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This Week With Barack Obama, September 3 - 8, 2007

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Debate Schedule

September 26, 2007 - Hanover, New Hampshire
October 30, 2007 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 15, 2007 - Las Vegas, Nevada
December 10, 2007 - Los Angeles, California
January 6, 2008 - Johnson County, Iowa
January 15, 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada
January 31, 2008 - California

waukee, ia

Obama Appearances

September 12, 2007 - Policy Speech, Clinton, IA
September 12, 2007 - Townhall Meeting, Davenport, IA
September 13, 2007 - Townhall Meeting on Iraq, Maquoketa, IA
September 13, 2007 - Townhall Meeting on Iraq, Anamosa, IA
September 13, 2007 - Townhall Meeting on Iraq, Dubuque, IA
September 15, 2007 - Countdown to CHANGE Houseparties (NATIONWIDE)
September 18, 2007 - Coundown to Change, Washington, D.C.
September 19, 2007 - Michelle Obama, Dallas, TX
September 20, 2007 - Countdown to Change, Atlanta, GA
September 25, 2007 - Countdown to Change, Portland, ME

Echoing Obama's Words, in Spanish
Race for the White House
South Carolina Youth Drive
Barack's House Call

Obama Seeks to Appeal to Working Class Democrats
Barack Obama would clean up in a Whole Foods straw poll.

"He's the got the classic 'wine track' candidate problem," said Tom Schaller, a University of Maryland political scientist who writes for The American Prospect.

Schaller was referring to the Volvo-driving wing of the Democratic Party, or what Jennifer Duffy, another political analyst, called the "idealist-romantic" wing of the party.

Unfortunately for Obama, wine candidates have a long history of failure in Democratic primaries - Gary Hart, Howard Dean, et al . - because not enough of these educated, upper-middle-class voters exist to carry the candidate.

"A union voter's vote counts just as much as Matt Damon's," Schaller quipped.

So Obama, the youthful first-term senator from Illinois with a legitimate chance to be America's first black president, came to a working-class black neighborhood in Las Vegas to win support from voters he'll need to win the Nevada caucus in January.

With the campaign entering its most intense phase, Obama must break through with working-class voters, and he's clearly begun to re tool his campaign to do so. more

Barack Gettin' the Web Attention
Experience is Still the Talk

Obama's Statement on Job Loss
"The Administration's failure to lead while thousands of Americans found themselves in danger of losing their homes is now affecting the broader economy, as thousands of workers lost their jobs this month for the first time in four years. To build an economy that spreads opportunity to every corner of this country, we need to invest in our workers, our infrastructure, and help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure by cracking down on unscrupulous lenders with new penalties and disclosure requirements."

las vegas, nv, townhall, august 6

Barack on Broadway; Charlottesville, VA; Obama the Investor; Generation for Obama Fundraiser in Hawaii

Pre-Debate Organizing in Miami
Women for Obama St. Louis, MO, Organizational Meeting

Clinton, Obama for Bigger Army
This year's presidential candidates are aggressively working to avoid soft-on-security images, keeping in mind the ridicule Republicans heaped on nominees Dukakis for posing as a tank commander in 1988 and Kerry when he tried in 2004 to explain contradictory votes on funding for the war.

``The first threshold that every Democrat has to pass through is they have to be able to table unimpeachable credentials on national security,'' Senator Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat who is staking his own campaign on foreign policy and defense issues, said in an interview. ``I hope to God we don't make the mistake again thinking that we don't have to compete directly and right in the face of the Republicans.''

Hillary Clinton wants to add 80,000 soldiers to the Army; Barack Obama calls for 65,000 more soldiers and 27,000 more Marines; Biden proposes establishing local counter-terrorism units in large cities; John Edwards would double the budget for military recruiting; and Bill Richardson says the National Guard should patrol U.S. borders to block nuclear weapons smugglers. more


Camp Obama; Labor Day Speech, Manchester, NH; Labor Day, Again; Iowa Change Ad; Waukee, IA part one; Waukee, IA part two; Waukee, IA, part three; San Franciso Women for Obama, Speech

What Clicks With Voters Online

Obama Critiques Clinton
Democrat Barack Obama on Monday sharpened his critique of lead rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, warning against a return to "divisive, special interest politics" that had demoralized the country even before President Bush took office.

