Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama got a new ride, new presidential car, for real

This is the new ride for Obama when he ascends to office.

Both GM and the Secret Service are keeping the specs of the car under tight wraps, but according to a spokesman for the car company, the limo is a new and "unique" design that was not simply built atop an existing GM chassis.

"It's designed and developed in a unique and specific way," said Cadillac spokesman Dave Caldwell. "I can't tell you what's underneath the hood in terms of technology, but it's similar to the way presidential limousines have been constructed in the past."

Gauging from what is known of earlier models, the car will reportedly have armor plating at least 5 inches thick, bulletproof windows, run-flat tires and a sealed interior to protect the president in case of chemical attack.

New car, new first family, new hope, new president. That is change you can believe in. Oh, I am sure the car will be painted ONE COLOR by the time O takes the oath.

Mind Sorbet

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