Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama Morning Break. It is about GOTV.

Barack arrives to LaCrosse, Wisconsin


It is about GOTV (Get Out The Vote)

There are a set of poll numbers out from Quinnipiac for Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The numbers are a resounding rout against McCain. In fact, Obama is over 50% in all three states. This is wonderful, but proceed with caution.

We have 34 days until November 4th, but more importantly Ohio is early voting already, Florida starts early voting October 20-November 1st. Pennsylvania does not have early voting, only requesting absentee ballot.

At this point in the game it is time to hunker down. That means go the the ground. It is time to get these last minute people NOT registered to vote or need to change their voting location to do so NOW. It means sending around the information for folks to register to vote NOW.

The deadline for voter registration starts on October 4th. Half of the country the deadline is October 6th. If you know someone who needs to register, let's help them along. They can download the form from their state and mail it in.


Next, we need to move from behind our computers and start volunteering to GOTV. For any early states and on November 4th.

This election is won by votes. By the most votes per state, that will then be a win in the electoral college for Obama.

This is far from over and no one should become complacent because of poll numbers.


Barack in Reno, Nevada


The Senate Takes Charge of the "Bailout Mess"

After the failure of the House of Representatives to pass the government’s $700 bailout package earlier this week, the Senate will consider a new version of the bill today. The Times’s Carl Hulse and Robert Pear note that the latest version includes several key changes:

Top lawmakers said the Senate proposal, worked out after a day of behind the scenes maneuvering, would include tax breaks for businesses and alternative energy and higher government insurance for bank deposits.

And, if passed in the Senate today, there are indications that the re-tooled plan might meet a better outcome among House members who sent the original proposal back to the drawing board with their 228-205 vote against it on Monday:

House Republican leaders, who said they had been advised about the Senate plan, said the new elements would appeal to their rank-and-file, which voted strongly against the legislation Monday. A spokesman for Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the Republican leader, said that “Mr. Boehner was consulted and gave the green light.” continue


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