Saturday, August 9, 2008

Catching Up...Obamas in Hawaii...Obama Radio Address

barack and michelle in honolulu


Obama new ads

nevada "backyard" ad

"hands" ad

And Ohio radio ad on DHL here



I supported Barack and John Edwards equally until I was convinced that Obama could raise the amount of money to battle Hillary Clinton. Yes, I did.

So, this infidelity of Edwards makes one pause.

I remember when the National Enquirer broke the story before the caucus and I stated that I believed it, over at Daily Kos. Well, I was rebuffed and called "many names", but I just had a gut feeling it was true.

Well, look at the pickle about Edwards. It ended up true, though he is not admitting the baby is his, but why should we believe anything that comes out of his mouth? He lied through all this. And yes, I believe he is the father and if you are going to tell part of the truth, tell it all.


So, we, the democrats can move on.

Lastly, I feel badly for Elizabeth and their children. But for Elizabeth only so far. She knew about this affair in 2006, but still pushed for her husband to run for this office with this bombshell waiting to drop. What if Edwards was the nominee? It would have been disastrous, not for the Republicans because McCain will never touch it after sexing his current wife while married with children to his former wife, but disastrous as in public trust, which would have turned on him.

See, it is stuff like this that makes the public very cynical about politicians, especially about telling the truth.

So, John Edwards, narcissistic character can just go away into a hole until this election is over. And quite frankly, I could care less if I ever hear from him again.

Video and transcript of ABC interview, here.


Obama's Radio Address on the economy

Listen to it, here.



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