Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama Announcement on Defense Picks

Today, President-elect Barack Obama announced that he intends to nominate the following individuals for key posts at the United States Department of Defense (DoD): William J. Lynn III, Deputy Secretary of Defense; Robert F. Hale, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller); Michèle Flournoy, Under Secretary of Defense (Policy); and Jeh Charles Johnson, General Counsel.

President-elect Obama said, "I am confident that these distinguished individuals have the expertise and commitment needed to help me implement a sustainable national security strategy that combats 21st century threats and keeps the American people safe. They share with me the utmost respect for our brave men and women in uniform, and will work day and night to support our troops, strengthen our military, and advance our capacity to carry out 21st century missions. Together with Secretary Gates and our military, we will work to responsibly end the war in Iraq, defeat al Qaeda and the Taliban, and renew America's strength and standing in the world. I am honored that they have joined me in this mission, and I trust that they will serve the American people well."

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