Friday, January 9, 2009

Dick Durbin, Bad Move Not to Seat Burris

The IL Supreme Court came down with its decision, "no signature required by the Secretary of State to seat Burris."

Now this is all about being mad at Blago and the predicament Blago played Durbin and Reid. And Blago did. He out foxed, out politicked them all in D.C., but it does not change the law.

Durbin can play hard ball all he wants, but expect more lawsuits from Burris, probably all the way to the Supreme Court. Let the court tell the U.S. Senate what they KNOW they should do, but refuse to.

And racism? How do we know? I mean, this is still the lily white, old boys network. Well, the majority of them and very few persons of color in those chambers. Is Burris a good pick? Yes, as far as no scandal, but for 2010 to run, no. Does the senate really want to continue the high drama circus? Is it worth it in the end? One word, NO. Seat Burris and Illinois find another candidate to run in 2010.

Dick Durbin just made a very bold announcement, in the wake of the Illinois Supreme Court decision that Roland Burris does not need the Secretary of State's signature on his certificate: As far as the Senate is concerned, Burris still needs that signature for his appointment to be legal and valid, and the seat will just have to stay vacant.

"At this point we've clearly reached an impasse," Durbin told reporters in Chicago.

Most legal scholars at this point believe the Burris appointment to be legal, and that an attempt to keep Burris out can be successfully challenged in court. But it's become obvious by now what Durbin's and the whole Democratic leadership's strategy is: Keep stalling on this thing long enough for Rod Blagojevich to be kicked out of office.


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