Monday, August 11, 2008

Evening Wrap Up...Senator Akaka on Cokie Roberts and The Clinton Memos Released...

obama responds to russia and georgia conflict in hawaii


Senator Akaka (D-HI) on Cokie Roberts and her "exotic" statements

"Saying our 50th state is somehow 'foreign,' does a great disservice to the hard working, patriotic Americans who call Hawaii home. For months people have been asking me, 'when is Sen. Obama going to come home?' I'm so glad he found time to visit his sister and his grandmother, show his daughters more of his home state, and relax a little. Hawaii is a great U.S. destination, just ask the 5.5 million Americans who visited last year for business and pleasure."

Cokie Roberts is clearly out of touch to make the most ridiculous and stupid statement EVER. Read the drama, here. And h/t to Hope Reborn for reminding us what the Hawaiians did for SACRIFICE, prior to becoming a state. December 7, 1941, can anyone remember that?


The Clinton Memos, Now Out with the Story

This is my take on this.

There clearly was some angry workers on the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

To come out and actually send item, by item emails to the Atlantic Magazine says a lot. It says that she did not respect what you had to offer, she did not listen, she ignored you, she was unrealistic, she listened to the wrong persons, and you were not going to be blamed for that ship sinking. Lastly, Hillary Clinton did not have loyal workers, supporters as Barack Obama. A clear issue of management styles, indeed.

The even THOUGHT that Mark Penn attempted, and he did to a point, to state that Barack Obama is not fully American is just disgusting. All I can say, on this one is that Hillary Clinton can FORGET any Obama supporters, large and small, donating to erase that debt. That strategy is straight up disdain and prejudicial to the core, but expect McCain to use it against Obama. Thanks, Hillary.

I skimmed through the article and memos, but it does not look good for the Hillary Clinton Campaign. What Hillary needs to do, going forward is to get FULL FORCE behind Barack Obama. No more of all these diva demands. If you don't look like you are giving it all and Obama loses, forget 2012. And that is real.

Finally, from Andrew Sullivan which sums up the Clinton Campaign:
This is, ultimately, why I'm glad Clinton lost. Accountability does not exist with these guys, and in that, they really are Bush-lite. They had millions of dollars, front-runner status and, allegedly, the greatest politician of our era stomping for them--and they got their asses handed to them. But they can't come to terms with it.

Here is the full article.

Here are the memos from the Clinton Campaign.

Take your time, it is a full read.


obama walks on the beach with his friend, Marty Nesbitt


Obama's Radio Ad on Harley Bikes, McCain, in Wisconsin

Another direct BLAST to McCain.

Listent to the ad, here.

Read the script, here.



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