Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mark Warner former Governor of Virginia "Keynote Speaker" at Democratic Convention

Well, this is a very coveted spot and Obama is giving it to Mark Warner. Warner is the former governor of Virginia and the current democratic senate candidate for Virginia.

Many thought that this spot would be given to Clinton, but not.

Clinton, Hillary that is, will be a "Headline Speaker".

I don't care what anyone says, but there is not a lot of love lost between Clinton and Obama. Obama is being magnanimous, as he should and is bending over backwards to Hillary's divaness, but all this sh*t stops when he is pronounced, the Democratic Nominee.

As, for all the PUMA blowhards, many who are republicans in disarray are really far less than many imagine. Yes, they are effective for getting out their message, but they are not the majority. Remember that. Many democratic women know what is at stake for this election. The choice is crystal clear between Obama and McCain.

So, as we enter into a somewhat harmonious convention, we will walk away ready to defeat the Republicans and McCain. That you can put into the bank.

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