Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav will deliver a punch to the Gulf and the GOP

Well, Gustav is no joke.

If you are in the Gulf, just "GET OUT", or "GET THE HELL OUT".

Don't play around with a storm of this magnitude, just don't. Here is the storm surge and the magnitude of Gustav.

Hurricane Katrina is a strong reminder. The images of the Bush Administration and their lack of response still resonates with the American public. It was this devastation that turned the public on the Bush Administration and got the media to finally do their damn job on reporting about the failure of this Administration.

Since the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina, which happened on the Republican watch, there should be no whoop-dee-do in St. Paul, Minneapolis for the Republican Convention. Most speakers have canceled appearances for the first day and there will be no evening speeches, just the gaveling in for party platform. The GOP is running on a "wait and see" aspect. The problem with that is that the Republicans will have to make some tough decisions. They can not have the press linger around when the media is not looking at this convention. It is a waste of time and man power, besides the public will want to know about the situation in the Gulf and what is needed for the region, not hearing or seeing any party time from the GOP. If the storm surge is strong and New Orleans is flooded, expect this convention to be scaled down enough for McCain/Palin to accept the nomination and any speeches to be given in a scaled back fashion. In other words, the convention practically canceled.

Brings me to James Dobson's "Focus on the Family" group. They actually was praying for rain on Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. Yes, no joke.

Be careful what you wish for. No one want what is happening in the gulf region, again, those people don't deserve it. Many still putting their lives together, but remember God does not like ugly. And ugly is what the GOP has been for the last 8 years.

And BooMan says it perfectly:

I don't know if Hurricane Gustav is going to deliver a devastating hit to the Gulf Coast but it will be a significant storm that produces a lot of damage. will be have political ramifications. The Republicans know that they cannot afford another failed response. The federal government needs to perform, and if they perform well enough they may even be able to turn it into a plus for them. More likely, however, the storm will simply remind the public of the Bush administration's second biggest failure. While New Orleans' levees failed and it citizens drowned, Condi Rice went shoe-shopping on Fifth Avenue and George W. Bush ate birthday cake with John McCain.

McCain knows he's vulnerable. That's why he is traveling to Mississippi with his running mate to send the message that they care. That's why Bush has canceled his Monday speech at the Republican convention. And that's why John McCain is saying he might deliver his nomination speech from the 'disaster zone'. The Republicans are in a bind because they can't allow themselves to be seen fiddling in Minneapolis while the Gulf Coast burns. But they also can't allow themselves to be seen as overcompensating for their failure during Katrina. An acceptance speech from the disaster zone is overcompensation.

We're all very concerned for Americans in the path of this storm. Yet, the timing of this storm is some kind of divine justice. It's as if all the souls that succumbed to the Katrina floodwaters have whipped up Hurricane Gustav and sent it to breech the levees protecting what remains of the Republican Party. Gustav will slam into the mainland just around the time the Republicans planned to start their convention, and that timing will not be lost on anyone that harbors even a modicum of superstition.

The best the Republicans can do is to show concern and make sure the federal government does a competent job of taking care of the victims. They seem to understand this but it remains to be seen if the Bush-led federal government is capable of competence. And McCain's making a mistake if he's serious about accepting the nomination from the disaster zone. That will be seen as exploitative and defensive at the same time.

Just a remembrance of Katrina, h/t to Muzikal203, also make sure you read what Obama proposes in helping this region by Muzikal203:

Lastly, Gustav will hit the gulf coast region as a category 3, just like Katrina, if you are in New Orleans, please heed what the local, state and federal government is stating and GET OUT.

Hurrican Gustav Information

Evacuation Number: 866-205-6485

This Week With Barack Obama will be posted tomorrow evening, spending some time with family and friends, tomorrow is Labor Day, enjoy this weekend and pray for the people in the gulf region

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