Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eyes on Ambassador Appointments....

Yesterday a question was asked about these ambassador appointments, during Obama's Q&A after announcing his Intelligence Team.

Obama was frank, said this:

President-elect Barack Obama today acknowledged that some of the ambassadorships he assigns will go to big-money Democratic donors, and not to experts in the diplomatic corps. However, the president-elect said he'd try to keep those "political" appointments to a minimum.

But then when asked about big dollar donors this came:
The Democrat admitted that there would inevitably be some donors who end up being assigned ambassador posts.

"There probably will be some," he said. "It would be disingenuous for me to suggest that there are not going to be some excellent public servants but who haven't come through the ranks of the civil service."

But the president-elect said that his general inclination is to have civil service "wherever possible" serve in these posts.

Now DemConWatch has Anna Wintour of Vogue back in the spotlight for the ambassador post to France:
[T]he fashion world is buzzing over the rumor that Wintour might leave "with a guillotine glee akin to that which preceded the death of Marie Antoinette."

See — the whole fashion world is aflutter. Additionally, the Post called Obama's transition team and a spokesman offered "no comment." So he didn't deny it. It's hard to imagine Anna giving up her clothing allowance and the exquisiteness her job allows her to surround herself with — from the models to the clothes to the socialites she employs — for a stuffy government job. But then again, if Sanjay Gupta can leave the glamorous life at CNN behind to become surgeon general, anything's possible!

Great comparison, because Sanjay Gupta if he leaves for US Surgeon General will take a MASSIVE pay cut. We are talking about television, his own show, and the various other media outlets he participates in, and his practice. Wintour is doing the same thing, Vogue, mad clothing allowance, not to mention free stuff from designers, all the perks for a government job?

It is said that Barack Obama has a way of pitching to one that it is difficult to refuse. Plus, many want to be a part of this transitional administration, so to feel that you are part of the real change this country needs domestically or internationally is a choice that is really made down deep inside.

Finally, to become the Ambassador of France, sorry I would NEVER COMPLAIN. It is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Ok?

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