Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harry Reid needs to retire as Senate Leader

I just read kos, front page on "Harry Reid's disastrous few weeks".

After reading this which he sources Jane Hamsher's piece on Reid, which I implore everyone to read because she is spot on, just makes me say, "Reid needs to go."

Reid as Rachel Maddow's showed us last night has continued to CAVE on everything. I mean everything. But it was Leader Reid who has always led the fight and then resoundingly, always retreat.

I never understood Reid jumping in Illinois politics. This is the state of hardball, for real. Reid putting his foot in our backyard was idiotic, when he did not know the players and what the hell, REALLY was going on.

Burris should have been seated, with no fanfare, and this crap should have moved on. But no, we had to sit and laugh at the ridiculousness we saw on Tuesday. In fact, does anyone remember the new congress getting sworn in? Hell, I don't because the TV was all eyes on Burris. He is the most famous, "soon to be senator" with name recognition than most senators in the senate. for real.

Reid's bad politicking got the Republicans to use the same verbiage against seating Al Franken, that damn signature on a certificate.

He counters by calling Secretary of State Jesse White, who has already said he won't sign Burris's certification, and encourages him. What White is doing is most certainly outside his legal authority -- the Secretary of State doesn't have veto power. But Reid not only gives White a high five, he tells him they'll use this to keep Burris from being seated.

Then he smugly chortles about how he'll manipulate Senate procedure and punt to the Rules Committee, and assures everyone that they will drag things out for months if necessary until Blago is impeached and his successor appoints someone else. And he does it in the press.

Upon reading this, Cornyn announces that Franken won't have a signed certification either, and the GOP will use it to keep him from being seated,

Now, Reid and Company (which is the Democrats) has back peddled, are now treating Roland Burris like he was a long lost friend, and has made a path for Burris to be seated.

This entire travesty is just too much. I am with Obama and not the drama. The Democrats have a very unique stand; they are in charge of every damn thing. Can someone remind them of this so they can put their smart hats on and start governing?

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