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This Week With Barack Obama, March 2-8, 2008

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obama enroute on jet, march 4, 2008


Campaign Appearances

March 10, 2008 - Town Hall Meeting with Barack Obama, Columbus, MS
March 10, 2008 - Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama, Jackson, MS

obama in wyoming!!!

Barack Obama Wins Wyoming!!! Yes, but he won Vermont and Texas, too!!!

Barack Obama won the Wyoming Caucus on Saturday, March 8, 2008. He won another state that the Clinton Campaign states is unimportant, not recognizable and the figment of many imaginations as he just swept away any delegate gain that Clinton gained on Tuesday’s election, back to where we were before the week started. Obama is in control of the pledged delegate count, period.

As for Tuesday’s Election, Obama won Vermont and Texas. Yes, he won the delegate count from the prima-caucus of the State of Texas. Meaning, that Barack Obama knows how to do the math and Hillary Clinton is having an issue there. Meaning in the end, when the Clinton Campaign said that “this is about winning delegates”, they seem to have forgotten about this during their 12 streak loss. Math does not lie in the end.

While the Clinton Campaign continues to brag about big state wins, let us look closely at these so called “big state wins”. Here are the top nine contests. (h/t jmelli for this valuable information)

New York698,0001,003,000
New Jersey492,000603,000
Final Total8,643,0008,487,000

Now that you see actual numbers, look at the poor showing in Clinton’s own home state of New York. Again, goes back to why she had to run ads in her backyard and Obama did not. He did not have the pressure, heat from the Clinton ground swell in his backyard, as Clinton did hers.

Now everyone understands why the large 125+ pledged delegate advantage that Obama has over Clinton. Her campaign went dark, virtually dead while she allowed Obama to run the table on her and run the numbers up on her for 12 straight loses, thus she will never catch up unless she has a 60/40 split on every single election from here on out. It won’t happen.

Also, remember that in the machine driven states, meaning top/down states that Clinton won, it was due to influenced by the old style politics of being chit driven, i.e., Ohio, New Jersey and the mayor of Los Angeles. Using their machine and getting the vote out. It was not driven by people powered politics of the roots. Is this a good way to win elections? Yes. It is the old fashioned normal way of doing things, but the result is the end result. They were unable to blow Obama out of the water on Super Tuesday of February 5th and Jr. Super Tuesday of March 4th. Again, he stayed close enough and won big elsewhere to offset any Clinton win.

So, what is this really about? Perception Politics. That is what this is about. The Clinton Campaign floating around that they will accept Barack Obama as their VP candidate, when in reality, it is she who is craving to be on the ticket with Obama, not the other way around. Why? How?

He leads Clinton as follows:

a) Delegates
b) Primaries
c) Caucuses
d) Money Raised
e) Donors
f) Votes from big states
g) Popular votes
h) Senator endorsements
i) Governor endorsements
j) Most states won

And my friends these are the undisputed facts that the Clinton Campaign cannot spin.

rep. patrick murphy representing obama before philly ward chiefs

Obama's Statement on Bill Foster's IL-14 Congressional Win

note: this win is important due to this being the former Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert's seat. a democrat has not been in this seat since 1976, proves obama's strength in a solid red district and that barack obama is the one with the real coattails.

I want to congratulate my friend Bill Foster on winning his race for Congress. As a distinguished scientist and successful businessman, Congressman-elect Foster has demonstrated the kind of vision and leadership we need in Washington. And his victory today shows that change is sweeping this country. By electing him to a traditionally Republican seat – a seat that former Speaker Dennis Hastert held for 20 years – the people of Illinois have sent an unmistakable message that they're tired of business-as-usual in Washington. I look forward to fighting side-by-side with Congressman-elect Foster to end the Iraq war, to take immediate steps to strengthen our economy, and to bring about real change not just in Illinois, but all across America. Link

obama and rolling stone

Clinton Feminists Frustrated at Shift Toward Obama
This sentiment is being expressed around the country — in testy dinner-party conversations, around the water cooler and in the public square. As Clinton's shot at the nomination boils down to two March 4 contests — in the delegate-rich states of Texas and Ohio, where she is running neck and neck with Obama — many women who support the New York senator are angry and saddened by their sisters' desertion.

Old-school feminists have lined up against one another. Some chapters of the National Organization for Women are supporting Clinton, others are for Obama. There have been unseemly arguments about which candidate is more of an abortion rights supporter. Some women experience the rise of Obama as they might the ripping open of a persistent wound: An older, more experienced woman is pushed aside to make way for a younger male colleague. continue

Obama Asks if any President is Ready
Obama, Clinton Trade Jabs on, Well, Trade
His Delegate Advantage is Too Great
The Other Obama

obama in wyoming being specific on the iraq war


Mississippi Clarion-Ledger Endorses Obama; South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler (superdelegate) Endorses Obama; Georgia Democratic Party Chair Jane Kidd (superdelegate) Endorses Obama; Mayor Rhine McLin, Dayton, Endorses Obama; Superdelegate Ian Carleton Endorses Obama; Rep. Nick J. Rahall II (D-WV) to Endorse Obama

Barack Obama's Powerful Words About War by Maureen
(Video) Olbermann: "Hillary is NUTS" by Al Rodgers
General Election Projections, Survey USA Rules Edition by poblano
Democratic Establishment, We are Watching You. by icebergslim
Self-described Independents: How have they voted so far? by leevank

obama, circa 2005

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Michelle Obama at the Univerity of Texas w/video
Barack Obama's Army is United in Desire of Change
Will Obama Hit Back Hard?

obama answers the hard questions from san antonio, march 4, 2008

And it Continues
Big wins in Ohio and Texas last night for Sen. Hillary Clinton -- but she still lags behind Sen. Barack Obama's delegate count, and it remains unclear who "won" Texas once the caucus results are added to Clinton's primary win.

