Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's message from President Barack Obama (Video)

Good evening. Tonight, as Americans across the country gather with family and friends, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.
This is always a hopeful time, as we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. And while 2009 was difficult for many Americans, we must also look back on this year with the knowledge that brighter days are ahead of us – that although our challenges are great, each of us has the courage and determination to rise up and meet them.
It is that spirit that has kept the American Dream alive for generations, and it is that spirit that will keep it alive for generations to come. Happy New Year, everyone.
En Español:

Saludos a todos. Esta noche que estadounidenses en todo el país se están reuniendo con familiares y amigos, quiero desearles a todos un feliz Año Nuevo, lleno de salud.

Éste siempre es un periodo de optimismo, ya que celebramos el final de un año y el inicio de otro. Y aunque el 2009 fue difícil para muchos estadounidenses, debemos también ver este año pasado con la certeza de que tendremos días mejores por delante – que a pesar de que los retos son grandes, cada uno de nosotros tiene la valentía y la determinación para enfrentarlos.

Es ese espíritu el que ha mantenido vivo el Sueño Americano generación tras generación, y es ese espíritu el que lo mantendrá vivo en generaciones futuras. Feliz Año Nuevo a todos.

Senator John Ensign gets hoodwinked by Rick Sanchez, CNN on his infidelity scandal (Video)

A MUST SEE. Senator Ensign can all of a sudden be FOCUSED on the other issues, but he made news on his own personal issues. He must answer up.

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DNC calls for an end to Superdelegates

AMEN to this one. h/t DemConWatch

A commission of Democratic leaders on Wednesday recommended their party virtually eliminate superdelegates from their presidential candidate nomination process.

Their proposal -- commissioned by the Democratic National Committee in the aftermath of last year's tough primary season -- would essentially make the "superdelegate" post an honorary position.

Consequently, these powerful party leaders could no longer select the candidate of their choice; rather, their votes would be tied to the outcome of their respective states' primaries, which choose winners by popular vote. - The Hill

Superdelegates should not be given the power to over through elections, caucuses because that is what it came down to in the 2008 Democratic Primaries. The courting to these people was ridiculous and this part of the process should be eliminated.

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Obama and the polls a year later, not looking good

Again, Barack Obama and his mismanagement of the health care debate is a major reason why his poll numbers are where it is at, along with siding with the continuous bailouts of Wall Street, banks, automotive industry with NO RELIEF for Main Street. This equals anger out here and it is real. Barack Obama has done some good things, moving towards transparency, putting science first, standing with the military, movement in changing the education system, looking forward to climate change. But Obama must show more LEADERSHIP come 2010 because for many he lacked it in 2009. Sure, he had divisive people like the Republicans in his way, but they were always going to be there, Barack Obama must convey to this country what EXACTLY he wants, but more importantly he must DELIVER. And jobs? People don't believe this White House is focused on it, it clearly is displayed in the polling numbers. With no jobs, losing jobs, fear of losing jobs and the White House nonchalant to many, this is why the numbers are shitty.

Remember, people voted for Barack Obama on his agenda not for what is coming out of the White House now. So, if the middle class, independents, young, and many other are angry all Barack Obama needs to look at is right in his White House.

Until his behavior change, remove some people change, these polling numbers are going to continue to erode.

Wake up, Barack Obama. You are not on the ballot in 2010 but the WHOLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is and if it is a bloodbath for Democrats, the blame will be put squarely on your shoulders.

The anger is real out here and our President better get in touch or we are talking bad times in 2010 for the Democratic Party.

From morning joe:

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How can we win in Afghanistan with all of this going on?

I happen to watch MSNBC today with David Shuster talking to Richard Engel about the Afghanistan mission. After listening to this exchange, I was left with, "How can any mission in Afghanistan be complete in 18 months?"

It is not going to happen.

Richard Engel talked about major problems on the Afghanistan side:

* Corruption
* Nepotism
* Absenteeism
* Drug Addiction
* Illiteracy

This is the short list.

Let's be real, does anyone thing that the 2011 timeline will be kept, with this information from the Pentagon Papers? I mean, I stopped listening at drug addiction and illiteracy. Just those two issues are life changing ones and we all have been around or know someone who has been in and out of rehab for drugs, do you think with all that going on that a 2011 withdrawal is realistic?

And there may not be nearly as many Afghan battalions as the country claims. The report said previous estimates are not believable. "Estimate for soldiers actually in battalions far below reported," it said. "Example: between 40 and 50 percent in some areas." And Afghan soldiers still in the ranks have literacy problems, and that "mentally, physically unfit and drug addicts hurt units."

I am not for the Afghanistan surge or build up, but will give President Obama a chance here, and this is a very small chance. This task is hard and difficult, but nobody is asleep nor does anyone believe that any Western change will be real in Afghanistan.

President Obama must decide what he is going to do. Go after Osama bin Ladin, appease Pakistan, nation build in Afghanistan as we did in Iraq, or just call it a day and focus on us, the citizens and security HERE. I state this after the botch job of our government agencies with the Nigerian terrorist who tried to ignite explosives on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan.

