Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surging her way back to Juneau!!! or Wasilla!!! or Anchorage!!!


Sarah Palin is strung tighter than a tick.

She has to be, a lot is on the line.

She has become a caricature of the highest magnitude.

Tonight Palin had to make people believe, feel that she is competent and sorry folks, she did not.

She answered the questions with her scripted answers, but you could clearly see on some foriegn policy questions that she did not understand what she was saying.

Say it ain't so Joe?

Lord have mercy. What we don't need is another dim light bulb in the White House.

Sarah Palin is likeable, many do like her, but qualified for the role she is not. Did you get all that gibberish she was talking about, when not answering a question?

The next president and vice president need to be READY to tackle the huge issues this country faces. Palin clearly is outside of her league.

As my sister said, and this is one who did not watch the Katie interviews and just heard about Tina Fey. She said, "She seems nice, but sounds like a fucking nut."

Folks, for sweet Sarah, "There's no place like Nome."

And let us make sure she goes back there in November.

p.s. Thanks Joe, for "bitch slappin' Cheney". The constitution does not deserve to be spat upon any longer.

Maverick he is not

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