"As bad as this administration has been, it's going to take more than just a change in parties to truly turn this country around," Obama told supporters at a Labor Day rally.

"George Bush and Dick Cheney may have turned divisive, special interest politics into an art form, but it was there before they got to Washington. If you and I don't stand up to challenge it, it will be there long after we leave." more

Obama's Legislative Experience

women for obama, san franciso, ca

Websites and Blogs

Washington State; Obama Dallas; NewYork4Obama; Texans for Obama; Republicans for Obama; Vermont for Obama; Independents for Obama; Seattle for Obama; Idaho for Obama; Asians for Obama; Bay Area for Obama; Sacramento for Obama; Families for Obama; Irish Americans for Obama

Obama Campaign Faith Tour
Warm/Cold Meter
Fighting for the Women Vote

Clinton Healthcare Plan Poison
Sen. Barack Obama said yesterday he's found the right prescription for health-care reform - don't do it the Hillary way.

In a stunning putdown of the front-running Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama vowed to have an "open process" for crafting a universal health-care plan and rapped the former first lady's failed 1993 effort as a secretive attempt that shut out the American public. "We will convene an open process which the American people will be watching," Obama said at a coffee sitdown in Iowa.

"What the president can do is shine a spotlight on the process and [involve] the American people and keep the pressure on, and that is something that didn't happen. In many ways it didn't happen in '93."

Obama was talking about his own plan to revamp the system and provide universal health care when someone mentioned Clinton's aborted plan.

"It was a closed process and not everybody understood what was taking place, so when the insurance companies and the drug companies started running those 'Harry and Louise' ads, nobody really knew what was what," he said. "That's why the American people have to be involved." more, AP

Change, what is this really about?
Now, Senator Clinton is on the change road. Yes, she has snatched a page from Obama, and put change with her experience speech. Will this work? Is she the change candidate? And why, is she throwing up change, when she is not the change candidate? Well, ask the Gallup poll.
It's a tricky pivot for the Democratic front-runner and the darling of the party establishment. A Gallup Poll released this week found 73 percent of Democratic voters say they favor a presidential candidate who advocates changing the system, while only 26 percent opted for experience.

Yes, this is what it really is about. And brings us back to the Obama argument about, experience. Look at who voted for the authorization of Iraq. Many who are currently running for this office. Look at who is the President of the United States, along with the Vice-President of the United States, entrenched with experience. And now look where we are at, with all this experience. Nuff said, on that one. This does bring the argument of Barack Obama, about judgment, a valid one. We do have to critique and look at these same people who voted for authorization for the Iraq War, who tells us about their “experience”, but shy away from answering the question of their judgment.

Bringing us back to why Clinton is not the change candidate with this statement:
In a new campaign speech, and in ads airing in Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton tries to bridge the two. She argues that only a president well-schooled in the ways of Washington can achieve the results voters seek.
"I've learned you bring change by working in the system established by the Constitution. You can't pretend the system doesn't exist," the New York senator said in New Hampshire, her husband at her side.

Predictably, Obama and Edwards have harshly criticized that argument.
Campaigning in New Hampshire this week, Obama told voters "the problem is that the system in Washington isn't working for us and hasn't for a long time."

Edwards, who picked up a union endorsement in New York Thursday, was more direct.

"We fundamentally disagree about this," when asked whether change requires compromise or the more confrontational style he favors. "Democratic voters will have a choice in this election. Senator Clinton is entitled to her view, and I'm entitled to mine."

This reminds me of sitting at the Yearly Kos Convention with Clinton telling us that “lobbyists represent the average Americans”. Well that statement above is so beltway, so entrenched in Washington, and so delusional, that it is laughable. Do you really think people want to continue “working the system”? NO. This system is broken, period. The public want a system that works for them and is removed from the “K Street Gang's” grasp.