Our president has a lot of issues on his plate, he is a rookie president, he has been slow on some moves, but in the end we can not continue sending our precious blood to these countries and in the end don't have shit to show for it.

To sum it up from Meteor Blades @ Daily Kos:
To condense: the Afghan National Army is a farce; there's little chance of turning it into a cohesive fighting force; and there's zero chance of doing so on a speedy timetable, all of which I noted 10 days ago in Phantom Hope: The Afghan Army.

That is the reality.

From Rachel Maddow:



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8 Americans killed in Afghanistan

Suicide attack claims the lives of civilians at a military base in Khost region

Expect this to continue with the War in Afghanistan cranking up.

All of the eight Americans killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan Wednesday were civilians, and no U.S. or NATO troops were injured in the blast, a U.S. defense official said.

The attack took place at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province, in eastern Afghanistan, said the official, who declined to be named. The New York Times was reporting that the bomber managed to elude security and reach the base's gym.

"We can confirm that there was an explosion in Khost province and eight Americans have been killed," a U.S. official said. He could not give any further details.

A senior U.S. official in Washington said the Americans were killed by an attacker wearing a suicide vest.

Another senior U.S. official in Washington said there were conflicting reports on the total number of casualties. Others were also wounded.

Wazir Pacha, a police spokesman in Khost province, said local people reported hearing a blast in the area.

Attacks in Afghanistan this year have spiralled to their highest levels since the Taliban were overthrown by U.S.-backed Afghan forces in late 2001.

Washington is sending 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan in an attempt to stem the mounting violence, with NATO allies also contributing thousands more. read more here....

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President Obama was slow on the move in regards to the attempted airline terrorist attack

I have not written much because I am taking some holiday time off, but I have watched this airline incident unfold and this is my take.

The incident with the Nigerian individual, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was serious enough for the Obama Administration to make a statement within 24 hours and they did not. This incident happened on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009 but by the time President Obama took the microphone we all ready KNEW much of what happened which was failure in communication from all of these government agencies. Is anyone surprised at this? When the microphone was taken by President Obama, Monday, December 28, 2009, he was behind the eight ball.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano made a major snafu on the Sunday talk shows by actually stating, "the system worked", but immediately walked back this statement on Monday. Why? The system did not work and we all know this.

The system did not work. It is not the passengers’ responsibility to intervene in any terror plot; it is the government's responsibility to make sure this does not happen period. To hear that this individual's name was on a list, that his father went to the American Embassy in Nigeria that he was just out in the open is outrage. Now, what should happen to this "underwear bomber"? We already take our shoes off at airports, what is next; full body search as in the strip down type? At this point, what is the point in even flying now? Not for this, I hope.

The one word I remember from the Bush Administration was incompetence. President Obama was subdued on Monday, but became angered by the time Tuesday came and took responsibility. As he should.

The Obama White House is very cautious and that is OK, on some levels, but when something like this happens when a bomb could have potentially gone off, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Head of State needs to be in front of a camera with a statement, IMMEDIATELY, like within 24 hours. It took this White House 72 hours before President Obama made his first remarks, by then we knew everything from the reporting about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a wealthy banker’s son, a prestigious London college grad and now an accused terrorist.

Incompetence can happen easily, as we have seen revealed by these government agencies, but I don't ever want President Obama making a statement on a serious event 72 hours later, I don't care if he is on vacation, the public needs to be informed and it should come from HIM. Will this be a big deal? Short term, No. Why? Folks are on holiday, vacation and not paying attention. But long term, this should be fixed within these agencies and it better not take President Obama 72 hours to address the country again regarding an incident like this. Did you get that White House?

From morning joe:

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

President Obama on the systematic failure of air travel security (Video)

From Hawaii:


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Monday, December 28, 2009

President Obama addressses the U.S. airline attack (Video)

From his vacation in Hawaii:

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Friday, December 25, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address with First Lady Michelle Obama, December 25, 2009 (Video and Transcript)

For the first time in a weekly address, the President is joined by the First Lady as they celebrate Christmas. They both honor those serving overseas, those who have sacrificed for their country, and the families that stand by them. December 24, 2009.


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Senate passes health insurance reform and President Obama's statement (Video)

President Barack Obama (R) delivers remarks next to Vice President Joe Biden at the White House in Washington after the Senate passed the health care reform bill December 24, 2009. The U.S. Senate approved Obama's healthcare overhaul on Thursday, backing sweeping changes in the medical insurance market and new coverage for tens of millions of uninsured Americans.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FLOTUS, Michelle Obama with Malia, Sasha and Bo Obama visits Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C. (video)

First lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha (C) and Malia try to get their dog Bo to stop barking at Santa Claus as they read Christmas stories to children at the Children's National Medical Center on December 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. The first lady toured the hospital visiting the Heart and Kidney Unit before greeting 200 patients and hospital staff.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

President Barack Obama don't insult our intelligence

I don't know who coined the phrase, "public option", but Barack Obama campaigned across this country having "health care like congress", which is a government run public option. He may be pissed that many in his base are angry at him for doing virtually NOTHING for the public option, during this health care debacle, but don't get it twisted Barack Obama, words do matter and YOU DID campaign on a public option.

