Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Public Policy Poll (PPP) has Obama 49, McCain 46 in Florida


Yes it is true.

Benefiting from increased voter concern over the economy and the declining popularity of Sarah Palin, Barack Obama has taken a 49-46 lead over John McCain in Florida. A PPP survey conducted three weeks ago, right after the Republican convention, showed McCain leading by five points in the state.

Palin is driving people to the Obama ticket, especially independents.
Another factor driving movement in Obama’s direction in Florida is Sarah Palin’s rapidly declining standing with voters in the state. Right after the convention 45% said they were more likely to vote for McCain because of her spot on the ticket, compared to 34% who
said they were less likely to do so. Now the number saying Palin makes them more likely to support McCain has gone down to 40%, while the percentage of those saying they are less likely to do so has ticked up to 41%.

This also indicates that Thursday debate is far more important to the McCain Campaign vs. the Obama Campaign. The vetting of Palin, all the lies of the McCain/Palin ticket and finally, Palin's disastrous interviews, especially Couric's have many Americans looking at her hard and concluding that she is not ready. She is now in the negative land of likability.

Another reasons are the gimmicks and tricks of the McCain Campaign. The American Public don't like it and find it ridiculous.
“The events of the past few weeks are pushing independents into Barack Obama’s camp,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Where McCain and Obama were tied with those voters three weeks ago, Obama now has an eight point advantage. John McCain badly needs the campaign to ‘switch topics’ if he’s going to reverse the
strong movement in Obama’s direction.”

Also important to Obama’s movement in Florida is a much improved performance with white voters in the state. Where he had a 27 point deficit with them in early September, it is now down to just 11 points.

But, the economy is the NUMBER ONE concern for the movement.

Is Florida in Obama's corner? No, not by all means, but this is what happens when you are not honest with the public and have a dim light bulb as your running partner.

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