If this is the change Clinton is peddling, then Lord help us all. It will continue to be business as usual.

portland, or, 4000 strong


Black Women for Obama; Dvorsky on Obama Committee; Iowa Labor Steering Committee; Federico Pena Co-Chair Obama Campaign; Obama hires Colorado Campaign Chief; African-American Steering Committee; South Carolina Endorsement; Iowa Faith Steering Committee

A Possible Gore, Endorsement?
Rothman Urges NJ to Support Obama

santa barbara, ca, 3500+

Tucker The Tool
Mizzou for Obama
Obama vs. Dowd

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icebergslim's last word: leadership and the "o" factor
This week has been a busy one for Senator Obama. Since New Hampshire on Monday, he has crissed-crossed the country. Mostly meeting with grassroots support, fundraising, and the Oprah Celebration.

This week also was the week of the dreadful, upcoming Petreaus, White House report on Iraq. And there has been much debate on the boards about these presidential candidates and “leadership”. This is a valid point, one that cannot be swept under the rug. With all our eyes open, we must be totally frank. 2006 flip of the congress would not, repeat, not have happened without the 800 pound gorilla in the room called, IRAQ.

Yes, there were other issues thrown in this jambalaya, but let’s face it, IRAQ, got everyone to the polls. So, with this bogus report about to be presented, we do want to know where these presidential candidates, stand. Clinton stated that she want a withdrawal bill with “teeth”. Meaning, this is thrown back into the wonderful senate. One that is slower than a turtle, when it comes to Iraq. Edwards says, “No timeline, no funding, no excuses.” Chris Dodd said, straight up, "I cannot and will not support any measure that does not have a firm and enforceable deadline to complete the redeployment of combat troops from Iraq. Rather than picking up votes, by removing the deadline to get our troops out of Iraq you have lost this Democrat's vote." And Senator Dick Durbin, the senior senator from Illinois, stated he is not voting for this authorization of funds, unless troop withdrawal and a timetable is in the bill.

So, it is only warranted that we know what Senator Obama’s intentions are when this bill approaches for a vote. He has been silent. It has been frustrating to many supporters, and rightfully so, when you are silent. This does bring the question up about leadership. For me, leadership is standing up and believing what you state, whether popular or not. It is being a maverick and not falling for the typical, status quo, which is the easy road to walk. It is taking hits, as Senator Obama did after his Pakistan Speech, not withdrawing, because you are right. This is what it means to me. That is why when Senator Obama speaks about this upcoming bill, it must be unwavering, attention getting and totally about LEAVING IRAQ.

Now, we come upon the “O” affect, as in Oprah Winfrey. I wrote a diary about the ”Oprah Poll”. Yes, there is one out already. Anyway, the larger argument is what will Oprah bring to the Obama Campaign?

There are numerous things she can bring, but this is the comment that sums it up for what Oprah’s intentions are: "I call my home the Promised Land because I get to live Dr. King's dream," Winfrey told her guests, a source inside the event recalled Winfrey saying. "I haven't been actively engaged before because there hasn't been anything to be actively engaged in. But I am engaged now to make Barack Obama the next president of the United States."

That is a huge statement. We don’t know if Oprah will have an effect, one way or the other, but I do know this. She has the best credentials with the public, than any politician running for this office. She is trusted, beloved, and honest and believed by the public. So, what she can do immediately for Barack Obama is to introduce him to the masses, give many a second chance to look him over, and possibly convince many to give him a chance. By no means can Oprah bring them to the polls, or can she? But she has enough media influence to tap into the millions of “lower informed women” that the Clinton Camp are embracing right now, and have them to look at this candidate, compare, and switch.

Will it work? I don’t know, if it will. But, I must say, "Welcome to the Campaign, Oprah Winfrey".

the horserace is on, the stump speech retooled, the grassroots is building......

the race has started, remember to focus on obama and not the drama

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