And White House, sometimes you really need to take some damn smart pills. Do you really think people are stupid or somethin'?

Obama said the public option "has become a source of ideological contention between the left and right." But, he added, "I didn't campaign on the public option."

Wow, Barack Obama reality and YOUR WORDS really matter.
In the 2008 Obama-Biden health care plan on the campaign’s website, candidate Obama promised that "any American will have the opportunity to enroll in [a] new public plan." [2008]

– During a speech at the American Medical Association, President Obama told thousands of doctors that one of the plans included in the new health insurance exchanges "needs to be a public option that will give people a broader range of choices and inject competition into the health care market." [6/15/09]

– While speaking to the nation during his weekly address, the President said that "any plan" he signs "must include...a public option." [7/17/09]

– During a conference call with progressive bloggers, the President said he continues "to believe that a robust public option would be the best way to go." [7/20/09]

– Obama told NBC’s David Gregory that a public option "should be a part of this [health care bill]," while rebuking claims that the plan was "dead." [9/20/09]

All I can say is stop the LYING. Yes, this is LYING. It reminds me of a pop song out a few years ago about a man who is having an affair, his girlfriend/wife catches him in the act and he actually told her, " wasn't me..." In other words, Barack Obama must think people have forgotten what he said, what his campaign's position was, and that well, we are just stupid or somethin'. To come out and say this? Barack Obama is out of touch with all of us.

Read it all here with links and video of Barack Obama, here

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Barack Obama, the base appears to have lost faith in you.

Yes, I never thought I would write this diary, but hey I have always been a woman who look at things hard and the way it is.

This is how I feel.

I believe the base, still trust Barack Obama to do the right thing, with the right intentions, but the faith that you will do this has eroded and diminished.

Faith: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof

Trust: confidence in and reliance on good qualities, especially fairness, truth, honor, or ability

Two words that intertwine, willingly or unwillingly.

I believe that the current health care bill in the Senate will pass. We have listened to President Nelson lay out why he intends to vote on this bill, but only if it remains in tact. Meaning, dare if you will House to change anything, if you do, NO VOTE.

And for President Nelson's statement and his willingness to vote for the GROUND BREAKING legislation, OFA is giving its members scripts and are calling Nebraskans to thank them for Ben Nelson's vote. Isn't that just amazing? Calling an obstructionist and thanking him? Have the White House taken its smart bills lately? Oh, let us not forget President Nelson's kickback or what he gets for his state for his vote.

Anyway, all this makes you wonder how this bill got to this form. It is easy for me to state, lack of leadership from the man at the top, Barack Obama.

We watched all year, especially this summer, Mr. Obama's aloofness, non-chalant, hands off approach to this bill. We watched Mr. Obama continue to give time extensions to the Baucus Bill. In reality, this is the bill he always wanted. Why? Because this bill caters to all the deals he has made before the bill was even crafted, especially to the pharmaceutical companies. But we know all about this, in fact to watch all the powering things Barack Obama said to get elected, just watch it all here. But, I can't leave without a reminder as to what he was going to champion when it came to the pharmaceutical companies, but our President ended up doing the same exact thing that George W. Bush did, not allowing this government to negotiate for cheaper drug prices. In this aspect, he is no better than George W. Bush, whom many have derailed on this site for the deal he made in regards to Medicare D.

Maybe this White House did not understand or know that the public was following what they were doing, but not only that remembered what this President said during his campaign. We all get that everything you say in a campaign does not transcend, but for health care a signature piece of legislation that is supposed to be his legacy, he has failed monumentally.

Barack Obama did not trust or believe in us, the American Public. The public option or even Medicare at 55 was such an easy sale. He talked for 2 years to the American Public about how horrible our health care system is and that we should have health care like congress. In the end, when he got in office he turned to make deals, instead of coming directly to us in non-professorial speak, and tell us to stand with him. Stand with him against all these industries. Tell us what a public option IS. What it will do for competition of costs for US. That in fact he needed US to stand with him. We heard none of that, so this White House went with the status quo, business as usual and now expect us to believe this bill is the best they could get, when the fact is they negotiated everything away before sitting at the table. Now, we are to continue to believe, trust, have faith in this White House. At this point, only with very long handled spoons and only until we see the fine print. Words going forward matter less and less, what is on paper matter more and more.

Makes me go to the Ed Schultz piece with Markos on Friday. Schultz made a passionate plea or question as to why this President has not gone into the den of fire, the obstructionists backyard. Why no town hall meetings in Lincoln, NE; Baton Rouge, LA; Little Rock, AR or Harford, CT? Why?

The answer is simple, Barack Obama never wanted a public option or Medicare for 55. For anyone to argue that he did want it, then look at the Baucus Bill, this is the bill he always wanted. This bill gives the insurance companies 30-40 million new customers, the American Public and forces us to pay them. If we do not then the very government gets to fine us. And if we don't pay? Well, I expect garnishing of pay checks or bank accounts, tax returns, lotto winnings, etc. How else does the government collect its money? And they are doing this on BEHALF of the insurance companies. Ain't this grand!!!!

