Monday, January 5, 2009

Is Norm Coleman going to concede?

JedReport is surely speculating this fact.

Asked whether Coleman would sue, Coleman recount lawyer Fritz Knaak said: "He doesn't have to make that decision yet. I have no reason at this time ... to believe we aren't going to be contesting this thing if we're down at the end of the day."

"The only thing that could waver or change that would be a call from Norm Coleman saying, 'I don't think so,' and I don't see that coming," Knaak said.

As I have written, it is going to be extremely difficult for Coleman to turn the numbers around. Remember, this recount was triggered by the state, which Coleman tried to ask Al Franken to stop. Which by law, he could not.

The recount is over, Franken leads by 225 votes, the Minnesota Board will announce this afternoon that Franken is the winner of the Minnesota US Senate Seat, Coleman has 7 days to file a court motion, if he does file a motion the law is all court proceedings must be exhausted, then no certification. So, no seating of a senator.

I don't see much recourse for Coleman, he has to turn around numbers that are just not there to turn. The longer this languishes out, the worse it looks on Coleman and the Republicans. We need this senate seat, SEATED, just as Illinois, to push legislation through.

Finally, Minnesota Supreme Court has just shut Coleman down.

Norm Coleman, your time is up.

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