Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama on the cover of The Progressive, with a touch of Caroline, too

Zina Saunders

I love this cover and much artwork from Zina Saunders.

And whether you love or hate Caroline Kennedy, many can not help but chuckle at this piece of work by Zina.

Caroline Kennedy

Man, that Caroline piece does bring this all into perspective. Why are the majority of these appointments given to folks with name recognition, money, pedigree, etc? My take, I have no dog in this hunt, I am not from New York but Illinois which have enough senatorial problems of its own, on that note, I like Caroline. But is that enough to like someone for that person to be appointed? I always say, "Follow the money", who can raise the most and help the state party, especially an "appointed" governor, who will run in 2010 along with Caroline. That is why Caroline Kennedy will probably be the next Jr. Senator from New York.

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