Is this White House weakened? Yes. See, when you negotiate away everything and are left hanging in the balance, it is people like Ben Nelson that can walk in and demand things, for his vote, and get it. When you have a Chief of Staff that never respected the left, then you have a problem, when it was millions of these very same people that put you in office. The White House hopes that if anything passes on health care and they campaign and show this is reform, their polling numbers will go up. I hope they are right, but in my gut I feel they are wrong. People invested too much in this White House to get this. At this point, it is time for Obama to show some action and DELIVER; and people deserve much more than what this bill is giving, which is a "champaign and caviar moment" for the health insurance industry proving their money has won them their welfare bill.

Finally, I want to talk about the left. I understand different factions in our Democratic Party, but I consider myself a Democrat, period. Not a conservadem, or a left winger, but a Democrat. In all the recent polling of Barack Obama and the Democrats, no one asks if we are all these sub labels within our party, these pollsters talk to Democrats. The falling of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party's polling numbers is based on Democrats, period. So, this labeling and pointing a finger at the netroots, per se, don't mean shit to my 70 year old mother who don't know what a "Daily Kos" is, but is against this health care bill and how Barack Obama has handled this. She is a Democrat and we all need to remember this going forward.

Have I lost faith in Barack Obama? I believe Barack Obama will do what he always have wanted to do. The interpretation is for each one of us to fill in.

A comment from 3goldens sums it up for ME:

I think I know at least some of what it cost you to speak out like this and I give you a lot of props for your honesty. There has been a lack of honesty about this entire healthcare reform process from the very beginning of this administration, and while some may not appreciate your honesty here, I do. When honesty is absent or in short supply, the truth suffers and people lose faith and trust in those they expected both from. It's that simple--and that devastating.

Update [2009-12-20 17:15:53 by icebergslim]:

This is my feeling on it. Obama has some time to try to get us back, but if anyone believes Harry Reid is not endangered read this. I feel, I believe Obama never wanted a public option, since he has been President. Did he want it during the campaign, HELL YEAH, he wanted our votes!!! Now, not so much. Anyway, have at it.

Update [2009-12-20 17:42:49 by icebergslim]:

Again, this is how I feel and anyone who tries to dictate how I should feel are bogus. I am a hardcore Democrat, one who does not have to stand with this President and this health care bill. Now it is up to the White House to sell this, not me. But at this point, for this bill to go forward, for me is nothing near, Change You Can Believe In, not for ME.

Update [2009-12-20 19:31:52 by icebergslim]:

Senator Russ Feingold holds President Barack Obama responsible for loss of public option. I mean, if Barack Obama ran like he is governing NOW, do you think he would have won the Democratic Nomination? Brought in new voters? Please. One word. NO.
From the Wisconsin Democrat's press office came the following statement:

I've been fighting all year for a strong public option to compete with the insurance industry and bring health care spending down. I continued that fight during recent negotiations, and I refused to sign onto a deal to drop the public option from the Senate bill. Unfortunately, the lack of support from the administration made keeping the public option in the bill an uphill struggle. Removing the public option from the Senate bill is the wrong move, and eliminates $25 billion in savings. I will be urging members of the House and Senate who draft the final bill to make sure this essential provision is included.


Yeah, from Huffington Post a website that is LOVED when the those who like what they report is on point, but called a FOX RAG when those that read what Feingold REPORTED to Huffington Post is accurate.

Guess you can not win.

Cross-posted @ Daily Kos

The real fight is the economy and this proves what LACK of JOBS becomes...

The health care bill is for the insurance companies, they got what they wanted and this welfare bill for the insurance industry will be signed by President Obama. The Democrats need something to rally behind because lack of jobs and this economy is kicking their asses in all polling across the board. Now more Americans on food stamps than every before, many middle class families.

When is the bailout going to come for them?

At 11 p.m. on the last day of the month, shoppers flock to the nearest Walmart. They load their carts with food and household items and wait for the midnight hour. That's when food stamp credits are loaded on their electronic benefits transfer cards.

"Once the clock strikes midnight and EBT cards are charged, you can see our results start to tick up," says Tom Schoewe, Wal-Mart Stores Inc's chief financial officer.

As food stamps become an increasingly common currency in a struggling U.S. economy, they are dictating changes in how even the biggest retailers do business.

From Costco to Walmart, store chains are rethinking years of strategy as they watch prized customers lose jobs and turn to this benefit, the stigma of which is disappearing not just in society, but in corporate America.

Besides staffing up for the spike in shoppers on the first day of the month, retailers are adjusting when and what they stock, updating point-of-sale systems to accept food stamps and shifting expansion plans to focus on lower-income shoppers.

Take Costco Wholesale Corp, a warehouse club operator that caters to middle income Americans who must pay $50 a year to shop in its stores. Nudged along by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who threatened legal action, Costco began accepting food stamps at a few New York stores in May. It now plans to clear the payments in all of its 413 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

"Our view was ... we would not get a lot of food stamps because our member on average is a little more upscale," Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said in October. "Well, I think that was probably a little bit arrogant on our part." read more here....

