Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain is pulling out of Michigan.

I wrote a diary a few weeks back, when the "lipstick on the pig" frenzy by the McCain Campaign was going on. Though the diary was about absurdity of vacuum issues and not real issues in the campaign, I talked about money.

Right now we are seeing the power of the Obama Campaign, by not taking federal public financing money the campaign is allowed to spend wherever and do basically whatever. Not so, for the McCain Campaign.

I stated to watch the movement, not Barack's but McCain. Pulling out of Michigan is huge. Yes, Obama pulled out of Alaska, Georgia but those were tepid battleground states. Michigan is ALWAYS a true battleground state. It is also a very large state to cover, organization wise and money wise. If you go to or, to your right, you will see why McCain is pulling out of Michigan. The numbers are not there and the economy and mortgage meltdown of Michigan is real. How dire is Michigan? Read about a woman purchasing a home in Saginaw, Michigan from eBay for $1.75. Yes, you read it correctly.

This is about almost 30 days left for the election. This is about 2 presidential debates left and hopes that McCain can turn it around to the public, policy wise. This is about McCain now having to defend North Carolina, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Ohio all the states Bush won. This is about money, organization, manpower and having only 84 Million to spend it on.

Is this good? Yes, but we have a little over 30 days left and anything can happen. Right now the McCain Campaign are working feverishly to get Palin off the front page of being a laughing stock and hoping the economy will demise. The McCain Campaign can get Palin off the front pages after tonight by limiting her to only "friendly based conservative media", but the economy is going nowhere. Their challenge is to inject new dynamics in this race to move folks off the economy; this is where their character strategy will come to bear. Expect it; they are bleeding heavy right now.

Lastly, the next state I expect to move from McCain is Pennsylvania. Obama has just about closed the deal in New Mexico and Iowa is in Obama's column. McCain has never had any real infrastructure in Iowa, but he does need to worry about the West, which is slowly moving to Obama.

No doubt the economy is key to many voters. It is tough out here. Many are losing jobs, wages are not going up if you have a job, housing market is a mess and folks are just worried about the future in this country.

I wrote a while back that John McCain may have just ended his campaign by stating, "The fundamentals of the economy are strong." I still believe he just may have done that.

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