(In the southwest Houston precinct I visited last night, Clinton won the primary but lost the caucus.)

In talking points circulated late last night, the Clinton campaign acknowledges that it can never overtake Obama with pledged delegates, and asserts that it intends to overtake him with the support of superdelegates. continue

Pennsylvania Voter Registration Ends March 24, 2008, Register NOW!!!
Democrats Fear An Ugly End To Race
Now It's Obama's Turn To Make Adjustments
Who Will Win Nomination? It's Down to a Numbers Game
Achieving the Right Level of Nasty
Mississipi, Block by Block

obama with a cutie pie in laramie, wyoming

icebergslim’s last word: the vetting of obama or is it clinton?

We have heard much this past week from the Clinton Campaign called the “kitchen sink” tactic. And the “you know what” has been thrown. Which is cool, it is okay. Why? Because other stuff emerges, as Clinton’s fondness of John McCain, her very good friend. Clinton stated that only she and McCain have passed the Commander-in-Chief threshold. Really? Hillary Clinton what have you done, exactly?

I wrote a diary titled, Obama, “I’m not running to be VP...”, and Obama is not, but it is what Gary Hart had to say about Clinton’s absolute no-no of politics and how this has put her firmly in the Republican camp.
It will come as a surprise to many people that there are rules in politics. Most of those rules are unwritten and are based on common understandings, acceptable practices, and the best interest of the political party a candidate seeks to lead. One of those rules is this: Do not provide ammunition to the opposition party that can be used to destroy your party's nominee. This is a hyper-truth where the presidential contest is concerned.

By saying that only she and John McCain are qualified to lead the country, particularly in times of crisis, Hillary Clinton has broken that rule, severely damaged the Democratic candidate who may well be the party's nominee, and, perhaps most ominously, revealed the unlimited lengths to which she will go to achieve power. She has essentially said that the Democratic party deserves to lose unless it nominates her.

Hillary Clinton has aligned herself with John McCain and George Bush on practically everything of importance, first and foremost, the Iraq War. And for a democrat, which many are really wondering if Clinton is, to actually make that statement has lost her much credit and support within the party. Whether you are for or against Mrs. Clinton, one thing you do not do is provide ammunition and fodder for a candidate who just may be the nominee. There is something called “for the good of the party” and the Clintons have again demonstrated that not only do they not care for the Democratic Party, but their own power and greed is first and foremost here. She is totally discredited and will find a hard time come Denver, if she makes it there.

This brings us to what about the vetting of Hillary Clinton? Yes, she has been called everything but the mother of god, but what about her? As it is coming to revelation, her experience is mired in suspect, innuendo and really just half truths. For a candidate to say state that she, “..helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland”, but in essence just had tea and crumpets with the ladies, wives of the actual negotiators is a far stretch. Then Bosnia. What about Hillary Clinton stating that she, “...negotiated open borders to let fleeing refugees into safety from Kosovo.” When in fact all she was doing was singing and dancing on stage with Sinbad and Sheryl Crow. Is that diplomatic relations to you? And Clinton touting that as First Lady she helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act, an act mind you that took Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) years to get through. Did she? She could not have. Not when she just became First Lady on January 20, 1993 and the FMLA was passed on February 5, 1993. And we won't even go there with her Scooter Libby problem, read for yourself.

See friends, vetting is a process that politicians go through to swarm through the crap to get to the truth. But what Hillary Clinton is doing is perception politics, again. Trying to make you believe that she has accomplished, performed, actually done all these things, when in essence she did not. She has not negotiated anything, signed nothing, sat in conference with no foreign heads of state on behalf of the United States of America, as First Lady.

So, if we are vetting, let’s continue to find out more about Clinton’s tea and crumpet moments, which she states equate to national security and foreign relations experience. Yes, she does think just that.

we are the ones

Obama Raises $55 Million in February
Democratic Sen. Barack Obama raised a record $55 million in February for his presidential campaign, eclipsing rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's own substantial fundraising for the month. All told, Obama has raised $193 million during his yearlong bid for the White House.

The campaign's announcement Thursday came two days after Obama lost three of four primaries to Clinton. Her victories stopped his winning streak and extended the race into an unpredictable future.

Obama's February total was his second fundraising record. He raised $36 million in January, more than any other presidential candidate who has ever been in a contested primary. His combined January and February totals nearly matched what he raised last year.

"That's a humbling achievement, and I am very grateful for your support," Obama said in another fundraising appeal. "No campaign has ever raised this much in a single month in the history of presidential primaries. But more important than the total is how we did it — more than 90 percent of donations were $100 or less ..." continue

well, the campaign trail is proving to be that of a slow slog. just sloggin' away, rackin' away delegates, and moving from state to state. the positive of this is the excitement and infrastructure the obama campaign is building in each of these states. the other side is surely not doing that, nor spending the money for a 50 state strategy. as always, since we are in it to win it, we must continue to support barack's quest to the nomination. click on the map above and donate, go here to mobilize, get involved and remember mississippi is tuesday, pennsylvania is april 22nd and the third jr super tuesday is may 5th with indiana and north carolina. let's get busy and stay on it. and remember to focus on obama, and not the drama....


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