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address, December 19, 2009 (Video and Transcript)

The President looks back to the bipartisan Patient's Bill of Rights, a bill that was defeated in Congress at the hands of special interests and their supporters, and notes that health insurance reform covers the same ground and much more in terms of giving the consumers the upper hand over their insurance companies. He calls on the Senate to allow an up-or-down vote, and for those opposing reform to stop using parliamentary maneuvers to drag it out.



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Friday, December 18, 2009

Markos Moulitsas founder of Daily Kos smacked Chris Matthews ass, point blank (Video)

What Markos said was right, the D.C. conventional wisdom has been wrong on so much, the statement by Chris Matthews shows how out of touch he is. Markos is also right about the White House being weak. Bad news for this White House. Lastly, remember, they (D.C. conventional wisdom) called Hillary Clinton inevitable, yes, Matthews was one of those who did, and look who is President of the United States.

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Why worry about President Obama when you have Rahm Emanuel?

h/t Daily Kos

Really, why worry about the left, but as Emanuel is so flighty, the left IS the Democratic Party. When you make statements like this, no wonder President Obama is out of touch.

Turn off MSNBC. Tune out Howard Dean and Keith Olbermann. The White House has its liberal wing in hand on health care, says White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

“There are no liberals left to get” in the Senate, Emanuel said in an interview, shrugging off some noise from the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) that a few liberals might bolt over the compromises made with conservative Democrats.

This is the problem with the Obama Administration, folks like this around him. But when they need that VOTE, money, they come running back to us on the left, the Democratic Party for help.

Enough. Let them dig themselves out of this party.

My mother is a staunch conservative on family values issues but a staunch liberal on social issues. My mother is a senior and she and her friends are saying, "NO TO THIS BILL". They are the Democratic Party.

Obama continue to throw fuel on the fire at your peril.


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Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz went down in flames on this health care bill (Video)

I like Debbie, and Dylan Ratigan was over the top, but in the end the bill is a bad bill and that could not be explained away.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

David Axelrod and Ed Schultz on health care insurance reform from morning joe (Video)

Again, I believe this bill will pass, but it will be an insurance welfare bill one that the Obama White House will have to deal with.

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FLOTUS, Michelle Obama Delivers Toys for Tots (Video)

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President Obama WORDS matter, as SEIU is weighing in on this health care bill (Video)

h/t Daily Kos

First, many may not understand the frustration of MANDATES. In this current bill that the White House wants, in order for the 30M+ individuals to be covered is to force them to purchase insurance. That is the mandate. But again, words matter and many remember, then Senator Obama campaigned AGAINST mandates, as follows:

Now this bill will cover everyone but you MUST purchase health insurance from these insurance companies or you will be FINED. That is the deficit neutral part of this bill because they are not paying for anything, we are.

And SEIU weighs in, full letter to members, and this is worth a read:

After a long internal debate, the SEIU has decided not to withhold support for the Senate health care bill or come out against it — the union is vowing to “continue to stand” with the President — but it is strongly criticizing the bill and demanding that Obama and Congress step up and do better.

In a letter to members, SEIU chief Andy Stern denounced the bill for falling short of “real and meaningful” change, for failing to tackle costs, for its tax on benefits, and for its lack of a Medicare buy-in or public option.

“We all stood shoulder to shoulder with the President during his hard fought campaign. And, we will continue to stand with him but he must fight for the reform we all know is possible,” Stern says, calling on the President to “fight like hell to deliver real and meaningful reform to the American people.”

The key words being, “we will continue to stand with him.” Of course, that could conceivably change, once more particulars of the bill are known or if it’s not altered in conference.

I don't think a thing will change and the Obama White House will push for this bill, even though every single poll out there states people want the public option. The Democrats have resulted to be very weak in my eyes, sure the argument continues of "we don't have the votes and must take what we can get", while this is going on their on base is walking away. It is their right and I don't blame them. This bill is not change we can believe in.


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Great picture, Bo Obama sitting in a police car

Bo, the Obama family dog, sits in a District of Columbia police motorcade escort car parked on the South Lawn of the White House. Bo jumped into the open car door after First Lady Michelle Obama returned to the White House following a visit to the Marine Corps Base Quantico Toys for Tots Campaign warehouse in Stafford, Va., December 16, 2009.

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Mr. President, "Your base is leaving you...." (Video)

From the two polls that have come out the past two days, the erosion is from the Democrats. People are angry and this is not the change people voted for. The compromises are going in one direction and it surely is not in OUR favor. And going after Howard Dean? WTH is going on in that White House?

From The Ed Show:

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Denying Americans cheaper prescription drugs (Video)

This is the result of the Obama White House sweetheart deal. John Kerry and Chris Dodd voted AGAINST this amendment to keep on course to protect Obama's sweetheart deal with the pharmaceutical companies.

