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Obama Evening Wrap Up....National Enquirer on the case again?

barack in new philadelphia, ohio


The GOP, "Good Old White Boy Party", don't know how to win, so back to the re-threads

Here comes Mittens!!!

Yes, good old attack dog, Mittens!!!

The one who could not win Iowa, tried to stay in with his deep money well, the conservatives distrusted him, Mike Huckabee trounced him, now is finally having his say at the Republican podium tonight.

Mitt Romney is going to give his speech to the base, tonight.

In his speech he has taken another re-tread out of the McCain drawer for a dig at Michelle Obama.

"Just like you, there has never been a day when I was not proud to be an American. We inherited the greatest nation in the history of the earth. It is our burden and privilege to preserve it, to renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future. To this we are all dedicated and I firmly believe by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed. President McCain and Vice President Palin will keep America as it has always been - the hope of the world."

One thing is painfully obvious about the Republican Party. This is a party of NOTHING. When I state nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. So far, this party has not given a platform of what they are going to do. Nothing about the economy, energy, college tuition, food prices, China, jobs, wages, pensions, military families, Iraq, Afghanistan, the trillions of dollars of debt this country is in. NOTHING.

The GOP has presented zero, nada, zilch to the public of why McCain should be the next president. Folks are hurting. Worried about retirement. Prices are sky high. Parents wondering if their kids can go to college. Jobs staying or leaving. No they have addressed nothing.

This party want to make this a "personality contest". Well, this country has gotten all the personality it needs from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Barack breaks it down right here:


A must read, "Governor Palin, You're A Disgrace", by Angry Mouse

Also, clammyc, "Blood in the Water"


Lieberman criticizes Obama's record
Two of John McCain's best pals in the U.S. Senate gave the Republican National Convention some of the red meat they'd been waiting for Tuesday after a delayed start to speeches with high praise for McCain and tough words for his opponent.

"I'm here to support John McCain because country matters more than party," said Joe Lieberman, the Democrats' 2000 vice presidential nominee who was re-elected as an independent in Connecticut in 2006. He said Barack Obama has not reached across the aisle in a bipartisan effort since he has been in the Senate.

Lieberman, like McCain a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, also said: "When others wanted to retreat in defeat from the field of battle, when Barack Obama was voting to cut off funding for our troops on the ground, John McCain had the courage to stand against the tide of public opinion and support the surge, and because of that, today our troops are at last beginning to come home, not in failure but in honor." continue

Robert Gibbs, Communication Director, Obama Campaign


An examination of Obama's bounce
Last week in this space, I argued that we are better off looking beyond "the bounce" as measured in polls to more specific measures of what voters learn from the conventions and whether their views of the candidates have changed. Today I want to try to follow that advice.

Yes, in six different national surveys released early this week*, support for Barack Obama has increased, so the Democrat has experienced a modest bounce. While the magnitude of the change differs, all six polls have Obama gaining, with most of the shift coming from the undecided category.

However, convention bumps can be fleeting, and as noted last week, the unique timing of this year's conventions makes historical comparisons problematic. So rather than obsess on the metaphysical meaning of the bump, let's look beyond the horse race to the "internals" -- questions within the latest surveys that show how voter perceptions of the candidates changed over the last week. continue


The Truth About the Republicans, Thanks to an OPEN MIC


Noonan: [Can't hear since Todd (who is still on air) is talking over her]

Murphy: Um, you know, because, I come out of the blue swing state governor work. Engler, Whitman, Tommy Thompson, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, I mean, and these guys, this is all how you win a Texas race, just run it up, and it's not gonna work.

Noonan: It's Over.

Murphy: Still, McCain can give a version of the Lieberman speech and do himself some good.

Todd: Don't you think this Palin pick is insulting to Kay Bailey Hutchinson to...

Noonan: I saw Kay this morning...

Todd: She's never looked comfortable about..

Murphy: They're all bummed out.

Todd: I mean, is she really the most qualified woman they can turn to?

Noonan: The most qualified? No. I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives and youthfulness and the picture...

Todd: Yeah, but the narrative?

Murphy: I totally agree.

Noonan: Every time Republicans do that, because that's not where they live and it's not what they're good at, they blow it.

Murphy: You know what's the worst thing about it, the greatness of McCain is no cynicism, and..

Murphy and Todd together: This is cynical.

Todd: And as you called it, gimmicky.


National Enquirer is on the case......

The McCain Campaign is threatening a lawsuit, against the NE for publishing an alleged affair that Sarah Palin supposedly had with her husband's former business partner.

Again "alleged", this is the NE who broke the John Edwards affair, remember?
John McCain’s campaign threatened legal action against the National Enquirer today for running a story about McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, allegedly having an affair with her husband’s business partner.

“The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie,” said McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt.

This is what happens when you DON'T VETT.

And the NE Response:
Wed Sep 03 2008 18:19:21 ET

"The National Enquirer's coverage of a vicious war within Sarah
Palin's extended family includes several newsworthy revelations,
including the resulting incredible charge of an affair plus details of
family strife when the Governor's daughter revealed her pregnancy.
Following our John Edwards' exclusives, our political reporting has
obviously proven to be more detail-oriented than the McCain campaign's
vetting process. Despite the McCain camp's attempts to control press
coverage they find unfavorable, The Enquirer will continue to pursue
news on both sides of the political spectrum."

Oh, snap!! McCain Campaign you just MAGNIFIED THIS, with a threat of a law suit. Talk about a campaign circus!!!




The bar is so low, a baby can crawl over it.

Big Union To Blitz Battlegrounds With 200,000 Anti-McCain Flyers Tomorrow Night

New Attack Ad on Obama up in Michigan and Ohio

Little Diversity Among GOP Delegates

Obama Campaign Aims at Palin’s Speech, Experience

And the Morning Break, here.

Joe Biden in Ft. Myers, FL

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