Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama Late Morning Break....McCain a Yawn, GE has started.

barack at a rally in buchanan park, lancaster, pa


A Yawn

Last night I attempted to watch McCain's speech. I have a little chat room, with friends and we all were talking to each other, some of us, as I, switched channels on McCain. He was that boring. I ended up watching my girl, Tabitha on the Bravo Channel snapping on a hair salon owner, yes reality teevee. During all of this, I peeped into my chat room with my friends, the ones who stuck it out with McCain and got the scoop. At the end of his speech, I listened to the cable desk clerks chatter, but it was the former Bush writer who said it all for me. I wrote before and after Palin that she was not going to move any independents and very few moderates, I was right. McCain had to speak to the middle; well he did a poor job of it. In fact, there was very little policy which made me and millions others like me, switch from him. He kept with the same, old, stale republican line about taxes, schools, and drilling. He offered nothing fresh, no vision and just looked like an old man in front of a green screen.

In the end, if Palin did anything for a bounce and that would be the base, McCain dumped water on the fire with that speech last night. And any bounce would be for Palin, not McCain.

Former Bush Speech Writer, Michael Gerson:

And Jeffrey Toobin on McCain's Speech


McCain campaign strategy takes on a new tone

Speaker after speaker at this week's Republican National Convention defended small towns from the perceived slights of urban elites. They talked of working people, and ridiculed those with the time to become "community organizers." They railed against the media, Hollywood and the Washington cocktail circuit.

Cultural affinities, which President Bush played on heavily to paint 2004 Democratic nominee John F. Kerry as elite and out of touch, are now central to the campaign strategy of GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

Click on the link in the title to read the whole piece, the GOP are running Bush 2004, again, but the difference is that time is not on their side. They don't have a ground game, that is why Palin was pick to energize them to work for the campaign. We are in place, have been registering voters at a great speed since last year. They have much ground to make up in less than 8 weeks and voter registration in many states will be closed for the general election by end the of September.


McCain, Obama campaigns grapple for 'change'
Invigorated by back-to-back political conventions, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama grappled for the mantle of change Friday as the fall race for the presidency took off in states teeming with the independent voters they needed to win.

Within hours of accepting the Republican nomination, McCain sent an e-mail appeal for donations arguing that he and running mate Sarah Palin stood for reform in Washington. He also denounced "Democratic operatives" whom he said "have stooped lower than anyone could have imagined." continue


Todd Palin's former business partner files emergency notion to seal his divorce papers

Oh, brother. It appears there is some "there, there" per National Enquirer. This is about the alleged affair of Palin with her husband's former business partner.

Reminds me when Obama ran for the senate in 2004. The GOP winner was Jack Ryan, but he has skeletons in his closet. The Chicago Tribune went after his sealed divorce records, in California and the judge released redacted portions.

There was enough there to fully see that Ryan's ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan, divorced him because he was a sex freak.

For someone to seal their divorce records, something is going on.


McCain put the country to sleep



Hillary's statement on McCain-Palin

McCain Delivers Flat Speech

Fineman: Palin Taking 'Timeout' From Campaign Trail

Barack Obama: 'They haven't offered a single concrete idea'

Public Doubts Palin's Readiness

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