From The Ed Show:

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Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Barack Obama, a definite MUST VIEW (Video)

Well, not much else is needed to say. Who is out from the Obama Camp defending this "cheesy counterfeit junk bill?" The Democratic Party gave Obama the nomination and worked like hell for him and this party, as we see, the Democratic Party is going after him for his selling out the American Public with this welfare bill for the insurance companies. Barack Obama has a choice fix it or become a one term president.

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Obama White House goes after Howard Dean?? WTF??? (Video)

Obama White House goes after Dr. Howard Dean, former DNC Chairman and Governor of Vermont because he tells the truth on their ass about their cheesy ass health care insurance reform bill? Who is THINKING over at that camp? And you don't knockout Joe Lieberman which you have ALLOWED to stripped the last piece of legislation in this bill even worthy to vote for? Bi-partianship means that much to you? Even after the other side has called you everything but the Son of God? Obama White House you guys are turning out to be a bunch of punks.

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Howard Dean, "A Fly in Barack Obama's Ointment"

Former Vermont Governor, Dr. Howard Dean is the man who showed Democrats how to win across the board. This is the formula that Barack Obama's campaign used and expanded on, which allowed Barack Obama to win 9 Bush States, including Indiana and Virginia, two states that have not been won by Democrats in over 40 years.

Now the chickens have come home to ROOST for Barack Obama and his White House, including Rahm Emanuel. We all worked our asses off for Barack Obama and the Democrats. We gave them a mandate, landslide, a healthy number of members of congress. Yes, we did that, because these politicians surely DID NOT. We donated money, blogged, knocked on doors, made phone calls, went to states on "our dime" to volunteer, we did it all because we were fucking fed up!!! Yes, fed up after the 8 years of the Bush Administration and their continuous lies to us, yes we kicked the bums OUT.

Now the chickens are coming home....

When President Obama took office he had a bold agenda and health care was on top. This handling of health care by this president and his White House has been atrocious and if you want to grade anything he gets an "F". It is time to look at this the way it is. We all want President Obama to do well, we want him to be historic down the road, but if this health care insurance reform is one for the books, the historians will also give him a C- to a F. His handling or non-handling has been the most confusing piece in all of this. The continued question of WHY he did practically NOTHING over the summer of the crazed right winged fringe will go down in history and will also be remembered as the "chickens who started to march".

People in this country look to Presidents for leadership, being in-charge, for this issue Barack Obama has been missing in action. There is a reason that he is falling in the polls, it is not just for health care, but for this issue he never conclusively said, "There must be a government run public option. This is the only way to keep your premiums down. This is the only way for real competition." He never said that. And for all his nuance speak, he is paying a price. If President Obama can not say what he means and mean what he says, what good is his words? That is something we all need to think about because we did not vote for this.

Barack Obama campaigned for 2 years saying, "the American Public deserves health care like congress." Wow, what words. Words that resonated with the public. But the fact is that the minute he got into office those words were immediately tossed aside. We watched and found out that this White House made deals in the heat of the night with the pharmaceutical companies and then tried to LIE ABOUT IT, but had to admit it. Barack Obama is doing what George W. Bush did in this instance, that this country is not allowed to negotiate for cheaper drug prices. This point is one Barack Obama campaigned on and chastised George W. Bush on.

Barack Obama's polling numbers are under 50%, you can cherry pick polls but only go to, a non partisan polling site that adds all the polling numbers together and you will get that Obama has been under 50 for a while. The new NBC/WSJ poll, confirms it as the ABC/WAPO poll which came out yesterday, also confirms it.

Now, Howard Dean is out saying, "Kill the Bill". I agree, but not on board totally. Why? Because it will be disastrous to the Democratic Party, but if this bill currently in place goes forward, the party will be disastrous anyway.

People are angry with Barack Obama and they have every right to be. He spent all his political capital on this and got nothing out of it. We wanted this to be his spectacular moment, one remembered, but it will be remembered as the most craptacular bill that was ever sold!! Mr. Obama did this to himself. We can argue about "the people around him", but who put "the people around him". Barack Obama got to take this one and own it.

Pissing your base off has proven in these current poll numbers. Some are saying the left is the netroots, but polling agencies don't have my phone number and that argument is silly. What is happening is that the Democratic Base is angry at Barack Obama for doing a 180 on practically everything he campaigned on. Bailing out banks and not helping Main Street gets you an immediate F. Not showing you care and understand people losing jobs but still chummy with bank CEOs gets you an F. Pretending you wanted a public option but waited for the Baucus Bill and standing behind this bill because you must since you cut those DEALS prior, really gets you an F. Stating that this bill brings costs cuts, when in fact the cost cuts are by the American Public purchasing on MANDATE health insurance by these bogus companies, an F. And losing the Democratic base in a record number, F, please.

Barack Obama, wake up. You have the wrong people around you shilling you bullshit. Wake up. People out here are mad at you for their hurt, wake up. You wasted time, energy on a bogus bill that will drag you and the party down further, wake up. If you don't November 2010 will be bloodied and it will all be blamed on you.


