Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blago, Burris, White, Illinois, the US Senate it is all summed up here

Kagro X at Daily Kos, sums it up totally and here it is.

Blagojevich gets arrested.

The Senate leadership warns him not to appoint anyone to Obama's seat, and if he does, they won't swear him in, no matter who it is.

Blagojevich appoints Burris, anyway.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White refuses to sign Burris' certificate of appointment.

Harry Reid and Dick Dubrin say no way, and he's definitely not getting in without a signed certificate.

Burris sues to force White to sign.

The Illinois Supreme Court says White doesn't have to sign...

...but even if he doesn't, Burris' appointment is still legal, valid and binding under state law.

Dick Durbin still says no way. The certificate's not signed, and that's that.

So now, Jesse White says he'll sign -- at least something certifying that the Governor's document is official, if not the actual same document -- even though he doesn't have to and it isn't necessary.

This looks like absolute shit for everybody involved, with the possible exception of Roland Burris and Rod Blagojevich, which is astounding.

Politico agrees. But then Politico will agree with any "Dems in disarray" story.

Jesse White's certification

This sums up the saga in Illinois. Durbin and Reid need to get off their high horses and end this circus travesty. The law, as I have been writing, is on the side of Roland Burris, whether we like it or not.

Seat him and get this off the media table.

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