mission" to kill the president. The Secret Service says Murray has at least eight registered firearms. His whereabouts are unknown.

Murray entered Zion's First National Bank in St. George, Utah, May 19, to open a savings account with an $85,000 check, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Salt Lake City today.

Murray allegedly asked if the bank was solvent and then stated, according to the complaint, "With all this mess going on under President Obama with banks and the economy, I'm sure if citizens happen to lose their money, they will rise up and we could see killing and deaths." read more here....


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President Obama's Pictures from Buchenwald, Germany

Elie Wiesel's words from Buchenwald with President Obama (Video)
President Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel's Press Conference in Dresden, Germany (Video)
President Obama's visit to Buchenwald Concentration Camp and his remarks, Video
Full Transcript of remarks by Chancellor Merkel, President Obama and Elie Wiesel at Buchenwald

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