Dr. Howard Dean on Hardball with that Senator from Louisiana Mary Landrieu:

Dr. Howard Dean on Good Morning America

And Dr. Howard Dean's op-ed in the Washington Post, Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform

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Oprah Winfrey special, Christmas at the White House (Video)

Great interview.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A must see Arianna Huffington video on President Obama, "..he unequivocally caved in..." (Video)

And the White House think that passing a bullshit bill will bring their poll numbers back up? Please. This is 2009, not 1993. And all the concessions to the pharmaceutical companies are coming back to ROOST.

From The Ed Show


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Senator Al Franken SNAPS OFF on Senator John Thune about LYING on the health care facts (Video)


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Howard Dean, fight for reform but vote NO on Senate health care bill (Video)

This says it all. The current senate bill is one that could have been written by the insurance industry itself. No public option. No Medicare buy in at 55. But everyone in this country MUST buy insurance, something Barack Obama campaigned against. My thing, again, where are the cost cuts? How will my premiums go down with this garbage? Continued, *crickets*.

From Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O'Donnell stands in

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Who the F**K is in charge up there in D.C.? (Video)

It sure ain't the Democrats.

Hell, this past 48 hours has been a damn nightmare.

Then to have the most corporate Democrat of all, Rahm Emanuel, tell Harry Reid to cut the deal with Lieberman? Hell, what is the point?

When will this White House and this Democratic Congress admit the fumbling and jumbling of this health care bill has been gutted since the summer.

Yes, the summer.

Communication is a BITCH. I mean a bitch that won't stray.

When Barack Obama hung on the Senate Finance Bill, continued to give extensions, kept moving the dates, was when we got obliterated in the summer. While our President was having his vacation on Martha's Vineyard, his message or lack of message got destroyed by the GOP, Republicans and Insurance Companies.

Yes, it did.

We sat back for a good long minute watching all these town hall meetings destroying what was a public option. Instead of the White House and Democratic Congress coming up with a plan to explain the public option, as Candidate Obama did so eloquently for 2 years on the campaign trail, "Health Care Like Congress", all of these characters just let it happen. Democrats had no cover, swing district politicians were scared and the President Obama had to have a second Joint Sessions of Congress just to EXPLAIN what he perceives is the health care insurance bill.

At this point, this White House has used ALL its political capital, and need something to campaign on in 2010, even if it is the most shitty bill that we will ever have to swallow. And again, the White House and Conservadems are asking the progressive part of the party to swallow this shit and take it.

Well, I am done. I am not taking shit. This is an outrage. Who the fuck is in charge up there? Obviously, to bow down to the scum of the earth called Lieberman is too much. Where is the conviction at? Where is the strength at? Because right now, I don't see it.

Barack Obama failed to do the one thing he campaigned on, to bring real health care reform. And while many are arguing here, where is the cost cutting at? Where is the saving on my monthly premiums at? Where is the competition or choice at? The meat of this senate bill has been stripped away. You might as well had lobbyists right this shit, yes, and we all wrote diaries and comments when the Medicare Prescription D went down, because lobbyists DID write it.

We have a long way to go, but if the bill we see now end up being it, many are through with Obama and the Democrats. While I see all these diaries up stating to kill the bill is a monumental failure in the fall, we don't have to kill the bill at all. Just let it go out the way it is and many Democrats and all those new voters that came to our side in 2008 will just NOT SHOW UP. And why should they with this atrocity.

Lastly, though I wanted public option for all, in the end I had made my mind up to just get one to start. That public option was so watered down it would only cover 2-6M people in this country and that is NOTHING. But, now taking away that? What is the point for this bill?


And here is King Liberman in all his glory, telling the American People what this deal will be on health care insurance reform. Isn't this just lovely?

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Want to read those 22 million lost, but found Bush-Cheney emails?

Hold your breath until 2022. Thanks to the Obama White House for RECOVERING these missing emails. Let's be honest and clear here, of course the Bush White House wanted these emails removed. That administration will end up being one of the worst and corrupt regimes that ever sat at the White House.

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Vice President Joe Biden stating Lieberman, " wrong on health care..." (Video)

Interesting the question that has hounded me for months, "Is congress scared, afraid of Barack Obama?" Why? Because George W. Bush practically passed everything he wanted and whipped his Republican congress in check to follow suit. This has not happened under Obama, which is why we see a fiasco with the health care insurance bill. More arm twisting would have been suffice to the likes of Nelson, Landrieu, Lincoln, Pryor, Bayh and Lieberman. Instead we have these people halting, stopping progress of this bill, including removing the public option and now about to remove the buy in for Medicare at 55. For me, where are the cost savings for my monthly premiums? It is NON-EXISTENT and thanks to the senate, many who have taken big checks from this industry is why it is so.

From morning joe....

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Illinois to hold some Gitmo detainees per White House

The Republican Party is trying to make this a campaign issue, but when was the last time someone broke out of a maximum security facility?

Enough on that one.

The White House plans to announce Tuesday that a rural Illinois prison will be acquired by the federal government to become the new home for a limited number of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Administration officials as well as Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin and Gov. Pat Quinn will make the official announcement on Tuesday at the White House.

