Monday, September 29, 2008

Bail Out Bill, "DEAD"

Again, I have wrote that those House Republicans would not support this 700 Billion Bailout Bill.

Next, we are less than 40 days to an election. If this bill was during an "off" election year, this bill would have gone through.

Next, George W. Bush is the lamest duck evah in presidential history. He did not have the "OOMPFFF" to rally the Republicans and support this bill. The House Republicans just sent Bush an "F" and an "U".

Next, the Bush White House must take the credit for not explaining what this bill entailed to the public. Showing lack of URGENCY for this bill, showed the public it is not grave. They also, allowed the media to frame this bill, "Wall Street Bailout Bill", and most Americans equate Wall Street to "Rich Folks."

Don't expect this bill back until AFTER the election. Sure, they will work on it AGAIN, but who is running for office and trying to keep their seat?

Lastly, this was a POLITICAL vote, as in, "I am saving my ass on election day", vote.


Blaming Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ludicrous. The jobs of House Minority Leader Boenher and Pelosi is to DELIVER THE VOTES. Blaming her for a speech she gave is a cop out. Boenher did not have the votes. The House Republicans DON'T WANT TO VOTE ON THIS BILL and they showed it by voting against it. Pelosi delivered more than half her caucus and Boenher could only muster up a third.


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