Friday, January 9, 2009

Minnesotans want Norm Coleman to CONCEDE

I lived in Minnesota for six years. Yes, I froze my "you know what off", but one thing I learned from living there, when the election is over, it is over. If you lose, you stand on the podium, gracefully and concede, move on.

The mandatory recount has commenced and ended. The votes spoke for themselves. It was clear transparency and bi-partisianship. Everyone has agreed. The canvass board certified Al Franken the winner and Norm Coleman is now eating sour grapes.

Norm Coleman lost the race for governor to Jesse Ventura (the former wrestler) and now to Al Franken (the comedian). Those are hard acts to follow. He is fighting for his political survival but it is truly over.

After looking at the circus in Illinois, the inauguration less than 2 weeks from now, people are OVER the election. Norm Coleman needs to concede.

When Norm Coleman announced on Tuesday that he was contesting the Minnesota election result, he said he was doing it to ensure that the will of the people was followed. But a new SurveyUSA poll shows just the opposite: Minnesotans want this thing to end.

The numbers: 49% disagree with Coleman's decision to contest the election, compared to 42% who agree. There also is no great constituency for the Coleman campaign's claim that the recount was slanted against them, with 56% saying it was fair to both candidates and only 31% saying it was unfair to Coleman. When the question is phrased as to what to do next, 44% say Coleman should concede, 31% want to hold a new election, and eight percent want to have another recount.