Officials at both the White House and in Durbin's office confirmed the news Tuesday night.

They said President Barack Obama has directed the government to acquire Thomson Correctional Center in Thomson, Ill., a sleepy town near the Mississippi River about 150 miles from Chicago. A spokesman for Durbin's office said the facility would house federal inmates and no more than 100 detainees.


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President Obama Meets with Lebanese President Sleiman (Video)


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Really, it is time for Joe Liberman to GO. (Video)

I talked about Lieberman, outlined Lieberman, wrote about it here.

This man is a prime example of being all about ME. He is in the pocket of the insurance industries, his wife is a hard lobbyist for the insurance companies, and Joe Lieberman's main purpose is to kill any health care insurance reform. But let us not forget, he was for health care reform, before he was AGAINST it.

Barack Obama made a drastic mistake in saving Joe Lieberman after the election. Drastic mistake. Now the White House is telling Harry Reid to cut a deal with Lieberman. Yes, some will say, "It is not true." But look who runs the White House, Rahm Emanuel. At this point, right now, with the President's numbers in polling going down, with the long drag of legislation that should have been signed by now, if handled differently, this White House wants anything at this point to say, "REFORM". This White House do not want to go through reconciliation, they want 60 votes, and the Democrats need something to run on. Even a shitty bill.

The White House is encouraging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to cut a deal with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), which would mean eliminating the proposed Medicare expansion in the health reform bill, according to an official close to the negotiations.

But Reid is described as so frustrated with Lieberman that he is not ready to sacrifice a key element of the health care bill, and first wants to see the Congressional Budget Office cost analysis of the Medicare buy-in. The analysis is expected early this week.

First the public option, now the proposed Medicare buy in at 55. If the Democrats don't stand up for the people who WANT the PUBLIC OPTION and is relegated to a very weak bill, what is the point is showing up in November?

And to think that people are not thinking about this, think again, they very much are.

More information here

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President Obama's remarks after meeting with Bank CEOs (Video)


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President Obama on 60 Minutes (Video)

In his first extensive interview since his speech announcing his troop build-up in Afghanistan, President Obama talks about his plans for Afghanistan, the economy and more. Steve Kroft reports.

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The White House is not listening to Main Street (Video)

From Michael Steele, a fumbling, bumbler, but he just may have hit a nerve that many people out here feel. Many do feel that much money, time have been given to Wall Street. For Main Street? Saving homes? 1 out of every 100 applications for the re-mortaging homes from the Obama White House plan, not even 100,000 applications have been approved. Homes are going into foreclouser in record amount, mosting PRIME MORTGAGES now, not sub-prime, those with good credit but families have lost their jobs, hours cuts, wages frozen. Yes, you and me. I have always said, at times, Barack Obama is too professorial, and needs to be blunt with emotion. Perception means everything to people who are hurting. I hope he figures this out.

Now, Obama is going after the banks. OK....

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address, December 12, 2009 (Video)

The President explains that while he continues to focus on jobs, it is also profoundly important to address the problems that created this economic mess in the first place. He commends the House of Representatives for passing reforms to our financial system, including a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency, and blasts Republican Leaders and financial industry lobbyists for their joint “pep rally” to defeat it. December 12, 2009.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

In case you missed it: Kennedy Center Honorees at the White House (Video)

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

President Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway (Video, Transcript, Pictures)

Nobel Peace Prize laureate U.S. President Barack Obama poses with his diploma and medal after receiving the prize at the award ceremony in Oslo City Hall December 10, 2009. The Nobel committee is awarding the peace prize to Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples and cited his push for nuclear disarmament.

President Barack Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize

Full Speech of President Obama's Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize laureate U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle sign the guestbook at the Royal Palace in Oslo, December 10, 2009, after meeting with the Norwegian Royal Family.

Nobel peace prize laureate U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and first lady Michelle Obama (3rd L) pose with Norwegian Queen Sonja, King Harald, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon (2nd L-R) at the Royal Castle in Oslo December 10, 2009.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle (2nd R) participate in the Nobel Peace Prize Signing Ceremony at Oslo City Hall December 10, 2009.

Norwegian Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland, U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama, First lady Michelle Obama, Norway's King Harald V and Queen Sonja (L-R) pose for pictures before the Nobel banquet in Oslo December 10, 2009.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on the balcony of the Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway

President Obama's Toast at the Nobel Peace Prize Dinner


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President Obama's press conference with Norway's Prime Minister Stoltenberg (Video)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Public Option looks deader than a rock (Video)

For me, it is about costs and what I have read and heard, so far, this bill does not do it. I like the medicare buy in for folks 55 and above, but it will be expensive until it is in the exchange in 2014. People 27-55 are SOL. And a trigger is in this final bill, but the insurance companies will continue to raise rates and for me, that is business as usual.

Ezra Klein from Washington Post with Keith Olbermann:

And Rep. Lynn Woolsey with Keith Olbermann on LACK OF COMPETITION and how the American Public must by health insurance, meaning GIVING the insurance companies more customers:

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