Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama Evening Wrap Up. Bailout Blunder. Early Voting in Ohio.

Barack in Westminster, Colorado


Bailout Blunder

The dow went minus 700 points today. OUCH.

But the average American don't care, nor do they understand.

The biggest blunder of Bush and yes, McCain is lack of explaining what this bailout, rescue, free money bill is all about. Thus, not explaining to the average joe and joesetta ends up what we saw today.

This bill needs to pass. Do I like it? No, but it does need to pass.

The world is watching us. The United States of America is a global leader in the financial markets. Many other countries are tied with the USA, as we are with them. But that is not what the average joe and joesetta understand.

This bill should have been explained like this: Are you getting a new car this year or next? Good luck, you won't get a loan. Your child needs a college tuition loan? Well, sorry can't cut the check. Want to extend your credit card limit? No.Can.Do. Oohhh, I love that new bedroom set, let's get it. Umm, sorry cash only. OMG!!! My 401K is tanking!!!! Too bad, you called your congress critter to vote against this bill.

That is the reality of this. Instead of making this about the future of the average joe or joesetta, Bush Administration allowed the framing of the media to be "Wall Street Bailout." When you pit Wall Street against Main Street, and Wall Street need money from Main Street, you aren't going to get it when the average joe believes it is bailing out a bunch or rich folks.

Lastly, the leadership of the congress. My take, they get an "F" today. House Minority Leader Boehner did not deliver the votes, Speaker Pelosi did not know if she had the votes, Bush is more of a lamer duck than ever, Secretary Paulson is not articulate enough, Bernake was not good at selling the urgency and McCain takes credit for the achievement of the bailout.

"What Senator McCain was able to do was to help bring all of the parties to the table, including the House Republicans, whose votes were needed to pass this"

--McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt, Meet the Press yesterday.

More than two-thirds of the House Republicans, as you likely know, voted against the bill, which went down, 205-228.


Compare And Contrast: Obama Calls For Calm; McCain Attacks And Blames Obama
Now that the bailout has failed in the House, it's worth contrasting the immediate responses from the campaigns.

In Colorado today, Obama called for calm and predicted ultimate success. Here's what he said (before MSNBC cut away)...

"It's important for the American public and the markets to stay calm, because things are never smooth in Congress, and to understand that it will get better...We are going to make sure that an emergency package is put together, because it is required for us to stabilize the markets...

"So I'm confident that we are going to get there, but it's going to be a little rocky. It's sort of like flying into Denver -- you know you're going to land, it's not always fun going over those mountains." continue

This is why a measured, temperament is needed in the WHITE HOUSE.





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